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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Multiple lawsuits against Collin College in Texas for firing any teacher who expresses an opinion

Collin College: Run by clowns

The new dark age of silencing: Today’s blacklist story is interesting in that it proves the blacklist culture that is engulfing what was once a free America is not simply attacking those on the right. The level of intolerance has grown so pervasive that people are being blackballed for saying practically anything.

In this case, Collin College in Texas has now been sued by three different teachers because each had had the audacity to express a public opinion that the college administrations disagreed with. The list is quite intriguing because the teachers fired expressed opinions from the left side of the political aisle:

  • History teacher Michael Phillips was terminated because he advocated removal of a Confederate statue, as well as publicly criticized the school’s decision to quickly return to in-class learning in 2020.
  • History teacher Lora Burnett was terminated after she posted a very critical tweet about VP Mike Pence’s performance during a debate (“The moderator needs to talk over Mike Pence until he shuts his little demon mouth up.”) as well as publicly criticized the school’s Wuhan flu policy.
  • Education teacher Suzanne Jones was terminated after calling for the removal of that same Confederate statue, as well as also criticizing the school’s decision to return to in-class learning in 2020.

Burnett has already won her case, accepting a $70,000 settlement plus attorney’s fees. She however did not get her job back, nor did the school admit liability in the settlement. Based on the tone and harshness of Burnett’s overall tweets, I sincerely question whether she is qualified to be a college professor. However, the tweets themselves, nor her personal politics, should not be a cause for her firing. Only her actual behavior and accomplishments in class should matter.

The same criteria should apply to all three teachers, all of whom appear to decidedly leftwing. As long as they do not introduce their politics into the classroom, the college has no cause to fire them.

At the same time, I have no doubt that all three did introduce their politics into their classrooms, as this has become the standard operating procedure for leftist teachers nationwide. Rarely do they teach. Instead, they indoctrinate their students. Furthermore, all three teachers were on contract, with the school having the right to not renew when the contracts expired. Had Collin College monitored their classroom behavior and found evidence of the teachers pushing their political agenda, then the school would certainly have been justified in terminating the teachers’ contracts.

Instead, Collin administrators made it very clear they chose to terminate the contracts because these teachers had expressed public opinions — outside of the classroom — that the administration found disagreeable. Thus, Colin College made itself no different than the hoard of jack-booted leftists — in government, in industry, in academia, and in entertainment — that have spent the past year blackballing conservatives everywhere. All are intolerant. All are intellectual corrupt. And all should find their funding and public support drop to zero.

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  • Cotour

    Just like Whoopi G should not have been suspended or threatened with firing for speaking her opinion, nether should any of these people suffer similar.

    The razing of sane thinking is the goal in America and in the world, to be replaced with Orwellian approved speech.

    You know what I say is the only solution: LAWYERS, COURTS AND MONEY!

    Suicide is suicide, everyone dies under political correctness, its unnatural and against the laws of the universe.

  • Cotour

    This is rich:

    “George Soros: United States, European Union Must Remove Putin And Xi From Power ‘Before They Can Destroy Our Civilization’”

    Putin and Xi are no longer “Jr. World Economic Forum” leaders?

    Klaus Schwab on Putin being a “Jr. WEF leader” :

    You George and your Leftist Democrat minions and Globalist agenda are the reasons why both president Xi and Putin are thinking in the manner in which they are thinking and making the power moves that they are making.

    Thanks George.

    (Elite Jackass)

  • Max

    That is the pot calling the kettle black.

    It was George Soros private army with CIA that helped overthrow the pro-Russian government in 2014 in Ukraine.
    Russia made some noise, but was told to allow it to happen by Kissinger who is Putin’s good friend.
    Soros and Putin have been working together to bring about what is currently happening. (Call it a strawman or a false flag event)
    Soros’s Nazis are attacking Russian speaking communities in bold acts of terrorism that is allowed and permitted by the Ukrainian government. If anything, the Ukrainian government has been coming down hard on the Russian/ Ukrainian citizens , restricting what they can buy, go, denying them the rights of citizens, jobs or whether the kids can go to school, same restrictions that the non-VAX or’s were going through in most countries.
    This garnered a lot of sympathy In mother Russia allowing a follow up with the current war which is distracting the world while lowering the value of money everywhere and raising the oil price. “This is how the WEF wins!”
    The oil crisis is a fake, we know this because there are no lines at the gas pumps, no taking turns of even / odd days to Fuel, there is no shortage! therefore, The crisis’s is not supply aunt demand, but to punish the people, and gain record profits.
    Zero carbon economy is on the way, and the only way to achieve that is by eliminating the carbon consumers. The death count is just getting started for agenda 2030.

    Did anyone even notice that the anabas bill for one and 1/ half trillion dollars, 2000 pages thick, was passed within hours of being released?
    It’s not being spent, they haven’t spent the last $10 trillion that they have stolen from the treasury… This is merely a way of forcing inflation to go yet higher destroying our economy.
    And yet all of the talk show hosts, NPR, other government spokes people, (including Republican ones) want to talk about is Russia Russia Russia. To Give Ukrainian the mig’s from Poland to fight Russia, even though they have no airports to land them on because they have bomb holes in all the runways.

  • Gene Shipp

    I’ve got a friend, who is a true liberal, that was accused of saying a racial slur. Never said it but has been hounded for years for something he never said. He worked for Baylor university here in TX.

  • Cotour


    My point is and has been that the Globalist efforts of Soros and Klaus Schwab that are focused on disempowering America and making it moot or degraded in the world will result in both Putin and president Xi the only ones to fill that power vacuum. Who else? Finland?

    They are two pirates that will divvy up the spoils of the Soros Globalist agenda.

    And now we have Soros complaining about that evolving potential eventuality with Putin making his move as Joe does everything he can to fulfill that agenda. Tell me one thing that Biden has done in the interests of America. I can think of nothing.

    The history that you point out is what it is but the current events and potentials which I have been identifying for now many years regarding Soros and his agenda and who will be the natural inheritors of Americas place in the world should he be successful.

    Soros can not have it all (Or can he?)

    What do we have going on right now in America? Weak, incompetent Leftist dominated, and now clearly dangerous leadership, a disabled oil / energy industry, 1.4% shooting up to 7.8% inflation, $5 dollar going to $7(?) dollar gas, the irrational push for electric vehicles which empowers China, a very weakened voting system set up for cheating, profligate spending further destroying the American economy, opportune warfare due to our weakness in leadership, all fulfilling the Democrat Socialist Looney Left / AOC agenda. They are winning in many instances and ways and they are always moving the ball forward for their cause.

    Soros needs the American Constitution to be “Adjusted” and he wants to be the one who adjusts it, its the ONLY thing in the world that stands in the way of his and Schwab’s Socialist Globalist utopian dream world.

    And the only eventuality IMO is a nightmare.

  • Cotour:

    “Suicide of the West” 2006 Continuum


  • Max

    Cotour, you are correct. My response was to George Soros opt ed that you posted.
    Made me upset the way he was talking about his former Hungarian countrymen when it was he who shorted their dollar when communism fell and caused the collapse of the economy making himself billions.
    If he ever goes home to hungry, he’ll be quickly arrested because he’s a criminal!

    And the Bidens are up to their eyeballs in this, it was revealed yesterday that brarisma?, Hunter Biden’s company, has been funding the biological research labs in Ukraine!
    The mainstream media is backpedaling and denying but they have overwhelming proof and are worried there’s gonna be a biological release during this war.
    There was even an accidental confirmation of this in the state department? During question and answer… that I haven’t had a moment to look up yet.
    Time for me to leave for another 12 1/2 hour shift.

    Some of my liberal friends have watched the “worm turn” in legislatures across the country knowing that they are in trouble, that the stuff they wrote against conservatives is coming back to haunt them and they will be the ones censored soon… Any weapon you use on your enemy can be stolen and used back on yourself. What’s good for the goose…

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