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Today’s blacklisted Americans: No whites allowed during some events in Massachusetts school district

No whites allowed invitation at public school event

The new bigotry: The Wellesley public school district in Massachusetts has organized an event in which it expressly banned — in writing — the attendance of all whites.

A screen capture of the text of the invitation [pdf], taken from the legal complaint by a parents-rights group, is to the right, with the pertinent language highlighted.

Then, when parents complained, the district’s administration doubled down, justifying its racist policy with platitudes and dishonest rationalizations.

The district defended the use of such race-based “affinity spaces” in what the complaint identified as a March 19 email from the superintendent; the director of diversity, equity and inclusion; and two principals.

“The goal was to provide a safe space in which students and staff could reflect, share, and be supported as members of our school district,” the message said. “At the same time, we can also understand the discomfort that some members of our community have shared when learning of a practice that they perceived to be discriminatory. It’s important to note that affinity spaces are not discriminatory.”

How is it “not discriminatory” and bigoted to specifically exclude some people specifically because of their race? You can’t find a better example of intellectual dishonesty than this. And these are people teaching our children!

Let me repeat: In direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and numerous subsequent amendments that make segregation and discrimination by race illegal, the school district in Wellesley, Massachusetts, sent out a written invitation specifically saying that whites are not welcome. At its schools whites must go to the back of the bus and drink from separate water fountains.

Back in 2017 I ran a weekly series I called “This week in academic bigotry,” documenting the many examples of this odious behavior on American college campuses. Because nothing was done, and those sick and oppressive behaviors continued with no consequences to these schools, it seemed to me that no one was listening. My posts were in vain.

Thus, this behavior is now quickly percolating down to the elementary school level, as well as out into the business and entertainment industry, as I am now documenting daily in this column. Because good people did nothing, the evil spread, and it is doing so faster and faster.

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Click for video.

When will good people stop doing nothing? Will it require a civil war and violence and the death of millions to get people to act? It seems so, and that seems to me to be the biggest tragedy of all. Right now it is still possible to peaceably remove these bigots from positions of authority at the schools. It would be difficult, I admit, but doable. Soon, it will not be doable, without the use of guns and violence.

But as Rick said in Casablanca, “They’re asleep all over America.”

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  • Cotour


  • Chris Lopes

    I think that many a white supremacist would agree with the school district that Asians and other people of color are far too fragile to be in the same area as whites. In fact, such folks would urge the school to separate the races for all student activities. They would also suggest (just to be on the safe side) separate bathrooms and drinking fountains. May the ghost of George Wallace smile upon them from whatever corner of Hades he resides.

  • Cotour


    And the first one we must redefine or reassign is the word: “Fascism”. The word no longer applies as historically assigned.

    These elements of Fascism are in fact what the Left in the form of the Democrat party and the “Educated”, “Woke”, “Progressives” in government and in big tech and Social Media are attempting to force on all Americans.

    1. Dictatorial power. (See: Joe Biden Nancy, Pelsoi and Charles Schumer)

    2. Force able suppression of opposition. (See: Silicon Valley Social Media tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Amazon etc)

    3. Strong regimentation of the society and the economy. ( See: 6 trillion dollars in unnecessary spending to eternally back door fund the Democrat party)

    (I will keep the Nationalism, not the ultra kind, just the every day American kind)

    From where I sit the word “Fascism” is now fully owned by the “Woke”, “Progressive” Democrats of America and the world.

    Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

  • Cotour


    These people are as a group ill. They have an illness, whether it be PTSD or a true mental defect, and they think because of that the public positions that they hold in trust are theirs to subjectively do as they please with.

    They could not be more incorrect, and this all must be rectified in a court of law.

    That is how this game is played.

  • hondo

    Were white faculty and staff also banned – and if not – why not?
    Please note I’m at a point in my life where I fully embrace segregation too.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “At its schools whites must go to the back of the bus and drink from separate water fountains.

    Are we sure that these racists are really discriminating against whites as opposed to finding new ways to convince others to segregate themselves away from whites, as Democrats have wanted since the founding of that party? Doesn’t such segregation result in creating safe spaces for the racist white Democrats? Clearly, Democrats have not been feeling safe to express themselves for half a century, and now they are creating these spaces for themselves, only they are doing it in a backhanded way, by getting everyone else to gather over there, leaving the white Democrats all to themselves.

  • Cotour


    I am coining a new term: “SPOON FEEDING THE CARP”.

    ​On the two sides of American politics there are organized and crafted operations in media. Whether it be hard copy news papers, corporate talking heads on broadcast and cable TV, content on found on line, in Podcasts etc. Where ever and what ever.

    And many if not most all of these operators to some great degree participate in “Spoon Feeding The Carp” and that consists of very specifically designed and crafted content that is created and that panders to the particular psychology of the audience that they desire to satiate.

    ​Here is an example of what I mean from the Left, Salon specifically:


    ​”Trump regime’s amazing list of crimes keeps getting longer — but we can’t afford to look away”

    “Spying on journalists, stealing children, abducting activists from the streets — it could happen again, and worse”

    When you read the headline you would expect such serious accusations to be backed by substantive evidence and not just a subjective crafted perspective by what can only be described as a politically biased political warrior. And if you begin to read the crafted piece what is it you notice in the list of “Crimes” in the eyes of the writer?

    ​And as you read down the list of “Criminal” offences you arrive at this: “Creating a political personality cult”.

    ​And at that point if you are serious person and attempt to be somewhat objective there is no reason to continue to read the Salon piece. And the rest of the ticked off “Crimes” are pure pablum. You understand that this is not a serious in depth piece reporting about Crime. This is not News.

    All it is is just very much tailored and engineered very specifically for a particular audience and that specific audience is being fed its nourishment that keeps them going and cohesive. Much like a drug addict must have what it is that they must have.

    ​And here is an example of the same on the Right, although a bit less sophisticated:

    ​National headline:

    ​Trump did not win the election. If he did he would be sitting in the White House today. You might disagree with the certified results of the election, and there may well be evidence to support that contention. But the fact is that we currently have a president and it is not, Donald J. Trump.

    ​And this News headline about what happened at a ball game feeds those on the Right that also need their political sustenance, and the media puts it on their spoon and serves it up to them.

    Journalism ideally is about objective investigation, and News is the reporting of that Journalism to the masses. That is not what media is feeding the masses. On either side of the political divide. And you must be aware and know the difference.

    ​Both are examples of how the media selectively reports and crafts their content to keep both political sides fired up and fed with the “Food” that they must have. The things that justify and support their political perspective in the political warfare that by design is constantly ongoing in America.

    ​And have no illusion, ALL of these images and content presented by media is psychologically tuned, or in this case “Cooked” very carefully and seasoned just right with the “correct” descriptors for their customers. Media is psychological manipulation, psychological warfare and both sides spoon feed those who are their customers to keep them satiated and happy in their turmoil and misery.

    What does media specializes in? Manipulation. See it objectively for what it is, don’t just eat what is served to you.

    ​Media, just: SPOON FEEDING THE CARP


    ​JGL 5/28/21

  • pzatchok


    I think you definition of fascism is a little off.
    “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.”

    I think Fascism is closer to a form of government or leadership that is characterized by extreme authoritarianism leading to a dictatorial State that uses forcible oppression of its opposition and strong regimentation of its society and economy for control. It uses heavy propaganda and racism or nationalism to convince the masses of its good intent.

    Fascism has nothing to do with far right/left or just ultranationalism.

  • Cotour


    I think the term “Fascist” perfectly defines the Democrat party and their down and dirty Leftist “Progressive” agenda.

    It fits them to a tee.

  • Cotour

    Related To: SPOON FEEDING THE CARP 5 min.

    Pandemic rehearsal in 2019?

  • Alton

    IF — Guns and revolution are in store for Progressive cancel culture:

    Beginning in 2019 with the increased actions of Antifa, then through the rise of BLM’$ fragrant public mob actions, the monthly FBI gun background checks has risen to new levels for each reporting period, ever higher. Covid/SARs2- pushed sales on to even higher mountains. Ammunition sales climbed to soak up all the rounds that America’s munitions companies can make operating three shifts 24 /7. (Maybe 25 billion/yr) At least triple the number of a normal year, now and into the third annum. Last year at least eight million Americans bought their FIRST gun.
    Three of the largest ammo manufacturers are currently building new percussion cap and parts plants that will come online in the next few months, each is a multi-billion dollar instillation. The importation of ammo has hit new records, Mexico even build a new plant for .22 ammo and are shipping it into the USA, as the production Floods in. But still, finding the right ammo is not easy.
    As a comparison, during World War 2 – in 1943 and 1944 the Great Arsenal of Democracy (USA) made about Eight million rifles and handguns for two years straight which supplied ALL of the combined ‘United Nations’ allies (plus much of USSR) arms along with eight billion rounds of small arms Ammo.

    2021 is still setting new monthly highs.
    At this rate the FBI background check system will pass 50 million purchase clearances for the first time since the 1968 Gun Control Act. All of the form 4473’s that have been collected since 1968 (many more forms were not turned over to the BATF, and are out there somewheres) now set in West Virginia on paper and are not posted on any Computer database. That’s 500 million plus.

    So if a New Civil war is required, it looks like the People are getting ready.
    The National Guard deployment to protect Pelosi has now cost at least $521 million so far, bean counters are still busy. The $1.8 billion Bill to protect the US Capitol Building is the funding mechanism…..

  • Edward

    You are right that fascism is not right wing. However, it is based upon left wing and socialist values. The word comes from the concept of bundling sticks together (its root is the Latin word “Fasces” or a bundle of sticks) in order to make a stronger structure, which is the left wing ideology for making a central government powerful enough to get people to do what the government believes to be the right thing. Whether it is the right thing for the people is not important to that form of government, as its function is to protect itself. Protecting the rights of people is far down the list of priorities, which is why we have the current cancel culture under the current U.S. socialist culture.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

  • wayne

    Metallica, Megadeth, and The Who –
    “Eminence of Holy Wars and Creeping Death”

  • Lee Stevenson

    Well, I thought I had seen and heard it all, but this is genuinely flabbergasting! It doesn’t get much more racist than this document. And the tragic thing is that it actively encourages racism, by devaluing and making a mockery of the progress made over the last 5 or 6 decades. Call it fascist, call it madness or call it whatever you like, but this has absolutely nothing to do with anything I consider “left”, or socialist. I am disgusted.

  • Lee Stevenson

    A very interesting podcast from an intelligent and nuanced author regarding the possibility of civil war in the US. Sobering and thoughtful listening.

    If you don’t do iheart then just search for “it could happen here” podcast… It’s on stitcher, Spotify, and YouTube.

  • wayne

    I call it all, Statism, and it’s primarily from the socialist/communist America haters.

    “Welcome back to the fight”

  • wayne

    check out….

    The New American Civil War: (1 of 2)
    John Batchelor / Michael Vlahos

  • wayne

    Civil War –
    Slash & Myles Kennedy (acoustic)

    “Look in the doubt we’ve wallowed,
    Look at the leaders we’ve followed.
    Look at the lies we’ve swallowed,
    And I don’t want to hear no more….”

  • Lee Stevenson

    @wayne, I’m liking the GnR cover.. slash is from just up the road from my hometown… Great song, great version.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Edward, I would argue that fascism is somewhere around 6 on the political clock, it is way beyond my political views, and way beyond yours, … It goes beyond communism, it goes beyond crazy libertarianism. I am not sure if this bullcrap you are currently experiencing in the US could actually be described as “fascist”, but it certainly needs to be put to bed. And as soon as possible!

  • Edward

    Lee Stevenson,
    Fascism is definitely deep in the government-control side of the spectrum, not the freedom side.

    a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    We are seeing all these things in the U.S. today. Even our presidents have been bypassing Congress through the use of Executive Orders, which are supposed to clarify how to enforce the laws of the land but are now being used as though they are the law of the land.

    This is how socialism takes over a country. It gains the confidence of people like you, Lee, making you believe that socialism is a force for good and the solution to all our problems (every solution creates more problems, which is why free enterprise is not a perfect system, either), but once it feels comfortable enough, it makes its grab for power. The first part is what is known as Fabian socialism, the slow increase in government power, because a sudden grab for power would upset the population.

    What appear to be good deeds, such as socialized medicine for all, is merely a stratagem for convincing the population of the benevolence of the system. After all, how can being cared for from cradle to grave be a bad thing? America has been experiencing for the past dozen years the sudden grab for power after a century of Fabian socialism. The grab for power is working now, rather than a century ago, because half a century of slow infiltration into our news media, entertainment industries, schools, and even our government has made too many of our population think the same way that you do, Lee.

    Social (In)Security is one tactic of the strategy, helping to make people (like you) dependent upon government, fearful of what might happen if free market capitalist mechanisms were to fail, such as during a government-induced pandemic panic. People now want a governmental backup system, and even wish for government as the primary system, because how can a neutral government be maleficent. Rather than individuals getting together to form baby-sitting cooperatives for single mothers to care for each other’s children while they go to work, people believe that government is the best solution to the problem, not We the People.

    Unfortunately for us, the U.S. government has taken sides, and it is not the side of the U.S. Constitution, freedom, or power to the people but is the side of power to the government. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, has perished from the earth.

    As Robert has suggested in Monday’s Evening Pause ( ), the baby boomer generation — the hippy generation — which took over from The Greatest Generation, has been moving us into socialism, because they thought that if we let the people have the freedom to choose, then they would choose wrong. Every. Single. Time. (The Giver, 2 minutes)

    When we let government take care of us, it decides it must have the power over us to make sure that we do not make the wrong decisions, and that means that we must not have the power to think incorrectly, either. (Star Trek, 1 minute)

    It is why we must not have wrong thoughts, why our language has been carefully controlled over the past few decades, even to the point that there is a word that must never be spoken by the wrong people. It is why we now have cancel culture, because control over what is said is control over what is thought. Only certain ideas are acceptable; don’t get any new ones. We now have socialists dividing us by class, race, and religion, telling us that certain ones are bad. If government has rigged an election, then we must not be allowed to utter such a thought. Government treats us like we are its children, and it must make all our important decisions for us, especially what we think.

    Your faith in socialism, Lee, is misguided. You believe that cancel culture is not part of socialism, but it is exactly what happens in socialist and communist countries. It is why people are sent to reeducation camps, why there are cultural revolutions, and why there are cultural and ethnic cleansings. How can government require everyone to depend upon it if some people choose to be free, to be independent of government? To government, individual freedom is the wrong choice. Every. Single. Time.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Edward, sorry I’m a little late in responding…. Work and family, you know…
    I am afraid, Edward, that you are completely wrong, you see only the bullcrap that you poor guys are experiencing over there by your so called “left”, and admittedly some of it is leaking over the pond, but to no where near the extent you have it.

    What you are not taking into consideration is the fact that I live in a socialist democracy. If the people get peed off with the govenment, every 4 years we can vote in a different set of corrupt politicians. We also have proportional representation, with many more than the 2 party monopoly you guys have. We get to have a circus of bargain making and deals done before a majority govenment can be formed. Not perfect, not by a long shot, but no more broken than the US.
    Edward, you don’t seem to “get” the idea of European socialism, but basically it is that taxation is a little higher than you experience, and those tax dollars/euros/krona are spent on what is considered everyone’s right for a decent and productive life. Healthcare ( which I’m sure no one could disagree is sorely lacking for America’s poor), child care, education, the upkeep of infrastructure, the upkeep of microstructure ( the play area out the back of my apartment has just been totally overhauled, paid for by my tax money… It is full of kids laughing and playing safely… Money well spent in my book.)

    The govenment here is transparent. This is key to the success of any democracy. I would guess that my govenment is more transparent than yours.

    My taxes also go to giving a “leg up” to startups, regarding tax breaks and subsidised rental on property in enterprise zones, for very well defined periods, to encourage new business, which will in turn pay back to the pot with taxes.

    Your ideas about how how genuine socialism works are so out of whack with what I live with, and how I actually see it working for me, every day, in my workplace, in my home, and on the street, that we could be coming from different worlds.
    Edward, all I can say is you need to take a trip to the north of Europe, come and have a look at how much of what you believe is just plain wrong. There is more than one method of govenence that works. You guys do not have it mailed… Not by a long shot.

  • Cotour


    Sweden is NOT a Socialist country.

    Sweden is a Capitalist country that chooses to implement certain degrees of Social programs. Just like America is NOT a Socialist country because we choose to participate in Social Security.

    Socialism: “A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

    Your Swedish company’s are privately owned and not owned by the community or the state.

  • Cotour

    “Sweden is a competitive and highly liberalized, open market economy. The vast majority of Swedish enterprises are privately owned and market-oriented, combined with a strong welfare state involving transfer payments involving up to three-fifths of GDP. In 2014 the percent of national wealth owned by the government was 24%.”

    Maybe too much government for some, but still Sweden is a Capitalist model.

  • George

    Sweden is a good example of what a country can do with a small population and the capital to do what it wishes. I wonder how long it would take Europe to crumble without American money. No NATO, no UN funding, no US aid. Nobody wants to believe it, but it’s hundreds of billions now. Socialism has an astronomical fiscal cost. There are no surviving true socialist systems now. The ones in existence pick and choose what parts of socialism they can afford and what their populations tolerate or can be bullied into supporting. Ultimately, however, the worst offenders are totalitarian, not socialist. And like the essay to start this discussion states: must suppress knowledge and free-thinking, in the guise of being “benevolent.”

  • Edward

    Lee Stevenson,
    You wrote: “and admittedly some of it is leaking over the pond, but to no where near the extent you have it.

    You mean, “so far.” We didn’t have it this bad only a baker’s dozen of years ago, either. Since it can happen here, it can happen there. It has already happened in many countries, even European ones with free elections.

    What you are not taking into consideration is the fact that I live in a socialist democracy. If the people get peed off with the govenment, every 4 years we can vote in a different set of corrupt politicians.

    Oh, is that our problem? All we need is the ability to vote every four years and that will solve bad government? Maybe we should give that a try. You know, follow our Constitution, and all.

    We also have proportional representation, with many more than the 2 party monopoly you guys have.

    We have a large number of parties over here, too. You just never hear about the others because so few people choose to vote for them. If multiple parties were the answer, then we would have had the solution long before you were born. Somehow I suspect that I would not see the difference between European socialism vs. American socialism by a mere visit to your country, just as you failed to see socialism in America when you visited here.

    Indeed, the America that you liked, decades ago, had only two parties getting elected, rather than the virtual one party with two names. Both of our major parties are moving farther toward socialism, and that is why you think America is not such a good place. You don’t know it, but you do not actually like or agree with socialism. You think that there are multiple kinds, but it is really only differing rates of implementation, the end goal is the same, and that goal justifies the means, even when the means is the rate at which it is implemented.

    Edward, you don’t seem to ‘get’ the idea of European socialism, but basically it is that taxation is a little higher than you experience, and those tax dollars/euros/krona are spent on what is considered everyone’s right for a decent and productive life.

    Other than the high taxes, how is that different than what I explained in my previous comment, just above (in which I didn’t mention taxes)? As soon as it runs out of other people’s money, socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. European socialism is what America has been moving toward and doing. America has now surpassed it and is moving into the final stages of socialism — the kind that you don’t like but is coming to a continent near you — in which opposition is suppressed.

    You are still fooled into believing that more government is good and that you individually or as groups of civilians are incapable of solving your own problems. You listed government-centric solutions to problems that government created. Indeed, Obamacare was supposed to take care of America’s poor, which had previously been a local solution that actually made sure the poor received care, but Obamacare dropped that and many other balls. It costs more and does less. But it is a socialist solution to a government-generated problem. We had inexpensive healthcare that even the poor could afford, until government decided to solve some minor problem that the government created during the Great Depression (also created by government interference).

    Government is the problem, not the solution.

    America was founded on the idea that everyone has the right for a decent and productive life. Government does not supply it, because to do so would be to take it from someone else rather than to have everyone produce their own decent life, which requires that everyone produce more for everyone rather than take from anyone. How is taking from one person to give to another better than the other person producing something that helps both of them live more decent and productive lives? The American way produces more for everyone, whereas the socialist way feeds off those who produce. A philosophy of ‘to each according to his ability’ encourages everyone to work to their greatest potential. The socialist philosophy of taking from each according to his ability and giving to each according to his needs only encourages neediness and reduced ability. Why work any harder than necessary when there is no advantage to doing so?

    See, everyone has the right to pursue a decent and productive life, but they do not have the right to force everyone else to supply that life for them. If someone does not choose to pursue such a life, then it is not forced upon him. In a free market capitalist society, if someone chooses to pursue that lifestyle, then he earns it, it is not provided or given to him. The right is for equality of opportunity, not for equality of outcome. Each individual should choose his outcome by choosing his level of productivity. Those who want a better lifestyle must choose to be more productive.

    Lee, you have less not only because government has taken from you what you have earned, but also because others did not bother to produce more so that everyone had more to share. They did not earn what they have but were given it by the government that took it from you. They don’t have more because they produced more, they have more because you have less. Socialism is a zero sum system, whereas free market capitalism produces more and more all the time.

    My taxes also go to giving a ‘leg up’ to startups …

    Which is something that private investors should be doing. They then have a greater stake in the success of the new company, making sure that not only do they start correctly but that their business plan is good and that they are run well. If the startup were such a good idea, then why does it require government subsidies rather than civilian investors?

    Your ideas about how how genuine socialism works are so out of whack with what I live with …

    Actually, you are living with roughly what we lived with until the Fabians were taken over by those who realized that they could finally put full socialism into place. You live with Fabian socialism, which is why you, just like tens of millions of Americans, think socialism is good. Just like our Fabian socialism, yours appears to work, but the reality is that you are burning through other people’s money, including mine.

    I still do not expect to convince you, because you see the Fabianism around you, think it is good, and think it should be done elsewhere, too. You didn’t comprehend what I wrote in my previous comment, just above, otherwise you wouldn’t have responded as you did, and I don’t expect you to comprehend this comment, either. I do expect you to continue thinking that your country’s socialism is benevolent, just as tens of millions of Americans thought ours was. It looked benevolent to you, until it started its campaign of cancel culture. As I said, and I can tell that you have already scoffed at, since it can happen here, it can and will happen there.

    As I repeatedly say, you refuse to see how you are subsidized, so you falsely believe that you pay your fair share. You refuse to believe the evidence presented by all the failed socialist countries in the world and judge our form of socialism as a bad form. Socialism is socialism, no matter where it is. It is what is in store for the rest of the world. One day you will see that, but just as happened here, by then it will be too late.

    Good luck to you, and especially to your unfortunate children.

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