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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Private school makes enemies list of parents

Lovett ememies list
Click for original.

Blacklists are back and the Democrats (and their supporters) have got ’em: Two officials at the Lovett School, an expensive private K-12 school in the Atlanta area, have assembled an enemies list of “insubordinate” parents.

The picture to the right is a screen capture of an email sent to one of these officials, Jennifer Boutte, director of community relations, showing the list of parent enemies (blurred out to protect the privacy of these individuals). In it one official, Cholle [sp?] Wabrok, thanked Boutte for apparently assembling the list, adding

It is long overdue. I am disgusted by some of these parents, need to prioritize our efforts as some have too much influence. Our watch list — to keep hard-copy only?

I think it bears repeating that Boutte is listed as the school’s director of community relations. It is her job to foster good relations, not develop blacklists to blackball some parents because she doesn’t like their opinions.

Since this email was made public, the head of the school’s Broad of Trustees, John Knox, sent out an email emphatically denying its legitimacy, claiming it is a fabrication. While this claim might be so, it is not unreasonable to doubt his word, considering the amount of aggressive blackballing school officials nationwide have done in fighting parent protests, often accompanied by slanders and lies against those parents. Furthermore, as noted in this article, “The school’s website lists a number of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, including affinity groups,” focused expressly on the Marxist bigoted agenda of critical race theory (CRT) dressed up with the now standard title “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

If Lovett’s administrators think this racist program — designed to foster hate between the races — is a good idea, than we are perfectly within our rights to be skeptical of them. In fact, that this school encourages CRT suggests there already are a lot of parents expressing objections to the school, which makes this list’s existence all the more likely.

The story probably needs a few more days to play out. And even if the school’s claims turn out to be true, I wonder why any parent would want to send their children there, considering the school is still teaching CRT to the little kids under its care.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Alton

    Ah! A list of 50, maybe 70 parents…
    Hope One is a Lawyer.
    But this number could be the Profit margin of the Operation…..
    Bye Bye!

  • Call Me Ishmael

    … an enemies list of “insubordinate” parents”

    While you’re probably right, and this is exactly what the list is, it’s worth remembering that there are other kinds of problem parents — “helicopter” parents, “my little darling can do no wrong” parents, etc. Sometimes the parent(s) really is/are a legitimate problem.

  • wayne

    Ref: Lovett School.

    Har– they just made my list of people & organizations to never forget,
    (In the Alternate Universe, they’ve all been rendered off-shore, and there were no survivors…)

    From the founders obituary:
    “Mrs. Lovett taught grammar and high school several years before founding a small school for first and second grade children in 1916. In 1926 the Lovett School officially began with 20 students. She was administrator of the school until her retirement in 1954 when ownership of the school passed into the hands of the Cathedral of St. Philip.”

    Q: What organization owns the school right now?

  • Jeff Wright

    It’s in public and private schools now,

  • Col Beausabre

    Keep in mind the real enemy’s list from Lovett when The Revolution Comes….

  • Alton

    Also Private Christian Schools Too……

    So far I have not seen it in reports on private Islamic or Jewish established schools.

  • Col Beausabre

    “So far I have not seen it in reports on private Islamic or Jewish established schools.”

    Check out Reform and liberal (Reconstructionist/Humanistic) yeshiva’s syllabi in the New York area

    I don’t think madrasa’s need to teach it, it’s part of their culture.

  • Cotour


    If you have ever wondered what the Globalist agenda actually was about and what was intended by it but have never really heard it verbalized by a sitting politically empowered world leader, wonder no more. Bill Maher quoting Justin Trudeau: 1 min.

    Even Bill Maher is disgusted and disturbed by the likes of the oh so very righteous Globalist elite, Justin Trudeau.

    And this is exactly what those in the Globalist “New World Order”, Great Reset, Build Back Better set actually think. They think just like Hitler. Only Justin Trudeau in his frustration said it out loud for all to hear and know. This is in fact ultimately what the Globalist agenda is all about. And I am not observing and saying this, its Bill Maher, Liberal media commentator saying it.

    People not “Like” them: “Take up space”, “Ignore science”, “We (world leaders) have to make a choice”, “Do we tolerate these people?”, they “Hold unacceptable views”. All absolutely at 180-degree odds to all civilized first world country’s stated human civil Rights declarations. Especially the Canadians.

    This is the Prime Minister of Canada being directly quoted and speaking in Hitlerian terms of not tolerating those who he finds unacceptable. What’s next? Elimination? Extermination? Internment / “reeducation” camps for those who Globalist world leaders don’t particularly like?

    Justin Trudeau, an intolerant fraud, a racist and a dangerous petulant soy man, a full blood child of Davos, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and the Globalist “New World Order”. And the Liberal now Leftist driven Democrat party machine in America think in very similar lock step terms.

  • Cotour


    (Share with a friend)

    What is all of the counter intuitive and confrontational politics all about in America today? I do not really think that the everyday American really understands.

    Boiled down it’s all about, and those on the Left of the political divide have plainly stated this as has former president Barack Obama, philosophical Marxist. It’s all about “The fundamental transformation of America”. You heard those words but really have not taken the time to actually understand exactly what they mean or what was intended. You thought it was all just hollow idealistic political rhetoric designed to draw bright idealistic political lines.

    But as you can now plainly see that those who say these things are now in the position to enforce their ideology and install it in your life directly. And what exactly does that mean?

    It means that everything that you understand as being rational thinking regarding your life, crime, housing, the economy, education, your health, the First Amendment as well as the Second Amendment and the Constitution that structures it all is fundamentally flawed and racist and all of it must be torn down thrown away and rebuilt.

    And where does this kind of thinking come from? The now politically empowered Liberals and Leftists, mostly all Democrats and RINO’s that now inhabit those high levels of political power and big tech corporate media that are now following the Globalist agenda. And what does the Globalist Agenda intend? The total control of the population of the planet earth.

    You have heard of George Soros and how he has bought and paid for all of the Leftist pro crime, no bail, no jail district attorneys in America?

    George Soros-funded DAs oversee big cities with skyrocketing crime – Washington Times

    The accusation that George Soros is spending his money to destroy and reshape America is no longer speculation, it is reality. One more “Conspiracy” theory from yesterday that turns out to be supportable and true by hard evidence today.

    And who else on the world stage is Mr. Soros aligned with? The World Economic Forum and its leader, Klaus Schwabe, Globalist. These are the individuals who seek to reshape the world and tear down America in order that things run “Properly”. Keeping in mind that both these men are of German heritage, and you can take that wherever you like.

    What you see today, the active destroying of the American economy, government telling you what has to be injected into your body, the refusal of law enforcement for violent criminals to be prosecuted and controlled, open borders flooding illegals into the country, flooding the country with deadly drugs, administrators and teachers telling parents that they have no business having a say in what their children are taught in school. It’s a very long list.

    My prediction today, 2/14/22: The Democrat party machine with the help of their big tech media censor ally’s will not allow a midterm election to take place that will eliminate the Left from political power. Whether it by delegitimizing the election or a call for Marshall law being declared because of the threat of “Domestic Terrorism”, the 2022 midterm elections may not take place. Desperation will demand this IMO.

    Boiled down, America and its Constitution must be destroyed in order that these Globalists succeed. That is the one thing that stands in their way. This is your new reality if you the American people allow it. I’m not making any of this up, it is all right in front of your own unbelieving eyeballs, live and in full and vivid color.

    Klaus Schwab: “We must prepare for an angrier world”. And why exactly is the world angrier?

    You tell me: ;–~D

  • Cotour

    Some supporting content:

    Note to self: NEVER use or support anything that Go Fund Me has anything to do with.

  • Cotour

    Some more supporting content:

    Hillary? Hillary who?

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