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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Republicans blacklisted 53 to 1 over Democrats on social media

Silenced by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google
Republicans: Routinely silenced by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: According to a review of the actions of the big social media companies against politicians, the Media Research Center has found that Republicans are censored at a rate 53 times more than Democrats on social media.

The attacks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram, and others have been against both standing Republican members of Congress as well as Republican candidates running for office, with further evidence showing that Facebook very specifically has been favoring Democratic incumbents.

Nor have the top managers and owners of these social media companies been able to counter this data.

Big Tech CEOs, who are regularly questioned about targeting conservatives, can barely recall an instance when someone on the left was censored. During an Oct. 28 congressional hearing involving CEOs from Google, Facebook and Twitter, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) asked the Big Tech leaders to provide a single example of “one high profile person, or entity from a liberal ideology” who has been censored. Both Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, failed to provide a single example.

The story notes that the research was only able to find one example of a Democratic Party politician being censored, which Facebook quickly fixed with an abject apology when the politician told them about it.

None of this is a surprise. You need only scan down the full list of the blacklist stories I have published since January to see how these companies and their many employees have made it clear that they are now acting as unpaid campaign agents for the Democratic Party, taking repeated actions to silence any opposition to that party. There may be decent fair-minded people working in these companies, but they are not in charge, and they themselves must remain silence or face firing or punishment, which in itself is another example of the left’s intolerant attitude toward freedom and speech.

I should underline for my readers the existence of that full list of blacklist stories. This link, recently created by my webguy Shane, provides easy access to every blacklist column I have written, and is automatically updated each day.

If you are a conservative, the list is useful for pointing out the documented intolerance of the left. If you are a Democrat but also a decent person, a review of this list should make you feel very ashamed and horrified. It should cause you to reconsider your support of that party.

Sadly, in my long life I have come across very few Democrats who were also decent enough to even read a list like this, no less absorb its content. Instead, they make every effort to make believe such things don’t exist, so that they can maintain their false fantasy that they support the “tolerant” and “just” political party.

They don’t, but their willful ignorance has served for decades to lend support and power to this Democratic Party of intolerant bigots and hate-mongers. History will not look kindly on their blindness, especially when that intolerance and bigotry and hatred eventually evolves to mass arrests and genocide.

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  • Gary H

    Republicans have been cancelled since they could be shut up by threatening to call them racists. Trump ended this for some, but 1/3 of the party are worthless.

  • sippin_bourbon

    The Federal Elections Commission (FEC ) needs to start recognizing this support as a contribution. By denying opposing candidates while giving preferred candidates, the companies are providing material support.

    This represents a contribution. A contribution that, for small races, may represents hundred of thousands of dollars of free advertisement, but for bigger races, many millions.

    They are private companies, and under current law are free to do so. However, there are limit for private donors. I am not fully versed in election law, so perhaps someone who is can add to this.

  • Patrick Underwood

    President: Democrat. House: Democrat. Senate: Democrat. Supreme Court: Random. Every single federal agency, including the FEC, completely far-Left.

    So who’s going to impose any legal restraints on Big Tech?

  • Patrick Underwood asked, “So who’s going to impose any legal restraints on Big Tech?”

    I notice your email service is gmail. I then ask, “What are YOU doing to hinder big tech?”

    We as a society keep asking others (especially the government) to fix problems for us, when we ourselves seem incapable of taking actions on our own. Except for youtube videos on this website, I ended my internet use of these companies years ago, as much as possible. I use other search engines, avoid Twitter and Youtube as much as possible, canceled my gmail account, and ended my ad account with Google years ago.

    There are things we all can do that will have an impact. Sadly, it seems to me that few bother doing them.

  • Milt

    Sippin_bourbon’s response indicates that there are still a lot of people who haven’t quite penetrated to the heart of where we actually are in this country. He suggests that the FEC ought to “do” something, as though this agency is not, somehow, under the control of the Biden Administration and it will act independently of it to see that justice is done. Sure they will. And Sleepy Joe and The Ho want what is “best” for everyone in America, whether it’s open borders, the establishment of Critical Race Theory as our new national narrative, or spending trillions of (unrepayable) debt-backed dollars on “human infrastructure.”

    Like it or not, we are in the midst of a CULTURAL CIVIL WAR (sorry about the caps, but I am trying to get people’s attention), a Gramscian revolution*, if you will, in which the radical left’s goal is no less than the complete overthrow of our existing form of government (and all of the institutions that support it) so that a one party, Cuban-style authoritarian state can be established in its place.


    Does everyone “get” this, or are you still in denial as to what the left has in mind — its “agenda” — for all of us?

    As to the mindset of all of the “useful idiots” who support their agenda, there is a powerful presentation on youtube (sorry) that goes to the core of what is happening here in this country:

    The left-induced mass psychosis that is described in this short presentation is mirrored in Robert’s insightful commentary on the culture-killing hysteria surrounding the Covid virus** and the accelerating loss of our basic freedoms. These woke Kool-Aid drinkers may be insane, but they — unlike most elected Republican officials — at least have the courage of their convictions, and they are serious about putting their agenda into place.

    ** Here is another piece that offers some needed insight into the mindset of the people who support the left and the Covid Nazis who wish to rule us. This sounds almost like a joke, but this phenomenon (the transformation of ordinary American citizens into woke, pod people serfs) lies at the heart of the orchestrated “change” that we are now witnessing:

    The take-away, again, is that we are in a WAR for our survival as a country and a culture, every bit as our forefathers fought the Axis powers in World War II and the communists in the Cold War. This time, though, the “enemy” that wishes to eradicate the American Experiment in a free and open, self governing society is within our own borders and — except perhaps for some of the judiciary — they now occupy and control Washington. This is not just “normal partisan politics” / an “ordinary historical cycle,” and the war that we are now engaged in cannot be ignored or wished away.

    As Robert suggests, it is time to think about what can indeed be done to FIGHT BACK back against these evil people*** as opposed to just wringing our hands — “Ain’t it awful!?” — and wishing that some government agency or other will “do something” on our behalf. For the moment, the courts — and even the testicular-challenged SCOTUS — are still functioning, but they are the only institution (along with a few state governments) that seems to recognize that there is still a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. Most elected Republicans, not so much.

    *** Cf, M. Scott Peck’s book, The People of the Lie Likewise, check out C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters

    With respect to “what can be done,” the devil is in the details, but simply acknowledging that we are engaged in an actual war for the survival of this country (and that the radical left really does mean to end it) might be a good place to start

    Could we agree on this much?

  • Milt observed: “Like it or not, we are in the midst of a CULTURAL CIVIL WAR . . ”

    That was decided in favor of Visitors a couple of decades ago. Not immediately evident, as Empire takes a long time to fall, and Americans are now pretty well strangers in their own country. It seems we’re in the Post-American era, but not widely recognized.

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