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Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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Today’s blacklisted Americans: South Alabama University suspends 3 professors for 2014 Halloween costumes

The cancelled Bill of Rights

They’re coming for you next: The University of South Alabama this month suspended three professors for wearing Halloween costumes back in 2014, seven years ago.

The photos show “then-Mitchell College of Business dean Bob Wood dressed as a Confederate general and professors Alex Sharland and Teresa Weldy posing with a whip and a noose,” WKRG5 reports.

The three teach in the university’s Mitchell College of Business. Wood and Sharland, who have tenure, have apologized, while Weldy, who is not tenured, “chose not to apologize,” the news station reports.

University brass is reportedly taking heat from the campus community for being aware of the photos since 2020 but not doing more about it. With that, [university President Tony] Waldrop upped his efforts on the nearly 7-year-old matter, calling the costumes and poses “offensive” and “contrary to our core principles of diversity and inclusion.” He pledged in his statement that the university will “address this situation in a manner that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and a safe and welcoming environment for every member of our community.” [emphasis mine]

The highlighted words illustrate the intellectual dishonesty of this idiotic university president. How can his policy be an “unwavering commitment” to creating “a safe and welcoming environment” if he suspends people and demands their abject apology for wearing harmless costumes at Halloween, meant merely in fun and silliness?

The world of mindless NPC drones
The faculty and students of the University of South Alabama today

And even if these costumes were worn in seriousness, these professors had that right under the first amendment. Waldrop doesn’t have the faintest concept of what it means to live in an intellectually open and free society. No, to him the only thing that matters is that no one dare say or do anything that the petty leftist despots on his campus might not like.

Diversity? Hah! His campus is now nothing more than a bunch of mindless drones, forbidden to think and banned from doing anything but what they are told.

Meanwhile, what is the Alabama legislature doing about this? Don’t they finance this public university? Maybe my Alabama readers might call them and ask.


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  • Tom D

    This was at the University of South Alabama, not the University of Alabama.

  • Newscaper

    Not the University of Alabama, aka “Bama” in Tuscaloosa, but the University of South Alabama down here in Mobile.

  • Chris

    The professor who “chose not to apologize” is the correct one.
    The correct response is NEVER apologize to these attacks on our rights. Instead the correct response is to block and counter attack – viciously.

  • Paul Esposito

    The University involved in this “cancel event” is the University of SOUTH Alabama and not the University of Alabama. (Not that it makes the schools actions any better.)

  • Jonathan McAllister

    I believe this was at the University of South Alabama, not the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

  • All: I have corrected the post, pointing at U of South Alabama. Thank you!

  • GWB

    Why is it that mass murderers (fictional or real) are perfectly ok to portray at Halloween because of the horror they illicit, but something like a slave master is not? Precisely because of the horror that elicits?

    Of course, you know the answer: because the first doesn’t implicate the ongoing Cultural Revolution like the second does.

    Diversity? Hah! His campus is now nothing more than a bunch of mindless drones
    But they’re all the right colors! Because judging people by the color of their skin is totes wrong!

  • Billy Sellers

    The First Amendment guarantees freedom of expression except while endangering others. .Today, students, faculty, and administrators are making up their own rules to suit cultural fluctuations. It is like living in a cartoon where the director suspends reality to suit the narrative or create a desired image.
    “Time honored” takes aback seat to personal agendas.

  • Ian C.

    >NPC meme
    Based and redpilled.

  • Edward

    At the rate things are going, the only safe Halloween costume will soon only portray the weather. The politically correct weather. Even then, if weather that is politically correct changes in a few years, we will be subject to cancellation for the retroactive transgression.

  • Chris

    The. Illustration is still incorrect.
    Not a stickler but trying to prevent your being mis accused

  • Chris: I have no idea what your issue is. Please elucidate more clearly.

  • Chris: Oh wait, were you referring to the caption? I just noticed and fixed that.

  • wayne

    I second that motion.

    It’s Halloween every day now, with the costume ‘masks’ everyone has to wear.

    In the Alternate Universe, University President Tony Waldrop has already been rendered to a 3rd world country for enhanced interrogation.

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