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Today’s blacklisted Americans: The oppressed fight back at Boise State

The good black half of this student
A typical slide from a critical race theory class.

They’re coming for you next: Forced to attend a bigoted critical race education class at Boise State University where a white student was apparently treated like scum, it appears other students there taped the session and forwarded it to the Idaho state legislature.

The results were somewhat gratifying.

[A]dministrators have abruptly suspended all of the school’s general education classes called “University Foundations 200: Foundations of Ethics and Diversity.”

“We have been made aware of a series of concerns, culminating in allegations that a student or students have been humiliated and degraded in class on our campus for their beliefs and values,” states a March 16 memo from President Marlene Tromp to the campus community. “This is never acceptable; it is not what Boise State stands for; and we will not tolerate this behavior,” Tromp stated. “…Given the weight of cumulative concerns, we have determined that, effective immediately, we must suspend UF 200.” She goes on to note that academic leadership will determine next steps “to ensure that everyone is still able to complete the course.”

Tromp’s decision came around the same time as Idaho lawmakers passed a state education budget that takes away about $409,000 from Boise State University because of its social justice curriculum, Idaho Ed News reports. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted words provide us the real reason Boise administrators suspended these race lectures. They feared losing more budget money. Note however that they haven’t canceled the program, only suspended it. As is always the case with these Marxist academics, they are only taking the minimum action they think necessary to forestall a negative consequence, and plan to immediately resume their bigoted agenda of demonizing whites while glorifying minorities as soon as the controversy dies down.

At the moment the video in question has not been released. It needs to be, as soon as possible, so as to bring the light of truth to this story.

Meanwhile, a report about that racist agenda at Boise from December 2020 outlined in detail the bigoted plans by Boise’s administrators:

“Our report on social justice ideology shows that Boise State is building a social justice university. This ideology asserts that all whites and especially males as oppressors, and that racial minorities are permanent victims,” Miller wrote. “Social Justice institutions like Boise State then construct an environment that seeks to shame and vent hatred on the oppressors and elevate and insulate the oppressed from any kind of criticism.”

This is a public university, and is expressly forbidden by law to treat people differently based on their race, color, or creed. Therefore the action of the legislature to cut Boise State’s budget slightly is quite insufficient. These fake teachers and administrators at Boise need to be fired. A house-cleaning is necessary.

As for the parents and students in Idaho, both in and out of Boise State, they need to reconsider whether they wish to attend such a place. At a minimum they should be hounding their state legislators to make sure this racist program is stopped now, immediately.

Genesis cover

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  • Kevin R.

    The Left are really nothing but primitives. They aren’t civilized. They’re primitive mentalities.

  • When someone asks what I do, I’m going to say “I’m an oppressor.” Or, as Nancy Sinatra might have it:

    “White males are oppressors
    “Oppressin’s what they do.
    “One of these days
    “They’ll be oppressin’ you.

    “White males, start oppressin'”

  • Col Beausabre

    1) “We have been made aware….”Which is why you should be fired, you worthless, lying scum. You either knew about it and are lying or are so obtuse you failed in the most basic of your responsibilities, knowing what is going on in your classrooms, as well as permitting an environment where such conduct is permitted. Cancel Culture can blow both ways!

    2) I am reporting this incident to the Commanding General, US Army Cadet Command, recommending that the Army ROTC Program be withdrawn from Boise State as it does not support the US Constitution (specifically the First Amendment), engages in indoctrination rather than education and, in all probability, fosters a campus environment not supportive of Army ROTC and its maembers

  • David Telford

    Boise. These academics and administrators must really be from out of town. They are not tethered to the ground. So it’s not only the *hot* *air* balloons you see floating over head. Maybe We the People, or our political masters in the State House, are finally starting to say “enough”? Don’t I wish.

  • Cotour

    Senator Tom Cotton questions “Betty Davis”, reveals just how ridiculous the Left and their constant drone that everyone in America is racist:

    All virtue signaling all the time. These are the best of the best? They all appear to be half baked and half educated to me.

    Why is that?

  • wayne

    (Much like Snake Plissken) I thought Betty Davis was deceased.

    “Rachel Levine Gets It”
    A Tim Dillon parody

    [mild adult content]

  • Jeff Wright

    From Trump to Tromp….the tramps don’t get a break. Beau’ I’m not worried about the ROTC…I think our military needs to be pared down before we become its targets. You see where Bernie wants to rob Musk?

  • Col Beausabre:

    “We have been made aware…” is beaura -speak for “We have been called out.”

    Your idea to contact the chain-of-command is a good one: cutting off the money is about the only way, short of messy intervention; of slowing the madness. I am looking at programs at my alma maters, with an eye to de-funding racially-based programs. As you noted, things work both ways. I’ve wondered why people didn’t make use of this. Don’t be nice. Going along to get along has gotten us here.

  • wayne

    Jocko Willink x Akira x Rudyard Kipling –
    May 2019

  • Cotour

    Too funny, but its not funny.

    And I understand that society must evolve and that evolution can be contentious and may be disturbing or offensive at times, but at some point the two sides must agree to disagree and find a middle ground and move positively into the future. Or else.

    But these “Woke” Leftists / Democrats are on a whole nother level and ultimately they demand that you will comply and they will tell you what and how to think, or something must be “Done” with you. That is the point of the message that I am receiving from their zeitgeist.

    And their desperation AND over confidence that now simultaneously exist will I am certain only get worse as we hurtle towards the midterm elections in less than two years from today. And unless the election system has been totally compromised for ever, and that may well be, they will lose badly, very badly. Why? Because rational Americans that include Democrats are watching them and what they are attempting to perpetrate on the world.

  • Jay

    Since the legislature is taking funding away from Boise Junior Community College, I am willing to bet they need to look at the other institutions as well, both of them- ISU and the Flagship U of I. I bet these programs are already in place there.

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