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Today’s blacklisted conservative: Lawyer who represented Trump fired by university

They’re coming for you next: A lawyer who both represented Trump in his legal challenges to the November 3rd vote count as well as gave a public speech in support of Trump has been fired by his university.

Chapman University President Daniele Struppa promptly denounced Eastman for engaging in constitutionally protected free speech. Struppa accused Eastman in a Jan. 8 statement of playing “a role in the tragic events in Washington, D.C., that jeopardized our democracy. … Eastman’s actions are in direct opposition to the values and beliefs of our institution. He has now put Chapman in the position of being publicly disparaged for the actions of a single faculty member, and for what many call my failure to punish and fire him,” Struppa wrote.

Struppa also said, “This week has also demonstrated that this country has a great deal of work to do for social justice and equity.”

Lisa Leitz, a professor of peace studies at Chapman, was one of 169 faculty members who signed an open letter addressed to the university demanding Eastman be fired. She told a local media outlet that Eastman’s appearance at the rally and his Trump campaign activities have damaged the university. “It associates us with a racist insurrection against the U.S. democracy, and it undermines the credibility of every faculty member,” she said.

On Jan. 13, Struppa announced that a settlement had been reached with Eastman and that he would be leaving his post “effective immediately.”

And what exactly did this man do? Nothing illegal, that’s for sure. All he did was express his opinion, in public, and then take action as a lawyer to represent his client.

I plan on posting one of these “newly blacklisted” stories daily for as long as they keep happening. Sadly, I already have a backlog. I could be reporting these stories of oppression and blacklisting I think for the next four years, daily, without any trouble at all. That is assuming of course they don’t come after me and get this website shut down, something I fully expect is a possibility in the next four years.

And remember, these attacks against outspoken conservatives are only a precursor for when these thugs come after you, no matter who you are. You might not be speaking out publicly, but you have had the temerity to read this material, something that the cultural dictators who now rule us cannot allow.

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  • Gregory English

    Hopefully this will be his opportunity to escape a communist university and perhaps find a position in an American one.

  • Col Beausabre

    I keep on thinking, “This is not the country I spent a quarter century of my life defending..”

  • Max

    “Lisa Leitz, a professor of peace studies at Chapman”
    “activities have damaged the university. “It associates us with a racist insurrection against the U.S. democracy, and it undermines the credibility of every faculty member,” she said.”

    You would think a professor of peace studies know the difference between a rally, and a racist insurrection.
    As my father used to say, making a mountain, out of a mole hill. Exaggerating to the point that words become meaningless because they are confusing to the point that you do not recognize them, or they have a completly different meaning than intended. Or in this case, her “wild imagination” is the “politically correct truth” as she recognizes it.
    Now that the stance of the college has been publicized, you can bet no conservative would send their child there. (just like Evergreen College did to itself)
    Getting the other faculty members to sign onto it by bullying is a good example of “mob mentality” making decisions rather than looking at the facts and making well thought out decisions.
    Everyone on the faculty knows that they could be next, it’s just a matter of time. An environment of the culture of fear, the Nazis would be proud.

    “Freedom of speech” has become a euphemism for freedom to hang yourself.

    We all know that the constitution, and the rights provided there in, have been suspended for a year now. Every since they placed us all on house arrest. Perhaps slavery has been been “reinstated” as the “conservative vote” as tabulated by dominion computer, is only worth 3/5 of a person.

    Here is the proof of the unthinkable occurring before our eyes.
    35,000 troops in and around the capital, now called the “GREEN ZONE” against posse comitatus. Army commander admitted to George Stephanopoulos on ABC not once, but twice so there is no mistake!

    That’s right boys and girls, peaceful transition to military power! Or is it just another exaggeration and miss use of the English language? We will soon find out.

  • Alton

    One down……….
    75+:million more to go……….
    Who will earn money the top cells in Gitmo?

  • janyuary

    Good read, Max.

    “You would think a professor of peace studies…” would be a character from the most absurd of fiction.

    Peace Studies?
    Is getting a degree in that anything like, say, uh, getting a degree in aeronautical engineering? Or even a nanoparticle as useful?

    Sweet smoking Jehoshaphat, we appear to have a population of parents who have failed to see basic arithmetic before their eyes for the past year that proves the lie of this “pandemic,” and voters on the right and left who still fail to recognize an imaginary action (voting “against”). Then more: fraud in front of their noses, and no one gives much of a hoot because either candidate is a bad deal, despite all the fanfare for Trump, sorry, but that is the opinion of many Americans: skeptical of both parties, both candidates, and persona non grata in media coverage.

    I maintain that we really have a very fuzzy idea of who Americans truly are, what our young people can do that is brave, the risks they’ll see as worth taking, the heroics they will seek. Certainly for the past two generations at least, national news media has created a self-portrait of America and Americans that is as distorted and deceitful as a funhouse mirror. At present, many Americans fail to see it, but illusions shatter when reality hits the fan.

    There is still time to get out of this civilly and peacefully, but the courage it takes is ABSENT in many necessary people. I wonder where it will spring up at?

  • janyuary

    Oh my GAWD I ended a sentence in a preposition (I think??)! It must be COVID!

  • Randy

    Bob…Any thinking American knows this election is a hoax.If I watch the inaguration it will only to be check
    his mental ability.The only way this bacement dweller fossil won was through the lefts machine and its backers.

    Seriously odious..and apparently unopposed.Something bigger is afoot. I will be standing W/you.God bless.

  • Mark

    “Oh my GAWD I ended a sentence in a preposition (I think??)! It must be COVID!”

    That is one thing up with which we will not put. You’re fired!

  • Don

    About the only positive from this is just how freakin frightened this lot get with minimal stimulus. I suggest to everyone that is time to have some fun with this bunch of frightened school children, might as well enjoy the decline.

    Didn’t Teddy Roosevelt get shot in the chest but still went on to finish his speech and only then went to hospital. I am sorry but this lot would have to admitted to a psychiatric ward if someone let off a firecracker in the street next to them. Those two data points alone are all you need to know about what has happened in the last century.

  • Bill Higgins

    Oh, Bob. You and your blog will be here for years to come. And with egg on your face.

  • Steve Levy

    Sue, sue, sue. Sue them until they’re begging for scraps of food in the streets.

  • Rick Caird

    I hope he has the resources and standing to sue both the university and Lisa Leitz personally for interference with his relationship to the university.

  • David Telford

    “and it undermines the credibility of every faculty member,” she said.

    Dunno that the good Dr Eastman, who I heard many times in years past on Hugh Hewitt’s show along with Erwin Chemerinsky, did not damage the reputation of Chapman. But Lisa Leitz, well, look at those words. I leave it as an exercise to the reader. Don’t take all minute long.

    I’m going to bet when progressives look in the mirror, they don’t see a thing.

  • Edward

    janyuary wrote: “Oh my GAWD I ended a sentence in a preposition (I think??)!

    Not to worry. Freedom of speech, including the right to end a sentence with a preposition, is one of the fundamentals that America is all about. The right to express alternate thoughts and ideas is what universities are all about. Advancing knowledge does not happen otherwise.

    Randy wrote: “Any thinking American knows this election is a hoax.

    It used to be that in order to get elected a candidate had to campaign for the job. Hillary Clinton and President Pretend Joe BiteMe* have shown that the Democrats just are not up to that task. The Democratic Party realized that they could not win the hearts and minds of the American people, so they found another way to win elections. A tried and true way.

    Col Beausabre wrote: “I keep on thinking, ‘This is not the country I spent a quarter century of my life defending..’

    It is not. Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

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