Tory Party opposition to Theresa May’s Brexit deal grows

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Seven Tory officials have now resigned from Theresa May’s Conservative government in protest to her planned “Chequers” deal with the European Union for Britian’s exit.

It appears that the deal leaves Britain subject to EU regulations, something that the voters did not want. As noted by one Tory rebel,

Mr Bradley said the Chequers plan would wreck opportunities to develop global trade and be ‘an outward-looking nation in control of our own destiny’. ‘Being tied to EU regulations and the EU tying our hands when seeking to make new trade agreements will be the worst of all worlds,’ wrote the Mansfield MP, who voted Remain in a constituency where 70 per cent of voters opted to Leave.

The resignations follow those of Brexit Secretary Mr Davis, his junior minister Steve Baker, Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson and ministerial aides Conor Burns and Chris Green.

Right now it appears that this deal will likely fail, and that Great Britain will leave the EU without a deal, something that will probably please the voters. The EU’s regulations, created not by elected officials but by unelected bureaucrats, stifle competition and free enterprise as every stage of industry.



  • wayne

    “Theresa must go.”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  • Edward

    Mr Bradley said the Chequers plan would wreck opportunities to develop global trade and be ‘an outward-looking nation in control of our own destiny’.

    This is similar to one of the grievances in the Declaration of Independence. The American colonists wanted to have the opportunities to trade directly with other nations, not through Britain. Thus, the colonists wanted control of their own destiny.

  • pzatchok

    The Eu is a liberal fascists dream.

    The leaders are appointed elitist intelligentsia. The lefts dream set up.

    These appointed leaders are so smart that the common citizen just can’t understand how far ahead and smarter they really are than the common man.
    That is why they can’t get elected. They are just so smart they find it hard to connect with the stupid commoner. They need to be appointed instead.

    We should be happy they are even willing to lead us.

    I don’t much like the idea of appointed heads of government departments even when they are answerable to the President and assembly of elected leaders.

    I just can not imagine being willing to let my elected leaders appoint someone over themselves that they can not even remove by majority vote.

    I guess the EU is still just in love with the idea of a King. Someone to make those hard decisions for them. Someone to make sure the roads are kept in good shape and the power stays on.

    Once that King has power they just never want to let it go.

  • Localfluff

    Almost all NATO-members are in deep and escalating domestic political crises as they will meet Trump today. Those who threaten their power in sensational election after sensational election have Trump as a role model. Trump cut the Gordian knot and now the rope is unwinding throughout the Western world.

    Not to mention Europe’s trade dependence, the unsolved euro-crisis, the defunct militaries of Europe, Russia’s continued rearmament, the unsolved conflict in Ukraine, Turkey’s islamic tyrant, islamic terrorism and crimes escalating completely without control or any counter measures at all. As a negotiator, Trump must be bored because he meets no resistance on the other side of the table this time (or, no, he’s not bored, in a total contrast to all European “leaders” he likes to win win win!)

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