TSA fails to find links to terrorism of airport workers

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Does this make you feel safer? An audit of the TSA has found that the agency failed to uncover the terrorist connections of 73 aviation workers when it did background checks of them.

According to TSA data, these individuals were employed by major airlines, airport vendors, and other employers. TSA did not identify these individuals through its vetting operations because it is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related categories under current interagency watchlisting policy,” the redacted report reads. “TSA acknowledged that these individuals were cleared for access to secure airport areas despite representing a potential transportation security threat,” it added.

The new audit comes on the heels of another damaging Inspector General report on TSA’s security measures, which found the aviation security body was unable to detect fake bombs and weapons in 95 percent of trial runs. Revealed last week in an ABC News report, the OIG’s findings resulted in the Acting TSA Administrator, Melvin Carraway’s, removal from the post.

The TSA is nothing more than childish feel-good theater used to convince Americans that the government has the right to sexually abuse them, if it wants. It does little to prevent hijackings or terrorist attacks. The smartest thing we could do is to shut it down, close down the security posts, and simply let Americans be armed on planes. Trust me, terrorists — being cowardly bullies who look for easy targets — would stay away, and no gun shots would ever get fired.



  • Phill O

    Now that is interesting; cut the government out of managing policing! Private individuals can get justice done!

    Phill O

  • pzatchok

    Don’t mix up crime prevention and crime deterrence with justice.
    Justice is for the courts. Make sure you get the criminal to court in the first place.

    For every instance that you can come up with where a cop stopped a crime in progress, I can come up with 10 cases that a civilian stopped a crime with a gun in progress.


    If your worried about firearms on aircraft causing trouble. Don’t, A bullet passing through a pressurized aircraft will do nothing but cause a slow leak. Not a massive explosive decompression.

    Besides, how many instances of unarmed civilians killing ‘terrorists’ or crazy people on planes have happened since 911? A nice handful.
    How many armed air marshals have stopped those crazy people? Not as many.

    I trust civilians to be on the spot and ready far more than I trust the cops.
    And criminals are thinking the very same thing. You don’t hear about them holding up gun stores to often do you?

    Criminals and also terrorist(no matter what they say) always go for the easy targets, the low hanging fruit.
    Don’t advertise yourself as the low hanging fruit.

  • Edward

    > I trust civilians to be on the spot and ready far more than I trust the cops.

    As the saying goes: when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. On a plane, they are even farther away. (Air marshals are on barely enough flights to discourage many terrorists, but not on enough flights to have been there to stop either of the terrorists who were on flights since 9/11.)

    This is not the fault of the police. Their job is not to actively stop crimes or terrorism by being there before the criminal or terrorist (but they do when they are, as in the recent Texas incident, in which Pamela Geller anticipated possible trouble). However, a free people remain free when they are allowed and able to stop or prevent crimes that they see or anticipate, because when seconds count, it is likely that someone is right there. The alternative is to live in a police state (and that does not work as well), which is not a state of freedom.

    > Don’t advertise yourself as the low hanging fruit.

    Agree. This was the problem with the Century Theater in Aurora Colorado. Just prior to the shooting spree there, they had advertised their policy of being a gun-free zone. The evil-doer’s choice of targets was clearly driven by the obviousness of its vulnerability. The most likely alternative for him would have been something like a school, also well-known and obviously vulnerable gun-free zones.

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