Two more states have decided not to set up health exchanges, a key component of Obamacare.

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The more the merrier: Two more states have now decided not to set up health exchanges, a key component of Obamacare.

That makes 22 states total have have refused to participate in this disaster of a law.



  • Matt Ponas

    I can only WISH that the GOV of PA would refuse to enact OVOMITCARE…

  • Pzatchok

    Considering that these few states have failed to come to an agreement on which insurance policies and prices to offer their citizens it now falls on the federal government to come up with an exchange program of our own to offer to those who need it most.
    Our poorest citizens need this choice and we should, no we will! Offer them just that choice.
    And so, with a stoke of this pen, on this day, I Barack Obama, set up the federal exchange insurance program to provide for those who need the service.

  • Pzatchok

    Man I need find the right news sometimes.

    “(AP) Feds propose fee on health insurers in new market
    Associated Press
    Health insurance companies will have to pay to play in new health insurance markets coming under President Barack Obama’s health care law.

    The federal Health and Human Services department said Friday it is proposing a “user fee” amounting to 3.5 percent of premiums for health insurers who want to offer policies in the new federal exchanges coming in 2014.

    Exchanges are online markets where consumers will be able to buy individual policies and see if they qualify for government subsidies. Washington will run the exchanges in states that decline to do so.

    The insurance industry says the fees will add to the cost of coverage.

    The new markets are designed to be self-supporting, and backers of the approach say it’s more cost-effective than the current system. ”

    I guess they already have a plan to supersede the states no matter what.

    And in my other post in another thread I mentioned that the government was in no way receiving any money from Obama care. Well i guess i was wrong on that also.
    They will just impose a new tax on the insurance industry if they want to be part of the exchanges.
    I bet the government will find/make a way for each insurance company to become part of the exchanges.

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