UK Tories purge 21 who opposed party today

The Conservative Party in Great Britain today expelled 21 members who voted against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to exit the European Union, deal or no deal.

[The expulsion plan was announced] just hours after lawmakers in Britain passed legislation designed to stop Johnson from taking the UK out of the European Union without a formal deal. The House of Commons earlier Tuesday passed a bill allowing members of Parliament to introduce legislation forcing Johnson to ask for a three-month extension from the EU if a deal is not made by Oct. 31, the Brexit deadline.

The bill passed in a 328 to 301 vote, with 21 members of the governing Conservative Party defecting and joining the opposition party, The Guardian reported.

Johnson has also announced that he will call for general elections, to decide if his party should remain in power. At the moment it appears he does not have a majority in parliament to rule.

At the same time, Johnson has soared in the polls for his hardline exit strategy, and it also appears this strategy is garnering him international political support.

If Johnson wins in the elections, he will have succeeded in purging his party of the equivalent of what conservatives in the U.S. call RINOs, fake conservatives who mouth the right thing but don’t really mean it and when push comes to shove always betray the people who voted for them. This will put Johnson in a very strong political position for doing what he was chosen to do, uphold the choice of the electorate when they voted to leave the European Union.


  • Phill O

    I believe we are seeing the equivalent of the French revolution in many countries. I hope Hong Kong does not get the full brunt of communism.

  • m d mill

    A snap election requires 2/3 vote of Parliament to approve, which Boris cannot get(?). Since the Brexit opposition have been calling for a “new” Brexit vote, this makes them complete hypocrites, and i think they will suffer badly when the next election does occur, and very badly in public opinion now. The defecting Tories represent wealthy “conservatives”, with little voting base, and will be defeated by true Tories in the next election in most cases. Therefore, after the next election(May 2022 or before ) Boris could have the majority he needs to finally get Brexit done.

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