Utah concealed-carry class for teachers largest ever

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A Utah concealed-carry class, organized for teachers and college students, had the largest sign-up ever, about 1,000 people total, with many coming in direct response to the Parkland shooting.

About 1,000 people signed up, which organizers said likely made it the largest concealed carry course ever taught in the state. Concealed firearms may be carried with a permit inside all Utah public schools and universities. “It’s been a very positive reaction,” said Sam Robinson, co-owner of Utah Gun Exchange, which organized the event in the wake of the Florida massacre. “There are a lot of people who want to learn more, who want to become more engaged and take a more active role in the defense of our schools — so they at least have the opportunity to be the last line of defense.”

On the four-hour class agenda: firearm safety, handling, transportation, storage and laws, plus basic tactical skills that instructors said might come in handy during a school shooting. Media were not allowed inside, to “protect the privacy of people who are here,” Robinson said, adding organizers wanted to ensure attendees were not “shamed” for their beliefs about gun rights. [emphasis mine]

The two highlighted quotes are important. First, if safety is a big concern for your kids, Utah is clearly where you should send them. Ordinary citizens, properly trained, are allowed the tools to defend themselves and others.

Second, it is entirely understandable for the organizers to restrict the media’s access to the classes. It would not be there to report, but to continue the hatefest against ordinary Americans who wish to exercise their second amendment rights, in a responsible manner.

I have taken Arizona’s concealed carry class, as well as attended gun training classes in Maryland. Attendance ranged from 15 to 50. A turnout of 1000 people for a single class is astonishing. It is a strong indication that the winds favor the idea of properly allowing teachers and college students the ability to defend themselves. It also suggests that, should politicians decided to eliminate gun-free zones, they would score political points, even as the media and the left were certain to go insane over it.



  • Cotour

    The number of shootings in Utah schools is outrageous!


    What is wrong with these people?! Who do they think they are fooling?

  • Max

    It’s just a coincidence, really… Who would’ve thunk it.
    Here is an old map of what states allow guns.
    The debate is occurring in legislatures across the country. Oregon teacher representative firmly declared “teachers do not want guns in schools” which caused a firestorm of teachers disagreeing.
    Some school districts there allow guns without any problems.
    Here is Florida’s proposals which is actually a hit piece mostly discouraging the action, with the creation of a large bureaucracy to placate everybody’s “need to do something”.

    Utah has murder, gangs, mental illness like any other state. Rare mass shootings, like the Valentines/trolley Square massacre, usually occur only in the “gun free zones”.
    I was there eating dinner with my entire family just the day before to avoid the crowds. A off-duty officer from another county, required to carry his firearm at all times, heard the shotgun blasts and left his dinner and pinned down the shooter before any police arrived.
    A 18-year-old Bosnia refugee who idolized his grandfather from the stories his mother would tell him of her fathers martyrdom for Allah.
    I remember seeing him and his sisters years earlier, dressed funny, playing in the mall parking lot where I used to work at trolley Square.
    Here is a shop owner who tells his story on the scene.
    And phone video from a restaurant. You can hear him yell Allah Akbar. You could ask yourself, what could I do in the same situation?

  • Cotour

    A certainty that everything will be peaceful at dinner when you eat here.


    Liberals insist that no one be able to take matters into their own hands and take care of business when necessary.

  • Phill O

    The basic problem is the human condition exacerbated by inaction by authorities early in a child’s development. Parents refuse to discipline, then teachers are not permitted then law enforcement is not permitted. Change the system!!!!

    Asked what laws are needed on the books, I respond “The Ten Commandments”. It is all there. Put Judo-Christian teaching back into schools.

  • Cotour

    Phill O:

    It takes a Village, not a parent.

    The Democrats / Liberals come Leftists have engineered exactly that and it serves a very specific purpose.

  • My only response to those who oppose concealed-carry in schools is: we tried it your way.

  • Orion314

    it takes a village to raise a child ,
    it takes an army to raize a village
    George Patton ;)

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