White House decision on embassy move only after Trump’s Middle East trip

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The White House has denied reports that they have decided not to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and have instead said that the decision on whether to move the embassy will only be made after Trump’s Middle East trip.

Since neither story identified the White House official making the claims, either for or against the move, I suppose we should file this whole thing under fake news. These are unsubstantiated leaks, and should not be taken seriously.



  • wayne

    somewhat tangential, but highly informative and given the Trump visit to Israel–
    (highly recommend sampling any and all)

    -John Batchelor is in Israel and has a number of very good segments this week on his show, with excellent “backgrounder” info on Israel and related.
    -Mark Levin is visiting Israel for the 1st time and will broadcast his radio-show, Monday through Wednesday episodes next week, live from Israel.
    -the “Louder With Crowder” show, next week will be available for free streaming or download on his YouTube Channel. (8pm EST live stream, M-F)

  • Maurice

    Israeli politicians probably couldn’t care less at this point, in 48 laws of power fashion. It is no longer within the grasp of the Arab militaries to be an existential threat, and Saudi Arabia isn’t going to bankroll the confrontation states to the tune they did in the 60-70s and 80s.

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