Why the establishment fears Newt Gingrich

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Why the establishment fears Newt Gingrich.

When Newt became speaker, he was focused, disciplined and tough. He insisted on moving the Contract With America intact. He abolished committees and denied “old bulls” chairmanships. He insisted on using the majority to win conservative victories such as balancing budgets, achieving welfare reform and producing 11 million new jobs with tax cuts that spurred economic growth. He made some people unhappy when he pursued legislation that could win instead of pet bills that would have divided Republicans rather than uniting them. And he negotiated with a Democratic president to get the conservative legislation being passed signed into law. Some Republicans were left unhappy in the wake of all of that activity — some of them are still complaining today.


One comment

  • LINO

    Newt will not be the Republican nominee, either. Newt left the Speakership in disgrace. His personal life was a travesty. His long-term pursuit of money is the principal object of his so-called candidacy. Cain, Trump and Newt are all enhancing their future earning capacity (for speaking fees and book sales) with their “runs” for the nomination. None of them were truly serious about being on the November ballot in the first place. They have been using the system. Newt has proven this with his awful foundation for pursuit of the nomination–best described by his awful preparation and management manifested in his Virginia situation and his absence from their ballot.

    Ron Paul may be an isolationist cartoon character, but at least he is committed to the process and really wants to be President.

    Get comfortable with Mitt Romney, as he is the one you will be voting for in November.

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