Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me

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An evening pause: Performed live on television sometime in the mid-1960s.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace, who notes, “Etta James was an inspiration to a generation of popular female singers, from Janice Joplin to Christina Aguilera.”



  • Localfluff

    The political communist-islamist hate blog that calls itself “The Planetary Society” made another hate post today. Claiming, again, that Jesus Christ was evil.

    This particular communist-islamist in their political organization, Jason Davis, posted hate comments against Elon Musk launching his own car into space. According to the communist-islamist ideology everything must be owned by the Great Leader and only He can decide, and enforce with all violence necessary to achieve total obedience, who must and must not do what. That is the only definition of what is good, to the communist-islamists. And of course the communist-islamist Jason Davis cares about the wording of “he” in the oath. What else is to be expected by a total moron?

    Does anyone else fell for getting rid of these haters while we have time to do so in order to survive, or are some of you just looking forward to you funeral?

  • LocalFluff: Though Jason Davis is very obnoxious in this blog post, and exhibits proudly his ignorance and contempt for American history, I don’t see where he claims “Jesus Christ was evil.”

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