The King’s Singers – Barbara Allen

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An evening pause: Arranged by John Rutter.


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  • LocalFluff

    Because of that A/2017 U1 object, the interstellar comet, I have read, or listened to as I prefer, Arthur C Clarke’s novel Rama. It is written in 1975 and takes place in the 22nd century. To set the stage without revealing anything beyond the intro, Earth has been hit by a regionally devastating asteroid and has since gone big on impact prevention space flight. One day an interstellar “asteroid” is discovered and all available resources are scrambled to make a crewed rendezvous with it. And the story goes from there on.

    Variable gravity and the centrifugal effect with Coriolis effects are subjects explored in this novel. A funny detail is that the mission uses genetically engineered monkeys as co-astronauts for routine tasks. The long tails make them very graceful in microgravity. :-) But it is without new physics stuff.

    I didn’t notice much of a character development or even any point with the plot. (Hence it didn’t turn into a movie). But it is well written for getting captured by it. And Clarke’s technical focus should appeal us nerds here.

    Free audio book reading on Youtube (It’s a bit more than 7 hours, then the recording starts over):

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