Today’s blacklisted American: College endorses segregation against whites, turning former coffee shop into blacks-only haven

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: repealed by Beliot College.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964: unilaterally repealed by Beliot College.

The new bigotry on American campuses: Beliot College in Wisconsin has decided to turn a former campus coffee shop into blacks-only haven, thus re-introducing Jim Crow segregation by treating blacks as a privileged race and all other ethnic groups and races as inferior and thus deserving of discrimination and second-class facilities.

In March, the private institution announced the Java Joint would be closed in order to become “a haven for Beloit College’s Black students.”

The gathering space was praised by Jada Daniel, the current Black Student Union president. “We hope to create a safe space for Black and Brown students, where we have a comfortable place to study,” said Daniel on the school’s website. “Daniel said BSU plans to host Soul Food Sundays, poetry readings, and other events during the year, following COVID safety guidelines,” the website says.

Meanwhile, when questions were raised about this clearly discriminatory policy, the school refused to comment, even as its own website said this:
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