High Diving Giraffes

An evening pause: Based on some emails I have received, I think some people have been fooled by this cool animation and actually think these are real giraffes! This just tells us that it will not be long now before real actors are no longer necessary and it will be possible to do live action films entirely with animation.

Hat tip George Petricko.

A Mandelbrot set zoom animation out-take

An evening pause: The creator of this computer animation calls this an out-take and explains why:

What is a Mandelbrot zoom blooper? It’s what happens when you commit 6 months of computing time on three computers to create something that doesn’t turn out the way you expect! The color rotations that begin at 1:36 were unintentional. However, the side effect is that the animation is much more psychedelic than expected due to the color cycling and also brings out details that are not apparent with still images.

I just find it fascinating how this illustrates the endlessly deep and infinite complexity of existence.

Hat tip tdub.