Today’s blacklisted American: College fires director of its free speech institute for advocating free speech

No free speech allowed at St. Olaf College
No free speech allowed at St. Olaf College.

The new dark age of silencing: David Anderson, the president of St. Olaf College in Minnesota, has removed the director of the school’s Institute for Freedom & Community, Edmund Santurri, because Santurri apparently encouraged too much free speech by inviting a wide range of speakers to lecture at the institute.

The lecture that appeared to draw the most objections was by Peter Singer, who has expressed controversial views about disabled people. An appearance by John McWhorter — who has argued some anti-racism initiatives go too far in stifling debate — was also reportedly controversial.

Singer has for decades often advocated in favor of abortion and even infanticide. McWorter meanwhile opposes the racist principles of critical race theory. To put it mildly, these speakers indicated the sincerity of Santurri’s effort to bring a wide range of political thought to St. Olaf.

When Anderson removed Santurri, he explained his reasons were because the lectures arranged by Santurri had “created a new enemies of the Institute.” Anderson also justified the action because he had received complaints from the college’s board of regents as well as others at the college.
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