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Today’s blacklisted American: College fires director of its free speech institute for advocating free speech

No free speech allowed at St. Olaf College
No free speech allowed at St. Olaf College.

The new dark age of silencing: David Anderson, the president of St. Olaf College in Minnesota, has removed the director of the school’s Institute for Freedom & Community, Edmund Santurri, because Santurri apparently encouraged too much free speech by inviting a wide range of speakers to lecture at the institute.

The lecture that appeared to draw the most objections was by Peter Singer, who has expressed controversial views about disabled people. An appearance by John McWhorter — who has argued some anti-racism initiatives go too far in stifling debate — was also reportedly controversial.

Singer has for decades often advocated in favor of abortion and even infanticide. McWorter meanwhile opposes the racist principles of critical race theory. To put it mildly, these speakers indicated the sincerity of Santurri’s effort to bring a wide range of political thought to St. Olaf.

When Anderson removed Santurri, he explained his reasons were because the lectures arranged by Santurri had “created a new enemies of the Institute.” Anderson also justified the action because he had received complaints from the college’s board of regents as well as others at the college.

Since you can’t have freedom of speech without someone getting offended, Anderson was essentially admitting that he and others at the college do not support free speech. Only speech that offends no one can be permitted, which means the ability of St. Olaf to teach its students rational and independent thought is impossible. Instead, the college will churn out close-minded individuals who believe that if they are offended by anything someone says, they have the right to silence that person.

Nor am I making this up. The students at St. Olaf have already demonstrated this close-minded, such as in 2017 when they organized protests that verged on violence because of a racist note found on a car (which also turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a student. The hysteria of those protests illustrate my point:

Protesters also allegedly visited the campus library to gather more students for their protest. A source who reached out to The College Fix on Monday via email said a friend of hers was working in the library Saturday evening and was allegedly pushed aside by a throng of student protesters who demanded she turn over the library intercom for them to make an announcement. “When she refused, they stormed the circulation desk and forcibly grabbed the intercom mic to make their announcement,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous for safety concerns. “They also ripped the phone out of her hand and off the wall when she tried to call the police.” [emphasis mine]

The highlighted words indicate the true atmosphere at St. Olaf. This is not a safe campus for free and open thought. People are afraid, because the bullies there rule, and enforce that rule by violence.

Do your children attend this college? Are you or your kids thinking of attending it? Why? I would flee this ugly place so fast it would make the comic book hero The Flash appear to be moving in slow motion. And if you have donated or are thinking of donating to the college and believe in freedom and the first amendment, you might want to contact David Anderson and tell him what you think of his oppressive administration.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Gary H

    Prepare to document the pivot from cancelling to violence. Abortion and midterms with inflation and recession are a formula for violence. The people in power, along with big media and tech will fuel the fire.

  • Col Beausabre

    As evidence of our further slide into fascism, I give you the Disinformation Governance Board. That’s right, the US Government is setting up a Ministry of Truth to correct your wrong-think. George Orwell, call your office

    PS: Goebbel’s title was Minister of Public Enlightenment

  • Cotour

    Col B:

    This so called “Ministry of truth” is without doubt an un Constitutional effort by the Left and The Democrats that they are running. By what and who’s authority will this new agency operate?

    IMO but an attempt to foster chaos and confusion, just like the Supreme Court leak attempt to rile up the people and drive confrontation. This Democrat administration attempt to control what is and what is not truth in media is a pile of crap! Pure desperation.

    And why is that so?

    * President Trump Goes 22 and 0 on Tuesday Night in Ohio and Indiana
    * Add the 33 endorsements from Texas in March, & Trump is 55-0

    Now that is some reality to absorb and cogitate on for the Democrat radicals.

    What will the very, very desperate Democrats do in the coming months? Everything and anything, up to and including murder.

    We The People are always being managed.

    And that is purely Strategy Over Morality.

  • Col Beausabre

    ” By what and who’s authority will this new agency operate?”

    It’s part of Homeland (there’s a fascist title for you – look up “Heimat” and how it was used by the Nazis. Why not just use “Fatherland” and be done with it?) Security. It has the Biden White House’s fingerprints all over it and of course it is part of their effort to combat the primary threat to the US – “Rightwing Domestic Terrorism”. There is just no way something like this is set up on the whim of some underling (although one will carry the can if it blows up in their collective faces), this is straight from the top.

  • James Street

    Some traditionally conservative Christian denominations are headquartered in Minnesota. They maintain a weird remnant of their conservative-ish theology but are wildly leftist socially. I’m on the mailing list for some of their newsletters and they are unreadable trash. It’s evil.

    When I hear “Minnesota” I think of this 2018 article about Somali immigrants in Minnesota scamming America’s welfare system for hundreds of millions of dollars and flying it back to Somalia in suitcases. $50 bucks says the government never did anything about this. Another $50 bucks says some churches are involved in this fraud because they believe this is what helping the poor means and it’s what Jesus would do.

    “Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why?
    Sources said last year alone, more than $100 million in cash left MSP in carry-on luggage.”

  • Cotour

    Col B:

    Its a pile of crap, Homeland Security or not and anything that comes out of it will be seen as being perverted by most.

    And this is who has been chosen to head it all up?

    A stone cold by evidence nut of the first order.

    Like I said, a big desperate pile of crap.

    I said this many now years ago, the Democrat would have done themselves a big favor of they just sat back and allowed Trump to be president and not allow themselves to be revealed as they have been.

    And what is one of the primary purposes of the Constitution? Force all the players in the political drama to reveal themselves to their audience. And so it is.

    Once again, the Founders whether entirely by design or not are proven to have been brilliant in regards to politics, the nature of political power and those who seek to acquire and posses it. BRILLIANT!

  • Col Beausabre

    If you want to see a modern day Madame Defarge

    The bulging eyes and slack jawed mouth scream MADWOMAN

  • Cotour

    And America is supposed to take this person and her alleged new job seriously? Really?

    She is “Highly qualified” as a disinformation officer, as per “Peppermint Paddy”.

    Yes, disinformation for sure.

    (A diversionary pile of desperate Democrat crapola IMO, and I’m stickin to it)

  • Col Beausabre

    “Disinformation Governance Board” aka The DGB (remind you of something?)

  • Alton

    Interesting the DHS own Fact Sheet tracks back their DGB Efforts to 2012:

    And radio reports places DHS outlays last year on DGB at $ 77 million.

    Fact Sheet: DHS Internal Working Group Protects Free Speech and Other Fundamental Rights When Addressing Disinformation That Threatens the Security of the United States

  • Cotour


    From S.O.M., The Two Conversations

    CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

    Leadership in this case, in the form of the permeant state operatives / agencies and their leadership, and the current administration which is primarily Democrat controlled.

    “ITS” survival.

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