Visa blacklists business for having incorrect opinions

Capitalism in space: It appears that Visa is blacklisting Gab because it encourages free speech rather than toe the new corporate line that censors any speech the left does not like.

It also appears that Visa is also blacklisting the owner personally, as well as his family. We can’t have wrong thought in this new American nation of rules, regulations, and controlled and policed speech. Remember, persecution is now cool!

Experts now admit COVID-19 mortality rate much lower then predicted

According to Dr. Deborah Birx, the U.S. coronavirus response coordinator, the experts who initially claimed that the Wuhan flu was far more deadly than the flu were wrong, and that the death rate appears far less, closer to that of a typical flu.

“I think we underestimated very early on the number of asymptomatic cases,” Dr. Birx said. “And I think we’re really beginning to understand there are people that get infected that those symptoms are so low-grade that they don’t even know that they’re infected.”

Dr. Birx added that many of those dying from coronavirus have other diseases, such as heart disease or problems with their immune systems. “[W]e’re seeing the majority of the people that we’re losing to this disease have those other diseases that you just described,” she said. “And so, I do believe that a lot of the diseases we’re seeing in the hospital right now, yes, they may have preexisting conditions but those preexisting conditions are resulting in them having a much more serious course when they’re infected with this virus.”

In other words, the best way to defeat this virus is to get a lot of young and healthy people infected so they can develop antibodies. Those antibodies then do the job a vaccine might do, squelch the disease, and do it far faster and with almost no cost.

This article provides the evidence for Birx’s statement, outlining the five studies so far that have all confirmed the Wuhan flu death rate to be less than 1%, with four finding the rate exactly comparable to that of the ordinary flu.

I must note, with some anger, that from the very beginning, as soon as we began to collect reliable data outside of China, it was clear that this was where the data was taking us. Did any of our elected politicians or mainstream press do anything to note this fact and thus ease the panic? No. Instead, they went out of their way to pour gasoline on the fire, for their own evil and power-hungry ends.

Americans have got to stop obeying these people, or follow any of their advice. They are taking us down the road to hell.