Today’s blacklisted American: Non-profit blackballs student for daring to defend free speech

The cancelled Bill of Rights

They’re coming for you next: A Florida environmental non-profit canceled a student’s community service event because she had dared to write an article defending free speech and her decision to vote against the impeachment of a student senator simply because he had asked a valid question about a proposed bill allocating funds to a black student organization..

The student, Karoline Tyrrel, is also a student senator at Florida Gulf Coast University. Apparently she was one of only two senators to vote against impeaching that other senator for asking his question. As she wrote in her article,

“During the discussion, a respected senator stood up and asked a question. He’s known for asking tasking questions, which I greatly appreciate, as we are supposed to question bills, appointments, and more. The senator expressed his concerns of the bill description. He found terms such as “black excellence” to imply black superiority, and suggested a possible rephrasing of this one line, saying he believes that all races should be treated and held to the same level of excellence,” she summarized.

…The following week had talks of impeachment and removing him from his role because of his “racist” and “disgusting” comments,” Tyrrel added.

As a result, the student senator was one of two people who voted against impeaching the individual who asked the question, noting “many senators who I know ethically sided with the senator expressed their feelings to me, but when it came time to vote, all but one other person and myself voted to save their image.” [emphasis mine]

The non-profit then wrote her to cancel her volunteer event, stating that her article and vote “provoked diverseness.” The non-profit’s statement was intellectually dishonest to the extreme, in that in one sentence they claim they support diversity and inclusion, even as they in the very next sentence reject diversity and inclusion by blackballing her.

Meanwhile, the highlighted words in the quote above illustrate the main problem. I suspect a majority of the students were horrified by this call for impeachment, but most were too cowardly to stand up to the bullies and vote against it. Instead, they bowed their heads and violated their personal ethics so as to avoid causing trouble for themselves.

This cowardice is probably the biggest reason the blacklisting attempts by the left across America are working. People are afraid, and are also too timid to stand up to fight back.

As Burke said, “For evil to triumph good men need only do nothing.” Tragically we’ve got a lot of nothing going on right now. And its going to lead to a lot more evil.