Pushback: Maine parent wins lawsuit against school board for attempting to ban him

McBreairty speaking in front of Hermon Town Council
McBreairty speaking in front of the Hermon town council about the
lawsuit against him. Click for video from which this image was captured.

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Shawn McBreairty, a Maine parent who had repeatedly challenged two different local school districts, including his own, for their efforts to teach the queer agenda to little children, yesterday won a $40K settlement from one of those school boards, Regional School Unit #22, after a court judge had ruled that the board’s actions to ban and censor McBreaity clearly violated his first amendment rights.

This is an update of an earlier August 1, 2022 blacklist column. Because McBreairty had tried to read aloud at a board meeting the pornography contained in several books that the school board had approved for its school children, he was silenced, then banned from attending school board meetings, both in person and virtually, for the next eight months.

When the judge ruled entirely in McBreairty’s favor, issuing a temporary injunction against the school board’s actions, the board clearly recognized its case would not hold up in court, and it chose to settle, paying $40K for McBreairty’s legal fees. As the judge noted in her decision:
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