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Pushback: Maine parent wins lawsuit against school board for attempting to ban him

McBreairty speaking in front of Hermon Town Council
McBreairty speaking in front of the Hermon town council about the
lawsuit against him. Click for video from which this image was captured.

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Shawn McBreairty, a Maine parent who had repeatedly challenged two different local school districts, including his own, for their efforts to teach the queer agenda to little children, yesterday won a $40K settlement from one of those school boards, Regional School Unit #22, after a court judge had ruled that the board’s actions to ban and censor McBreaity clearly violated his first amendment rights.

This is an update of an earlier August 1, 2022 blacklist column. Because McBreairty had tried to read aloud at a board meeting the pornography contained in several books that the school board had approved for its school children, he was silenced, then banned from attending school board meetings, both in person and virtually, for the next eight months.

When the judge ruled entirely in McBreairty’s favor, issuing a temporary injunction against the school board’s actions, the board clearly recognized its case would not hold up in court, and it chose to settle, paying $40K for McBreairty’s legal fees. As the judge noted in her decision:

[I]t is hard to shake the sense that the School Board is restricting the speech because the Board disagrees with both Mr. McBreairty’s opinions and the unpleasantness that accompanies them.

As McBreairty told me on the phone, “Not one red cent of this settlement comes to me. My goal is to defend the first amendment.” Sadly, the settlement money will almost certainly come out of the school’s insurance policy, which in turn means the taxpayer will eventually be on the hook with higher premiums. The school board thugs who tried to silence McBreairty will go unpunished.

Meanwhile, there is the lawsuit by the school district in Hermon, attempting to silence McBreairty. After he had described in detail during a podcast the sexual grooming one Hermon teacher, Mallory Cook, was doing to young children, calling her “a sexual predator,” the district sued, claiming that his statements were “false” and made her “feel unsafe at school.” Its lawsuit demanded he be barred from making any further statements about the teacher, her actions, or the school board’s actions.

He has since filed a motion to dismiss [pdf] that lawsuit. As that motion states:

Hermon School’s proposed remedy to its self-created problem is to violate the Defendant’s right to petition the government and speak freely under the U.S. and Maine constitutions. Moreover, Hermon School admits that their anti-bullying policy does not apply to Mr. McBreairty but asks this Court to invent a cause of action to enforce their policy by applying a prior restraint on speech against Mr. McBreairty. There are few things more offensive to our Constitution than a prior restraint.

McBreairty’s first victory in RSU #22 above will likely strengthen further his case against the Hermon lawsuit. So will the fact that the teacher in question, Mallory Cook, resigned a few weeks ago. If you want to see the kind of work she and others have been doing in Maine schools, just watch this video.

The motion to dismiss also calls for Hermon to pay all of his legal costs and fees. McBreairty is once again asking for no money for himself. Expect the district to soon settle, in his favor.

When it comes to the queer agenda in elementary schools, the law is entirely on the side of the parents objecting. So is morality, at all conceivable levels. No school or teacher has the right to teach sexual matters to elementary school children, without the permission of the parents. Nor has any school or teacher the right to do so secretly. In fact, keeping such discussions a secret proves the action is predatory in nature. Anyone who does such a thing is nothing more than a pedophile. Kudos to McBreairty for fighting this fight. More parents should join him.

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  • David Telford

    I just have to ask, is the natural prevalence of “queer” – which has no actual, practical definition for me – so much that we must not only accept it but must teach it? What is the school board made of that they actively pursue this? I find it incomprehensible. Yet they got elected, didn’t they?

  • wayne

    David Telford–
    3-5%, on a good day.

    “Unreality ?”
    Akira The Don / Star Trek
    (April 2022)

  • pzatchok

    If we fight them they will cave to us.

    They have no standing.

    And no purpose than to indoctrinate.

  • GaryMike

    I left the teaching profession in the late mid-90’s, having found something else to do to earn bill-paying income.

    It had been true for a decade or two, at the time, that hetero males were being made to be particularly vulnerable to students claiming to have been touched inappropriately.

    The groomers have been active far longer than people think they know.

  • GaryMike

    Looking back, the mid 70’s certainly.

    That’s when they were emboldened to risk discovery during recruitment activities.

    They misread my level of tolerance as I misread it, too.

    Some of them lost their jobs for their efforts.

    Our children needed protection.

    Turned out I had run afoul of some senior management. Sudden career change required.

  • Steve

    When I read this last month I asked RZ how to get involved/ contribute. Glad I sent this chap some money! McBreaity had the courage to fight. I just had a few extra bucks to help him do it. Thank you, RZ!

  • Pyrthroes

    Absent personal rather than taxpayer-funded institutional accountability, these skulking perverts will find endless way to work their fetishes. Either parents take action against “teachers” vicious exploitation, or their families die.

    For the record: Of Chicago’s 478 stand-alone “traditional” schools, one-third (150) are less than half-full. Twenty are only 5% to 25% full, with single-digit proficiency levels. For example, Manley HS enrolls just 64 students, 4.94% of 1,296 capacity. Of these, precisely two (2) are proficient in reading, and one (1) in math.

    Across the city, an equal proportion of just 44 of capacity 888 attend Douglas HS (a dingy dump) where not one student is proficient in either math or reading. Not to worry! Unionized “teachers” time-serving 20-hour weeks will award these illiterate, innumerate sadsacks meaningless GED certificates in 2023. Meantime, Chicago spends $28K per student,doubled from 2013.

  • pzatchok

    This country was built by people with less than an 8th grade education and no kindergarten.

    It was left to parents to start the child’s education before the first day of school and pay for higher education.

    This is all because of the parents we have today. Teachers can only do so much with the material they are handed.

    But things would be better if we held every child back that did not pass everything for their grade. And stopped teaching more than reading writing and mathematics before high school.

    End two or three month summer vacations and split it into two two week vacations for the students. Summer and winter.

    I also thing we should have more private schools teaching the basics and what parents want.
    Plus more on campus living for qualifying students for 10 years old and on. There could be campuses for those students who are passing, accelerated and even failing. How good would it be for the students to live away from hell like homes and neighborhoods? Or disruptive students get sent to facilities just for them.

    We could spend the same amount per student and get better results.

  • Flyover

    Above commenter wrote that the country was built by people who had 8th grade educations.

    True, I suppose.

    But take a look at an 8th grade exam from 1912 (link goes to modern survival blog):

  • BLSinSC

    I have long held that we should NOT SURRENDER OUR SCHOOLS to the perverted teachers’ unions! OUR tax dollars fund those schools – not the teachers’ unions! Just like OUR Government, OUR schools need a thorough cleansing of dead wood and decay!
    And as far as that 8th GRADE EDUCATION back then?? I highly doubt more than a few TENTHS of ONE PERCENT of College Graduates or DOCTORATES could pass it today!

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