Today’s blacklisted American: American Indians force the removal of an American Indian from Marquette University’s school seal

Marquette's old and new seals, compared
Marquette’s old seal (l) compared with its replacement

The new dark age of silencing: Because the official seal of Marquette University, in use since 1881, showed the university’s namesake standing in a canoe being rowed by an American Indian, local Indian activists demanded the seal be revised, claiming the seal was “disrespectful to Indigenous people.”

Their campaign succeeded. On March 3, 2022 Marquette University announced that it had removed entirely any image of either Father Jacques Marquette, or the American Indian who helped him in his exploration of the Mississippi River. The image to the right shows the seal, before and after.
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Conservative professor to be fired for his opinions

Fascists: A conservative Marquette University professor has been been suspended and will be fired if he does not apologize for daring to criticize the liberal actions of another professor.

The story is a bit complicated, but it is worth reading. He has had a conservative blog for about a decade, and his punishment was prompted when he objected to the other teacher’s willingness to squelch conservative opinions in her classroom. He has also said he will not apologize and will sue if they try to fire him.