Today’s blacklisted American: Pro-abortion terrorists vandalize 77 churches and pregnancy centers in last ten weeks

The apparent goal of the pro-abortion left
Genocide: The apparent goal of the pro-abortion left

Persecution is now cool! Since the leak on May 8th of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Row v. Wade, pro-abortion terrorists have vandalized 77 churches and pregnancy centers without a single arrest, even as these thugs gleefully brag about their violence on social media and are provided aid and comfort by Democratic Party politicians.

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KTTH in Seattle reported, “As churches and pregnancy centers come under assault, Democrat State Senator Emily Randall (D-WA26) is celebrating the vandalism of a pro-life billboard in Gorst. “In a pre-produced Instagram video, Randall giddily reports that a pro-life message was decorated by a pro-abortion extremist. She smiles as she tells her constituents that she ‘had to pull over when I saw the decorated/corrected billboard.'”

Democrats have refused to stop the illegal protests at the homes of justices, even after a Democrat tried to assassinate a justice. Life News reported, “House Democrats Block Resolution to Condemn Violence Against Churches and Pregnancy Centers.”

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