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Today’s blacklisted American: Pro-abortion terrorists vandalize 77 churches and pregnancy centers in last ten weeks

The apparent goal of the pro-abortion left
Genocide: The apparent goal of the pro-abortion left

Persecution is now cool! Since the leak on May 8th of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Row v. Wade, pro-abortion terrorists have vandalized 77 churches and pregnancy centers without a single arrest, even as these thugs gleefully brag about their violence on social media and are provided aid and comfort by Democratic Party politicians.

From the first link:

KTTH in Seattle reported, “As churches and pregnancy centers come under assault, Democrat State Senator Emily Randall (D-WA26) is celebrating the vandalism of a pro-life billboard in Gorst. “In a pre-produced Instagram video, Randall giddily reports that a pro-life message was decorated by a pro-abortion extremist. She smiles as she tells her constituents that she ‘had to pull over when I saw the decorated/corrected billboard.'”

Democrats have refused to stop the illegal protests at the homes of justices, even after a Democrat tried to assassinate a justice. Life News reported, “House Democrats Block Resolution to Condemn Violence Against Churches and Pregnancy Centers.”

From the second link:

On May 15, the Women’s March declared: “Our Summer of Rage is officially beginning. We’re prepared to rage for Roe all summer, culminating in a Women’s Convention in Houston, Texas. We won’t rest until abortion rights are protected.” So far, the summer has seen plenty of rage: Catholic Vote reported that as of Friday, “More than 50 pregnancy resource centers and offices of pro-life groups have been attacked and vandalized,” and “Pro-abortion domestic terrorists have claimed responsibility — and are promising more attacks.”

And yet, the Biden administration can’t find anyone to arrest. Makes one thing the Democrats are in league with these jack-booted brownshirts, using them as their storm troopers to instill fear in their political opponents. In fact, the violence and rioting and targeting of businesses run by conservatives sure is reminiscent of the actions of Hitler’s storm troopers in 1938 during Kristallnacht, when Nazi goons targeted Jewish businesses for vandalizing, rioting, and destruction. That event signaled the start of the Holocaust and the genocide of Jews and others by the Nazis.

Today’s behavior by Democrats isn’t reminiscent of those Nazi tactics, it is exactly the same thing. The Democrats and their supporters will not tolerate dissent of their agenda, and will do anything, including violence, to enforce that intolerance.

For example, the Supreme Court did not ban abortion, it shifted the debate to the state legislatures, most of whom still allow abortion in some manner or another. The pro-abortion crowd was simply being told it needed to argue its case before elected officials and the public in order to convince them of the rightness of their cause.

What a concept: Debate openly a controversial topic in legislatures and in public forums and then decide the issue by legal means! If only someone had thought of that sooner. We might even have established a constitution and a legal system designed for the peaceful settlement of such disagreements.

More to the point, isn’t it a shame these Democrats and pro-abortion terrorists never heard of such an idea. Instead, they gin up fear and anger and hate, and use those emotions to terrorize and physically attack their opposition. Who needs the law and reasoned debate when you’ve got spray paint and Molotov cocktails? Send out a few death threats while firebombing a few pregnancy centers and those opponents will quickly fall into line!

There is an election in November. Are you going to vote for these totalitarian thugs, or are you going to throw them all out of office? They certainly don’t deserve any power, because they have made it quite clear they intend to abuse it, eagerly and without shame.

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  • Col Beausabre

    It’s an American Kristalnacht, perpetrated by the same type of fascist thugs

  • Alton

    The Jews only had Seven Guns in Warsaw.

    Wehrmacht backed off and poured a million rounds into the Ghetto.

    Wehrmacht when first told to prepare to take the Swiss…….refused – they Knew every home was armed with plenty of Swiss Government bought ammo.

    The Japanese Army when planning was under way more than a year Before Pearl Harbor – said no to invading the Hawaiian Islands, they would Rather take the former European colonies (where civilians with guns were heavily controlled).
    Admiral Yamamoto was believed to have said……..
    In America there will be a citizen behind every blade of Grass……with a rifle.

    The Admiral had it 👍 Right!


  • James Street

    America’s justice system was a foundation of our democracy. It no longer exists.

    Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo
    Serial #Antifa riot arrestee Carly Anne Ballard (b Sept 10, 85), has had her charge of assaulting a federal officer dismissed by
    @USAO_OR in Portland. Most of the far-left rioters in 2020 had both their local & federal charges dropped.
    9:05 PM · Jul 25, 2022·Twitter Web App

  • Ray Van Dune

    NPR had a feature this morning on all the anti-abortion violence… no mention of anything from the little angels on the other side! What a crock!

  • sippin_bourbon

    “In America there will be a citizen behind every blade of Grass……with a rifle.”

    And behind him a dozen liberals trying to disarm him in the face of an enemy, sadly.

  • Ray Van Dune: Why on Earth are you wasting any of your precious life listening to the leftist propaganda of NPR? I turned off NPR in 1996, when it was clear it was aggressively carrying water for the perjurer Bill Clinton. I realized then that everything their reporters did was designed to aid the Democratic Party. I decided I had far better things to do with my time.

  • Ray Van Dune

    Ha, two reasons, Bob…
    1. My partner insists on having NPR come on as an alarm clock, and
    2. I am willing to take one for the team and stay abreast of the falsehoods they traffic in (they seem to need some new ones!).

    My tolerance is waning however. I used to relish retirement and not having to make a long commute by staying in bed for the better part of an hour, but lately I find that after the first daily cow-pie dollop of propaganda “news”, I have to get up, make coffee, and join reality.

  • Jeff Wright

    I liked. “Sez you” and “Wait Wait..don’t” I think Rudolph’s bombing here in Birmingham and the following of patients made this uglier. I might have argued castle doctrine. It may not be Christian to use deadly force on a trespasser in your home-Jesus might want you to give that money to the intruder..either a drunk who thought he was in his own home or no-but you stand on castle doctrine-same with abortion. Who owns you? A right over bodily integrity may make some mad on the right-it can blunt vax-masters, Beast-markers and chip-hawkers as well. The Amish wouldn’t want us to have a military-Jehovah Witness and Eddy types don’t like transfusion-and they are free to practice..and I to have free will. No Veganism forced on us.
    But free will must be preserved. No one seems to like that stance. Where Libertarians fall down is on wages and trade. Jew, Gentile, Amish or atheist-we all have to eat. Now a Pro-Life counter might be to say that if the flesh of my hands so happens to encircle your throat-that does not give me a right to squeeze, etc. That’s how a respectful dialog should go. A woman who has problems getting pregnant may have stillbirths-no different than one zygote chosen and the rest of the petri dish chunked-except for jail-time. Put that petri dish in one lane and a toddler in the other-I will swerve to miss the three year old-because that petri dish isn’t Superman’s bottle of Kandor…
    In the end, we must be careful of those who presume to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. PETA cannot be pro-animal without being anti-human on some level.

    Rights are precious things.

    So let me leave you with this quandry:

    Could it be that-if everything has rights-then nothing does?

  • A woman who has problems getting pregnant may have stillbirths-no different than one zygote chosen and the rest of the petri dish chunked-except for jail-time.

    Except the stillbirth is not intentional on her part … but natural or accidental death of the child.

    And IVF can be performed one-egg-at-a-time – not in bulk, which is more “convenient” – to avoid the “disposal” problem.

  • The debate over abortion goes to the heart of respect for unalienable rights, and on what basis those rights must be extended: one not subject to human whim. Otherwise, those rights are not unalienable.

    Unalienable rights are beyond the reach of even a majority vote, to be restricted only when their exercise poses a clear, present, and significant danger to the unalienable rights of another. And setting the boundaries between disposable “tissue” and the continuous human life cycle at any other point besides the biological discontinuities of conception and brain death, is to do so on the basis of human whim.

    Without life, the rest of our rights don’t matter. The liberty of ending pregnancy is subordinate to the right of the child to live, except when the life of the mother – not health, life – is threatened by the presence of the child.

    Otherwise the utilitarian precedent set by abortion-on-demand today, puts each of us at risk later in life of having our own will ignored if/when we become “inconvenient” to family and/or society.

  • Cotour

    All related:


    What is coming to America, Canada and the world compliments of the Nazi like control freaks in the World Economic Forum (George Soros, John Kerry, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates) I.E. the Democrats, Liberals and Leftists in the American government and the world attempting to install the Globalist agenda of “Climate Change”?

    And it is beginning with these Dutch farmers. The government under the auspices of “Climate Change” is destroying these farmers businesses to rectify it. The government seeks to gain absolute control over food production and the people of the Netherlands (And the world).

    Are you paying attention yet?
    You’re a rational everyday Democrat in America?
    You believe you are informed? (I know you, you are not)
    You vote? America is the only country that can stand in its way.

    There is no more room for any of this forced compliance and YOU are responsible for it now because it is plain to see, and it is coming to a city / state near you and will be inserted into your life and you will have no say about it at all, you will be forced to comply.

    New technology and cleaning up the environment? Absolutely, but not like this.

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