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A historian’s testament to Rush Limbaugh

It was very strange to me to hear yesterday’s sad announcement by Rush Limbaugh that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. In the last six months or so my mind had actually been contemplating the fact that Limbaugh had been doing his show for more than three decades, was in his late sixties, and was not immortal. I had been trying to imagine what it would be like when he was no longer a fixture in the daily news reporting cycle, and I had been failing. I couldn’t imagine it.

Now it appears we might all be finally facing it. As they say, reality bites.

For those who have listened to him regularly these past three decades, the loss will be immeasurable. Without question Rush Limbaugh has been the best political analyst, from a conservative perspective, for the past half century. You might disagree with his opinions, but no one has been as correct and as pertinent and as thoughtful, consistently getting to the heart of every political battle, and doing it in an amazingly entertaining manner.

I first heard Rush Limbaugh back in 1988, when I lived in New York and was starving for a different and refreshing perpective on the news.
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The Pretenders – My City Was Gone

An evening pause: Hat tip Jim Mallamace. The opening chords should be very familiar to talk radio fans. As Jim says, “The 6 opening bars of the song are almost as familiar to many as the first 4 bars of Beethoven’s 5th.”

Knowing the subject matter of this song clarifies for me one reason why Rush picked it, back in 1988, when his show started.

The Hush Rush syndrome

The Hush Rush syndrome.

No longer is it good enough to disagree with conservatives. They must be fired from their jobs, separated from their advertisers, booted from the airwaves, buried under a prehistoric rock. The tactics attributed to Joe McCarthy tied to the polemical rigor associated with Jenny McCarthy.

The Left’s assault on free speech

The Left’s assault on free speech.

The same media that has done its best to smear any opposition to their agenda is now in overdrive to silence its opponents. This is an issue that goes to the heart of the First Amendment. I may disagree with Mr. Limbaugh, but I will support his right to free speech.

Boycotting the boycotters.

Boycotting the boycotters.

I’ve said little about the Rush Limbaugh kerfuffle this week, mostly because I consider the whole thing to be a manufactured scandal created by the Democrats to distract everyone from their effort to squelch religious liberty. However, this fake scandal has now morphed into a campaign to destroy Rush Limbaugh, which when you consider it is quite consistent with the Democratic Party’s general lack of respect for freedom and personal liberty. First they came after the church, now they are going after one of the more important commentators in the conservative movement.

It doesn’t matter whether you agree with Limbaugh. What matters is that this effort to destroy him is really an effort to silence any criticism of Obama and the liberal/leftwing agenda. Such attacks cannot be supported under any condition. These cowardly businesses that are fleeing Limbaugh, and thus are supporting a leftwing form of McCarthyism, should be made to suffer for this cowardice.