Today’s blacklisted American: Students demand professor be fired for stating a fact

Professor Christy Hammer: targeted for blacklisting
Professor Christy Hammer: targeted for blacklisting by students

Persecution is now cool! After decades of quiet effort by leftists to eliminate all conservative teachers from the halls of education, we are now seeing the results: Students at the University of Southern Maine are boycotting the classes of one education professor, Christy Hammer, while also insisting she should be fired, simply because she stated in class this basic fact of biology: that there are only two sexes.

Almost the entire class of 22 students walked out, all except one, demanding a meeting to be held with the university’s School of Education and Human Development.

Elizabeth Leibiger, who is non-binary, said she felt ‘under personal attack’ after Professor Hammer said there were only two sexes. “I let her know I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a class about positive learning environments. It’s the ultimate irony,” Leibiger said to Fox News.

A restorative justice meeting was held, but Professor Hammer’s position didn’t change. Two dozen graduate students in the class continued to demand that the university replace Hammer, believing her to be transphobic. Students are now refusing to return to the classroom in which she teaches and will only attend class if a new educator be appointed.

The class is a requirement to complete the graduate-level Extended Teacher Education Program and become a certified teacher in Maine. [emphasis mine]

The university has refused to comply with the students’ demand that Hammer be fired. At the same time, its administrators are also pandering to these thuggish students. First of all, what the heck is “a restorative justice meeting” other than a typical Orwellian 2-minute hate session for these childish students to throw a tantrum. For the college to play that game is shameful. Nor did the college’s pandering end there:
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