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A data-based broad look at the entire COVID epidemic, one year later

The Scream by Edvard Munch
The Scream by Edvard Munch

One year ago I posted an essay entitled COVID-19: the unwarranted panic. At that time we had just begun a “15-day-lockdown” to slow the spread of the virus, a lockdown that has ended up lasting a year with literally no signs of ending, even though vaccines for the coronavirus are now available and are being administrated widely to millions.

In that essay I reviewed four early science studies that provided some solid initial data about the coronavirus, all of which strongly suggested that it was not the plague many government healthy officials at that time were proclaiming it to be. Instead, these studies showed that it was only a threat to the elderly sick, that it was relatively harmless to a young population, and that the death rate was low, likely well below 1% and possibly very comparable to the flu.

These data strongly suggested to me that lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and restrictions on the freedom of the healthy and young were all a bad idea. Better to follow the traditional response to past such epidemics in which you quarantine the sick, protect the vulnerable (the elderly), and allow everyone else to go about their lives as normal.

We did not do this, however. Instead, as a society we chose in the past year to do the exact oppose, imposing strict lockdowns, mandating social distancing and mask use everywhere, while quarantining the healthy. We did this based on the worst scenarios and models put forth by health officials, who firmly believed COVID-19 was far worse than any past epidemic, and required a new, radical, and much harsher response.

I now want to ask, one year later: Whose conclusions about the seriousness of COVID-19 were more accurate? Was it just another type of flu, though maybe somewhat worse, as I posited, or was it the deadly pestilence predicted by the world’s health authorities?

Recently, I received a detailed 32-page report [pdf] entitled “A Pragmatic Perspective on COVID-19,” written by Henry Schneiker, (who is not only a friend, a caver, and an engineer, but also has “a background in emergency medicine, microbiology, virology, and infectious diseases”). Schneiker might not be a health official, or a scientist, but those titles should never mean anything to anyone if the data presented is intelligent, thoughtful, accurate, and comprehensive. His report is exactly that, providing a nicely detailed fact-based review of the entire epidemic and its present state. It is worthwhile to calmly sit down and read every word, as he reviews every aspect of the virus, from its death rate to the response to it, looking at the actual data to see if our response was worthwhile as well as to gauge the virus’ true threat.

This report is most pertinent in answering my question about the severity of COVID-19.

First, who has been the most threatened by COVID-19? Was it the elderly sick as first suggested by last year’s first studies? Were children relatively safe from the virus, as those studies also suggested. Or was the virus a deadly plague that would kill millions, as predicted by all government health officials? One year later, when we have much better data, Schneiker’s report says this:

Age is a significant risk factor. It is clear that older populations will generally have a higher death rate compared to younger populations. However, the state of someone’s health is probably the most significant risk factor – even if it is more difficult to ascertain. Poorer health only generally correlates with increasing age. But even in the highest risk age group, the survival rate is estimated to be 95%.

For perspective, it was estimated that 607 thousand people died from cancer in 2019 in the US – a per capita death rate of 0.184%. This happens year after year – yet no one gets very upset.

By summer 2020 the data showed that children were at very low risk from COVID-19. Children generally have mild symptoms and rarely have complications requiring medical care unless they have an underlying medical condition – children have a very low rate of underlying medical conditions. Further, children pose a lower risk of passing on a COVID-19 infection as their viral loads tend to be much lower than that of an adult. Yet, most US public schools remained closed.

Those early studies were 100% right, and our lordly government health officials were wrong. There was never a reason to close the schools. The people we should have protected were the elderly sick, while letting everyone else go about our lives as normal.

The report also analyzed the scientific background to social distancing and whether it accomplished anything. The initial theory behind social distancing is that by keeping at least six feet away from a sick person you likely prevent contact with any of their respiratory droplets. Somehow this common sense approach was morphed by the Bush administration from isolating the sick to isolating the healthy, based on no scientific studies other than a 2006 high school science fair project, (as I had already reported). As the report concludes,

People have always known that staying away from the sick was protective. This is why sick people have been isolated throughout history. But it was only recently that the concept of social networks was refined into formal public health policy that isolates the healthy.

If you are going to converse with someone for an extended period of time, physical distancing can make sense. But if you are both asymptomatic and feel fine, nothing will be accomplished by it. [emphasis mine]

Social distancing of the healthy as imposed by the government and big corporations is junk science, and should be ignored by any sane and rational human.

As for masks, the report goes into all the same facts that I have reported previously about their general misuse and uselessness. The report comes to this blunt conclusion:

Masks are not magic. Masks will not make up for bad decisions, bad habits and poor hygiene. In other words, masks are highly over rated in a public setting. Conversely, if you think you need a mask to protect others – because you might be infectious — you should not be out in public.

Finally, how bad is the actual death rate from COVID-19? Does it compare with the flu, as I believed one year ago?

To answer this question the report provides many pages of detailed information about how the numbers for COVID-19 have been compiled, including describing comprehensively the many uncertainties and questions that exist about that data.

In the end the actual death count that will result from COVID-19 is difficult to measure, but all the data suggests that while it is worse than the ordinary flu, it will not be as bad as the Spanish flu in 1918. That epidemic killed about 675 thousand. Using today’s population numbers that translates to about 2.1 million deaths.

According to the report’s analysis, based on the available data now, the total death count from COVID-19 could range anywhere between 500 thousand to 10 million, with a number more likely close to the bottom of this range, based on using the actual monthly death counts from COVID:

The April 2020 COVID-19 death count as reported on May 29, 2020 by the CDC was roughly 50 thousand COVID-19 deaths. The data was at least a month old at the time so the data should have been sufficiently stable. Pandemics tend to run for roughly 2 year so we can extrapolate that to 24 months with the same monthly death count. This yields 1.2 million deaths in the US.

If you compare “COVID-19 deaths” to “Pneumonia and COVID-19”, the death rate drops by half. That would lower the guess to only 600 thousand deaths using this method. Given the primary cause of death from COVID-19 is from pneumonia related issues, this may be a better number.

Note that we have assumed the pandemic will run continuously at the same level for 24 months and then suddenly stop. As of mid February 2021, the monthly death rate has averaged roughly 40 thousand deaths per month over the last 12 months. If we were to simply double this to 24 months, we get a guesstimated 980 thousand deaths by the end of the pandemic.

Once again, these actual numbers suggest that my early conclusion was correct, that COVID-19 was not to be dismissed, but in the end it was nothing more than a variation of the flu, requiring attention and preventative measures comparable to what has been done repeatedly in the past.

Lock downs were a foolish over-reaction. They did nothing to stop the virus’ spread, and only served to destroy the economy, bankrupt businesses, and destroy many lives. As the report also notes in this context,

Current estimates are that between 25% and 33% of all excess deaths during this pandemic are not from COVID-19.

But this just begs a different question. Where did all of those non-COVID-19 excess deaths come from? Is it because the medical system is so focused on COVID-19 that they are ignoring the common fatal disease states such as cardiovascular disease and cancer that kill a lot of people each year? How about trauma injuries? Or are people now afraid to go to their doctors for treatment? Or are people no longer able to get to their doctors for treatment? Or are people so stressed out by losing their jobs and/or being isolated that they are committing suicide? Or are people dying from excessive self-medication while trying to cope?

In other words, the over-reaction and panic over the coronavirus likely resulted in many excess deaths that could have been avoided.

Finally, there is the question of the rush to provide vaccines for COVID-19. Are the vaccines presently being given worldwide a worthwhile effort. Maybe, but the report notes several important facts. First,

[T]hese vaccines are not “approved” but are actually “investigational” drugs – i.e., experimental. …[I]t is important to note that not only are the pharmaceutical companies protected from liability for any adverse affects caused by the vaccine under federal law (see the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act), you will also be required to sign away any rights to sue the pharmaceutical companies before receiving the vaccine.

And second, because of the experimental nature of the vaccines they are resulting in a lot of adverse illnesses and deaths. The report notes this startling fact:

[A] realistic bracketing for a vaccine-related death rate [results in a rate] of 0.05% to 1.2%. And death is only one of the serious adverse events possible.

As a point of comparison, on February 20, 2021 the US per capita death rate for COVID-19 was 0.15%.

In other words, the death rate resulting from taking the vaccine is only slightly better than the death rate from the virus itself. That people are rushing to take the vaccine but hiding in terror from the virus despite these numbers illustrates once again how irrational the fear of COVID-19 has been. Both numbers are relatively low, though higher than we would like. Both suggest that the major change in our social behavior that has resulted was entirely uncalled for.

Nonetheless, I personally think the vaccines are a great idea, even with this risk, if only because their widespread use might help to alleviate the irrational fear that so many people feel. End that fear, and people might actually begin to live normal lives again, or if prevented from doing so by the petty dictators in government, might finally begin to rebel against their irrational edicts.

Final thoughts. Based on this report, it appears that every conclusion I put forth back in March 2020 was entirely correct. We panicked, and instituted policies and behaviors that accomplished nothing to slow the virus’ spread, but everything to cripple our economy, destroy lives, and nullify our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I concluded that March 2020 essay like so:

I repeat: Any disease like this requires a rational aggressive and focused response. We can’t ignore it. People need to voluntarily self-quarantine if they feel sick, or if they have older and sick relatives living with them. We should also wash our hands regularly, and avoid unnecessary physical contact with many other individuals.

At the same time, we mustn’t waste our energies doing things that are unnecessary, foolish, or downright counter-productive, such as releasing entire prison populations into the general population.

We also should be outraged by politicians who are using this situation not to deal with it but to impose their pet totalitarian rule over the population, such as passing entirely irrelevant gun bans and shutting down businesses willy-nilly and imprisoning everyone in their homes.

These actions will do little to ease the epidemic. Instead, they might worsen the situation by causing panic (as they have apparently done). Panic is not what this situation warrants. Instead it needs a calm rational response, something that only civilized rational people can give it.

Are we that? Watching what is happening I must sadly say I have my doubts.

Today's modern witch hunt
Burning witches: what an irrational and fear-based society does.

One year later, I think those doubts have now been tragically confirmed. We no longer a civilized rational people. And this terrible conclusion is confirmed every time I see a person riding a bicycle all alone wearing a mask, or while driving their car. A rational people would not do such silly things.

Can we return to rationality? It is possible, but to do so will require a lot of people to admit they were wrong and to rip off those masks. I just do not see that happening, ever, in my lifetime.

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  • Sunny Daye

    This is a good article but you fail to address some of the most important and burning current issues:

    1. WHY was this pandemic treated differently from all others in the past i.e. lockdown the whole country? And

    2. WHO are these people who wear a mask all alone in the fresh air with no one else closeby/in their car/riding a bike etc? What is their political affiliation? Level of education? Urban vs rural? Psychological make-up? And

    3. WHY did the CDC ban HCQ early on under threat of removing a physcian’s license to practice if they prescribed it for off-use in treating covid when poor countries such as India’s Dharvi slum had such great results with its use? And

    4. WHY did five governors send covid infected patients to nursing homes for treatment when there were hospitals available?

    Possible Pulitzer in it for some brave journalist willing to uncover the truth of the whole covid matter.

  • wayne

    I’ll toss this in here for historical perspective….

    Unconditional Surrender: Polio Vaccine

  • mkent

    Oh my! So many falsehoods in one post. Where to begin?

    …in the end it was nothing more than a variation of the flu, requiring attention and preventative measures comparable to what has been done repeatedly in the past.

    The worst seasonal flu season on record, when measured the same way we measure Covid-19 deaths, killed 15,560 Americans. So far Covid-19 has killed 556,883 Americans, over *35 times* as many — 35 times as many even with the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. That makes it the third worst killer of Americans behind the 1918 Spanish flu and the Civil War (but ahead of World War II). It is far, far worse than the flu.

    What was done in the past with a major pandemic like this one (the 1918 Spanish flu) was widespread mask mandates, a ban on public gatherings, and the closure of schools, businesses, and churches.

    At that time we had just begun a “15-day-lockdown” to slow the spread of the virus, a lockdown that has ended up lasting a year with literally no signs of ending…

    In most parts of America the lockdown lasted about three weeks. Since then most Americans have been able to go about their business more or less as normal, with only minor restrictions (such as those imposed during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic). If you’re in one of the few areas still locked down, blame your local government, not “Americans.”

    For perspective, it was estimated that 607 thousand people died from cancer in 2019 in the US – a per capita death rate of 0.184%. This happens year after year – yet no one gets very upset.

    That’s because you can’t catch cancer by sharing an elevator with a cancer patient for a minute. Despite this, the government and private charities spend billions each year on cancer research and billions more on treatment.

    [A] realistic bracketing for a vaccine-related death rate [results in a rate] of 0.05% to 1.2%. And death is only one of the serious adverse events possible.

    You consider this realistic? As of today, the United States has administered 128.2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine. Assuming all of these are the two-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, that means 64.1 million Americans have received the vaccine. A death rate of 0.05% to 1.2% would yield 32,000 to 770,000 dead Americans. The middle of that range is 400,000 dead Americans *from the vaccine.* You can’t hide 400,000 dead Americans in three months. There is nothing realistic about that estimate.

    As a point of comparison, on February 20, 2021 the US per capita death rate for COVID-19 was 0.15%.

    That’s a population fatality rate. It assumes every American has had the disease. The case fatality rate is 2.36% (556,883 deaths / 23,595,834 closed cases). That’s the percentage of people diagnosed with the disease who die from it.

    The repeated posting of misinformation baffles me. How does ignoring a pandemic make it go away? Half a million Americans have already died from it, and if we followed your advice the death toll would be 1.4 million by the time we reached herd immunity. My engineering background gives me the wherewithal to understand the numbers, but it does nothing for my ability to understand your reaction to them. Perhaps I should have taken that psychology class in high school after all.

  • wayne


    As Joe Biden would say, “Come on, Man.”

  • Jeff Wright

    To Sunny as an answer to question 4:

    “Duty to die” look it up. We don’t need so many older conservative voters now do we?
    To answer the other questions.
    Imagine-if you will-the following conversation: “You Greens had your chance-but the American public cares about climate change like they care about deficits. But us doctors? We can use the fear of contagion to bring America to heel. See how Greta Thunberg was with Sanjay-against meat? Talk radio didn’t push back as hard at first. Thing is…despite doing more damage than Maddoff bin Laden and Pearl Harbor-America persists. Oh well back to the drawing board. In the mean time, plan another mass shooting, keep attacking Musk and SLS both so China’s CZ-9 can lob some rods from god and trigger quakes.”

  • Max

    With every pandemic, you see a sharp increase of the death rate of the population. In 2020, the death rate was below average. This does not qualify for a pandemic. Try your math skills on that. (suicide death rate is the worst ever, almost as bad as opioids and fentanyl… Oregon’s murder rate is up 2 thousand percent)

    Why lock downs, masks, social distancing was the wrong thing to do.

    Israel is regretting the vaccine.

    “when anti-COVID antibodies, created by a vaccine, instead of protecting the person, cause a more severe or lethal disease when the person is later exposed to SARS-CoV-2 in the wild. The vaccine amplifies the infection rather than preventing damage.”

    How Israel got so many of its population to receive the shot. From a Israel news site;

    “The issue of how to “motivate” vaccine compliance has generated increasing interest, with commentators such as Mike Cernovich writing: “Government won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine”
    Now the word is, their government is working on a law forcing employers not to hire the unvaccinated.
    The orthodox with the smart ones are fighting back.

    It’s not a vaccine, they just call it that to be covered by no liability exemption law. It’s Genetic therapy, a shot in the dark, made by a company that’s never made a product before, no animal trials, never finished human trials, so experimental your insurance will not cover you if you get sick or die.
    The facts on MNRA vax.

    Millions are protesting across Europe, Astrazeneca has been banned in 25 countries, people are tired of the lockdowns in the masks. Do you see any of this on your nightly news?

    For Wayne…
    A show recently canceled during the pandemic, I wonder why…
    A clip of utopia that sounds like they’re quoting Bill Gates.

  • Ray Van Dune

    The overriding priority of half of the medical bureaucracy, political class, intel community and media was not to protect Americans from COVID-19, but instead to use it to destroy President Donald J. Trump, no matter how much death and suffering entailed.

    That Trump was able to define a program to create effective vaccines in record time, in the face of such concerted treachery, is an heroic achievement. The Nobel Committee has hardly a prize worthy of it!

  • wayne

    Going into the weeds briefly–
    I’ve been wondering how much we paid for these emergency-use vaccines.

    Contracted Price; USA
    Pfizer- 300 million doses at $17 each
    Moderna- 300 million doses at $17 each
    J & J- 100 million doses at $9 each.

    [AstraZeneca also has a vaccine, for which the UK purchased 100 million doses at $3 each.]

  • Chris

    Sunny Daye – Pulitzer for any uncovering of that data -no way. The Pulitzer committee still allows the standing of Walter Duranty’s prize for his series of lies on The Ukraine Famine – last review was ~2003.

    Ray Van Dune – The Nobel for Trump? Not a chance. Leads the way for world saving vaccines through Operation Warp Speed – hah! Brings the first chance of peace to the Middle East with multiple agreements between Israel and multiple Arab countries – child’s play. Standing up to a rising global threat – China as opposed to the likes of the French and British prior to WWII – minor work.

    The real hero’s are leaders like Barrack Hussein Obama who did great things like … ah, well he a … he had a great sharp crease in his trousers!!!

    The point is all the institutions like the Nobel committee, Pulitzer, …etc are gone. We can only recognize greatness ourselves. The “standard” institutions will not.

    Final – The costs that Wayne sites for the vaccines seem like a deal – even against the Astra Zenika – given what they represent in timing to market. I wonder if the cost will go down?

  • Cotour

    “Lock downs were a foolish over-reaction. They did nothing to stop the virus’ spread, and only served to destroy the economy, bankrupt businesses, and destroy many lives. As the report also notes in this context,”

    There are no conspiracies, and there are no coincidences.

    This entire event figures just too closely with the political agendas being aggressively pushed by those on the Left, both domestic and international. The fear and willingness to be “Guided” for our own good is a very sharp tool that government and political manipulators are not shy in wielding to accomplish what “Must be accomplished”.

    Just a bit too convenient for me.

  • Cotour

    And PS: I am being questioned and pressured by several friends to “Get the shot!”.

    Them: I got my shot today, when are you going to make your appointment to get yours?

    Me: I am deciding to not receive the vaccine.

    Them: Why?

    Me: I am perfectly healthy and I have established a system of supplements and other methods of protecting myself from getting the virus and I have no fear of getting it because of that. And I am not happy about the rushed technology and having it pumped into my body.

    (And I add, and they know it is 100 percent accurate, that I have been up close and personal with the public and have made many thousands of transactions and I either had it and it did not effect me, or my methods are effective in protecting all concerned. I have also interacted with two PhD’s in biology and both of there unsolicited comments? “Your fan being on all the time is probably the most effective thing you can do, it disperses any concentrated particulate in the air that might contain the virus”. Which was my theory from the start.)

  • Trent Castanaveras

    mkent said:
    You can’t hide 400,000 dead Americans in three months. 

    Sure you can. You call them “deaths caused by covid 19”. Just like we have all along.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    “The worst seasonal flu season on record, when measured the same way we measure Covid-19 deaths, killed 15,560 Americans.”

    This statement is wildly inaccurate.

  • Spectrum Shift

    I have heard hundreds of PSA”s on the radio in the last year, and the underlying goal is to “slow the spread”, not stop it. You can’t stop it. Known risk groups protected early and the rest of society should have been left to live their lives. When will vaccines and heard immunity Trump mask theater. I believe the worst Covid-19 infection is the cancer of tyranny, spread across all levels of government. How will you respond to the next “Public Health” mandate?

  • mkent

    This statement is wildly inaccurate.

    No, it isn’t.

    Quoted directly from the header of the table at your link (emphasis mine):

    ***Estimated*** Influenza Disease Burden, by Season — United States, 2010-11 through 2019-20 Influenza Seasons

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Correct, the figures are an estimation. However:

    From the text:
    “Seasonal influenza may lead to death from other causes, such as pneumonia, congestive heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It has been recognized for many years that influenza is underreported on death certificates. There may be several reasons for underreporting, including that patients aren’t always tested for seasonal influenza virus infection, particularly older adults who are at greatest risk of seasonal influenza complications and death. Even if a patient is tested for influenza, influenza virus infection may not be identified because the influenza virus is only detectable for a limited number of days after infection and many people don’t seek medical care in this interval. Additionally, some deaths – particularly among those 65 years and older – are associated with secondary complications of influenza (including bacterial pneumonias). For these and other reasons, modeling strategies are commonly used to estimate flu-associated deaths. Only counting deaths where influenza was recorded on a death certificate would be a gross underestimation of influenza’s true impact.”

    Ironically, Covid 19 reporting suffers from precisely the opposite issue, over-reporting. There’s no economic or political benefit to declare death by influenza these days, after all.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Jousting with statistics aside, the feeling I take away from the Covid data is mainly relief. By an enormous margin, most of us will be ok.

    Unfortunately, that same data also powerfully suggests a realization with chilling overtones:

    When a real Captain Trips comes along, we just spent the last year showing the inadequacy of our response capabilities on a global scale. In fact, we may have proven that there simply is no effective response.

    Putting on my tin foil hat: if this were actually an engineered “pandemic” with a lab altered pathogen to test spread patterns, a more deadly version would be quite simply devastating.

  • a more deadly version would be quite simply devastating.

    To those who initially contract it, yes. But it would also burn itself out quicker than WuFlu, because the carriers would likely die quicker and/or not be as mobile while alive, because of the more acute symptoms.

    OTOH, if you want to tie down an adversary so that you can impose your will on the world, WuFlu is well-suited for that objective … “wounded” casualties place a heavy logistical and psychological burden on an adversary that is moral enough to seek their care and comfort. Add to that the longer-lasting presence, and the plausible deniability of not being an obvious weapon, and if this was designed, the designer qualifies for the title Patton conferred upon Rommel in the movie.

    Which thinking about it, tells me that this bug likely did escape inadvertently from the lab … as opposed to being intentionally released a few more years down the road, when China might have its Peking ducks in a row to “reclaim” Taiwan.

  • Jeff Wright

    I think it was meant for Hong Kong as a pretense. Now, one state operative there claimed that US agents did this. Now before you start laughing as I first did-remember Operation Northwoods.

  • pzatchok

    First lets all agree that whether you caught the Wu Flu naturally or took the vaccine the result is the same. Immunity. You have little chance of being an active carrier also.

    Right now we have 30 million reported tested positive cases in the US. Almost 10% of our population.

    Right now we have administered and immunized about 13.5%.

    If we had let the WuFlue run a bit faster through the younger, safer, population we could have or even would have almost 50% of our population immunized.

    They are talking about reaching heard immunity now but of we had infected more faster we would already have reached it.

    Why are they talking about heard immunity now and not 6 months ago? (Biden must be making us safer)

  • Max

    Operation warp speed was not about producing a vaccination fast, it was about the marriage of our federal government (military) with the health department and independent contractors. Authorizing powers that supersedes the Constitution, personal rights, human rights. We have all become the “product”. What does “free” mean? Worthless! Cattle to be kept in our pens indefinitely fed sugar and TV with our contact tracing/ankle monitors to watch our every move.
    Meanwhile there is a secondary occurrence that no one is really talking about, government is in powered to protect us, not just from enemies within and without, but “from” monopolies. The lockdown instituted “government sanction monopolies” which have made billions for the woke corporations. (Millions for the politicians) They now have more money and power than most countries. You’ve seen them on TV, Congress no longer has any power or sway over them. Their contempt is obvious. They think of themselves as demigods and we mortals are just play things…. Throw those congressman $1 million bone and pat their head, scratch behind the ears and they will do whatever you ask.

    Lipitor is the number one selling pharmaceutical product, Pfizer has number two and catching up fast. At warp speed.

    No one cares if the Astrazeneca vaccination is killing people (both old and young) we need a vaccination and we need it now! The latest.

    Sanofi Pasteur, the French company is producing shots.
    “The company’s messenger RNA-based vaccine candidate — being jointly developed with Translate Bio Inc. — will probably enter early stage trials in March and could be approved by end of year if regulators don’t demand large-scale late-stage trials, he said.”

    Let’s fast track it! who needs trials… The humans will test it for them for free! (after crisper alters their genome, will they still be human? Depends on what’s in the shot)(can’t forget the Australians who got aids from their shot)

    Trust us, we’ve only been wrong a few times, but this time we are very confident because “we can’t be held liable”, no matter how many we kill.
    The same ones who killed the children in the Philippines.

    “ADE”, Is whats currently happening with AstraZeneca vax;
    “A first infection is rarely fatal, but a second one with a different virus type can lead to much more serious disease, because of what is called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), in which the immune response to the first virus amplifies the effect of the second type.”
    This means after you get your vax, wear your mask, stay indoors, stay 6 feet apart from everyone because if you get sick, it will kill you.

    Who is “Translate Bio”?
    Apparently MNRA does not always work, can’t fix everything… Bad news.
    It’s OK, their shares will bounce back once the newest COVID-19 vaccination shot is complete. The emergency authorization will not hold them liable for their product… whether it works or not. Making billions with no risk… What could go wrong?

    In 1959, 1% of the children had serious health issues. Today over 50% of the children are taking medication on a regular basis for one thing or another. There’s a lawsuit currently that has shown people without vaccinations are 94% unlikely to have a health issue as compared to 66% of the vaccinated group. Nothing makes a pharmaceutical richer than give the gullible trusting public a product that will cause Health problems forcing people to pay pharmaceuticals money for the rest of their short lives. you have been given a poison (Side effects) and only they have the antidote… For a price.
    Blind faith in the high priest wearing his lab coat of the pharmaceutical religion fits every definition of a very bad cult…
    The modern reincarnation of the Astec high priest cutting out the heart of a willing? slave so the sun will continue circling the earth. (it’s for a good cause, we’re saving the brought to term children)

    Over 30 years ago when they set up vaccine injury court that made government liable, releasing pharmaceuticals from any responsibility, there was a congressional committee set up to oversee, monitor, do follow up studies and to penalize mistakes. Although this committee was mandatory… They have never met to fulfill the responsibilities. No follow up studies have ever been done. WHY? You don’t think that the congressman has been given stock do you?

  • wayne

    Star Trek Original Series-
    “We Ain’t Playin’ For Peanuts….”

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