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Democrats in VA and AZ issue a warning: “We will oppress you if you elect us!”

They’re coming for you next: Much has been made of the onerousness gun control laws passed by the Democrats in the Virginia state legislature this past week.

When it became clear that the Democrats were going to pass such laws, having gained control of both the legislature and the governorship, 95 counties and cities in the state made it publicly clear they would not enforce these laws, announcing that they were now second amendment sanctuary counties. Then, more than 22,000 Virginians gathered in protest at the statehouse, peacefully but forcefully declaring their opposition to these proposed laws.

None of that mattered to the modern Democrats now in charge in Virginia. They passed the laws, one of which gives the state “the authority to confiscate certain types of magazines that are considered ‘high capacity.'” I don’t know how they think they will enforce that confiscation right, but since they think it appropriate and just, don’t be surprised if they impose new laws to strengthen their ability to do so, including the right to do house-to-house searches.

Most of the the discussion about this story has been focused on the opposition to the laws themselves. I want to focus on what it tells us about the modern Democratic Party. You see, these fascist actions — which do nothing to reduce violence or crime while making law-abiding citizens criminals — are being planned by practically every local Democratic Party operation across the nation. All they require to make them law is to obtain power, as they have in Virginia.

My proof? Consider the comparable gun control law proposed yesterday by the Democrats in the Arizona state legislature:

Arizona Democrats have filed yet another “assault weapon” ban bill. This one is Senate Bill 1625. At first glance, with two notable stand-outs, it’s pretty much par for the gun-grabbing course; a ban on assaulty-looking guns with grandfathering.

But the first notable item is just how inclusive this bill is. All semiautomatic rifles that take detachable magazines would become “assault weapons.” And almost all rifles with fixed magazines of greater than 10-round capacity; that includes your .22LR plinker.

The second notable item would be a ban on all “large capacity” magazines, written so vaguely that it might ban almost all rifles.

At the moment the Democrats are not in total control in Arizona, and so the chances of this proposed bill becoming law is very slim. But only for the moment. Give these Democrats a single legislative session where they run the show, and they are now telling us what they plan to do.

Nor is this an outlier. We’ve seen similar odious laws passed in New York, California, Maryland, and in practically every state where the Democrats run the government. They are blatant about what they want to do. No one should have any doubts about it.

More important, they are giving us a clear warning about their long term plans. They not only want to deny ordinary citizens the right to defend themselves, they have made it clear they have utter contempt for those citizens, and will move to destroy all their freedoms if given the chance. Like the socialists in Venezuela, as soon as they have power they will use it to shut down all opposition, ending any semblance of democracy and freedom.

We saw a clear example of this tyrannical behavior these past three years in the FBI, Department of Justice, and the Democratically-controlled House. The Democrats and their allies in the executive branch teamed up to manufacture a scandal against Donald Trump, without any evidence, merely so they could attempt to overturn a legal election that they had lost.

The public must wake up. We have a bunch of power-hungry tyrants among us, and sadly they have all gravitated to the power structure within the Democratic Party, where they can efficiently organize to obtain power.

As I written before, they’re coming for you next And they are no longer hiding that fact. If we let them we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


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  • Cotour

    The Democrats would say that you and Trump were the Fascists, and what they were up to was protecting the greater population from people like you and Trump who promote violence and murder by not limiting in the extreme or eliminating all together the second Amendment.

    Its not true, but it plays well with a certain low IQ citizen who tends to the Left and Socialism, and that is for some reason who is being pandered to in the extreme today in the Democrat party.

    I just had an interaction with a prominent retired Democrat politician who I considered a reasonable Democrat when he was in office, took care of business. “We are a capitalist country and we will stay that way”. “Not if you listen to some of the Democrat candidates its not” I responded.

    Even though he was reasonable as a Democrat, he could never run for office today in New York City, or pretty much any major city in the country. We were then talking about Buttigige and who won the New Hampshire primary race. My comment was that Buttigeiege was a nice young man, but he was a philosophical Marxist, that’s what he grew up immersed in anyway when you understand who his father was.

    “Joseph Buttigieg was a “Marxist professor” who “lauded” and “spoke fondly” of “The Communist Manifesto” written by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx.”

    If that is not what you are about then disavow Socialism and state that you are a capitalist and that is what you intend.

    He disagreed with me in the extreme, and then called Trump a charlatan because he dealt with him and knew him well! (I guess he always got the best of him?) But he is effective I said, depending on your perspective. And as you well know I will take an effective charlatan over a Marxist or a Leftist any day of the week. He was not happy.

    All personal, no substance.

  • Chris

    My gun rights are existential
    I will take steps that reflect that status if these rights are threatened in any way.

  • Bob

    Bob, the Democrat takeover in AZ will be in your next election

    Appeals Court Throws Out Arizona anti-Ballot Harvesting Law | Arizona News | US News

  • wayne

    Butt-Gig is absolutely a red-diaper baby— his father (who recently died) was absolutely a stereotypical hard core Marxist professor.

    Excellent, stuff.

  • Phill O

    Eventually, the left will win when they have a trifecta as in New Mexico etc. They are absolutely corrupt at the top as in any communist order.

    Trump is the dam holding the dims back!

  • Max

    There is good reason to fight for our right to defend ourselves. It’s not a right given to us by our government, but from our Creator.
    The constitution does not grant this freedom but rather spells it out as an unalienable right (cannot be shaped or molded) that no man can take away or infringe on.
    Why are weapons necessary in this modern age? Because you have stuff, and there are those in government who want to “take your stuff”. They don’t have the right to do so, but if you can’t stop them, then “Their” creator says it’s OK to enslave you.

    And here’s the latest attempt to do just that. “The new way forward act”. Introduced while we were watching the impeachment hearings.

    Tucker Carlson explains, part one and two.
    The progressives are importing criminals, street fighting shock troops that cannot be arrested, for their cause…
    There is no freedom greater or more dangerous, than a person who lacks a moral code. It is also why we put dangerous animals in cages.

  • bob

    “including the right to do house-to-house searches”. Those who do this need to pay the price.

  • azcatsclaw

    Out of the House in AZ now comes a new gun bill. In your own home, irregardless if there are children are not, you must have complete control of your gun. Locked or locked up, on your person or within reach. So if you have one on your nightstand and get up to use the facilities in the middle of the night, do you have to take it with you? $1000. fine

  • Welsh Warrior

    The Communists in Richmond really believe they can just run roughshod over the Patriotic citizens of Virginia. I CAN tell you this , if they do pass further legislation to permit this desecration of our Constitutional rights going door to door in stasi style raids on people’s homes, a lot of people are going to get killed in their attempt. Nobody I know will permit this illegal intrusion into our homes and all attempts will be met with armed resistance. We have had enough and are ready to defend our homes to the death if necessary.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Both the VA legislature and AZ, know that most of these laws will not stand when challenged. The goal is the long game.

    1 Lawfare: Tie up people and activists in court, suck up their money in legal fees (while they have the benefit of using State residents tax money to fight back), and draw things out as long as possible.

    2. Shift the argument. This is the “gun safety” tactic, where we should all just agree to “reasonable gun safety laws” such as you not being allowed to have any thing the government does not think you should have. And their ability to take what remains, without due process because, safety (see red flag laws).

    3. Continue to influence the younger generation that all guns are bad, no matter what. This is done by forbidding safety training that teaches proper and safe handling of firearms. They know that kids not trained when young are usually afraid of firearms as adult.

    I could go on. But the goal, as always, is a long game.

    “A well educated electorate, being necessary for self governance in a free state, the right to keep and read books, shall not be infringed.”

  • Smarty

    They learned their trade in student body governments and model UN. Those expensive tyrant factories need to be closed down.

  • Hondo

    I am reminded of a gag in Woody Allen’s “Bananas” where the newly installed
    Revolutionary Dictator decrees (for public health reasons) that underwear must be changed three times a day – and now worn on the outside so authorities can check.
    Dear Dems write what you like – but try and enforce it. And who would you get to enforce this “incredibly dangerous” action?
    This isn’t about crime, but criminalizing those who don’t share your philosophy and beliefs. It also telegraphs that you are frightened by me and mine – so the need to disarm us.
    And once disarmed (chuckle) – then what?
    A heads up – once you criminalize me (Ret Army), you will get a highly skilled criminal.

  • Your free education and job training will be, being taught to plant potatoes. Your free medical is a bottle of cheap whiskey and a wooden dowel to bite down on. Free public transportation is, you guessed it, your feet., you’er not going anywhere anyways.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Drink up, Tovarich!

  • wayne

    “Right Here, Right Now”
    Jesus Jones
    —>November 9, 1989

  • wayne

    Terminator Salvation
    “If you’re listening to this…. you are the resistance.”

  • M Puckett

    I was in Richmond, that 22,000 number is bunk that keeps getting repeated. Closer to 75,000-100,000. There was a lot of overflow beyond the barrier cage Northam’s regime erected.

  • George True

    A small nit to pick. Please stop referring to the Democrat party as the Democratic party. There is absolutely nothing democratic about the Democrat party. When you call them the Democratic party, you give them legitimacy. Rush Limbaugh has made this distinction for at least the last fifteen or twenty years. ALWAYS refer to them as the Democrat party, NOT the Democratic party.

    It may seem like a small thing, but it is not. Language and labels matter. The Democrats often win because they have mastered the craft of narratives and labels. We need to do likewise. Besides, calling them the Democrat party infuriates them.

  • eddie willers

    Even though he was reasonable as a Democrat, he could never run for office today in New York City, or pretty much any major city in the country.

    We all know if JFK ran today, it would be as a Republican. A Republican to the right of John McCain and Mitt Romney.

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