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Doctors: COVID-19 case counts, hospitalization numbers, and death counts are “meaningless”

It has all been lies upon lies upon lies: According to an editorial written by Kristin Held, president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), the case counts, hospitalization numbers, and death counts published by government agencies across the United States are “meaningless” and “manipulated.”

From her full editorial [pdf]:

The COVID-19 case counts, hospitalization numbers, and death counts are meaningless in their current fluid form. Their malleability primarily serves those who seek to distort reality.

The morphable numbers are reported, then manipulated by federal, state, county, city, and hospital authorities and agencies. The manipulation is driven by power and money and fueled by fearmongering, panic stoking, and promise of monetary and political gain. All this is bought and paid for under the guise of trying to save the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read it all. She carefully documents the changes imposed by the CDC around June 14-16 that ballooned the numbers, often for entirely unjustified reasons. For example, hospitals get a lot of federal money for labeling a hospitalization from the coronavirus. The result?

Because of expanding the definition of a new COVID-19 case to include exposure to a COVID-positive patient and a self-reported fever, lowering admission thresholds, and requiring testing on every admission, it is easy to code a hospital admission as “with COVID.” A colleague reported to me that her scheduled Caesarian section patient was asymptomatic but tested positive on the required admission COVID test, so she too became a hospitalization “with COVID.” The army of hospital billers and coders is no doubt hard at work scouring EMRs and community contact-tracing data to find any links that could raise their bounty. This may also explain why the average hospital stay for COVID-19 was around 1.4 days last time I checked—just long enough to go beyond a 24-hour emergency room observation status to count as an actual hospital admission.

This article also maybe explains some of the strange numbers that have come out of New Jersey (on June 25th) and Arizona (beginning on July 25th). On those dates both states showed sudden and unrealistic spikes in their death or hospitalization counts. Could it be that the new definitions imposed by the CDC just prior to these dates encouraged a redefining of many deaths and hospitalizations as COVID-19, in order to cash in on government money?

Nationwide daily death counts from the Wuhan virus

The numbers might also explain the rise of deaths from COVID-19 nationwide in the beginning of July, as shown in the graph on the right.

The editorial has a lot more information. If you want to educate yourself on the uncertainties and corruption surrounding this epidemic, all caused by government interference, you especially need to read it. They lied to us initially about why we needed to social distance and lockdown (“Flatten the curve!” “It’s only for a few weeks!”. They lied to us about the use of masks (“Don’t use them!” to “You must use them!”) .

And though rumored for months, it is now clear they are lying to us about the numbers of people in the hospital because of COVID-19, as well as the number who have died from it.

And if you refuse to consider the facts she describes, you are sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “la-la-la-la-la-la!” Some of you will also likely be yelling “Trump is bad!” as you hide from reality.

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  • Phill O

    This seems a culmination of information gleaned over time. Those spouting more lockdowns (Quebec, Ontario and Trudeau) have not got the commoner’s welfare at hand. There are a wide variety of reasons for the governments to lie.

  • Max

    Interesting, hospitalization numbers are up because they refuse to let the patient, who tests positive (real or fake), to go home. Just to qualify them for more money… And to falsify the plague numbers to justify continued lockdowns to make it easier for the coming change in government. We are becoming a banana republic, cowering in fear.
    Now trump himself is in isolation.

  • Phill O

    Max I do not trust ABC in any way shape or form. Trump does not have underlying conditions. Bob’s reporting has indicate the CDC notes those dying have an average of about 2.7 underlying conditions. So the high risk group is not where Trump is.

    I would not put it past the dims to try and plant a positive covid into the White House.

  • Gary

    President Trump and this country have just been dealt a possibly fatal blow and I don’t mean Trump dying. The news media will work their left wing propaganda without the strong pushback from the orange meanie. The media will continue to make the masses believe what they have been told. Common sense has fallen to the indoctrination of the institutes of higher education. High tech so ial media will seal the deal. Facts are now irrelevant, or more frightening, fact are what we are told to believe and Robert is pushing against the cabal. I hear that Uruguay it’s a wonderful place to live.

  • Cotour


    While we now wait out the Covid diagnosis of the president and his wife, and we wish them and anyone else affected well, what are the now Socialist Democrats and their Leftist media fan boys discussing?

    They discuss the potential prosecution of the president after he leaves office because he dares to not be a cut out of every other modern president that has inhabited the presidency. And recognizing that and the consequences of behaving in an “accepted”, “Politically correct” manner, where do we find our country and on what road?

    We find ourselves on the road to a more Socialist and anti Constitutional road due to that “accepted” “politically correct” political party leadership approved behavior. That should never be Americas future.

    Trump was made the president for a reason, and that reason has to do with changing that more Socialist and anti Constitutional direction, pushed by both political party leaderships. And Trump has accomplished to a great degree his charge, and that is why he will more than likely be reelected, Covid or no Covid. And that has these political class elites, in both political parties who think they own the people of America very nervous as their power because of Trump begins to evaporate and it is shifted back to the people.

    If these Politico writers are correct then lets line up George Bush jr. and Barak Hussein Obama, and Bill Clinton for that matter, for their policies, both public and secret. Lets really look at how 9-11 was initiated and how it played out. Lets look at the Iran deal and all of that cash delivered to the Iranian leaders. Lets look at the FBI leadership and the Mueller investigation and the involvement that is being revealed how both Mr. Obama and his vice president, “Old white cracker”, Joe Biden, presidential nominee conspired to spy on that same president that is being vilified and his people. Lets really look at just how much Chinese cash actually went into the Clinton pocket book and what they paid for like, missile and other technology. Which is political realm illegal activity IMO.

    But those presidents are not to be scrutinized? Activities that are plainly illegal in the pedestrian realm where you would be reading this sitting in jail if you did the same. But these political tool Politico writers can only see the activities of only one president, and that president just happens to be Trump. There are consequences to elections and along with that comes certain immunities. If not, then there can not ever be any governance that required a decision that might gore someone else’s ox.

    What these Politico operatives propose is a Bolshevik style of American politics where you just have your political enemies arrested or worse to get them out of your way. See: Vladimir Putin, Tea anyone? And that is really what would suit them just fine because that is in fact what they are, natural Communists and un Americans. Broken Americans.

    Their are people today that have awakened and are happy at the prospect that Trump may be removed from contention of becoming the president once again due to a positive Covid diagnosis. And I understand that, even though it is dark and a bit too convenient for me. But I understand it.

    But I would not be buying any Champaign if I were you. Not yet anyway.

  • pzatchok

    Will Biden now get it? They were on the same stage for hours just a few days ago.

    Biden is the real risk. If the Dims planted a carrier in the White House the plan has very possibly backfired.

    Biden Drops out sick and Kamala takes over even before the election.

  • Larry Sears

    I firmly believe the reason Biden hid in his basement is because he also had Covid and no one was told. I would not trust a Democrat, much less a liar like Sleepy Joe to pick up my dogs crap from the yard.

  • wayne

    The Godfather –
    “Settling all family business”

  • Edward

    As with every other government intervention in medical care in America over the past century, government only made matters worse, not better. From Dr. Held’s letter:

    many of my fellow physicians received pay cuts as great as 20 percent while being asked to step up and care for the increasing number of admissions, and many nurses and other members of our patient-care teams were in fact fired or furloughed because of financial devastation resulting from the initial premature and prolonged shutdowns. … The result was near financial ruin for hospitals at the very time they were charged with preparing for a pandemic. The state governments’ bans on non-urgent care had the opposite of the desired effect. Rather than increasing capacity, Texas lost staffed hospital beds. Thus, when our COVID-19 wave came, 3 months after the governor’s executive order declaring a disaster, we were less prepared, with fewer staffed beds and more financial stress. Now we have fewer doctors and staff members, who are overworked and underpaid, to care for more patients. This is compounded by the new public health problem created by the bans and shutdown; all the non-COVID patients who delayed or were denied care during the near 2-month ban on treating them are all now in desperate need of care, and they are sicker. The hospitals now have more COVID patients, more non-COVID patients, and fewer staffed beds.

    We pay good tax money for safety, justice, and liberty, but instead we get illness and death, injustice., and tyranny.

    Another sad consequence of the inflated numbers is that we are losing freedoms and destroying our state and country. Our re-openings are based on these numbers. We have lost our ability to congregate in groups of 10 or more; go to church, school, weddings, funerals, sporting events, concerts; go anywhere without a mask; or hug our parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and the lonely. In Texas, there are Hospital Trauma Service Areas where larger counties with state and county hospitals take transfers from counties and rural hospitals less equipped. Bexar County covers for 22 counties. Our case reports did not separate out who was a Bexar County resident and who was from another county or country—we are a 2.5-hour drive from Mexico. Ironically, while Bexar County is taking care of all the sickest patients transferred in, we are penalized because of increasing COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths; simultaneously, the counties that sent the patients to us, record fewer COVID-19 admissions and deaths and remain open with greater freedom and liberty.

    What an irony that the counties that help most are penalized most as a reward for their assistance. Incentives and measurement are messed up in ways that one would think we would have learned to avoid, by the 21st century. The massive stupidity coming from government is astonishing. We always knew that the people who are too stupid to make it in the real world gravitated toward government, but we have governors touted as heroes even after they actively and knowingly sent Wuhan Plague ailing patients into nursing homes filled with the most vulnerable, as the rest of us made great sacrifices in order to protect those very same vulnerable people. In the 21st century, we already know better ways to prepare for epidemics and pandemics, but somehow the Lysenkoism took over, claiming to be “The Science.”

    This money would have been better spent helping urgent care clinics, outpatient clinics, and rural clinics strengthen their patients’ immune systems with vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, exercise, weight loss, and control of their blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. Imagine preparing our nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Imagine offering residents the choice of participation in outpatient studies of low-dose hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc that have proven effective when administered early in safe doses around the world, or other affordable, repurposed treatments such as ivermectin and nebulized budesonide. Frontline medical workers and high-risk patients could have been offered the same safe, potentially life-saving choices as prophylaxis. Imagine having 84 percent fewer hospital admissions to deal with, along with more doctors and staffed beds. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” doesn’t matter now, but let’s learn from our mistakes. Let’s demand that our numbers be meaningful, not means of manipulation.

    Somehow, we succumbed to the notion that it would all be worth it if it saved just one life. Unfortunately, the saving of that one life, should it ever occur, came at the expense of the economy, our liberty, our safety, our livelihoods, and many, many other lives lost. The potential single life that may be saved sometime in the future was definitely not worth the tradeoff.

  • Cotour

    Its the proforma Liberal now Leftist Democrat formula that no one could argue with, analogous to the Bill Clinton: “Its for the women and the children”. (And we now know just how much Mr. Clinton, and Mr. Epstein, cares about the women and the children.)

    ” Unfortunately, the saving of that one life, should it ever occur, came at the expense of the economy, our liberty, our safety, our livelihoods, and many, many other lives lost. ”

    Every one must die or live in squalor so everyone is equal.

  • Steve Richter

    the virus outbreak at the white house looks like it will prove whether covid warrants a national lockdown. Trump is getting excellent care. Medcram has the details:
    The virus has spread rapidly among those in Trump and republican circles: Chris Christie, Bill Stepian, Kellyanne Conway, and multiple others.
    Now we find out if the latest and best therapies will provide a cure. Whether it will be the equivalent of the flu or blood clot, ventilator and cytokine storm hell.

  • Andrew_W

    This may also explain why the average hospital stay for COVID-19 was around 1.4 days last time I checked—just long enough to go beyond a 24-hour emergency room observation status to count as an actual hospital admission.

    No exact date is available for when she “last checked” was, or what source she used, but it was obviously sometime before 20th Sept, her claim is contradicted by this:

    Median number of days of hospitalization among those not admitted to ICU (interquartile range) ††
    18-49 years: 3 (2, 5) days

    50-64 years: 4 (2, 7) days

    ≥65 years: 6 (3, 10) days

    I looked up the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), it’s a conservative lobby group, less than 0.5% of America’s Physicians and Surgeons are members.

  • Andrew_W

    From wiki:
    The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a conservative non-profit association founded in 1944. The group was reported to have about 5,000 members in 2014. The association has promoted a range of scientifically discredited hypotheses, including the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS, that being gay reduces life expectancy, that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, and that there is a causal relationship between vaccines and autism. It is opposed to the Affordable Care Act and other forms of universal health insurance.

    A bizarre press release from the AAPS:

  • Andrew_W

    The “less than 0.5% of America’s Physicians and Surgeons are members” may have been a wildly optimistic, the 5000 members includes members of the public (no medical qualifications) and they get to join for free!

  • Max

    Andrew, thanks for the link to “learning from the Nazis”. It fits in nicely with what Edward said… As Wayne would say, good stuff Edward.
    I remember rose waxing elegant why we should not let government be our doctor or control our health care.
    Obama said himself, while talking about his typical white grandma (who raised him) getting a hip operation, it would’ve been better had she just taken the pill.
    When healthcare is no longer between you and your doctor, but must be petitioned for from your local (my nephew needed a job) appointed government (without any medical experience) to authorize the money for your Health care needs, we are all in deep trouble.
    Perhaps this is how governors and politicians save money on healthcare costs in the future by euthanizing the useless eaters. Which was the point of the link that you provided.
    From your link that you posted;

    “”The destruction of hospitals by the Allies’ bombing raids imperiled the survival of injured soldiers as well as civilians. Brandt found that psychiatric hospitals, generally located in the countryside, were relatively undamaged. Faced with a choice of feeding soldiers or chronic schizophrenics, the government shunted resources to the productive.

    Rather than watch their patients slowly starve to death, medical directors asked for permission to carry out “mercy killings.” As head of the medical system, Brandt signed the program authorization.

    “Euthanasia morphed into a nightmarish killing machine,” writes Hieb. Less well known, she observes, is the conclusion of the allied prosecutors after the Doctors Trial, as summed up by Leo Alexander: The fault of the German doctors (he had once been one of them) was not that they were intrinsically evil, but that they worked for the government.

    Alexander wrote: “We should never let doctors work for the government again””

  • wayne

    Referencing obama’s “take the pill” theme;
    During the course of obamas regime, Medicaid bought over 50 million dosage-units of hydrocodone (Brand Name Vicodin, Lortab, etc.) and literally ‘drugged up’ millions of poor Medicaid recipients.
    Now….. just try to get some painkillers from your Doctor for any legitimate reason. They absolutely will not give you any hydrocodone, oxycodone, or codeine for that matter.
    If you’re really lucky, you get some Ultram for 3 days (tramadol schedule 4) but mostly it will be “take some tylenol.”

    Just another obama lie, in obamas amerika.

  • Andrew M Winter

    This is very interesting. I haven’t done the homework yet, but is it possible that this was always the WHO’s position?

    Could it be that the WHO was willfully mis-interpreted from day one? I really don’t know, but right about now I would be willing to believe anything.

  • Andrew W seeks to discredit by attacking the person or attacking the organization or assuming the worst about data discrepancies, rather than making an unbiased attempt to address the actual points being made.

    Not impressed.

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