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Fascist and Democratic-controlled California

Two stories yesterday suggested that there might be hope that a revolt might be brewing in California against the fascist Democratic one-party rule that presently dominates the state:

In the first story, a Republican defeated a leftist Democratic — who favored the socialist New Green Deal put forth by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) — for a seat on the Los Angeles City Council.

In the second story it appears that Trump is actually raising more money in California than most of the Democratic candidates for president, and he is doing it with mostly small donations.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. In Los Angeles the victor won but only narrowly. As for California’s campaign donations, Trump’s totals ($3.2 million) pale in comparison to the more than $26 million Californians have donated to all the Democratic candidates total.

Meanwhile, the state’s Department of Education has accepted an anti-Semitic and ethnic studies curriculum fashioned by academics and politicians blatantly hostile to both Israel and Jews.

The proposed curriculum section on “Arab American Studies Course Outline” contains a number of passages concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as “Direct Action Front for Palestine and Black Lives Matter,” “Call to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel” and “Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico.” It also includes studying national figures such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), the late Columbia University professor Edward Said, Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, the late radio personality Casey Kasem, actress Alia Shawkat and the late White House correspondent Helen Thomas—all of whom are associated with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric, and in the case of the congresswomen, a push to enact legislation punishing Israel.

As for the Holocaust and past oppression against Jews, the curriculum considers these irrelevant, and leaves them out completely.

Nor is this the only example of California’s growing totalitarian culture. In 2018 the one-party Democratic legislature passed a law that requires

…publicly-held corporations headquartered in California to have at least one director “who self-identifies her gender as a woman” on their boards by December 31, 2019. Up to three such persons are required by December 31, 2021, depending on the size of the board.

Judicial Watch has now sued the state to block implementation of this unconstitutional law.

Both stories by the way are perfect examples for why my use of the word “fascist” to describe California is very apt and accurate. Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition:

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Race-based? Check. Economic and social regimentation? Check. Autocratic government? Check. As for the forcible suppression of opposition, consider the following collection of stories from only the past two years, all from California:

These are only a small selection. I could make a list hundreds of stories long, all illustrating the fascist and totalitarian culture that now dominates California politics.

And of course, there is UC-Berkeley, the place where the Free Speech Movement began in the 1960s, now fully in support of censorship and the violent suppression of dissent:

Since the riots in 2017 against conservative speakers at Berkeley, the campus has successfully shut down any further such invites. If you want to live in a leftist bubble where no opposition or dissent is tolerated, then UC-Berkeley is the place for you!

In fact, this pervasive tyrannical culture now dominates all the coastal cities of California, which control its state legislature and hold all political power. Worse, a majority of the general public in these cities appear to enthusiastically support this culture.

Prepare for worse. This intolerance will not back down. I fully expect California to go into full revolt against the United States should Trump win the 2020 election, possibly even pushing for secession. When that happens the question will then be whether the U.S., led by Trump, will be willing to do the bloody work of enforcing the results of a popular election while keeping itself as a union (as was wisely chosen by Lincoln in 1861), or allow California to leave.

Sadly, right now I think we don’t have the courage to do the former, which in the long run will be very bad, not only of the people of U.S. but for Californians especially.

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  • Cotour

    An additional glimmer of hope:

    This guy Newsom is quite the anti American Leftist nut job, sees himself I am certain as a presidential figure. Loves, loves, loves himself.

  • Andrew

    I have to laugh.

    Apparently the ignorant creatures of the left have never heard of a nation ruling an individual, “Personae Non Grata”.

    I hope Bibi does it. It would make a good statement about who these miserable creatures of the American Left really are.

  • Cotour

    I have a visceral reaction TO YOUR POLITICS! Not your skin color, not that you are a “Latina”, not that you are a woman. Your politics suck, they are a threat to the country and the Constitution!

    The Left must have racism, because that is all they have.

    Racism and lying about racism and everything else.

    This all goes my point about respect and “love”.

    I think you do not “Love” me, so you must hate me because I am different from you. You hate my skin color, you hate my eye color, you hate me because I am a woman, blah, blah, blah.

    Why do I adore Cadice Owens? Why do I revere Thomas Sowel, a former Marxist now “woke” Conservative and revealer of the lie that is Liberal thinking and politics? Why do I admire and would in a second vote for a president Allen West? I believe they are all black the last time I checked.

    AOC must be “hated” by someone, some group of people so she can justify her political agenda and indoctrinated beliefs. Plain and simple. Nothing new here, it just comes in a very cute package now.

    (She gets cuter every time I see her, I have plainly stated that from the jump. Why do I find you cuter every time I see you AOC? If I am racist then would that not be a paradoxical and irrational thing for me to feel about you if I hate you and am racist? Total BS, she and her fellow travelers are the racists)

  • Ian C.

    Western Jews since decades voted in majority left and found their home in liberal parties. Democrats in the US, Labour in the UK, Social Democrats in Germany. And so on. Many Jewish organizations have connections to said parties and support(ed) them. But since a couple of years we can observe a change. Anti-Semitic policy proposals and talking points come up, first by some fringe (Muslim) activists and then by more “serious” politicians.
    Simple reason (generally speaking): Muslims grow in number and demography is on their side, the value of their votes rises. And it legitimizes the anti-Semites among the left to join in with their “Israel criticism.” In proportion Jews become less relevant. The parties they once thought are allies are now turning against them. In the same way working class “deplorables” or “old White men” are no longer their focus.

    That’s my observation. Am I right?

  • wodun

    Economically, the Fascist party also controls companies without owning them. This can happen whether or not the party controls the government or not and is what we are seeing today with Democrat controlled companies and institutions.

    On California contributions to Trump, isn’t California the state with the most Republicans? And Democrats are still split in their support because its the primaries.

  • Phill O

    The power brokers of the democrat party may have seen this push-back by Americans coming for some time. IMHO, this is why they are so strong on open borders and letting the illegals have all the benefits Americans have and are paying for.

    I do not discount the forethought of these power brokers.

    Now, with the Jeffrey Epstein death, way more people are seeing an apparent pattern. Will this help change the opinion of the American voter? The folk in Portal AZ (or other leftist based communities) will not change regardless of what happens; it is in their muddled thought processes.

    Trump with Jewish family ties, must really represent the worst democrat nightmare.

    Will we see a change in the voting patterns of the Jewish Americans? I certainly hope so. When all nations are against Israel, that means time is near it’s end IMHO.

  • From where I sit in Oregon, it’s less a ‘revolt’, and more an ‘exodus’. A lot of Californians have moved North, which is annoying because it’s a safe bet many, if not most, of them voted for the very conditions they are fleeing. There’s enough of a backlash brewing in the Northwest that recently-immigrated Californians now hesitate to say they are from California. The same thing is happening in the Emerald City. A lot of Seattleites are moving to Portland as they flee the socialism they installed. And still do not make the connection between their vote and their government.

    The Left has worked for decades to divorce actions from consequences, and have been successful to the point that Americans do not understand how representative government works. Economic and political circumstances are presented as things that ‘just happen’, or nefarious schemes perpetrated by ‘others’, and the people have no control over them. The only recourse is to vote for people favored by the Left and mass media, so they can save us all.

    This is not true. But as the Left works rapidly to consolidate power and close avenues for self-representation, it will become true. I do not think this window will be open too very much longer.

  • Phill O

    SW NM and SE AZ are seeing the CA immigrants. Not liked by those actually working. They migrate to pretty places which do not have a way of being self sufficient for food. They tend to flock together then ban those with conservative views. I was warned about this 10 years ago “Say one thing conservative, and they will never talk to you again”. I did not head the warning.

  • Mark Smith

    California is only a symptom of the greater problem…cities vote communist/democrat and rural areas vote republic/republican. Secession isn’t a possibility. Personally I think the only way out of this is another civil war…a shooting war. The left seems to insist on it, pushing for elimination of our COTUS every day. The trigger may be economic, political or most likely emotional based on rage over some shooting or drummed up false flag event. Either way no one wins since whatever survives will probably be a mega-police state…that is unless a foreign country decides to take advantage.
    So because we have a bunch of stupid idiots who want power for power’s sake and are too stupid to know history/evil to care we will lose the greatest free society ever created and the only hope for mankind on earth. What a waste.

  • Cotour

    Yes, Liberal Democrats and worse vote for and install all of the wonderful programs and lower case “rights” that is a magnet to the world and create sanctuary cities, like Seattle and San Francisco. And then when the taxation and the crime and the drugs and the living in the streets and crapping in the streets because of the progressive agenda becomes so ridiculous that they can no longer stand or support it, they move of course.

    And then they self righteously do the same in their new environment.

    It is a vicious cycle that is vicious.

  • Mark Smith: What is COTUS?

    I should add a rule that demands commenters minimize the use of acronyms whenever possible. Interferes with good communications, and good writing.

  • Ian C.

    COTUS = Constitution of the United States.

    Had to look that up myself. Perhaps write uncommon acronyms in full the first time they’re used.

  • Ian C. In this case the acronym is entirely pointless and only contributes to foggy thinking. The word “Constitution” would have been very clear and to the point. COTUS is a blob, with no meaning.

  • Mark Smith

    Sorry about that….COTUS (Constitution of the United States) and SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) are fairly common abbreviations in constitutional circles. My bad.

  • Mark Smith: If “constitutional circles” is supposed to mean the legal profession, then that explains some of the fuzzy bad legal decisions we’ve seen in recent years. The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the President were perfectly clear and understandable words for more than two centuries. Suddenly we need to obscure their meaning with pointless acronyms that don’t even save us much typing.

  • commodude

    I’ve been involved with the government in one form or another since I joined the military at 17. I’ve learned to loathe acronyms, particularly needless acronyms.

    At one point I had a manual on my desk, 3″ think, with the definitions of all acronyms used by the branches of the military.

    Typing out the entire word makes for better communication.

  • Mark Smith

    The Supreme Court has been screwing up for well over 150 years. Lookup Dred Scott. That’s where the Court decided the Constitution did not apply to black people, free or slave, in 1857. Where is that in perfectly clear and understandable words? You are correct that the Constitution is clearly worded, as is the Declaration of Independence…but when it comes time to actually face the truth of those words, the weakness of man comes into play. We are ruled but the gang of nine as much as any Congress or President, if not more.
    John Adams wrote that our Constitution would only be effective for a moral and religious people…in other words people who were more or less able to face the truth and do the right thing. It’s been a long slow road to dissolution but we are seeing the end stages of that decay play out now. Look up the eight stages of democracy and see where you think we are today.
    PS on another note — I’ve been down to your area for the Bluegrass Festival…planning to come down for the next one.

  • Mark Smith

    PS “gang of nine” are the nine Supreme Court justices…

  • Ian C.

    Speaking of acronyms and Fascism (somewhat returning to the article’s topic), I’d like to point to LTI, though the English Wiki article is short on important aspects. The essence (of acronyms and redefined words) is this: “It underlines odd constructions of words intended to give a “scientific” or neutral aspect to otherwise heavily engaged discourses, as well as significant every-day behaviour. ”
    The Nazis loved to use acronyms for many things, often hiding the meaning behind it and getting people used to them without thinking or questioning and just accepting things as normal.–_Lingua_Tertii_Imperii

    That said, I’m not against acronyms. They have their places, provided a knowledgeable audience is around.

  • Alex Andrite

    Folks, I was born Here, I am HERE, I live HERE, I vote here, I am 2nd Amendment here.
    I do the best that I can HERE.
    …. and I surf, well paddle and fall off, here when I need a break from the junk here.
    Then I cross myself and pray for all of us.
    Because I believe that I am, we are, but Pilgrims HERE.

  • wodun

    “John Adams wrote that our Constitution would only be effective for a moral and religious people…in other words people who were more or less able to face the truth and do the right thing.”

    This is true but in many ways our ancestors were rough around the edges.

  • Cotour

    More on Allen West, black man, and why I would be more than happy to support him for president. And I am suggesting today that he seriously consider it in the future.

    If you are not familiar with the context of the first questioners question relating to Mr. West’s departure from the Army, then I suggest that you familiarize yourself on the subject.

    Allen West, a true leader, unconfused about what America is, and more importantly what America is not.

  • Mark S

    Allen is green, not black, and I don’t mean eco-green. Marines will understand.

    I don’t care what color he is. He is a standup, courageous, Constitutional man who has not forgotten his oath. I’d want to know more before I voted for him for President, but his character is not in question and that goes a long way in my book.

  • Commodus

    I strongly disagree with forcing there union to remain one. What person in their right mind would want to fight to keep California?

    The Left controls most levers of power in our society, and I see no way to reclaim much of the USA from there clutches.

    Fracturing and secession should be the program of those who want some type of traditional society.

    But then you are a fan of Lincoln and his unnecessary war. Boomer cuckservative politics have had their day. I’m afraid your arguments and positions are just not that compelling.

  • Commodus: I am very aware of the negative consequences of the Civil War (the long term concentration of power to the federal government). Despite this, it was still the right thing to do, at the time. It ended slavery, and probably led to more prosperity for everyone, in both the north and the south, for more than a hundred years.

    The problems caused by that action however are what we face today. In our situation, it might very well make better sense to let California go. I suspect if the state tried to secede, many parts would refuse to go with the coastal areas and the state would be split up (a positive thing regardless). The result would likely help reverse the trends started by the Civil War, allowing a decentralization of power back to the states. It would also likely end up with the seceding sections eventually begging to be allowed to return, as their wealth and prosperity will be diminished by the secession.

  • Cotour

    Lets noodle with the fantasy where California seceds from the United States.

    1. First the likes of LARAZA would become leading forces of such a move and probably drive them to rejoin Mexico creating Mexifornia or some hybrib like country.

    2. At that point the narco terrorists would take over and our border that is their gateway to cash flow would grow substantially.

    3. Then eventually the United States would have to invade the now extremely corrupt Mexifornia and the killing would resemble Mexico today X’s 100.

    For the American people and the inhabitants of California to allow this to happen would be a surrendering to the forces of Leftist and Globalist evil. It would be better for the Federal government to determine that the governer and government of California were subversive, which he and they are, and “Peacefully” invade the state and deal with what they have right now.

    Better to accomplish most all of this in the court room then having to ultimately invade our own country and dispatch those who need dispatching.

    This is how the insane Left has been allowed to push our conversation on this subject. Really a disgrace.

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