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Joe Biden is just not qualified, for health reasons

Biden as he forgets what truths we hold as self-evident.

I have previously argued that people should vote for Trump and Republicans across the board for two reasons:

Today I want to take a look at Joe Biden himself, to show that the man is simply not qualified to be president. I will not be arguing however that this lack of qualification is because his policies are wrong, despite ample evidence that they are.

Nor am I going to point to the recent pay-for-play scandal surrounding Biden and his family. The evidence is quite clear that Biden has used his position of power in government to exhort money from foreign governments while working against American interests in foreign policy.

I am also not going to talk about Biden’s past proven dishonesty, illustrated best by his first failed effort to run for president, an effort that was quashed because he was found to be a serial plagiarist (something that it appears he still does).

No, my argument is simpler. Joe Biden is exhibiting clear symptoms of failing mental health. It is increasingly obvious he really is unaware of what is going on around him, and this condition appears to be worsening at a frightening pace.

The other day he forgot he was running against Trump, referring instead to “George,” as in George Bush.

Earlier he forgot the president he had worked under while vice president.

Another time he started quoting the most famous line from the Declaration of Independence, and lost his way in the middle.

Then there was the time he actually removed his mask during a speech in order to cough.

He has repeatedly made the mistake of saying he is running for “the Senate,”, has claimed 200 million have died from COVID-19 in the U.S., and forgotten the name of the Republican candidate for President in the 2012 election.

The list of these strange gaffes is quite long. Normally I do not pay much attention to such errors, as every candidate makes these kind of verbal mistakes during the campaign. It is the number that is disturbing, and the fact that they seem to be happening more and more often, almost on a daily basis.

Worse, the increasing number of Biden’s gaffes, errors, and apparent confusion have been accompanied by what seems an increasing requirement that he be guided closely in whatever he does. While he definitely has periods of lucidity, such as during both debates, Biden more and more seems incapable of doing anything without a teleprompter or a script or guidance from his staff or wife.

All of this appears further confirmed by the number of times the Biden campaign has shut down early, ending all campaign activities early in the morning, or canceling them for days. The joke by Trump that Biden is hiding in his basement rings very true, because that is what Biden has been doing, as if he literally no longer has the capability of being seen in public.

More important, this is not how normal candidates for president behave. If Biden can’t run an aggressive campaign, how can he be president for four years?

The presidency of the United States is probably the most powerful and important political position in the world. What that president does can affect the lives of millions, for years long after that person’s term in office. To vote for someone for that position who is incompetent, corrupt, or power-hungry is a mortal error. To also pick a person who is incompetent mentally is beyond rational.

Why the Democrats chose Biden is their problem. Americans must not make it our problem. They must reject Biden unequivocally on November 3rd. If they do not, the consequences worldwide are literally unfathomable.

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  • Ian C.

    In case he wins, he’s replaced within a couple years by his VP, which was perhaps the goal anyway.

    I know that it’s not nice to mock an opponent who might have mental issues, but politics is politics, so here it goes:

  • Cotour


    Joe Biden, just the Democrat leadership Bernie Sanders Communist light compromise and the male version of Hillary Clinton, four years on. Hillary Clinton was arrogant, and like Biden, physically infirm and she coughed and feinted her way through her campaign. Just about like Joe, and the people rejected her and the people will reject him.

    Biden is only where he is because the old guard Democrat leadership had absolutely no one acceptable of substance to run against Trump in 2020. And they really have no one in the leadership line now to guide and lead their party properly. Nancy Pelosi has met her match in Trump and will certainly be put out to pasture as the young “Progressive” Democrat bucks and buckets gain more and more influence. And they will be ruthless.

    And that is just how crippled the Democrat party actually is as it hurtles towards the political leadership desert floor where they will crash and burn. To be reborn headed by the likes of AOC in their resurrection?

    So yes, there is a revolution going on in America today, we are all witness to it and are living in the middle of it, and the revolution is Conservative and full blood American.

  • F16 Guy

    Your points are spot on Robert.

    1. Biden isn’t going to BE president after a few months, Harris will, and her health is fine. Maybe not so much her mind.
    2. The mere fact that he has a “D” after his name assures that 45% of the voters will vote for him despite your observations.
    3. Most voters are unaware of Biden’s gaffs, due mostly to media’s successful control to avoid such debacles.
    4. Most Biden voters are not voting FOR Joe, but rather against “Orange Man Bad.”

    All that said, I remain optimistic that Trump will win re-election fair and square.

  • F16 Guy: To you point #3, this is why I write this blog. And why I do it independent of Facebook and Twitter.

  • Rick

    If Biden wins, he will be replaced in weeks not months.
    Which will be one of the biggest frauds ever pulled on the American people, a President who had such little support that she was one the first to drop out of the Democrats primary.
    Then the next question is, what kind of Uber leftist would become VP?

  • John

    Seems an invalid is an appropriate figurehead for a government that did everything it could to negate the 2016 election.

    He won’t be around for long, either for being a national security threat from all the foreign money flowing to him through his crack-head son, or for being an imbecile.

    We’ll then unironically get the tyrant the left really wants, who couldn’t even get past a primary.

    Isn’t living in a representative republic grand?

  • To Ian C. and F16 Guy: I had suspected that the Democrats nominated Biden expressly to get Harris in office, but that seemed way too Conspiracy. And yet, similar observations from independent sources. And, really, it counts as ‘politics as usual’ on a wide scale. Nothing really nefarious here, as far as the power play. Looks like a choice between a Republican win, and mass rioting, or a Democrat win, and mass misery. You make the call.

  • Edward

    That so many Democrats are now willing to vote for a Vice President that they so resoundingly rejected only a few months ago says much about how morally and ethically bankrupt the party is. Not just the leadership but the membership. Why is the Democratic Party membership now accepting without complaint someone that they had found so completely unacceptable only months ago?

    One has to wonder what criteria Democrats use in order to choose who to vote for. It cannot just be the “D” next to the name, because in the primary that all have the same “D.”

  • Ian C.

    Blair Ivey,

    “Nothing really nefarious here, as far as the power play.”

    Another reason might be that they wanted to revive the positive feelings many had for the prior administration. I remember that shortly after Trump’s victory (or inauguration), a wave of Obama/Biden nostalgia went through the demoralized liberal electorate.

  • David

    Mr. Zimmerman:

    I believe the “George” example you used was the result of a deceptively edited video. Biden was speaking to George Lopez if memory serves me correctly on what I saw earlier tonight.

    Regarding the thrust of your piece, it seems to me that America once again must choose between two horrible picks. Biden, who health and ethics regarding his family is something to ponder. And Trump, a man who lies as easily as he draws breath and his ethics…well that’s something to ponder as well.

    Regardless of who wins, I’m left with the gut twisting thought that this is a horribly divided country, and I see little sign that either “side” will try to heal the divide. And how can they, when both have armies of proxies who will only point at the failings (real or perceived) of the other without ever pointing their high powered vision at their own candidate/party?

  • Chris

    Danger lie ahead.
    We have the Democrat party going through the nomination’s birthing machinations producing the candidate Biden – that as Edward noted was rejected by the party only to be “resurrected” and placed upon their plinth. Next to Joe is the person who in the opening debate eviscerated Biden on his early record especially on his stances on race. – the all too often used “nuclear weapons” of the left. Then, in the marriage to unite the kingdoms of the old Democrats and the Sanders- Squad wing, old time racist Joe is wed to modern Kamala to pit them against the evils of the “can do -will do” Trump administration.
    In the media, dominated by the alphabet soup (ABC,CBS…), the “Paper of Record” and other “Truth” (Pravda in Russian) rags a constant flurry of cover ups deceptions, non-reporting and the ever present game of “Look! Another colorful Covid-bird!”keeps the American public from seeing beyond the Joe and Kamala facade. World shaking events such as real progress to peace in the Middle East, or Come-back economies or vaccine development in record time are simply one-day mentions or by-lines – But “Bad man! -Orange Man!!”continues. Ever present double-digit “polls” tell us that Truth and Justice will return! And those overwhelming polls will be useful to in order to sway every case of “hanging chad” that questions the Harris-Biden (oops!) triumph.
    As we saw in the Russia-Gate coup, the media will team with the Democrats to gain whatever they can – no matter the means or unholy the goal.

    But even through all this we can get glimpses of Joe Biden; muttering, stammering, not knowing where he is or what he is running for. These clips will prove useful when the time comes – astonished reporters will remark sadly “it was right before us and we did not know”.

    Those who’s eyes are clear know his time would be limited in office. We see he is afflicted. (I think he has progressive supranucelar palsy – I pity him). The media and the Democrat party know Joe’s condition too.

    Think of what kind of people are behind this. Who would use a stricken man such as Biden. Who would meld such conflicted ideologies such as Socialist/Communism and Old-time Democrat party teachings. Who would force feed the public on Covid scares, peaceful protests over systemic racism, a Russian cooped president…etc.? Who would do this? Those who want power and power alone.

    The deep-controllers behind this who know Joe will be 25th Amendment removed will sorrowfully note that Joe is stricken and cannot continue. Kamala is ready to step up now and lead us through the many crisis ahead (systemic racism, climate change, slumping economies, unemployment due to automation, …….. and perhaps an overly armed public). Her Emergency Tools have been forged by the Corona virus crisis.
    She only need wield them.

  • sippin_bourbon


    Look up the definition of a ‘yellow dog democrat”

  • sippin_bourbon


    Yes Biden was talk ing with George Lopez.

    However, this is what he said:
    “Not because I’m running, but because who I’m running against, this is the most consequential election in a long, long, long time,” Biden said. “And the character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot. What kind of country we’re gonna be?

    “Four more years of George, er, George, er, he — we’re going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world,” he corrected himself.”

    He corrected himself because you can visibly see his wife saying “Trump” right next to him.

    So, did he forget who he was running against, or just mix up his names because of a placard in front of him the the name hosts’ names on it? Either way, his mental acuity is lacking. He will not have Jill to whisper in his ear for everything as President.

    The full.vid is on this page.
    Skip to 12 minutes in.

    My conclusion is that he said George because of Mr Lopez is simply cover for his apparent mental issues.

    He performed well at the debate for 45 minutes, but then the exhaustion hit, and he started making mistakes. He was slurring at one point. He was goaded into admitting a position he wanted to avoid.

    If he is doing okay, why do his staff herd reporters away when he appears to stumble on answers?

  • LocalFluff

    There’s an old saying in the same spirit in Sweden about social democrats. They will vote socialist even if that party is headed by a horse.
    The left simply never cares at all about anything in reality. They live in a fog and shadow fight their imagined ghosts with a ridiculous homemade glossary.

  • Joe

    The plan is get him elected by the ‘Not Trump’ vote. Then Kamala takes over as soon as practical per Jill’s decree that her husband must remove himself or the Feds prove he committed high crimes while he was VP. Then, the firs thing Kamala will do is pack the court with people like Hillary and Adam Schiff. Then, likely the House and Senate and Executive and Judicial branches all become this new democratic society bent on controlling everything everybody does, much like a home owner’s association for the next 16 years. So, get out and take back our country and vote. It is our only hope.

  • wayne

    I tend to agree with Rick– it would be on the order of weeks, not months before biden was eased out. ( under some excuse of some kind, or lee-harvey-oswalded to become a martyr to cover for the impending police-state they have in mind….)
    On the other hand…..Woodrow Wilson had a stroke which pretty much toasted him, and his wife ran the Country for 2 years.
    That being said–biden most likely has some form of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s–they both present differently and they won’t let us see Biden for extended periods of time, so hard to get a good sample. There is also a form of dementia called lewy-body dementia, often associated with late onset Parkinson’s (with or w/o shaking). Trump on the other hand— very impressive for his age, both physically and mentally, no matter what one’s opinion of him.
    Chris– not familiar with that form of palsy, but you could be on to something. I’ll have to watch him closer.

  • F16 Guy


    Please elaborate on the “lies” Trump has said that offend you the most. Also, what are his ethics violations you mention?

    Also, please be sure you have read all the GOOD that Trump has done for this country here:

    The choice is easy for me.

  • Cotour

    Do you know what offends me?

    “Intelligent” IGNORANT people and opinions based in EMOTION offends me.

  • Steve Richter

    what democrats bring to the presidency is an large cadre of trained professionals who are willing and able to run departments of government. When was the last time republican policy experts got together and discussed their ideas for national health care? Foreign policy? Subsidized housing? What to do about the covid-2 virus? Energy policy? Education – standardized testing?

    Granted, the democrat think tanks have wrong headed and dangerous ideas. But at least they are interested in the subject matter, have spent years in school earning advanced degrees, getting to know other professionals in the field. A case can be made that cabinet department heads will run things in the Biden admin. Despite failing health and stamina, he could linger for all 4 years.

    I early voted for Trump. Even like the way he speaks his mind. But where is the rest of the team? Could Ben Carson make an appearance somewhere and give a review of what his department has accomplished, what the plan is for next year? Are any policy people working to counter the FDA and its go slow approach on covid vaccine approval?

  • Sam

    Yes, it is a farce so absurd it beggars belief, but who votes for whom counts very little this election, much less why one chooses a particular candidate.

    In a quasi-honest election Trump would have a great chance, despite the jaw dropping censorship and propaganda, because incumbents who don’t start wars always have a great chance. However this is not an honest election by a long shot. The democrats have had this one in the bag since it became clear they won the covid narrative war (let’s say since May, as the BLM protests and riots ran amok while regular citizens were – and remain – locked down). After that it was inevitable that the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” would work as intended.

    Bookmark this comment to make fun of me if Trump wins. I will happily eat crow with extra gravy.

  • Cotour

    If 46% of registered black voters favor Trump then he wins, period. And that will be compounded by the Hispanic vote, and the Cuban vote, etc, etc.

    And that is highly likely.

    The ONLY way Biden prevails is in court and through chicanery. Chaos and confusion is what the Democrats have invested in because they had no competent candidate and that is what they are counting. And IMO, Trump in the end wins. One way or another.

  • Cotour

    Do you know what black people in particular demand in all things?


    And what does Joe Biden project? DISRESPECT. And that is a no, no.

    One of only many Biden racist reveals that correctly portray him as a racist and more importantly taking the black vote for granted. And that don’t play well in the black community.

    And then you have “Judith Light”, Kamala the vapid, the giggling / laughing vp candidate, pandering to the hood and telling, Charlamagne. “Yes I smoked (Pot). And I inhaled.

    Mean while she put thousands of her fellow black citizens in jail for the same while attorney general. (The woman is a political zero)

    I think that the black population in this country have finally reached their come to Jesus moment regarding these institutional, “White cracker” Democrat, pandering, do nothing politicians.

    Personally love Trump or hate Trump, he puts up real accomplishments as president, and he has not forgotten the black population and they clearly understand that.

  • Cotour

    I will give you all a little more of the “NEW” black American reality:

    Keep watching.

  • Edward

    sippin_bourbon wrote: “Look up the definition of a ‘yellow dog democrat’“:

    That’s hilarious. Three decades ago, a small town near where I lived actually and intentionally elected a dog as its mayor.

  • sippin_bourbon


    Rabbit hash?

    “Brynneth Pawltro, a 3-year-old pit bull, will take over as mayor. She’s known lovingly around Rabbit Hash simply as Brynn.

    Brynn won the mayoral election Tuesday night, receiving 3,367 votes.”

  • Edward

    Not Rabbit Hash, but it looks like there are plenty of places that would rather be ruled by a dog than by a Republican. (Did I just compare a senile, corrupt, old, plagiarist to a dog? Please forgive me; I didn’t mean to insult dogs.)

  • wayne

    “That’s my other dog imitation.”
    “Kelly’s Heroes” (1970)

  • wayne

    James & Barbara Reyes
    Tucson Arizona 2016

  • Chris

    Wayne – watch his eyes. He looks to not have good control over them. As I understand the “supranucelar“ refers to the area of the brain that controls the eyes. As I understand Parkinson’s patients tend to fall backwards, PSP fall forward.
    PSP took my mother early in the disease. See was an avid reader, PSP took that away.

    Kelly’s heroes- great, fun film.

  • wayne


  • David

    Sippin_bourbon: Thank you for the link/info. Point conceded.

    F16 guy: Do you have a particular subject in mind concerning my observation of what I see as Trump’s lies and ethics? My observation about both Trump and Biden is simply based on watching and listening throughout time. I think it is telling you asked me to elaborate on my opinion about Trump, but not Biden.

  • Cotour

    The rampant necessary dishonesty of the media as they continue to shill for the Democrats:


    You have to squint to see how Biden’s lead won’t hold up on Election Day.”

    Well my bet is that these are not screw ups in polling, these are outright dis and mis information being executed by these corporate media giants in a concerted effort to take Trump out because of the existential threat he poses to them and their Democrat, Socialist / Globalist domination agenda where they are free to shape and “inform” the public as THEY see appropriate in everyone’s “best” interests.

    In other words to lie at will to further install the Socialist utopian dream in America and the world. ALL of MSM is lying right now at a level that has never been seen before. (Seriously, what are these people thinking?)

    And who will counter intuitively push Trump over the line? The black and Hispanic Americans who have educated themselves and refuse to further support the corrupt Democrats and their oppressive anti and un American and anti black and Hispanic agenda.

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