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Make no mistake, Israel is about to begin the final defeat of Hamas in Gaza

Hamas vs Israel
Even the Arabs recognize these facts.
Courtesy of Doug Ross.

If anything should illustrate the bankrupt, mindless, stupid and out-of-touch mentality of the leaders of the Democratic Party, it has been the efforts recently of President Joe Biden and Senate Majority leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) to push for a major slow-down or even shut down of Israel’s war against the murderous Hamas leadership and its minions in Gaza.

Biden wants Israel to slow down and to limit its offensive and not move into the last Hamas stronghold in its southern city of Rafah. Schumer has called for new elections in Israel to remove Netanyahu, who Schumer called “an obstacle to peace.”

Both, along with many members of their party, are presently considering ways to punish Israel if it defies them and invades Rafah, including withholding military aid.

Both men are actually excellent examples of the majority of the modern Democratic Party, willing to excuse rape and murder of women and children, if it furthers their political agenda. Both want the American Muslim vote, and are willing to tolerate any evil by Islamic terrorists to get it. In fact, it is very likely that they are doing this because of a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism and Jew-hate within their party ranks.

What these leaders of the Democratic Party do not understand at all is that Israel is no longer interested in compromising with them, with Hamas, or with any Islamic terrorists anywhere. As Netanyahu made clear in his response to these calls this past weekend, Israel is moving forward in this war, and nothing is going to stop it.

No international pressure will stop us from realizing all of the goals of the war: Eliminating Hamas, freeing all of our hostages and ensuring that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel.

In order to do this, we will operate in Rafah. This is the only way to eliminate Hamas’s murderous brigades, and this is the only way to use the military pressure necessary to free all of our hostages. To this end, we have approved the operational plans for action in Rafah, including advancing the steps to evacuate the civilian population from the combat zones. This is an essential stage ahead of the military action.

Those who say that the action in Rafah will not occur are those who also said that we would not enter Gaza, or act in Shifa or in Khan Yunis, and that we would not resume the fighting after the lull.

Therefore, I reiterate: We will operate in Rafah. This will take several weeks, and it will happen.

As I noted in October, shortly after Hamas’s horrific attack, that attack was Israel’s Pearl Harbor.

Israel no longer cares what the world thinks, especially if the world is willing to look the other way when mass murders take place. For decades Hamas has demanded that Israel surrender and die. It proved to the world this was its position on October 7th. Israel has decided to take Hamas at its word, and give it the same or more. It is going into Gaza, and it will do it aiming for total victory and nothing less.

In the five months since, nothing has happened to change Israel’s mind. Hamas leaders continue to make it clear their goal is to kill all Jews in Israel, to murder millions so that they and only they will rule. Their willingness to negotiate with Israel so far has merely been their method of stalling the attacks so they can regroup, while attempting to get as many of their terrorists out of Israeli prisons in exchange for a handful of hostages. In the end, their goals have never changed. Every Jewish Israeli must die, and the entire region must become an Islamic caliphate, as stated in Hamas’s own founding documents.

Israel to the world: Never again!
Israel to the world: Never again!

Why should Israel bother negotiating with these genocidal maniacs? Only fools and idiots — like Biden and Schmuer — would consider that a reasonable position.

Ordinary Americans recognize this. Large majorities support Israel in this war, despite what the press and the left and its Hamas queslings say. Israel will fight on, and the efforts by the Democratic Party leadership to aid Hamas will in the end fail.

Whether that effort will cause harm to these Democrats in November remains unknown. Americans for decades have sadly not responded forcefully and with conviction when shown such corrupt thinking. Routinely for example voters would condemn all of Congress for its inability to pass a sane budget or act responsibly, but then vote over and over again for their own incumbent congressman or senator.

Will Democrats do the same in November? History tells us they will. They will look the other way again, as they have done now for decades.

The difference now is that Israel no longer cares. Even if Democrats win in November, Israel will no longer let others decide its fate. When it sees it must fight to protect itself, it will. If this reality doesn’t soon sink into the thick skulls of many American Democrats, they will — like Biden and Schumer — repeatedly make themselves look foolish, time and again.

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  • F

    “Why should Israel bother negotiating with these genocidal maniacs? Only fools and idiots — like Biden and Schmuer — would consider that a reasonable position.”

    Biden and Schumer are acting like fools, but their motivation is actually hatred, not foolishness. They hate Israel for the same Leftist reasons they hate the United States.

  • Charles Schumer is probably at the pinnacle and is the prime example of a Political Realm / Strategy Over Morality player strategically pandering to a sworn enemy’s constituency within his own country in order to affect the coming presidential election to further secure his political party’s power and control.

    It does not get much lower than that.

    Oh, wait, he also threatened the Supreme Court Justices specifically with violence while pandering to another constituency.

    The rule: Politics, the dirtiest, filthiest most perverted and corrupt activity that human beings participate in, and Charles Schumer proves the rule.

    Charles Schumer, a vial human being who will literally do anything in order to retain his position and political power.

    Joe Biden in it for his ego, prestige, the power and the money. Charles Schumer in it for the ego, the prestige and the power. Both men never had a real job in the real world.

  • Concerned

    Sociopaths like Biden and Schumer, to the extent they are capable of any self reflection, have long ago stopped caring about whether or not they look foolish.
    Getting votes and keeping power is the bottom line for these conscience-less oligarchs. They are utterly morally bankrupt.

  • Why do our elected officials think that a country that practices State-supported child mutilation has any moral authority whatsoever?

  • Concerned: What does your comment tell us about the people who vote for Biden and Schumer?

  • Concerned

    Bob: It chills me to the bone that so many of my fellow citizens vote for these people.
    Critical thinking and common sense aren’t so common anymore.
    Easy to complain, much harder to see a way forward.
    Your unwavering commitment to truth telling is a good example for those of us still able to critically think with moral clarity.

  • John

    I don’t think you can destroy hamas. They may take Rafah and root out most or all of the current leaders. But hamas is an ideology and will be replaced even if it has a new name.

    The palestinians that survive will not vote for peace. Their charter will never recognize Israel’s right to exist. No nation, Arab or western, will give them a place to immigrate to – they’re too valuable as blood pawns where they are.

    They’ll rebuild and choose war. As soon as they’re able, rockets will again fly indiscriminately. As soon as they’re able they will butcher civilians again. Before that, terrorist sympathizers will lament the plight of the poor innocent palestinians and a ton of money will flow in to start the cycle anew.

  • pzatchok

    Israel should take ALL of the Gaza strip and deport every single Palestinian.

    Send them all into either the West Bank or Lebanon.

    Either place and Hamas will have to do battle with other groups to try to gain control of the people. This could give Israel 5 years or more of nothing but suicide runs from Hamas.
    With any luck Hezbollah Jordan or Lebanon will take care of them for us.

  • A conquered people, and the Palestinian people are essentially a conquered people, either assimilate and adapt oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor.

    In todays “Civilized” world lawyers, statesman and presidents insist through their pandering and being pulled and pushed that the terror and death go on forever and there can never be actual peace and an actual settlement.

    This is a characteristic of the more Liberal and more “moral” leadership among us.

    It should come down to a strong but benevolent binary choice. And when you choose to continue your terror campaign and become tired of being beat to a pulp you choose another way and move on and find a balance where you can have a life.

    Our “Civilization” facade creates too many false choices and the death and destruction is prolonged far, far beyond where it needs to go.

    Oh, yeah, and then throw into the mix a radical religious component, that makes things much more reasonable (sarcasm).

    Don’t worry, Joe and company have all of this handled. Just look at Afghanistan, look at the border that is an example of their “strong” and benevolent “leadership”. (Read: TREASON!)

    America makes a good enemy and a bad friend.

    When weakness, pandering, party politics and radical lawyers is the rule of the day that is.

  • pzatchok

    Peace for the peaceful Palestinians is a short bus ride away. The smart ones should be asking for a cash settlement with Israel for their land homes and businesses and a bus ride to the peaceful lands.

    Any who wish to stay behind will not be compensated and will still be given that same bus ride.

    Hamas can not hide behind a people who are not there.

  • Larry Folds

    I believe Schumer should run for office in Rafah.

  • BLSinSC

    Imagine what the world would look like if DEMOcrats were in FULL CHARGE!! I can’t even think of how disgusting and dangerous everywhere would be! I applaud the Israelis for their actions and we should LEARN from them – DON’T WAIT TILL IT’S TOO LATE!!

    I sort of blame President Reagan for the mess in Iran/Lebanon and a lot of the muslim world! When the hostages were released he should have LEVELED the mullahs’ strongholds and put Lebanon on track to enter the 8th Century! Now the mullahs have just about all they need to produce NUCLEAR weapons and THEY are crazy enough to use them! I’m sure Israel is keeping an eye on them. Hmm, could it be that this whole Gaza thing was planned to take Israel’s eye off Iran at the time of their “breakout”?? Surely would be bad if one of those nukes went off prematurely!

  • Dr. Veritas

    Is that moral equivalency cheat sheet a joke? Was it written by a supreme council of rabbi’s? What non-sense. I’m very much anti communist, and anti authoritarian, and I think the current Biden administration should, at best, all be in prison. But this Hegelian dialectic has duped so many seeminlgy objective and critically thinking people. It seems blatant to me that both sides are being used to foment global war and the ostensibly permanent removal of our rights, regardless of which side we choose. Get out of your bubbles and admit the reality of the situation.

  • J R Richardson

    Holy smokes, you make sense. I just bookmarked you to do some R&D to make sure you are real. It’s odd why you use Paypal though-they hate people with opinions like yours. I’ll send a check.

  • Mad Celt

    What is hard to fathom is why people would vote for Biden or his ilk? I hear such out of touch comments as, ‘he sent us a check. Trump never did that’. I am not astonished by Democrat behavior as I am by the supporters who sanction it.

  • Craken

    Biden is stupid; Schumer is not, making his moral culpability greater.

    To compare Israel today with America in 1941 is to badly misunderstand geopolitics. America was fully independent of all other nations in 1941, and required no assistance of any kind to defeat the most powerful nations on earth. Israel requires all manner of outside assistance, starting with various raw materials and including high tech products from all over the developed world. The “I don’t care what the world thinks” stance of the current Israeli government is mere political rhetoric. Israel cannot achieve autarky–unless it creates a Greater Israel Co-Prosperity Sphere. Which would be amusing.

  • J R Richardson: Thank you for the kind words, and the offer of support. As for Paypal, when it made it clear it would punish account holders for having opinions it did not like, I quickly moved to add numerous ways for readers to support me. Before then, readers could only use Paypal or send a check. They now have Zelle and Patreon as options.

    As a result, Paypal lost about 30% of its share of business at my site alone. I suspect this number applies closely to its entire business.

  • Col Beausabre

    Veritas (plainly no dr) – Is your post a joke? Was it written by the supreme council of Hamass while they hide in Quatar? What nonsense. Denying the truth in that chart is buying into lies. Get out of your bubble and admit the reality of the situation.

  • Richard Reese

    Col. B:
    Thank you for your response to Dr. Veritas (Veritas . . . HAH!!)

  • Mike

    Robert, great article. Thank you.

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