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One doctor’s perspective on COVID

Since the arrival of the Wuhan panic in March 2020 my family doctor, Robert Lending, has been sending his patients a weekly update on what he knows about COVID and its risks to them and to others.

From the beginning he has maintained in these updates a neutral attitude, focusing entirely on facts and data. He has kept his opinions out of his updates, and has generally taken on faith much of the data released by official government agencies.

Nearly two years later, and 88 updates, Lending’s patience has finally worn thin. His 89th and most recent update, released yesterday, was quite blunt. As he told me when he gave me permission to reprint it in full,

I am getting sick of it all so I am starting to opinionate more.

Below the fold is that most recent update. I have edited out Lending’s references to his patients and regular practice, focusing instead on his analysis, based on his detailed long term review of the literature coming from science journals and government agencies. I have highlighted his most pertinent conclusions.

My readers are free to take whatever conclusions they wish from what he writes. My conclusion is that his analysis proves that everything I have written about the Wuhan virus since the beginning of 2020 has turned out to be essentially correct. This virus was never the threat it was ginned up to be, and was instead merely a political tool of fear to increase the power of those in government while oppressing everyone else.

Dr. Lending’s analysis — and his permission to me to republish it — indicates that I am no longer the only person willing to say so, publicly.

From the Desk of Dr. Lending: COVID-19 Update #89


Frankly, I have lost complete confidence in what previously was an honest and excellent organization. The messaging for over a year has been inconsistent with science and data; serving mostly polarizing and political perspectives. More recently, the messaging has changed dramatically, with reversals; because the American Public deserves truth and the CDC has a lot of egg on their face.

-The entire masking {{{See MASKS below}}} scenario has been modified 5-10 times over almost 2 years. The CDC has tried to justify masking directives based on supply availabilities, which was the wrong thing to do. They lied to the public about removing masking mandates by getting vaccinated, as a “carrot” to be able remove masks.

I could discuss every single mask recommendation and reversal; but I won’t.

The CDC has not and still is not following the science about the truth of vaccine benefits; especially against Omicron. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not anti-VAX, and I received Pfizer X 3. But I am against vaccinating the children. On Friday, Jan 21, the CDC and FDA announced that they are pushing for vaccines for Ages 0-4 now. Schools are demanding Boosters for kids. Colleges are insanely making low-risk college students, with natural recovery antibodies and Vaccinations X 2, get weekly testing and a Booster. This is non-scientific, reflecting fear and political theater.

The CDC has ignored many advisory committees concerning many Covid-19 issues.

-I believe that CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH should be replaced. (Please don’t get me going about Dr. Fauci; who has multiple conflicts of interest, financial and otherwise; and who repeatedly lied to the American public and continues to create a never-ending “doom and gloom” scenario. Dr. Fauci needs to resign or be fired; and may face criminal charges for lying at Congressional Hearings.)

-The CDC is finally recognizing natural immunity recovery antibodies as “better” than vaccine-induced; especially against Omicron. Hooray, a little truth finally.


-Basically, I am anti-mask, but respect another persons’ right to wear one for the next 50 years. I have no right to tell someone else what to do. Conversely, other people have no right to shame and tell anti-maskers what to do. I object to mask Mandates, as well as the ridiculous situation of needing a mask to enter a restaurant and then walking 6 feet to your table where you sit down and remove it. Please look at Update #73 for a bunch of medical links and references for both pro-mask and anti-mask positions that I wrote about 3- 4 months ago.

Omicron has shown the world that masking is completely ineffective. Of course, now the CDC has again flip-flopped and stated to use only N95 and KN95; properly fitted.

All along, I have stated that masks are essentially worthless, especially for viruses. Single, double, and triple thickness cloth masks do not block anything. Standard surgical masks might reduce bacterial transmission 35%. N95 type masks cannot be worn by men with beards. They must be so tightly fitted that they leave deep creases in your face. Prior to Covid-19, when hospital employees had to wear them for TB exposure prevention, they were told not to wear them for more than 3 hours at a time. They had to be fit-tested and gas leak-tested. If leaks were found, then hospital workers had to wear PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) devices instead of N95. The N95 knockoffs such as the KN95s are not as good. N95 with valves do not protect others from you. There are now many counterfeit N95s for sale {See MEDICAL LINK below}. Obviously, N95s were never meant to be worn for 8-12 hours; and certainly not by youth and school children. If you are wearing an N95 and you can smell anything, such as aroma in a restaurant when you walk in, perfume, cologne, coffee, citrus, foul odors, etc.; then your fit is not correct and that N95 is worthless.

-I am sorry that Whoopie Goldberg got Covid-19, but she acted in ‘disbelief as an Elitist’; stating that she “followed every CDC guideline including masking but still caught Omicron. So, why did that happen to me?”

I hope the FAA and the world’s airlines finally remove the mandatory mask requirements eventually. It is anti-science. However, I do not care nor do I shame a mask-believer and mask-wearing, even if not required.

-I believe that masking creates ongoing “worry” and fear and “doom and gloom”. It continues to remind us all about illness and death, and the inability of life to ever get back to normal.

Masking the youth and school children, at this point, is a form of abuse and punishment; interfering also with socialization and emotional stability.


-A 6-3 decision to remove the Employer (>100 employees) vaccine mandate.

-However, (in my opinion) a ridiculous 5-4 decision to force Health Professionals, based on their employer simply receiving Medicare/Medicaid monies, to be vaccinated. This does not follow the science. This will worsen the already reduced number of healthcare workers; which are already critically low and unable to staff hospitals. Institutions like Mayo Clinic, etc. and even our own Arizona Community Physicians will be impacted. People make statements in favor of this ruling by stating that “they think all healthcare workers should be VAX because the don’t want to catch Covid-19 from a healthcare worker.” Well, that argument goes up in smoke and evaporates because now, because of critical worker shortages, hospitals are now actually letting active contagious Covid-19 (+) tested people to work in the hospitals as long as the (+) person is wearing an N95. This is again anti-science and stupid. Wouldn’t a patient rather have a well person who has natural recovery antibodies attending to them; rather than an ill one who is actively transmitting Omicron? {{{I would love to debate the absurdity and hypocrisy of this decision!}}}

-Just announced on Friday, Jan 21, a Federal Circuit Judge ruled that Federal employees do not have to get vaccinated. This one will also probably escalate to the Supreme Court. This would include military and all non-healthcare Federal workers.


-If Vaccines do not prevent or stop Omicron, then why are the mandates still even existing? The vaccines have shown to reduce the risk of severe disease leading to hospitalization. You cannot vaccinate (or test) your way out of this Pandemic!

-Israel had started giving out Pfizer #4 (Booster on top of a Booster) but just announced that it was not helping at all. I believe that they have stopped mandating or even recommending that 4th shot.

-I would strongly consider a 4th shot if it is a modified Variant-specific vaccine, but am in no hurry to take a 4th identical vaccine.


-Russian Vaccine Sputnik V may be better against Omicron than our mRNA available here. It was not as effective as ours against original Wuhan and Delta.

-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about ready to withdraw all mandates, restrictions, and policies concerning Covid-19. So, maybe the world will soon follow; even if the US Government and the “Blue States” do not.

A realistic Worldwide and USA Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for Covid-19 Wuhan and Delta {{all ages }} is 0.75%-1.0% going back to the onset of the Pandemic. [Editor’s note: This is practically identical to the numbers I published in October 2021 and December 2021.]

-Omicron’s figures are much lower for Severe Cases, Hospitalizations and Death. The number of Omicron cases is not the important data that needs tracking. It usually presents either asymptomatic or as a cold or a flu illness. Home quarantining for 3-7 days should suffice. I believe that nearly everyone in the USA and in the world will get Omicron [Ro is 5-10]. The true case number is unknown, especially if people do home testing and find (+) results. Most people would not then call their Public Health Department to report it; therefore the denominator of the equation could be off 10-Fold or even 100-Fold. Therefore, using reported data and statistics, the CFR for Omicron is a minuscule 0.1% to 0.01%, possibly 0.001%. That means that about 99.99+% of Omicron cases recover. Except in rare cases, Omicron does not need any treatment at all.

-The good news is that Omicron is now 95-98% of all USA cases, and has suppressed the much more dangerous Delta.

Any media outlet that is trying to project the next Variant as possibly being “more contagious than Omicron and more deadly than Delta” is anti-science, fearmongering, and creating “doom and gloom”. (Truthfully, I am so sick of the Media…) I believe that the Pandemic is resolving and evolving into coronavirus endemic (just like a flu or cold).

-The US Government is sending home kits to people, but there is a 7-14 day delivery time; making them useless if acutely ill and needing an urgent test. Those kits could be saved and used later.

-For people with extremely mild symptoms, I recommend self-quarantine for 5-7 days; without testing.

-To increase your test accuracy in detecting Omicron, first swab your throat then do a nasal swab. Omicron multiplies in the throat to a greater degree than the nose. If you are recovering and need a (-) swab to get back to work or back into the USA, then do not swab the throat. Remember that some people can carry non-contagious virus antigens and remain (+) for prolonged periods of time; which really creates logistical issues for that individual.

-A “stealth” variant of Omicron is now being seen in a few countries around the world. The three subtypes of this Omicron are BA.1, BA.2, and BA.3. They might be even more transmissible than original Omicron (B.1.1.529), but seem to have the same degree of virulence; which is minuscule. The BA.2 subtype has the ability to evade PCR testing. Some scientists believe that these “stealth” variants will be nonconsequential; while others believe it may cause a ‘double-peak’ of Winter case infections, although not a surge in deaths.

-New studies have shown Natural Immunity from Infection Recovery far exceeds Vaccine-Induced Immunity.

-Study from John Hopkins showed that T Cells against Omicron reduced disease severity; and that there is a cross-over effect showing that Omicron immunity protects against Delta, probably 4-Fold.

-Testing Shortages are creating a Black Market, Counterfeit Tests, Price Gouging, harm greater those in the lower economic class; as well as confusion about isolation/quarantining.


-Really irrelevant at this time. Case numbers going crazy high; but not deaths.

-Most people currently in hospitals are not there because of Omicron. More vaccinated +/- boostered people are hospitalized currently as compared to the unvaccinated; as paradoxical as it sounds.


How can you spot a counterfeit N95 or KN95 face mask?

Sputnik V shows higher Omicron-antibody levels than Pfizer in preliminary study

I’m Over COVID Symptoms, but Still Testing Positive. Am I Infectious?

GOP lawmakers ask FDA for answers in Pfizer COVID-19 booster approval process for children

Omicron: Some GOOD News | A Doctor Explains

Study: Omicron associated with 91% reduction in risk of death compared to Delta

Biden administration announces additional purchase of 500,000 AstraZeneca Covid-19 treatment courses

Prioritization Criteria for Paxlovid [pdf]

Omicron less severe even for unvaccinated, South African study shows

Discordant SARS-CoV-2 PCR and Rapid Antigen Test Results When Infectious: A December 2021 Occupational Case Series

Saliva swabs are the preferred sample for Omicron detection


Please, please do not live in fear. Use your best judgment about activities. Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask; as it is your choice in most instances. Do not shame others. Do healthy things. Do not purposely go out and contract an Omicron infection. Getting a Covid-19 vaccine in adults does help prevent severe cases. Get a flu shot if that is your desire since flu is also in the community. We are here for you.

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  • BtB’s Original Mark

    We have to combat Medical Tyranny with data. I read today one of the most powerful articles that had proven data from the U.S. Military that revealed the very large and statistically significant increase in disease in 2021 in the U.S. Military.

    * Miscarriages occurred nearly three times more often than the five-year average.
    * New cancer diagnoses also occurred at three times the five-year average.
    * There have been ten times the number of neurological diagnoses, totaling more than 800,000
    * myocardial infarction – a 269% increase
    * Bell’s palsy – a 291% increase
    * congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) – a 156% increase
    * female infertility – a 471% increase
    * pulmonary embolisms – a 467% increase

    Let your elected officials know that you support these whistleblowers and the investigations into COVID vaccine injuries by Senator Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson has stated he has put the DOD on notice to preserve all records pending an investigation.

  • V-Man

    I’m starting to see more articles and posts asking questions. There was an editorial today in Le Devoir newspaper that talked about side effects and mandates being evil etc. …And this is in Quebec, Land of the Sheeps.

    Ten years hence, I wouldn’t be surprised to see ads on TV going “if you were vaccinated in 2021, you may be entitled to compensation! Call the law offices of Ambulance Chaser, Esq., for more details…”

  • Bobby Hill

    If this is even true, is it at all surprising that Bob would go to a doctor that has a bad take on this the Covid situation? Seems rather likely that he would end up with someone who shares in his moronic, self serving, and dangerous points of view.

  • Ian C.

    An opportunity to comment on my comments from early 2020.

    Some may remember that I was seriously concerned in early 2020 and made simple predictions on the development of covid deaths. I shared, at that time, how I came to those predictions (I worked in epidemiological modeling years before, so I did simple extrapolations of exponential growth, once it turned into logistic growth I used my gut feeling (since most growth curves behave rather similarly)). Those that I shared here, for the US and UK, were okay-ish (except for Sweden). I also openly said how I would use worst-case models to grab the political decision-makers’ attention (because they’re flooded by attention-grabbing stuff every day and I’d have to stand out with even more dramatic messages). I was convinced that it was the right way to approach this situation, though I received plenty of opposition here, and at the same time asked how one could implement a more freedom-respecting pandemic response (but no clear suggestions came).

    In March 2020 I (a European) saw the number of deaths in Italy (Bergamo) and Spain (Madrid), saw the Chinese response from February 2020 (quickly building hospitals and harsh lockdowns of entire cities, “leaked” videos of collapsing people [not sure whether that was a psyop, perhaps it was]). At that time, I was in favor of harsh lockdowns (no religious exemptions) to see what we’re dealing with.
    At that time there were hints that the disease behaved differently in different ethnicities. So I wanted to see how it performed when it hit European (not only the East Asian) populations. (There were similar rumors when it hit the US, specifically that blacks were rather protected, just to see that they were affected even more [probably because of more preexisting conditions (obesity and what follows from it)].) I was in favor of mask mandates (in February 2020 I saw correlations between Asian populations with “mask culture” and those without and how hard they were affected by the disease).

    In April 2020, after making Bob unhappy with me being a drama queen, I didn’t comment on covid anymore. In May 2020 I saw that we knew what we’re dealing with. More than targeted measures weren’t justified (e.g. enabling the at-risk cohorts to protect themselves if they chose so, but letting the rest of society move on). You skeptics were right, I was wrong (luckily so). Since then many of our Western countries turned into (even more) oppressive nightmares.
    In February 2020 I considered to rejoin my country’s CDC, but luckily I did not; it’s a political bureaucracy and it gave modeling and science a very bad reputation during this pandemic. Erratic, oppressive, corrupt, opportunistic, they lost my respect completely.

    Where I am now, unvaccinated citizens aren’t allowed to do more than grocery/pharmacy shopping, anything else is VERBOTEN. Unvaccinated (and now “only double-jabbed”) are singled out as anti-socials and plague-spreaders and the reason for supply chain shortages and inflation and the necessity for oppressive measures, enemies of the people/state, politicians call them “outside of society,” leading newspapers demand that they’re denied treatment, pensions, jobs and so on. And voicing doubt is almost equal to terrorism and they change laws to criminalize opposition. Their digital monitoring and exclusion infrastructure is on the way with their vaxx pass / QR codes (that will soon be expanded to more than health status). And they made clear that this is a precursor to “climate change.” From their written statements and actions we can see where that will lead us if we don’t stop them.
    Some European countries, like the UK or Denmark, or US states like TX and FL, give hope. But it’s not over, they still have some Plan B “just in case” and we yet have to see what happens toward autumn ’22.

    Now that I got that off my chest… you skeptics were right, I was wrong, I still think my fears were justified at that time, but nonetheless at the same time I was obviously too naive despite already being skeptical about so many thing… I feel much better now. :)

  • Ian C: Just so you know, if your panic in 2020 had turned out to be justified, I would have had no problem writing now to say I was wrong and you were right. The important thing is to argue and debate the points, and never use force to impose one answer over the other. Above all, follow Cromwell’s advice, “On the bowels of Christ, think it possible you might be wrong.” I repeat that to myself continually.

    My complaint from the beginning was not so much against the panic (which I strongly despised and tried desperately to defuse) but the immediate desire to impose draconian dictatorial solutions. I know too much history (I am a historian after all), and knew that once Americans allowed the power-hungry to have too much power, they would grab it and never let it go. We now face that battle, and it is horrifying.

  • A quibble:
    “If you are wearing an N95 and you can smell anything, such as aroma in a restaurant when you walk in, perfume, cologne, coffee, citrus, foul odors, etc.; then your fit is not correct and that N95 is worthless.”
    Sorry, but the doctor is wrong on this point.
    An N95 respirator filters out particles – in this case, we want it to filter out tiny droplets. It may or may not be effective at filtering out respiratory aerosols.
    What it won’t filter out is gases, which account for most smells. To block odors, you’d need a VOC / paint fumes / pesticides respirator, which has a much bulkier filter. Trying to filter out odors with an N95 is only marginally better than the old favorite of trying to filter out carbon monoxide with a handkerchief.
    To smell-check a respirator, you’d need a source of smelly particles of the appropriate scale – I assume such things exist, for the specific purpose of checking respirator fit, but (e.g.) the stench in the laundry-products aisle is molecular-scale nasties that have already seeped through cardboard packaging and won’t be stopped by any sort of particulate filter.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Mr. Z.’s comment above encapsulates why I read and often comment on Behind the Black. In my comment below I both agree with him and challenge him. I hope he responds to the question at the end of my observations below.

    Bob states above: “The important thing is to argue and debate the points, and never use force to impose one answer over the other.”

    This is simultaneously a very true & beautiful statement on how mature adults should treat each other in a stable and morals based society, and something that is currently rare in social discourse in our dysfunctional, decadent, and declining Civilization. So while a true statement, we need to acknowledge that it’s operation in Society is dependent on how strongly a culture embraces the principles of the Western Enlightenment. In my opinion the Western Enlightenment is provably on life support in America circa 2020 – 2021.

    Mr. Zimmerman’s quote seems to be based on his personal belief on how individuals should treat their fellow man, on his spiritual belief that freedom of thought and speech is Humanity’s birthright, and his belief as a Historian that freedom is the engine of human progress. I say this based on what he has written on BtB and on his weekly conversations with John Batchelor.

    I acknowledge that this quote is a very true statement on the personal level – “The important thing is to argue and debate the points, and never use force to impose one answer over the other.”

    What I challenge is whether this is true at the level of groups of people struggling for dominance in the political realm. As a Historian, I assume Mr. Z. has read ‘The Federalist Papers’. James Madison wrote 29 of the 85 Federalist papers urging the Constitution’s ratification, and those 29 are a profound collection of political thought and used by legal scholars and Historians to understand our American Constitution and Founding. One of Madison’s key themes was advocating for constitutional institutions to thwart democracy-destroying factions. Madison saw factions as inevitable due to the nature of man—that is, as long as people hold differing opinions, have differing amounts of wealth and own differing amount of property, they will continue to form alliances with people who are most similar to them. And Madison realistically acknowledged that some Factions will sometimes work against ‘the public interest’.
    In Federalist 51, Madison set ambition to counteract ambition making the baser, sometimes immoral, human energies of passions and interests, rather than wisdom, virtue, or reason, power the machinery of government and society. James Madison’s political wisdom is acknowledged and he is known as the “Father of the Constitution”. We should also remember that he was a political realist who knew that social forces could “fly out of their proper orbits and destroy the order & harmony of the political System.”

    Present day America is awash with stories of social forces flying ‘out of their proper orbits’, and many have made the argument that ‘the order & harmony of the political System’ has been severely debilitated. As a reminder to the readers of this post, Bob Zimmerman has written over 300 BtB articles centered on the themes of ‘Blacklisted’ Americans, ‘They’re Coming for you Next’, and ‘The new Dark Age of Silencing’.

    Mr. Z – Regarding your quote “The important thing is to argue and debate the points, and never use force to impose one answer over the other”, please explain if you think American political debate can soon get closer to that ideal or whether we’re in for a long period of fierce machiavellian fighting between the current key ‘factions’ in America.
    Moreover, would you consider taking a wider perspective than one of ascribing our present crisis as centered on fearful Americans these past two years ceding too much power to politicians and bureaucrats? You have provided your readers with detailed and powerful reporting these past years, but in my opinion the deeper roots of our current Civilizational crisis need revealing.

  • William Meisheid

    I am surprised no mention is made by the doctor of the success of prophylactics, both as a preventative and early treatment. D3 alone, get the blood level above 50 ng/ml has been shown since the beginning of this (Indonesia did a study in March of 2020) to be significantly important. Simply put your response to anything COVID is inversely proportional to your blood level of D3. Did he ever mention prophylactics in any of his other briefings? If not, why not? Everyone I know on the protocol has avoided COVID and if they did test positive were essentially asymptomatic or showed brief, less than 24 hours of mild symptoms. Medicine used to be considered a practice, when it became “science” corruption followed suite. Follow the money. Always follow the money.

  • KGB

    He posits that the CFR may be as low at 0.001, and is at worst as low as, if not lower, than seasonal flus/colds, but he still wants people with mild symptoms to quarantine for 5-7 days? Sorry, but at that point he’s saying that this will never be over. Next.

  • Cotour

    The truly insane insanity apparently just grows and grows as the Nurembergers double down?

    “Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old”

    “Fauci wants to stick the babies three times with the experimental COVID shots. Babies have next to ZERO chance of succumbing to the coronavirus. Fauci wants them stuck 3 times anyway.” (?)

    I am sorry but this what appears to be an agenda that is apparently focused on this irrational and counter intuitive injection of what can only be classified as an experimental drug with unknown and unknowable effects into the youngest Americans is way, way over the line and must be resisted at all costs IMO. Why is this necessary?

    What parent would do such a thing?

    The Democrat party machine (And the RINO Republicans who refuse to oppose them and empower them) and those agencies and people who are held within it and controlled by it are without doubt if things like this are approved and executed now officially the Jr. Nazi party. And maybe they are now not so junior. They appear to one upping the Nazi’s and working in numbers and have much larger aspirations.

    What is plain to see, is plain to see.

    The Democrat party machine is becoming more and more dangerous as they hurtle towards their political demise.

    Very dangerous indeed.

    Is it me? Seriously, am I not interpreting this information properly?

  • El Conquistidor

    Our medical community has been rendered untrustworthy through and through in this Tuskeegee experiment writ large. Doctors that practice medicine in the interest of their patients are subject to sanction and loss of license if they deviate from the dictates of Government bureaucrats, who have shown to be corrupt in the utmost, just like the media.

    This is a grave evil.

  • Cotour

    This is a curious story to me:

    A man is refused a heart transplant because he refuses to have *THE* “Vaccine”.

    Is a man in his condition better off with or without the shot? What does he have to lose either way? (Besides his life?)

    And should the medical profession be able to limit his choices because he chooses to not have the vaccine? He is a young man with a young family.

    Where are the medical ethics here and who determines what they are?

  • stan

    His belief in published research is so cute.

    The vast majority of published studies are flawed. Peer review is not a quality process. Since science no longer bothers with replication, science has no quality process. It isn’t just the CDC and the rest of the public health establishment that have demonstrated they aren’t trustworthy. It’s all of the corrupt, incompetent science establishment.

  • Original Mark: I am not ignoring you, but I’m sorry. I honestly don’t have time to answer your questions here in the detail they require. And if I did, I would do it as a post, not as a comment.

    Keep asking however. I would hope other readers would respond instead, fueling the discussing.

  • RHvalross

    I too am a physician who is long since fed up with the obfuscation and politicization of this pandemic. The whole masking saga is illustrative of the evils of turning medical decision-making into a policy agenda. Having lived through the early AIDs era I had seen this before but the current regime has taken it to a higher level. Trying to get an honest assessment from the CDC is sadly an impossibility.

    One of the greatest crimes being perpetrated is the mandatory boosting of the young, especially but not limited to, teen and young adult males. Myocarditis is perhaps only the best known risk, undoubtedly there are others. The promulgation of these mandates by non-physicians with minimal basic knowledge, like university presidents and administrators, begs for accountability yet there will likely be none.

    Second only to forced vaccination is the orchestrated disregard of natural immunity in the interest of convincing people to be vaccinated and maintaining a level of panic designed to foster greater compliance with policy.

    I can only pray that history will record this shameful era for what it has been so that future generations can avoid some of these pitfalls. I am not holding my breath.

  • Cotour

    In the darkest imaginings possible what facts are understood because they are clearly discussed and stated by those “Elites” and Leftist leaning power brokers in the world?

    1. There are too many people on the planet. (The estimated proposed sustainable number of humans on planet earth is 500,000,000)

    2. Human beings are destroying the planet.

    3. There are identified and proposed biological methods of solving both of these issues by the elites /Globalists / World Economic Forum / U.N. types on planet earth.

    4. America and its Constitution is the one monumental thing that exists that fundamentally stands in the way of such “Necessary” agendas.

    Now put these data points and what you see before you in the form of the irrational actions being taken by those in power regarding experimental drugs being mandated injected into the population and the digitalization of that information in a computer model and push the button, what comes out the other end?

    And what would be the justification? In Strategy Over Morality ANYTHING that can be justified in the support of preserving the power structure can be justified.

    CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.


    It does not get much darker than that, but what do you see before you that is being attempted to be manifested by the powers that be? You tell me what you see.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Bob – I understand your position, and I likewise hope other readers will respond to my comment above. I believe that would be an interesting discussion.

  • Cotour

    This is a picture of Hitlers first “Necessary” extermination camp. Is what is old now justified and new now? Just more organized and bigger?

    Forgotten Holocaust! Hitler’s first extermination camp where over 200,000 were murdered in four years – The First News

  • BLSinSC

    It is and HAS BEEN very clear that the “vaccines” were NOT effective. A simple test is “if the “vaccines” work then why aren’t they working? Going back to the fall and winter of 2020 – WHERE DID THE REGULAR FLU GO?? My opinion is that this IS nothing but a PLANDEMIC to prevent the re-ELECTION of PRESIDENT TRUMP and to assert CONTROL over our lives! The dems were facing a PRESIDENT that was making a difference in people’s lives not only in the USA, but around the world! The “elites” could not combat that in an HONEST contest so MILLIONS needed to die! The dems and rinos are the same and all must be defeated and removed so that the TRUTH can be exposed. It may sound like a tin foil conspiracy theory, but as more and more evidence is revealed, it surely seems like the facts back up the theory! It’s time to end this farce!

  • William Meisheid: Dr. Lending covered the importance of these prophylactics repeatedly in his earlier updates, which I obviously could not republish because of length.

  • Edward

    I was just speaking with a woman who has had terrible reactions to the mRNA “vaccines,” from chronic pain to occasional numbness, from appendicitis to thirteen cysts, among other problems that began after her first (faux) vaccine shot. She was healthy and physically active before she got the needle, and now she has her aging mother here to help her with her son. Her doctor asked her to be part of a study, because she didn’t have any medical issues before the jab. Her doctor said that his hospital daily sees four similar cases of post vaccine health problems. This is not some minor issue but is significant. If all the thousands of hospitals across America have similar numbers of daily new cases of Post Vaxx Distress Disorder (my new name for it), then this is a serious problem.

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