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Part 1: The expected upcoming election chaos caused by the left’s hatred of any opposition

The Democratic Party: hostile to freedom and fair elections

The kerfuffle this week at MSNBC because NBC had hired former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is important not because of what eventually happened (MSNBC quickly announced McDaniel was banned though she would still appear on NBC), but by what it reveals of the left’s political class.

Democrat politicians everywhere, both pretending to be journalists at MSNBC as well as within the leaders of the Democratic Party, complained that it was unacceptable to hire a former Republican Party leader, simply because she had dared express opinions and conclusions they disagreed with.

“The free and independent press is fundamental to our democracy and has and continues to face unprecedented attacks by Donald Trump and his lackeys – including Ronna McDaniel – to chip away at its credibility and allow space for MAGA lies and deceit,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison fumed in a statement. “There should be no debate about the truth in our political discourse. Ronna McDaniel is a proven liar, and has no place in an honest and objective conversation about the future of this country.”

Gee, I don’t remember anyone complaining when NBC hired Chuck Todd, who hosted fund-raising events for Hillary Clinton and whose wife is a major leftist strategist who did campaign work for Bernie Sanders. Nor did anyone complain when ABC hired George Stephanopoulos, a longtime Democratic Party campaign worker who was a major player in Bill Clinton’s campaign. Nor did any of these so-called journalists complain about these hires:

Jen Psaki / Biden Press Secretary
Symone Sanders / spokesperson for Kamala Harris
David Plouffe / Barack Obama campaign manager
Laura Jarrett / daughter of Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett
Alicia Menendez / daughter of Dem. Senator Bob Menendez
Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill

What these complaints reveal however is the utterly close-minded intolerant approach to politics of the political class running the Democratic Party. This intolerance is not new. Anyone willing to simply look could have seen it a decade ago, and very clearly in 2016 when Trump first ran for office. Just consider this one story alone when Trump attempted to conduct an election rally in Chicago in 2016:

Chicago community activist Quo Vadis said hundreds of protesters had positioned themselves in groups around the arena, and they intended to demonstrate right after Trump took the stage. Their goal, he said, was “for Donald to take the stage and to completely interrupt him. The plan is to shut Donald Trump all the way down.” [emphasis mine]

The rally was cancelled when it became clear from many sources that it might result in direct violence against attendees attempting to enter or leave the event. Sadly, it was typical of the situation that year, with every Trump rally in Democrat strongholds hit with violent protests.

Today that intransigence and intolerance has only grown. In 2016 it was not considered evil to hire a Republican as a poltical analyst. Now it is. This intolerance thus tells us a great deal about what to expect in the next eight months, leading up to the November election. If you thought 2020 was a violent and difficult election year, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For the next few days I am going to attempt to outline what I think we can expect during those eight months from the unrelenting campaign by this Democratic Party. What I will attempt to do is uncover the tactics and strategies it intends to use to prevent Donald Trump from winning another term as President. None of it will be pretty. Much of it will be in direct violation of the Constitution and our democratic institutions, both in law and spirit. A great deal of it will be very violent and vicious.

And none of it will involve any effort by Democrats to persuade anyone that their policies are right. In fact, these Democrats now consider their policies irrelevant. What matters is their power, and any effort to remove them from power is considered a traitorous act. Or as Biden keeps claiming, an attack on “Democracy itself!”

In the end this intolerance for disagreement and dissent could very well lead in November to the end of this country forever.

We begin today with what might be the least noticed but possibly the most radical attempt to remove Trump from the ballot box, and in this the Democrats seem to be in league with the Never-Trump wing of the Republican Party. For reasons that are obscure but likely involve their own hatred of Trump, a small number of Republican congressmen have been one-by-one resigning their office this spring, and in doing so now threaten to eliminate the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, so that the Democrats can take over prior to the election.

To understand the impact that Republicans losing their majority in the House of Representatives would have on the 2024 Election, we mustn’t look further than the recent Supreme Court decision regarding former President Donald Trump’s ballot access in the upcoming election. The Supreme Court definitively stated in that ruling that Congress, not the individual States, had the right to bar an individual from access to the Presidential ballot. If Republicans can maintain their majority in the House, the prospect of Trump being removed from the Presidential ballot is practically impossible.

Should the Democrats regain control of the House before the 2024 Election, the prospect of President Trump being removed from the Presidential ballot becomes an almost certain possibility. The Democrats already maintain a slight majority in the Senate, enough to pass whatever they like should Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats regain control of the House.

Once again, it appears that the largest threat facing former President Donald Trump is not from the Democratic Party, but from those within his own Party. When examining those who have decided to retire from Congress, and not seek re-election in 2024, we find many commonalities.

Will this happen? I think the chances are extremely slim that the Democrats will attempt this prior to the election, holding as they will such tiny majorities in both Houses. The backlash would be gigantic, and could very well cost many of those Democrats their own seats in the election. Thus, Democrats in moderate districts are very likely to resist such a plan.

The possibility remains however, and when fighting a war it is essential to consider all possibilities.

Once the election takes place however, what happens then? If Trump wins at that time it is very possible that this lameduck Congress will play games. Expect that if the Democrats control both Houses in January for them to continue those games. We should therefore not be surprised if they refuse to certify his victory, doing exactly what they have for last four years declared as treasonous and an insurrection, invalidate an election because they do not like the outcome. And they won’t do this because of many known vote tampering allegations, as seen in 2020. They will do it because they just don’t like the winning candidate.

Rejected by Democrats

This scenario remains extreme to the limit. For the Democrats to do such a thing will expose their totalitarian nature too clearly. Therefore, if they attempt such a thing they will only do it after the election, when it will be difficult to punish them for it, and when they can instead consolidate their power further.

There are other violent and vicious tactics we can expect from the Democrats in the next eight months, all to prevent a legitimate Trump victory at the polls. Tomorrow I will look at the election itself, and what will likely be done by the Democratic Party and its minions before, during, and after the vote to deny a Trump victory. Keep today’s possibilities in mind as you read, as they all fit together into an overarching Democratic Party strategy to guarantee their hold on power.

For Part 2, go here.

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  • Related:

    “Liz Cheney, attempting to fulfill her daddy’s (The Dark Lord) dreams of a Globalist / One World Government. Divide and conquer.

    RINO Republicans: “Future of Democracy Depends on Making Sure Republicans Are Not in the Majority” – Liz Cheney Is Now Campaigning for the Defeat of ALL Republicans in 2024”

    Democrat administration: OOOPS, WE FORGOT! “A staggering number of over 200,000 illegal immigrants have had their deportation cases dismissed as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reportedly failed to file necessary legal documents in a timely manner.”

    Our system is designed so that some measure of truth is presented to the public so that they can direct their country. That is the concept anyway. And in time they tell you exactly who they are and what they intend.

  • Their abject lack of tolerance is indicative of a view of the world that no longer sees Left or Right – even though they still use the labels – but as the Righteous Normal vs. the Evil Other.

    That in their eyes justifies folding/spindling/mutilating even the rule of law – let alone respect for the rights of others, or even just the benefit of the doubt – to impose their One True Way.

    They have forgotten, if they ever learned, that the god in the mirror – the worship of which is the end state of any theocracy – is not a reliable deity to look to for guidance. They have become the fundamentalists that they decry, in the manner that has given us an Inquisition, a Cultural Revolution, a Year Zero, and the Taliban.

    And it it is why they burn with the heat of a thousand suns in their hatred of Donald Trump – for not only does his presence as President pose a roadblock to their One True Way, every success he delivers risks convincing the rest of us to consider these theocrats irrelevant to our lives and society – the relevance they have built lives, careers and self-esteem upon.

    May they become irrelevant, and learn that Dirty Harry was a wise man when he said, “a man’s got to know his limitations”. Then they can begin to respect the rest of us, and walk beside us to a better world.

  • Jeff Wright

    RFK has been stolen from it seems.
    MSDNC won’t report that

  • Related:

    “Objective law and justice V Subjective law and justice. It is essential that one of these theories of law and justice predominates the other. And there is a political perspective in America today that rejects this founding concept. And that must never be allowed to prevail.”

    They always tell you who they are and what they intend for you.

  • James Street

    “David Plouffe / Barack Obama campaign manager”

    Gay Barry likes this.

    It’s overwhelming on how many fronts the swamp has corrupted America. I keep wondering when they are going to implode the national debt.

    I’ve been listening to Jordan Peterson interview Bret Weinstein who visited the Darién Gap in Panama. Weinstein says there are 2 camps of people there who are coming to America: (1) people from all over the world who want a better financial future. They are disorganized. And (2) people from China who are very organized, well funded and well supported. The Panamanian border patrol lets people visit the first group but not the people from China. Group 1 are males and females of all ages, group 2 are all military aged men. Weinstein was able to talk to some of the Chinese and they mock America and show contempt towards us for allowing anyone to cross our borders.

    Jordan Peterson: The Darien Gap & Postmodernism | Bret Weinstein | EP 434
    (100 minutes)

  • Andi

    I thought that the new Congress gets sworn in on January 3, and the certification of the Presidential election is January 6.

    If the election gets thrown into the House, that would be the old House though.

  • Andi: Yeah, since I wrote this essay yesterday I realized I could have refined my analysis a bit. That is reflected in today’s essay, but not as much as I would have liked.

    Bottomline: While the Republicans in 2020 were too cowardly to use their Constitutional power to challenge the results, the Democrats in 2024 are eager and quite willing to do it. If they control Congress from November to January, they will use whatever Constitutional power they can find to stop a Trump victory.

  • Boobah

    I’m afraid I haven’t read the decision on the Colorado insurrection case, but isn’t the reference to Congress having the power to prevent Trump from running itself a reference to Congress’s impeachment power? That seems the only method for Congress to declare someone guilty of anything, since anything else would be a bill of attainder.

    Not that a Congress and President that don’t care couldn’t throw the election into chaos by passing a bill of attainder, especially if delaying to make it difficult for the courts to sort it out before the day of.

  • alanstorm

    “The free and independent press is fundamental to our democracy….so we can’t allow any other opinions!”

    English translation of statement from Jaime Harrison

  • Withheld

    THe plan is absolutely for the Dems to regain the majority. If that happens the Republicans as a party are done. There’s no point in voting for them. And every one of these cowards leaving office will deserve to be strung up on a lamp post.

    These so called representatives have no idea how badly this will go for them. If they start to remove Trump from the ballot at the national level it will be the end of the cold civil war and the beginning of the hot. Know who the prominent democrat and Rinos are in your local area. Know their home addresses. The only way to affect the National politics will be at the local level.

    Democrats will need to understand they will never be safe from their decisions.

    No justice, no peace as the saying goes.

  • GWB

    The free and independent press
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! “Independent”? Since when have you been “independent”?

    and allow space for MAGA lies and deceit
    Now, it would be just considered rhetoric if they had said “all space for lies and deceit.” But they throw that “MAGA” on their to show how much they despise anyone who identifies with that. It’s a sign of the religious fervor of fundamentalist progressivism. As a parallel, it’s how the Jews can’t be just “Jews” but have to be “those dirty Jews” among that sort of people. Or almost anything Samuel L Jackson [deleted] dislikes. It’s a totem word that da**s those people – and that lets you know you’re dealing with a deranged person, and not just a mere opponent.

    (I’m not sure if your filter would consider that one word out of context, where it’s not really a “profanity”. So I put a couple of asterisks in there. I used the Jackson word definitely with the asterisks.)

  • GWB: You got past my filter, but not me. A bunch of asterisks won’t do it for me. If you had instead typed it as some variation of “#$%@#” I would have had no problem.

    Just because Samuel L. Jackson likes to act like a savage is no cause to bring his barbarism here.

  • GWB

    There should be no debate about the truth in our political discourse.
    Again, this sort of thing can only be said honestly by a religious zealot. And that is what our “elite” progressives have become.

    the utterly close-minded intolerant approach to politics
    Again, Progressivism is a religion.

    In 2016 it was not considered evil to hire a Republican as a poltical analyst. Now it is.
    As early as 2020 it was in some circles. Remember the guest editorial by Cotton in the NYT? This hissyfit is the same one those ‘reporters’ threw about that editorial (the one on bringing the National Guard to bear on rioters who were burning cities).

    In fact, these Democrats now consider their policies irrelevant.
    It’s not that the policies are irrelevant. It’s that they are absolutely true doctrine in the Progressive church, and only a dirty infidel would argue with them. You argue in order to enact them.
    You don’t argue with Mohammed about the rightness of polygamy or beheading Jews and Christians, you simply make sure those things are enacted – at all costs. And the Progressive church has learned much from Islam.

    but from those within his own Party
    Funny thing is, Trump is a Democrat, really. He’s not really conservative. He was a Democrat almost his whole life, and his policies show that. (Though he’s not as Progressive as a “modern” Democrat.) The people who lined up against him weren’t against him because of his policies, but because 1) he went outside the technocratic system of the parties, and 2) he wasn’t beholden to TPTB. And we just can’t have that.

    As to keeping Trump off the ballot? I hadn’t considered that aspect of getting Congress over to the Dems. Thank you for pointing out that possibility. I just hope some people are able to mock you come January because it didn’t come true. But I sure wouldn’t put it past them. Good post, thanks.

  • GWB

    Robert Zimmerman
    March 27, 2024 at 8:38 am

    GWB: You got past my filter, but not me
    Understood. And I don’t want to break your rules. “[deleted]” gets the point across, and I should have thought of that.

  • GWb

    Jester Naybor
    March 25, 2024 at 7:25 pm

    “a man’s got to know his limitations”.

    That would work if they didn’t place themselves as gods. A man only has limitations if he isn’t his own god.

  • pzatchok

    When the press calls out your opponents on everything and never calls you to the floor for anything you get the chance to do anything without fear of being questioned on it.

  • GWB: Even better would be [expletive deleted], as it would have some historical meaning as well.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,
    – tangential but serendipitous…..
    Interesting factoids from the guy who actually prepared & transcribed the Nixon Whitehouse recordings, cued to the relevant part, discussing the use of “expletive deleted.” Geoff Shepard, “I am the expletive deleted.”

    Eric Hunley / Mark Groubert
    “Free-form Friday” (03-15-2024)
    w/ Geoff Shepard
    (runs about 5-6 minutes)

  • James Felter

    I have not yet read part II, but I expect assassination to be a resort by the established left and /or by the intelligence community if their other efforts to block a second Trump Presidency fail.

    I am praying for Trump’s safety because divine protection is the only ironclad protection against well funded political murderers.

    Many millions would probably follow after that potential murder heated up our conversation.

  • James Felter: You should definitely read Part 3.

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