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Part 2: A further list of upcoming Democratic Party election chaos

The Democratic Party: hostile to freedom and fair elections

In part one of this series yesterday I outlined one Democratic Party scenario for stealing a Trump election victory, based on the possibility that they might regain control of both Houses of Congress this year due to Republican resignations, and use that power to interfere with the election result as a lame duck Congress.

To do this however will require some groundwork. Today I will to outline several of the far more likely tactics the Democratic Party will use in the coming months, before, during, and after the election, to make the first scenario above more doable, should it be necessary due to a Trump victory. These tactics are also intended to use fear and violence to supress the Republican vote while energizing Democrats.


We have already seen this tactic being used now for several years against Donald Trump and almost everyone associated with him. Not only have corrupt Democratic Party prosecutors, both in the Justice Department and in several states, indicted Trump on numerous very weak and bogus charges, numerous legal actions have been taken against seventeen different lawyers who have represented Trump over the years.

The indictments against Trump have been intended to establish cause of disqualifying him from office. The indictments and disbarment procedures against his lawyers have been to emasculate Trump’s ability to fight these cases. It has also acted to discourage many lawyers from working with him, out of fear for their livelihoods.

If Trump is convicted in any one of the legal cases, and Congress shifts to Democratic control before January, expect that Congress to attempt to disqualify his candidacy and make his victory invalid.

This congressional tactic will be necessary because I suspect the Democrats had first hoped that these indictments would convince voters to simply not vote for Trump. Instead it appears the opposite has happened, with his popularity growing with each new bogus indictment. The public does not like it when one political party decides to abuse its power to persecute its political enemies.

Thus, the need to use whatever power the Democrats have in Congress to nullify a Trump victory.

Riots and violence

Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris enthuses over riots and looting
Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris enthuses
over riots and looting. Click for video.

Since 2016 the use of violence to silence the opponents of the left has become commonplace. No conservative speaker can go anywhere now without dealing with threats of violence, disruptions during their speeches, and verbal and even physical attacks against any attendees of their events.

Moreover, in 2020 we saw the Democratic Party gleefully use Antifa and BLM as that party’s storm-trooper wing. As the video on the right shows, Harris and Biden encouraged the riots in 2020, and used them as a weapon to discourage opposition, essentially telling us all that if we would not agree with Democrat policies than it will use its brownshirts to loot and pillage.

Expect similar riots and violence in the months before the election. Protesters will block roadways. Republicans will be shouted down at rallies. Many events will be canceled due to threats of violence.

The inner cities controlled by Democrats will find themselves swamped with looting and riots. This won’t directly hurt Republicans, but it will strike fear into anyone who might try to oppose Democrat rule in those strongholds. With polls showing a major collapse in black support for Biden, these tactics will insure that those new black Trump supporters don’t vote, out of fear.

Election fraud and vote tampering

Summary slide outlining Powell voter fraud allegations
The 2020 fraud in Democratically-controlled Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia.

The Democrats have spent the last four years demanding that no real investigations take place over the many vote tampering and election fraud allegations in the 2020 election. Many of those allegations carried a great deal of weight, with ample evidence suggesting a thorough investigation was warranted and that corrective action must be taken. Yet not only were investigations stone-walled, the leftist press and the Democratic Party insisted that even asking any questions about those allegations was tantamount to treason and insurrection. (Most of the disbarment procedures against Trump lawyers used this exact charge: If you raised questions about election fraud your right to be lawyer was now void.)

And yet, the allegations remain. There is abundant evidence that votes were changed illegally, that many mail-in ballots were bogus, and that the accurate computer tabulation of votes was suspect. Almost all of these allegations are aimed at actions by Democrats or anti-Trump Republicans.

Recent events suggest these people will do the same in 2024. Witness for example what just happened in a Chicago primary for Cook County distict attorney. In the initial vote count the “tough-on-crime” outsider appeared the winner against the party’s own pick, a pro-union leftist hostile to prosecuting criminals.

Suddenly, out of the blue the Chicago Board of Elections “discovered” more than 10,000 mail-in ballots that it somehow forgot to include in the initial vote count. These new votes appear to strongly favor the leftist, and could very well change the result in the coming days.

This kind of hanky-panky by election boards nationwide to aid Democrats has become the norm, not the exception. Expect more of the same come election day. The vote in swing states will be close, and will take days to complete, during which somehow almost routinely more Democrat votes will be found. Democrats will use their almost total control of some inner city districts to swamp state totals with questionable ballots.

In the end, the election results will be uncertain, and very likely reshaped through fraud and tampering to make sure Joe Biden wins.

Back-room Democratic Party deals

Even before election day there is the very strong likelihood — should a Biden defeat seem certain — that very late in the campaign the Democratic Party will do a quick back-room deal to dump Joe Biden and replace him with someone like Gavin Newsom. The party has done this many times in the past, when it thought it necessary. In 2002, when incumbant Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli was charged with federal corruption charges and thus appeared to be losing the election, the Democrats quickly violated all the laws for placing a candidate on the ballot, got the court to agree, and forced Torticelli out, inserted 78-year-old former Senator Frank Lautenberg, who had retired in 2000. Lautenberg then won the election.

It is very possible the Democrats will do the same this year. The question then will be whether such a change will work to bring back the many voters who now seem to be drifting to Trump. Based on the bankrupt policies of this Biden administration, which have mirrored similar policies by Newsom in California, common sense says it shouldn’t matter.

Sadly, common sense rarely has anything to do with how people vote in modern America. A change to Newsom could lead to a victory for the Democrats, especially because the media and the large big tech companies like Google will be working to censor the conservative press in order to encourage a Democratic Party victory.

And what if Trump still wins?

Despite all these maneuvers, it is still very possible that Donald Trump will still win the election. All the polls point in that direction. The desire that many had to defeat him in 2020 has faded. Instead, it has been replaced by a willingness to bring him back, because of the stark contrast between his administration and Biden’s.

So what happens then should Trump win? That is my topic for tomorrow’s essay.

For part 3, go here.

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  • Steve Richter

    We have to look at ourselves and stop making so many errors. Republicans control the house – yet what have they accomplished? Could they elect a decent speaker please? The mistreatment of Trump is in line with the brutally unfair response to the Jan 6 protests. How is it that the RNC is not funding an army of lawyers, journalists and political activists to make the case daily that Trump and the protesters did nothing wrong? That prosecutors who bring charges for partisan political reasons are themselves committing a crime?

    On mail in ballots, that is the worst thing in terms of democratic elections. The political parties have money. With that money they pay professionals to get out the vote for their candidates. That means they contact individual votes, bring them their ballot and “encourage” the voter to vote. A highly effective way to boost the vote. In the past, when voting happened on election day there was only so much time to get out the vote. Now, with mail in ballots, the well funded party is an unstoppable force.

  • Edward

    Steve Richter asked: “The mistreatment of Trump is in line with the brutally unfair response to the Jan 6 protests. How is it that the RNC is not funding an army of lawyers, journalists and political activists to make the case daily that Trump and the protesters did nothing wrong? That prosecutors who bring charges for partisan political reasons are themselves committing a crime?

    The Democrats are useful idiots for the marxists, but the Republicans are just plain old useless idiots.

  • Grant Matson

    AXIOM: In January 2025, America will have either President Trump or King Trump. The title depends entirely on how successful the demons are at cheating and their apparatchiks in the marxist media and big tech are at suppression.

  • Related:

    Chaos, confusion and fear, all are the hallmarks of today’s Democrat party.

    “The real-world data is in regarding trans men in women’s sports!

    (Did you really need the real-world data? Of course not, your common sense told you what the result would be. But we are not talking about common sense, we are talking about politics.)”

  • GWB

    No conservative speaker can go anywhere now without dealing with threats of violence, disruptions during their speeches, and verbal and even physical attacks
    And, understand this is not just to tamp down those voices. There is also an element of “If we can just get a few of them to actually do something violent about the violence, we can do something outrageous like declare martial law.” They’re hoping the “deplorables” do something that will let them crack down – especially if it will give them leverage to muck with the vote. It’s what they tried with Rittenhouse – and thankfully failed.

    those new black Trump supporters don’t vote, out of fear
    Might we see some New Black Panthers or similar gathered outside polling places in black precincts?

    The 2020 fraud in Democratically-controlled Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia.
    That graphic misses one really important one (though, maybe Georgia didn’t have this issue): the change of voting procedures outside of the law. When Covid panic gripped the nation, some election boards implemented mail-in ballots, for example, solely on the basis of the “emergency” – despite there being no aspect of the law that would allow that. Which should make every mail-in ballot under that procedure invalid. If technocrats can simply make up rules because of “emergencies” despite their being no provision for doing so in the law, then we really don’t have Rule of Law anymore. Period.

    a quick back-room deal to dump Joe Biden and replace him with someone like Gavin Newsom
    Many people I know (and me) actually call that “pulling a Toricelli.” Picking Kamala as his running mate gave Biden insurance against being bumped off before the election – nobody wanted Harris walking into the Presidency. (This is Byzantine Empire succession stuff. Oy.)

    As yesterday’s was, a good post with good analysis.
    (And, I read this one before Sarah Hoyt posted the link on Instapundit. I really should put this blog on my links list and just check it every day.)

  • GWB

    Steve Richter
    March 26, 2024 at 8:03 pm

    We have to look at ourselves and stop making so many errors. Republicans control the house

    Republicans might control the House. But not conservatives. Remember that the first Progressive president was a Republican (TR). A great many Republicans have become progressive in the intervening century.
    To get the Republicans to matter when they control things, you will have to get them to actually be significantly different from Democrats in large amounts. And not just Progressives who want to do it more efficiently, with lower taxes.

  • Diana L Sullivan

    Please, please can’t you stop having a gray background? The site is very difficult to read. I usually give up after a few sentences.

  • Diana L Sullivan: Some people have your problem. Generally I find the solution is to zoom in, thereby enlarging the text. You do this most browsers by pressing “control” and the “plus sign”. I do it all the time with many websites because my own vision isn’t great. Just keep pressing until the text is large enough and bold enough.

  • GWB

    Ctrl + scroll wheel also works to embiggen (or diminish) the text and such. Some sites go wonky if you try to enlarge them, being poorly designed.

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