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Part 3: The expected tantrum of madness should Biden actually lose the election

The Democratic Party: hostile to freedom and fair elections

For the past two days I have tried to lay out some of the illegal and immoral strategies and tactics of the Democratic Party in its relentless effort to guarantee a win in this year’s presidential election, no matter what. (For the first two parts, go here and here.)

The bottom line is that Democratic Party politicians and their allies in the press and big tech will stop at nothing to prevent Donald Trump from regaining the White House. They will cheat, lie, encourage riots and looting, censor and blacklist their opponents, and in the end, even commit election and voter fraud on a massive scale.

But despite all this, what if Donald Trump still ends up victorious? Right now a rational look at both the polling trends and the disastrous consequences of Joe Biden’s presidency all suggest the American public is screaming for a change. The historic shift in the black and hispanic populations to Trump and away from the Democratic Party underlines these trends quite clearly. These trends are further underlined by the presence of two different moderate-left alternative presidential tickets, both drawing the bulk of their support from the Democrats.

In the end, this data tells us that it is very likely that none of the chaos and violence and fear-mongering and vote tampering by the Democrats will work, that in the end Donald Trump will emerge as the winner.

How will this now very close-minded and very vicious Democratic Party respond when that happens? The signs tell us that they can no longer tolerate defeat, or even the existence of alternative parties. (For example, consider the relentless effort by the Democrats to legally squelch these alternative parties from the ballot box.) For them, “democracy” only exists when they win.

We should therefore expect these terrible things to happen in short order after election day.

More riots and violence

Nazi brown shirts destroying Jewish businesses on Kristallnacht
Nazi brown shirts destroying Jewish businesses on Kristallnacht

On Trump’s inauguration day in January 2017 leftist groups organized numerous violent protests that included “blocking roads, checkpoints, breaking windows, and setting fires.” Expect worse in 2025, because these thugs have now had eight years of training and practice. They know how to do this, and no longer have to face police forces as strong and willing to stop them. The Democratic Party’s “Defund the Police” and “no bail” policies have destroyed law enforcement to a point that we now see looting as routine behavior in many major cities.

The riots and protests that I expect to occur before the election will pale in comparison to the violence of the protests after the election, should Trump win.

Endless legal maneuvers

Expect the Democrats to do everything they can think of to invalid the election in the courts. There will be numerous lawsuits, innumerable demands for recounts, and a strong effort by congressional Democrats to refuse to certify the election. And they will be backed up by their own voters, 57% of whom would support a refusal to certify a Trump election victory.

Talk about irony. These same Democrats have screamed “Insurrection!” for four years because some Republicans called for the same thing in 2020, and did so because of legitimate concerns about voter fraud. Now the Democrats will call for the same thing, not because of any evidence of voter fraud but because they simply lost.


The assassignation of Abraham Lincoln
The assassignation of Abraham Lincoln

At a higher level, the time period from November to January will be very dangerous for Republicans, especially Trump and the more conservative winners in Congress. We must remember that the FBI, CIA, ATF, and Justice Department have all demonstrated in the past eight years that they are no longer non-partisan law enforcement agencies. Instead, they have been weaponized as the KGB arm of the Democratic Party. Moreover, they have great power, and have shown they are willing to use it.

They also know that they will face a deadline. Almost certainly Trump will demand they all submit their resignations on day one of his administration, so that he will have the freedom to pick and choose who he wants to keep and who he wants to remove. He will not only push hard to clean house, many individuals in these agencies will certainly fear the possibility of prosecution for their abuse of power.

The corrupt but very powerful people at these agencies will almost certainly feel compelled to take action to prevent Trump from doing this, and they will have to do it before Trump’s swearing in.

Nor will these corrupted intelligence officials be working in a vacuum. They will have the loyal backing of large majorities in the entire federal bureaucracy, which during Trump’s first term openly worked to sabotage his efforts at every turn.

This hostile leftist bureaucracy likely faces a similar threat of job loss. In October 2020 Trump had issued an executive order that would have shifted many civil service managers into a new category, Schedule F, that would allow him to fire them “at-will.” The goal was evident, to give Trump in his second term the ability to clean house. Biden cancelled that order, but Trump will likely re-establish it almost instantly. Expect therefore the higher managers in the civil service in DC to gladly work hand-in-glove with the intelligence agents to help take Trump out.

As I said, from November to January will be a very dangerous time for anyone whom these corrupt government employees see as an enemy. Fake scandals like the Russian collusion hoax will the least of our worries. Do not be surprised or shocked if there were a number of assassination attempts during this time period on Republican elected officials, including Trump.

If I was him, I would not rely solely on government security. I would have my own people present at all times.


Though it seems insane and a completely ridiculous thing to consider, we must face facts. The utter hate that the left has shown for Republicans and any opposition since 2016 suggests that the Democratically-controlled and very radical Marxist legislatures in some very leftwing states, such as California, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington, might consider secession an option should Trump win the election and then survive to take full power in January. They clearly can no longer tolerate rule by another party. You might see them attempt this in 2025.

If they do, things will get very messy. In 1860 the issue that caused the South to secede was the defense of slavery. To fight against slavery gave the North a strong moral position, which spurred its effort to fight back.

In 2024, the moral battlelines are not so clear. If some radical communist-ruled states decide to break away, it is very unclear Trump or anyone will want to do anything to stop them.

Or maybe the rest of the country will fight, simply to defend this great and noble American experiment of “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

My crystal ball here is very cloudy. It is simply impossible to predict what will happen.

Raise the torch of liberty throughout the world!

A few final words

Is there any hope that all of this is pure paranoia on my part? I sincerely want it so. For my entire life I have devoutly wished to see some willingness on the left to honestly debate and participate in an open exchange of ideas. In my entire life I have never found them willing to do so.

Instead, that close-mindedness has driven them further and further into a crazy hole that brooks no dissent, because their positions have become increasingly irrational and indefensible. You can’t win a debate if you are arguing that men can be women, you support the castration and mutilation of little children, and that terrorists like Hamas are the good guys. Your only solution if these are your positions is to shut down all debate, so you can force these policies on everyone, even if almost everyone opposes you.

We have now reached this point in history, and the only way out for the left appears to be violence and the destruction of our constitutional republic.

I hope I am wrong. I hope the left finally takes a breath this fall, and decides it is more important to defend our free nation, whose fundamental laws have always striven to defend the rights of all, than to throw it all away for the sake of some short term power.

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  • Gary H

    It is unfortunate that clear reasoning people now realize that there isn’t any moral limit as to what the left will do. Will they permit Trump to take office? It is so very important that Trump selects a V.P. candidate that can push forward his agenda vs. a candidate that will do a Kamala Harris. Trump’s running mate is absolutely a critical component of rooting out the “deep state”, because four years is not sufficient to overturn the endemic corruption. “One Nation Under God”…not so much these days.

  • D. Messier

    > For them, “democracy” only exists when they win. We should therefore expect these terrible things to happen in short order after election day.

    You’re projecting again. This describes the behavior of Trump and MAGAs before and after the 2020 election. He falsely claimed the election was stolen even before anyone voted. Then continued to lie about the election after it. He tried endless legal maneuvers that the courts said had no merit. Then he sent an armed mob that wanted to hang the vice president to the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    You’ve projected all of the sins of Trump and his followers on their opponents. It’s what Trump does constantly. Misdirection.

  • This is the best of D. Messier:

    *He tried endless legal maneuvers that the courts said had no merit.

    And we can all see today how actual court proceedings are working out before judges that are not so put upon by the political pressures of the unspoken agenda to deny an “Insurrectionist” his “insurrection”. And how many were charged with insurrection? Nancy Pelosi in the end is the one that should be charged IMO.

    *Then he sent an armed mob that wanted to hang the vice president to the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    He sent them? Ask Ray Epps about who sent who where and what for.

    Politics: The dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participates in.

    Time and distance tend to tell the truth of things.

  • D. Messier, try not to be an MSNBC / DNC party machine tool.


  • D. Messier, maybe it would be more productive to pay attention to things and details like this:

    ‘Huge, Huge Strategic Blunder’: Andy Barr Slams Biden’s Decision To Give Up Bagram Airfield:

    Instead of what can clearly be considered a political psyops operation in order to set up the opposition and being able to tag them with the term “Insurrectionist” and use that to cripple them in future political races.

    And that is what MSNBC and the DNC party machine need you to not understand or see. All while this administration delivers strategic airfields and much, much more to the United States direct adversaries.

    All apparently bought and paid for:

    Quid pro quo.

    Get out of your media and machine programmed response loop.

    Don’t be a tool.

  • John

    Rasmussen polled those people.

    Rasmussen commented on the “amorality” of 70% of these super-elites, versus 7% of regular voters, are willing to support cheating to win elections may be the root cause of political dysfunction in America today.

    Maybe they were lying to the poll and are actually honest people? Didn’t think so.

    They are immoral and do know right from wrong or truth from lies; only advancement of their power matters.

    We had a Constitutional republic that limited those people from ruining or ending our lives, but all that’s gone now.

  • ” . . . California, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington, might consider secession an option . . ”

    Oh, I so wish they would. Those states will likely find that many, many Americans will happily wave goodbye, and good riddance, to bad luck. It would force a national referendum on who we want to be as a nation, and the mentioned states may be shocked and dismayed at how many people want them gone.

    State population changes 2020 – 2023
    US Census data, 2020 – 2023 (2023 population estimated)

    California -1.5% Massachusetts -0.45% New York -3.1% Oregon -0.09% Washington +1.4%

    Oregon and Washington benefit (if that is the right word) from Californians fleeing oppression. I have met a number of people originally from California, who moved to Seattle, and now are moving to Oregon. And they can keep on rolling down I-5 South. Don’t need ’em, don’t want ’em.

  • Blair Ivey: All true, but as they say, be careful what you wish for. It is extremely unclear what would happen in the case of secession. It would be a very unstable situation all connected with the wielding of power, and that has never been a good combination for ordinary people.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “I hope I am wrong. I hope the left finally takes a breath this fall, and decides it is more important to defend our free nation, whose fundamental laws have always striven to defend the rights of all, than to throw it all away for the sake of some short term power.

    The very nature of the left-wing is less freedom and more centralized control — especially groups activities, not individual freedom. It is the basic distinguishing feature of the left. It is why they work in mobs. It is why they let criminals go free. It is why they riot and loot. They disagree with freedom — most especially individual freedom — because what about freedom prevents someone from committing unwanted crimes, rioting, or looting?

    To the left, freedom is a man being able to force everyone around him to acknowledge and advocate his fantasy that he is a woman.

    To the left, freedom is being able to riot in “mostly peaceful” violence with the support of Democrat Party leadership, yet without wearing Democrat-mandated face-diapers.

    To the left, freedom is looting stores and houses with impunity.

    To the left, freedom is killing their children in the name of freedom to control one’s own body. (Although, where was that control when she was getting herself knocked up?)

    To the left, freedom is being intolerant only of intolerance (where anyone who fails to agree with them is declared intolerant).

    To the left, freedom is the ability to express left-wing ideas but to prevent opposing ideas from being expressed.

    To the left, freedom is using the leftist government as an eager weapon against anyone who failed to agree with them.
    D. Messier,
    You wrote: “You’re projecting again.

    No. Democrats have said and threatened exactly that. This is how much they hate Trump (even though Democrats and leftists claim to not hate, they are really into committing crimes of hatred).

    This describes the behavior of Trump and MAGAs before and after the 2020 election. He falsely claimed the election was stolen even before anyone voted.

    Now you are the one projecting. We watched in real time as votes changed from Trump to Biden. The next day were reports that poll watchers were thrown out of the counting rooms while counting continued, and in the following days we saw security video of this unsupervised counting, including ballots that had been hidden away from the poll watchers. Later, Time magazine bragged about how they and the other U.S. media did its own part, even before anyone voted, to rig and steal the election. A year and a half later we saw more security video of Democrats literally stuffing ballot boxes that lacked any chain of custody. There is no falsity in claims that the election was stolen. We saw that it happened.

    Then he sent an armed mob that wanted to hang the vice president to the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    You are the one making false claims that Trump sent the people who arrived before Trump finished speaking, before he could “send” anyone, and long before anyone could get there from where he supposedly “sent” them toto hang the vice president. You falsely claim the people that the Capitol Police invited into the Capitol — and gave personalized tours to some — were armed. It was the Capitol Police who murdered an unarmed patriot, that day. What makes you, Doug, think that Trump thought that a hanged vice president could help save the election?

    Oh, thank you for pointing out that it is all three branches of government that have taken sides in our elections. When Gore wanted to steal the election in 2000, the courts declared that he had standing. In 2020, Trump was none of the people bringing court cases (another false claim on your part), and all the people, governments, and entities that did file court cases were declared by the courts to lack standing; the courts did not say that their claims had no merit. When Democrats contest an election, the courts listen, but the courts won’t even listen to anyone else.

    You’ve projected some of the sins of Democrats onto their opponents.

    It’s what Democrats do constantly. Projection. For the purpose of misdirection.

    It worked on gullible you, Doug.

  • D. Messier

    He falsely claimed the election was stolen even before anyone voted.

    Falsely claimed? A stretch, given that the compromises that opened the door for fraud were already being put in place, before the election,

    Then continued to lie about the election after it.

    Lied? Another stretch.

    The government officials administering the election failed to meet their burden of proof that the election was accurate, simply by allowing those compromises and the “irregularities” during tabulation. The secret ballot makes it all but impossible to discern fraud once a ballot is mixed in with all the rest … that is why secure ballot-handling procedures are imperative; they are the assurance than an election is free, fair, and accurate.

    Mass-mailed ballots and third-party ballot harvesting compromise that chain of custody. And those agencies, as agencies, do not enjoy the presumption of innocence. “Because we say so” does not meet that burden of proof.

    He tried endless legal maneuvers that the courts said had no merit.

    Said by courts who feared a return of the Left’s vitriolic proclamations of “selected, not elected” from 2000 (or perhaps more 2020-style riots) – and Dred Scott and Homer Plessey might have something to say to you about the infallibility of the courts.

    Then he sent an armed mob that wanted to hang the vice president to the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    Trump gave no order, or even hinted at such violence. He asked the people to make their voices heard, peacefully. And how few people even hinted at “hanging Pence”? Does Trump control their minds? Phuleeze. Does the Left REALLY want to go there, after the summer of 2020, the threats to SCOTUS prior to the Dobbs decision and their response to October 7 … and before that, the Bernie Bro who shot up the GOP baseball practice?

    OTOH, Pelosi used the unrest as an excuse to invoke “emergency measures” that disallowed further Congressional challenges, to rubber-stamp the “election”. A real confidence-building move, there.

    Was there fraud? I don’t know and neither do you. But opening the door for that kind of doubt in the name of “convenient voting” and “public safety” does not inspire trust in our government and its monopoly on coercive force.

    Especially when one faction in this conflict has apparently forgotten the significance of unalienable rights, in their self-righteous we’re-the-normies-you-MAGAs-are-the-evil-other mindset, usually associated with violent theocracies.

  • Jester Naybor

    While letting the Leftists secede, to stand and fall on their own merits (or lack thereof), is appealing … because of the existing political partitions of blue urban islands surrounded by seas of rural/suburban red in nearly every state, I fear secession will look a lot like the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan, instead of being an amicable divorce.

  • D. Messier

    Ah Blair….you might want to look at what the secession of some of these states would do to the overall economy of what was left of the United States. Fortunately, you don’t have to because people have analyzed such things.

    Highest GDP per Capita

    1. New York
    2. Massachusetts
    3. Washington
    4. California
    5. Connecticut

    Lowest GDP Per Capita

    46. New Mexico
    47. Alabama
    48. Arkansas
    49. West Virginia
    50. Mississippi

    Oh, lots of red states. You should also check out overall dependency on federal government by state.

  • There is only one question that D. Messier needs to answer in connection with the entire point of my three part series, a question that he seems to no wish to address.

    If Donald Trump ends up actually winning the election, will you accept that victory? And if the Democratic Party does all the things I predict should Trump win, will you condemn such things?

  • D. Messier

    Good question, Bob. Changing the subject while ignoring all my points. S.O.P.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know how Democrats are going to react to whatever happens. I don’t speak for all Democrats. I don’t know how I will react to it. I don’t know what the courts are going to say if there are legal challenges.

    You obviously know what is going to happen. You’ve spent three long posts predicting it. You’re absolutely sure of the events to come. It sounds exactly like what Trump and the MAGAs did after they lost.

    I can contrast what Trump did when he lost fair and square and what Democrat Al Gore when he lost a much more contested election he lost in 2000. I was living across the river from DC at the time. I was appalled. Most of the people I knew were appalled. Gore hold a rally on the Mall, or send a mob up to the Capitol that broken in and tried to stop the certification of the results. In fact, Gore had to read the results of the election when they were certified. He handled the entire thing with grace and dignity.

    Again, I don’t know what’s going to happen. We saw a preview of what Trump will probably do if he loses again. Probably be a repeat of what he did last time. And it’s a lot like what you’re predicting Democrats will do.

    Why are you projecting Trump’s sins on others.

  • James Street

    Trump chooses to work within the system even though it is corrupt.

    Trump cut his teeth in the corrupt New York business, government and legal systems. He knows he can win.

    What a privilege to be alive at this moment in history.

  • wayne

    David Schoen
    Video montage of Democrats doubting election results
    (February, 2021)

  • wayne

    Election Night 2016
    SNL (November 2016)

  • Rocket J Squirrel

    If a state wanted to leave then do what Jean Chrétien promised to do when he was Canadian PM and Quebec was holding a succession referendum.
    It would be things like:
    Forbidding their us of the dollar
    Cutting access tot he US postal system
    Pulling every bit of the federal government out. Every piece of equipment down to thumb tacks.
    No cross border traffic, including air without new agreements
    No access to power or water without agreements
    Any *US citizen* that wants to leave the new country has to be compensated.
    They would have to pay their share of the national debt

    Treat they are a new country starting from zero.

  • wayne

    Rocket J Squirrel-
    I sorta like the thought behind that List, but I want to keep almost all the Federally owned land & facilities. California for example, 46% of the land area is owned by the rest of the People of the United States.

  • D. Messier: It is nice that you think “I know what is going to happen,” and “am absolutely sure of the events to come,” but I made it very clear in the essays that I am only making educated guesses, and fully hope to be wrong. Don’t put words in my mouth.

    My predictions are based on what has been happening in the past eight years. You like to focus on one specific day and one specific event on January 6, but that’s all you’ve really got. I have spent the last three years documenting hundreds and hundreds of examples of Democrats censoring, rioting, looting, and blacklisting people over and over again, mostly over mere differences of opinion or polticital disagreements. The riots in 2020 by Antifa and BLM might have been caused in response to something the rioters thought was unjust, but the riots were still utterly wrong, even more unjust, and were clearly were coming from the left. You made excuses for them, rather than condemning them. (See the comment thread under this June 2020 essay: “American Kristallnacht”.)

    In weight of numbers and facts, my predictions are based on reality, while yours seem based on partisanship. Note this: If Trump should win but there are allegiations of election fraud and vote tampering, I will say the same then as I have said for four years after the 2020 election: The allegiations must be investigated fully.

    If there are riots and violence, I will say the same thing I have said for four years, since 2020: It is wrong and should stop, and the perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (Note that I am referring to violence and vandalism, not simply “parading” through the Capitol after the security guards opened the doors.)

    I have great doubts, based on your past comments, if you will do the same. I fully expect you to do as most Democrats partisans have done for decades (and as you did in 2020), make excuses for bad behavior, and point fingers at everyone else.

    Prove me wrong. I will stand up and cheer if you do so.

  • wayne

    Personally, I have ab-so-lutely no doubt the left is actively subverting the entire electoral process, at every level, and have been doing so for some time. They will do and say anything they feel necessary.

    Gangs of New York
    Machine Politics

  • D. Messier

    I understand why people protested and rioted in response to racial injustice. I support peaceful protests. I don’t support riots, vandalism and looting. I have no problem with prosecuting those who did these things. They deserve punishment. I did not agree with the premise that this was an American Kristallnacht. I viewed the rioting and violence as part of a historical pattern. These things have happened before, and they will happen again. For many of the same reasons. Look at what happened after the Rodney King verdict. Or after Martin Luther King was killed. Or the NY draft riots of 1863.

    Let’s be clear on one thing: none of the rioting in 2020 threatened our republic. The attack on the Capitol and the attempt to stop certification of a legitimately won election did. Having a defeated president hold a rally before an armed crowd on the Mall. That crowd then went to the Capitol and broke in threatening to hang Vice President Mike Pence for performing his Constitutional duty. The attack had members of Congress running for their lives. Trump stood by for hours and did nothing to try to call them off. No other defeated candidate has done that no matter how close the vote or disputed the outcome. Trump also tried to create slates of fake electors from states he knew he lost. He used false legal theories in his attempt to do so.

    This was a direct threat to our republic. It was an abuse of power. It was a desperate attempt by a losing candidate to illegally stay in office. It was not keeping with the traditions and laws of our Constitutional republic. It was un-American. For all those reasons, it was far worse than the violence that resulted in response to racial injustice in 2020. Those were largely local disturbances not aimed at overturning elections.

    We’ve seen what Trump does when he loses. I think there’s a high probability he would react in the same way if he loses again. It could even be worse. That should worry all of us. But, you keep projecting all of this on the Democrats.

  • Hominem Humilem

    Interestingly, the coastal areas of Washington, Oregon and California vote very differently from the eastern parts of those states. The same is true of New York, where the deep blue of New York City and its immediate environs (and, I suppose, similar patterns in Albany and perhaps one or two of the other substantial cities) contrasts with much redder areas elsewhere. As Bob alluded to, secession would be VERY messy; if successful votes occur in state legislatures, you could see “insurrections” to facilitate the division of those states (like when West Virginia split away from Virginia the last time the Democrats went the secession route).

    The loss of the major ports along the West Coast would be a real problem; and they’d provide quite a lifeline to China for the west coast Socialist brigades. Also the major ports in the New York City and northern New Jersey, Boston, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

    The division of the military would be fascinating as well: there is a major set of naval bases (and some Marine Corps stations as well) along the west coast (in Southern California and near Seattle), major Air Force or Space Force bases in California and Washington, major installations for Army, Navy and Air Force in Hawaii (including the HQ that would fight any conflict involving China and/or North Korea), a major submarine base in Connecticut, West Point in New York, Annapolis in Maryland, the Air Force Academy and a few significant military bases (Army, Air Force and Space Force) in Colorado. There is no easy way to split all this stuff out without making America much less safe from our most powerful adversaries.

  • D Meisser.

    Let’s be clear on one thing: none of the rioting in 2020 threatened our republic.

    Setting DC on fire on 30 June 2020, and the attacks on government buildings elsewhere during the Summer of Mostly Peaceful Fiery Love, were just as much “a threat to the Republic” as the attacks of January 6. And they were aided, abetted, and egged on by then-Senator Kamala Harris and other Democrats, in accordance with Maxine Waters’ famous phrase “No Justice, No peace.”

    The threats made to SCOTUS prior to the Dobbs decision also were such a threat to the Republic.

    Your faction set the precedent for the unrest of January 6.

    Then your faction used the legal process to legitimize a compromised election that was unworthy of our trust. That was capped when Pelosi invoked “emergency measures” to squelch any Congressional challenges so the “election” could be rubber-stamped.

    Also, the double standard of intensity in the application of law enforcement and jurisprudence applied to the summer rioters and the J6 protesters does not speak well to the legitimacy of your arguments. As does the attempt prosecute Trump for seeking to “find votes” – the very thing Al Gore was doing with recount after recount in Florida in 2000. Where is Gore’s show trial?

    However, all of the above are symptoms of the real conflict:

    > Progressives like you seek to lord it over the rest of us, micromanaging our lives in accordance with your One True Way in every area, viewing any dissent as based in ignorance and/or evil. At the risk of mixing metaphors, in your lexicon MAGA is synonymous with untermenschen and Trump is Emanuel Goldstein in your self-righteous hubris.

    > President Trump does not seek that. His policies were/are respectful of our unalienable rights – the respect for/protection of same being Job One of a legitimate government.

    And that is a threat to a lot of people who have built careers, lives, and self-esteem around being one of the lords above; their greatest fear is to lose their relevance and ability to impose their will upon the rest of us. The more Trump is allowed to act and improve the lot of this nation, the more evident it is that we do not need them to save us from ourselves.

    Now, in the light of those self-evident truths this nation was founded upon to respect and protect, who are the real “insurrectionists” here, 24/7/365?

    The unalienable rights of the individual supersede “Our Democracy”.

    Stop worshiping the form while denying the substance. End your de facto theocracy.

  • Hominem Humilem, if the socialists ended up with some of those assets you list … would they be able to get their act together and build upon them without forsaking their socialism?

    These are people whose myopia and lack-of-touch with the real world extends to many of them assuming that the power that flows in from the red areas will always be on to charge their iThingies for them, and that their food comes from the supermarket as though it is a Star Trek replicator – no matter what they do to the actual providers of these resources at present.

    As they say, if one is going to criticize a farmer, at least one should not do it when their mouth is full … lest they discover the joys of tilling their concrete canyons (and hanging solar panels on the canyon walls) to grow their own food.

    And one shouldn’t expect deliveries to keep coming in, when the policies of their urban government has let their enclave become a den of thieves and killers. If farmers and truckers ever wanted to send a message to those blue islands regarding their support for oppressive Progressive idiocracy, they could do so, with plausible deniability that the Canadian truckers did not have, by invoking that reality to justify focusing their business upon safer areas of this nation.

    And they might be a little disappointed about the asset division, when they realize that Minuteman silos can’t be easily moved, but SSBN’s and CVN’s can be easily moved to the Gulf Coast. Then again, they think nuclear power is so icky ….

  • D, you might also want to consider this before you continue in your tired “makers vs. takers” argument.

    1> The location of the cash register is not necessarily where the money is made. How much of that NY GDP comes from financial firms that profitably invest in red-state enterprises, that would not be viable in NY because of the regulatory – and now, legal – regime there?

    2> States like California are coasting on past glory … as the dysfunction under Gavin the Worst continues, don’t expect that to last. That can be seen by the oft-discussed U-Haul migration metric,

    3> Be sure to properly account for the military component of government spending on your ledger. Basing and acquiring personnel in red states benefits blue states whose people seem, on the basis of who they support, to disdain having icky guys with guns around them.

    4> Food and energy are production multipliers whose worth are not reflected solely by their direct GDP – while California could possibly support its food needs (at the expense of the delta smelt, which will give their Watermelons the sadz), it sure doesn’t support the energy needed to run all its “makers”. Other “maker” states are less capable, in both departments.

    5> Red states can get along just fine without your “help”. It is your busybody morality that insists upon them accepting your welfare state and Federal-funding-for-everything that pushes them towards “taker” status. If you are so upset about them taking that, then stop offering it instead of treating them as your pets in need of care. In fact, having roots in Appalachia, I’ve seen your “help” ruining a lot of people.

  • D. Mess:

    “Trump also tried to create slates of fake electors from states he knew he lost. He used false legal theories in his attempt to do so.”

    There is a Constitutional theory related to alternate electors:

    And when there is a theory in law you make a decision on whether you want to test that theory in your case and you go, in the case of alternate electors to the Congress and or a court to test it. And in an Objective system you would be heard, and a judgement rendered. But no judge although there was plenty of reason to grant a hearing all refused to grant one. It takes a brave man or woman today to make such a stand.

    And we saw that clearly in the recent Georgia judge who essentially called out the prosecutor, Fani Willis, called her a mendacious liar, but refused to remove her from the case. And I understand his fear to do so. He left that to other higher positioned judges to do his job. And again, I understand that, that is how the system can / does work when the heat and the weight is too much for one man or woman to bear.

    And you either prevail in your argument or you fail.

    What was strategically accomplished by the Democrat party machine in Congress controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the other operatives / operators who opposed a Trump win must be recognized. It was a brilliant strategy and it accomplished what was needed. Deny Trump a win and tag the Republicans and Trump specifically with “Insurrection”.

    And that extreme tag was never substantiated because there never was an insurrection. How do we know? Because NO ONE was ever charge with such. Don’t you think if that charge was able to be made that it would not be pushed to the max?

    So, you yourself have already countered your entire argument on two counts. Well, done.

    And have no doubt there is a reason that the Democrat party has weakened our election system in the many ways that they have. Why? Because they would rarely win any election in most of the country.

    16 year olds to vote, no I.D. to vote, Illegals to vote, Mail in voting, Drop boxes, ballot harvesting, card board on tabulation center windows while counting votes, 3 am drops of needed ballots, 280 thousand prefilled out ballots trucked from Long Island to Pennsylvania ect, ect. The list is long.


    Who is Ray Epps?

    Ray Epps spends two days at the Capitol rabble rousing, specifically telling the crowd “We have to go into the capital, into the capital!”

    And he is videoed rushing the police and slamming them with a giant sign.

    Ray Epps was on the FBI’s most wanted list for 5 minutes and then was removed. Then after the chant became too loud from the rabble they were forced to arrest him. He was charged and has spent ZERO time in jail.

    Meanwhile anyone else who was near the capitol steps has been in jail or were methodically collected and jailed by the “Insurrection machine” within the government.

    And those who participated in the riot on Jan 6th 2021 did a great disservice to the country, and that is the point.

    You can choose to despise Trump, I understand. But your and many others who are unable to get past your Pedestrian Realm reality and are scared or intellectually unable to understand the political strategy that is ongoing in the country and the world are the greatest threat to your own country.

    Make an adjustment to your perspective:

    Ignorance is one thing, but to choose to remain ignorant in the face of real-world facts is at this level evil IMO.

  • Government, any government is always the enemy of the people’s freedom. It just remains to be seen to what degree.

    1. Those humans who populate government and are in control of it, specifically today in America, will literally do ANYTHING in order retain their power and control. And we will all be witness to those extremes in the coming presidential election.

    2. Government, your government has NEVER told you the truth. Truth is not the job of government, power and control is the job of government.

    3. The Constitution attempts to create a system where over time the people are exposed to some degree of actual truth, and it forces those empowered politicians within government (In courts and in the Congress) to reveal through that process some great degree of truth to the public in order that they can direct their country.

    If not for this structure to counterbalance the abuse of power, there would ONLY be the abuse of power.

    Are you paying attention D. Messier?

    Do not allow yourself to be another man’s tool. Especially when it is not in your and your family’s self-interest. Unless you are a “woke” Socialist who is actively seeking the destruction of the United States that is. Then all of this I have pointed out to you should be something that you are good with.

    You personally despise Trump and believe he is a “threat to Democracy”? I understand that. Keeping in mind that the term “A threat to Democracy” is but one more psyops and MSNBC meme that is pumped into the brains of the willfully ignorant about what politics is really all about.

    But between the two you are going to have to decide which is the bigger threat.

    Four more years of Joe Biden will deliver at the minimum another 20 million plus illegals into the country and he and the rest of the government plan to give them asylum or even citizenship. Not to mention his pandering to China and the purposful weakening and destabilizing and feminizing of the American military.

    West Point loses Duty, Honor, Country:

    Setting up the no loyalty to the country, a Globalist / U.N. wet dream term.

    And these facts alone should have you crapping your pants.

    Now choose.

  • GWB

    Gary H
    March 27, 2024 at 2:43 pm
    “One Nation Under God”…not so much these days.

    Under God? That’s where the rub is. Progressivism makes Man the god, and the State his church.

  • GWB

    Two contributions to the above excellent essay…
    First, on assassination, the government has already prepped the propaganda battlespace by announcing we have an Iranian assassin in our midst, looking to kill Trump administration people in revenge for the head terrorist’s death. So, they have a patsy lined up, or simply farmed the concept out to their ally. There wasn’t any great hullabaloo raised about it – no Wanted! posters or rewards (that I recall) or any denouncement of such things against the Iranian gov’t. Just a “Hey, guys, we might have a problem.”

    Second, I do not believe the large blue states will secede. It would significantly diminish their power and their funding (between doled out tax receipts and freely printed money from the Treasury). They want to be the big fish in a big pond because there’s much more clout there – especially when you realize the religion (worldview) into which they have submerged themselves is globalist. They won’t be happy until they have access to the reins of power for the entire world. Going back to small countries in a big world – 1 of 200+ maybe – would be a seriously humbling blow to them. Also, I think their leaders would figure out (though they probably wouldn’t say it out loud) how quickly their new “nations” or “confederacy” would end up beholden to others for most of their necessities.

    An excellent series, Mr Zimmerman.

  • GWB

    D. Messier
    March 27, 2024 at 4:04 pm

    This describes the behavior of Trump and MAGAs before and after the 2020 election.

    Methinks thou dost project too much. Even to the point of projecting about your projection. Oof.

  • GWB

    March 27, 2024 at 6:41 pm

    They disagree with freedom — most especially individual freedom

    I will quibble with this. They desire personal freedom – in the form of hedonism. And, since they believe they are fundamentally, wholly correct (that’s what religions do) the only personal desires they want to restrict are the ones you might employ to tell them they’re wrong.

    Within hedonism, entire, absolute freedom. Without hedonism, total control.
    It works out to appear as “freedom for me, but not for thee.”

  • D. Messier

    The focus on — even glee — over the prospect of secession of blue states ignores the fact that some of the loudest cries for it are coming from Texas and are partly fueled by Trump’s unsupported and self serving claims of a rigged election. Texas would be a massive blow to the economy if it left as would the loss of states like California or New York. It would be ironic if Trumps claims unsupported by court rulings and most independent election observers contributed to the breakup of a country he once led as president.

    The other irony is there are lots of Democrats in red states and Republicans in blue ones. I live in Kern County which is very conservative in a largely Democratic state. GStates are not monolithic.

  • GWB

    March 28, 2024 at 7:40 am

    West Point loses Duty, Honor, Country

    Not entirely. They now reference the Army Values, which the Army lists as:
    Selfless Service
    Personal Courage

  • GWB:

    All touchy-feely sentiments and not expressing a statement having a primary allegiance to the country. The axiom has been weakened to suit the radical Left agenda.

    As soon as you remove allegiance to country that opens the door to allegiance to “Another”. Words have meaning.

    The radical Left toys with words and terms and redefines their means to suit their purposes all the time, and it has a fundamental purpose.

    And that fundamental purpose is to “Fundamentally transform America”, and this is but one incremental example of the transformation.

  • GWB

    The very first sentence under “Loyalty” in the Army Values is:
    Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers.

    And under Selfless Service is:
    Put the welfare of the nation, the Army and your subordinates before your own.

    And Duty and Honor are explicitly in the list.

    I happen to think it’s foolish to remove them. Short, pithy (and true) things to memorize are seldom bad. But they aren’t removing the values, just the words – removing them one step to the Army, to whom they (West Point) explicitly belong.

  • D …

    Trump’s unsupported and self serving claims of a rigged election.

    That pairs well with the claim … unsubstantiated by election officials and self-serving politicians they report to … that the 2020 election – complete with all its procedural compromises, many initiated by entities not Constitutionally authorized to make such changes – is legal, free, fair, and accurate.

    “Because we say so” does not meet that burden of proof – a burden government bears in all its dealings with its citizens, not just elections. In this case, the various procedural compromises rendered meeting that burden of proof impossible.

    Such is the product of the toxic mix of myopia, hubris, and emotion-driven panic known as the Progressive worldview.

    Process matters.

  • Related:

    “All three are the ‘progressive” Democrat party figure heads and the engineers of the American decent into chaos and lawlessness. $5000.00 to $250,000.00 to attend. That boggles my mind. But we are talking about politics.”

  • D. Messier


    Trump filed multiple challenges in multple jurisdictions making numerous claims about the election. He lost. Repeatedly. That is process.

    When it didn’t work he resorted to a mob. The only thing Trump regrets about Jan. 6 is this pressure and a violent mob didn’t intimidate Pence into doing something illegal and unconstitutional.

    Couture: there is precedent for alternate slates of electors. It did happen before. The criteria didn’t apply to 2020 election. There were no valid legal grounds for what they tried to do. John Eastman is probably going to be disbarred for his role in that illegal scheme.

  • “Illegal” scheme to some, testing a legal theory to challenge an election to others.

    Time will tell the tale.

    The system is designed to tell the tale / the truth to some great degree over time.

    Did you figure out who Ray Epps is yet?

  • How do we fight political warfare in America?

    Lawyers, Courts and Money.

  • scorpion

    I think it would be the best possible thing if several Blue States want to secede. Then it will much easier for many more Red States to secede. And that means the Union can be disbanded. Maybe let it go for two generations and try again later.

    Because clearly the first try didn’t work out. Many Presidents have been assassinated. The Federal Reserve in 1913 meant it was all over as a bona fide republic by surrendering control of its money to a private credit cartel. Then look how the Deep State went after an elected President for years, to this day. Trump has been on the back foot since he was elected in 2016 and was generally unable to appoint enough people to even begin to ‘drain the swamp’ which just got deeper and more powerful on his watch. The time when electing a man into the White House and saving our country has passed, though people are going to try again this November.

    I think that the House will pass to the Democrats and they will refuse to certify the election results, also change the Electors in December, and then do the same procedure the R’s were about to do when the false flag riots were mounted in Jan 6th 2021. They won’t let him back in and if they do, he will have had to agree not to do anything substantive (or his children or grandchildren will be hurt).

    The Republic fell on November 22nd 1963 and/or again in November 2020. The Union failed. First it must be dismantled before it can be rebuilt, and to rebuild it the States must each be sovereign and self-sustaining for at least a generation or two. Then a Union of strong, sovereign States can be made without surrendering an iota of their sovereignty.

    I think the Presidential elections do more harm than good because they keep people hoping for positive change without delivering the slightest possibility of achieving it. This broken Union badly needs to be broken up.

  • sneakytails

    I am sure red counties in these “blue” states would have something to say about secession. Most states are a sea of red with blue “islands”. I am surprised so many people use the simplistic terms “red” and “blue”.

  • D.

    The electoral process itself was compromised, but the courts never seriously addressed the actual compromises beyond “because they said so.” That is as sound a process as that applied to the cases of Dred Scott and Homer Plessey.

    Pence didn’t have the authority to challenge the election in the Capitol that day, but neither should he have lent his good name to a compromised election; he should have walked out and let the chips fall where they may. I hate to say this, but he worshiped the form, and denied the substance of why this nation was instituted.

    Consider that you and your faction might just be engaged in the same worship/denial, in your hubris that leads you to think you can do things better than anyone else and we should just submit. Your faction has caused more problems than it has solved, because of that.

  • Edward

    I just love how D. Messier is able to rationalize rioting, violence, looting, torching, and murder. It’s “peaceful.” And then there was his moral relativism. Robert, Doug would not go peacefully into that good Trump presidency.
    I had written: “They disagree with freedom — most especially individual freedom”

    And you replied: “I will quibble with this. They desire personal freedom – in the form of hedonism.

    Good quibble, but I read them differently.

    They are frightened little children who are looking for parental guidance, and they think they can find it in government, which is supposed to set limits. Government sets laws that are supposed to tell them how to behave, but when the laws are not enforced they don’t have the guidance that they need. It isn’t that they think they have the right to do bad things — they know right from wrong — it is that no one stops them or disciplines them. They do wrong, because they feel like they can get away with it, like any criminal committing a crime. Their riots and other hissy fits, such as Doug Messier is throwing on this thread, are them pushing limits, as little children do.

    As they discover that there are no limits, their actions become worse and worse, protesting turned to rioting, turned to looting, torching, and murder. This is the result of their pushing the limits so far that they demand an end to police presence. The people who are supposed to be the adults in the cities are catering to these spoiled children, giving them the freedom to do these things as a reward for being friends of the left. Meanwhile, the supposed adults punish those who oppose the leftists, which pleases the spoiled children, because although children want rules and guidance, they also complain when they have to follow them. They think they have won every time they get to disobey, but they only make themselves less amicable.

    In the cities of many blue states there is now routine looting at so many retail stores that they are beginning to flee those cities. Oakland is so bad that profitable fast food places are closing up shop, because they fear for the safety of their customers and staffs.

    Their actions only make it look like they want personal freedom. It isn’t personal freedom that they want, it is adult supervision, and they are not getting it.

  • ShainS

    Thank you for the thoughtful series of essays, Robert — especially as they echo much of what I’ve been saying since The Steal in 2016 (including President Trump dumping Secret Service “protection” for his own personal & loyal security).

    I still think that there’s a strong possibility — if they know that Trump will overcome the Chasm of Fraud (as he did in 2016) — that elections will be “suspended” (read “cancelled”) under some “national emergency crisis demanding martial law” — whether “The Climate Catastrophe,” starting World War III, a Bat-Monkey-Pox Bioweapon release, or use your imagination — with the primary political opposition party banned & criminalized, a la their hero Zelenskyy in Ukraine.

    As I’ve been saying since the Junta and 5-year soft coup against Trump by the Deep State, MDM-MSM, and Big Tech (But I Repeat Myself Thrice): (1) now that they’ve stolen power, they will do everything in their power to retain it; and (2) WHO WILL STOP THEM?

    [I personally believe that President Trump should have called for a National Strike after The Steal in 2016 and brought the country to a grinding halt and the 5th Column Treasonous Death Cult leaders to their knees a la Gandhi, Lech Walesa, MLK Jr., and the fictional John Galt.]

  • SDN

    “The loss of the major ports along the West Coast would be a real problem; and they’d provide quite a lifeline to China for the west coast Socialist brigades. ”

    Actually, the first thing those states will do is invite China to send troops and annex them.

    One crucial difference between 1860 and now is the existence of a major hostile foreign power willing and able to project power to the United States. We avoided this during the first Civil War. We cannot avoid it now.

  • PMR

    “…the only way out for the left appears to be violence and the destruction of our constitutional republic.”

    They are not reluctant citizens looking for an out. They are political barbarians already waging violence.

    War is thrust upon us.

    Do we surrender or fight?

  • Bill G

    “In 2024, the moral battlelines are not so clear. If some radical communist-ruled states decide to break away, it is very unclear Trump or anyone will want to do anything to stop them.
    Or maybe the rest of the country will fight, simply to defend this great and noble American experiment of “government of the people, by the people, for the people.””
    If we start fighting amongst ourselves, we all lose. Too many nations and organizations hate us, and wish our destruction for us to be able to settle a war on our own. The fact that destroying our economy would be massively damaging to the rest of the world would be ignored, just as our leftists ignore it as they work to destroy it from the inside.

  • Susan D Harms

    answering people like D Messier is like wrestling with a pig, you just get dirty and the pig likes it.

  • Richard

    I dislike the S-word as it is too closely associated with slavery and prefer the National Divorce in which separation (and the incredibly complex property settlement) is negotiated.

    However, an understanding of what actually happened in 1861 is key to understanding what may happen tomorrow. Of the 11 Confederate states, only 7 can be said to have seceded over slavery. The other 4 (Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and North Carolina) seceded when Lincoln tried to conscript them to help violently suppress the 7. At least some of the 4 had previously rejected secession. I can make an argument that the 7 were excessively paranoid about Lincoln’s election. He was no fire-breathing abolitionist (See his letter to Horace Greeley) but actually campaigned on stopping the expansion of slavery to the territories. The slave states regarded this as a slippery slope that would eventually lead to being hopelessly outnumbered. However, it was not an immediate crisis and steps short of secession could have been taken. This was in fact what the 4 were doing before the crisis of using force intervened. Also in the background, was increasing nullification by Northern states of the Fugitive Slave Act, not to mention the efforts of John Brown and others to provoke slave rebellions. Obviously, Lincoln expected a short, victorious war. Hence his call for 90 day volunteers. But the South got a vote too and the war was anything but short. It was our most destructive and lethal war, so far.

  • The Democrats dislike losing power; that’s well known. However, the 2024 election offers them a possibility of “losing at a profit.” For with their dominance of the media, they could easily frame anything negative that happens under a second Trump administration as his doing and his fault. Yes, it would be fallacious, but remember Goebbels’ Law. They’ve got some very large bullhorns through which to shout their lies. Much will depend on factors that are difficult to enumerate, much less foresee. I’ll be writing more about this later today or tomorrow.

  • ” This broken Union badly needs to be broken up.”


    Then what?

    Understand, and this may sound ridiculous to some.

    Today’s modern world would blow up and become extremely unstable and the scramble for power and land would spiral the planet into a very dark and Haiti like place in many instances.

    Do you really think that the dissolution of the American states would be a good thing for and I mean all concerned. There would a new balance be achieved, and that IMO would be a very disjointed and chaotic balance.

    I would think that most technological advances and space travel would become very tenuous at best. To say nothing of the warfare.

    Not to mention the crumbling of the economics of the world.

    What country or association of country’s would become the reserve currency of the world? China? Russia? The BRICS?

    America must solve over time this cycle based in the concepts structured by the Constitution.

    If not it then what? Many years of chaos, confusion and warfare?

    That what it looks like to me.

  • To my point:

    Just the tip of the senseless and unbridled Socialist enthusiast “lets break thing up” in the name of “equity”, anti colonialism and “political correctness” iceberg.

    Weakness and pandering in leadership delivers you to chaos and instability.

    And it is most certainly weakness in Liberal / Leftist “progressive” leadership that will without doubt deliver that chaos and instability.

    See weak and appeasing leadership: Joe Biden, Obama, Eric Adams, Fidel Trudeau, Bettle juice mayor from Chicago, Gazem Newsome, racist mayor of Boston Michelle Wu, etc.

    The list is long and rotten with Left leaning and Communist ideologues.

    Strong, simple, benevolent, visionary, middle right American Constitutional theory based leadership is the only way to prosperity and some measure of freedom for the individual.

    If not it then what? The Left, the Democrats, the RINO’s have no rational answer to that question.

    The alternative delivers you to where Canada finds itself today.

    And America is not far behind if we choose to continue down the road we are on and are unable to cycle through it successfully.

  • Garry

    There’s another aspect we haven’t discussed: not only are Democrats doing all they can to stop President Trump, but so are the most of the Republicans. As I see it, certainly at the federal level, the 2 parties are really the left wing and the right wing of the same Uniparty vulture. With few exceptions, federal level politicians (and many at the state level and lower) work together against our interests.

    President Trump is one of the few politicians who truly care about the people and the interests of the country as a whole, and have the backbone to stand up against the powerful forces that shape policy and outcomes (multinational corporations, the Deep State, especially the intelligence agencies, and their ilk).

    During his first term, any senator could have called a recess so that, like every president before him, President Trump could make some recess appointments. Yet in 4 years not one senator ever called for a recess. In reality, none of them want true reform of the government, at least not to the extent that they would risk the wrath of the powers that be.

    I think this is the main reason why Arizona’s Republican Chair tried to bribe Kari Lake into not running for senator; she’s one of the few that might actually call for a recess if President Trump were to be re-elected.

  • Johnny

    D. Messier –

    What part of “You can’t win a debate if you are arguing that men can be women, you support the castration and mutilation of little children, and that terrorists like Hamas are the good guys” did you fail to comprehend? It’s a few years old now, but it tells the truth about democrats.l and the left.

  • D. Messier

    > I just love how D. Messier is able to rationalize rioting, violence, looting, torching, and murder. It’s “peaceful.” And then there was his moral relativism. Robert, Doug would not go peacefully into that good Trump presidency.

    Oh Edward, you need to learn how to read. I never said that. None of the incidents I mentioned were peaceful.

    > They do wrong, because they feel like they can get away with it, like any criminal committing a crime. Their riots and other hissy fits, such as Doug Messier is throwing on this thread, are them pushing limits, as little children do.

    An excellent description of Trump. He’s on TV and social media virtually every day having hissy fits. If he gets re-elected, we’ll have four more years of it. And you – yes, you — Edward will be cheering him on.

    > Your faction set the precedent for the unrest of January 6.

    Jester, don’t try to shift blame to others. Trump and his supporters were responsible for the attack.

    > answering people like D Messier is like wrestling with a pig, you just get dirty and the pig likes it.

    So, you have a lot of experience wrestling pigs, Susan.

    Nice. Very nice.

    Maybe you can post some videos. I imagine they are very entertaining.

    Robert, I could spend a week debunking all your claims about the election and how it was stolen and the January 6 attack, but it wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter to you, or to anyone who has commented here. We have a pathological liar, Donald J. Trump, who can’t admit he lost. Trump has constructed an entire narrative that he is a victim. He constantly accuses his opponents of things he himself is guilty of doing. He’s used social media to establish a cult-like following of people who don’t question his lies.

  • “He’s used social media to establish a cult-like following of people who don’t question his lies.”

    The First Amendment and political speech is not about speech you favor.

    The structured by the Constitution process is about forcing ALL politicians to in some manner whether it be in direct speech, in the media, in Congress or in court to reveal themselves so that the people can judge who’s lies are the lies that they align with and can live with and what the actual truth is.

    American politics is the greatest show on earth! It has its purpose.

    How do we in America fight political warfare?

    Lawyers, Courts and Money.

  • D. Messier

    > The First Amendment and political speech is not about speech you favor.

    It certainly isn’t. And I never claimed it was.

    I’m disappointed that so many people fall for Trump’s BS. His lies and exaggerations are easily debunked.

  • ShainS

    Apologies (my post last night referred to The Steal of 2016 three times when I obviously meant 2020; call it the cumulative effect of going on four years of insomnia plus a little whiskey to aid in sleep).


  • Brian E

    President Trump offered the National Guard (suggesting 10,000) which was rejected by Democrat officials. Kind of destroys the narrative of insurrection.

  • wayne

    Rock and Roll Circus (December 11-12, 1968)
    The Rolling Stones –
    You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  • Jester, don’t try to shift blame to others. Trump and his supporters were responsible for the attack.

    Trump? Not really. No order or even suggestion of violence was given by him, His statements regarding election fraud do not count as “lies” or incitement, because your government failed to fulfill their burden of proof that the election was legitimate..

    No charges of insurrection against anyone, because they can’t make them stick. Instead, charges like “parading” and excessive pursuit and imprisonment for many who at most, peacefully walked through doors opened by Capitol personnel. And lawfare – including imprisonment without bail (as opposed to having a Senator raise funds for their bail) – to enter into plea bargains to reinforce your narrative on-the-cheap.

    Now, how about you treat the J6 protesters like the 30 June 2020 “insurrectionists”, instead of maintaining a double standard between the two incidents? Here’s a reminder of what 30 June looked like:

    As for lies, the fundamental paradigm of the Progressive Left is based in falsehood: the confession Reagan warned us about, that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

    Your faction has no room to talk about lies; it has continually lied to the American people about their responsibilities – and capabilities – in the myopic hubris of marketing a busybody technocracy as Our Democracy™ … where dissenters are expected to just “take one for the team” if their unalienable rights are subordinated to the technocrats “common good” on any given day, and they are harmed in the name of “helping”.

    Unalienable rights supersede even a majority vote. They are only to be restricted when necessary to secure the unalienable rights of their neighbors, not merely to further the “common good” which seems to be where most of the effort of our government is directed these days.

    Stop covering yourselves with the form, while denying the substance of why this nation was instituted. Focus on the mountain of falsehood your movement sits upon, instead of the J6 molehill you want to grow into a mountain like that one.

  • D Messier:

    You missed my point………………..ALL POLITICIANS AS WELL AS THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALWAYS LYING to some degree more or less.

    The political process, the “Show” structured by the Constitution forces all of those in politics to speak and propose what they propose and in the end over time the people who are witness to their varied interpretation of the truth and what is best get to determine who is the “Best” liar that serves their self-interests.

    Your perspective is exclusively Pedestrian Realm, narrow and purely partisan.

    For instance, Jamey Raskin and Dan Goldman, what reality do you think they are operating within? Your reality? They constantly propose an alternate interpretation of reality, and they insist that you not see what you plainly see. Both in the instance of Trump and in the plain to see perversions and corruptions of Hunter Biden and his father over the many years that they have been running their “Business”.

    I see treason and they see no big deal.

    Trumps speech and actions on Jan 6th were First Amendment political speech, whether you or anyone else likes it or not.

    Insurrection? Do you believe that if the DOJ could have charged Trump or anyone else with Insurrection that they would have charged it? That is a rhetorical question that deflates and eliminates your entire position.

    Was Trump pissed that he had been outsmarted by his political opponents? Absolutely.

    But the evidence supports that there were operatives within government that rabble roused the enthusiastic crowd and in fact instigated and caused the riot on Jan 6th.

    Trump asked Congress for 10,000 troops because of the potential that existed and was denied. And who controlled Congress and the security of the Capitol? As well as mayor Bowser denying addition security. These are facts whether you like them or not.

    Does this tell you anything about just how intense the opposition was and remains? And what would they do in order to remain in power and not give Mr. Trump any opportunity to succeed or another opportunity to inhabit the White House? ANYTHING, up to and including the ultimate denial.

    So your insistence that your interpretation of what is what is very similar to Mr. Raskins and Mr. Goldmans, who are just political junkyard dogs doing their assigned jobs.

    Do your job, say what you say, propose what you propose. Is what you transmit the truth or are they lies?

    The people will choose based on their associations and their sense of reality, their sense of morality, their sense of truth.

    Because no one in politics for the most part, not at these high levels anyway are either moral or are they ever telling the truth. Government is not about the truth or morality, government is about power and control.

    You cannot see any of this and you can only see your morality reflected off of a person that you find despicable. But that one person right now in politics, like it or not, is the only person that stands between the people and turning the entire country into a Socialist model.

    See: Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, N. Korea, see everything that the U.N. and the WEF propose because that is your / our future if America remains in the control of what is in control of it at the moment.

    So if any of what is going on in NYC, in LA, in Portland, in Chicago, in Seattle, in Boston makes sense to you then you keep on with your perspective, but I do not believe you will be happy in the end.

    This is the ultimate expression of what government intends:

    ​”William J. Casey, CIA director, February of 1981, at a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    You and many others not understanding these concepts is the road to authoritarian do as I say government and the delivering of America to “Others”.

  • To my point:

    Senator Fetterman is not towing the approved Democrat reality/ lie narrative line and so his top people have abandoned ship and are joining more appropriate radical Leftist political players. Fetterman is sounding like the Democrats of old, and he did not get the memo, they and it are all dead.

    Fetterman is pro-Israel and pro controlling the border and that is not acceptable. He has gone too far.

  • Edward

    Read your replies again and again, until you finally realize that is what your did say. You foolishly think I would cheer-on a Democrat, because despite his party registration, that is what he is. Bill Clinton mark II. You could respond a week trying to debunk Robert, but you would be wrong all week long. It is the problem with arguing with a gullible Democrat like you. You willingly believe the fantasies and refuse to live in reality. Then you project yourself onto others, which is frustrating, because we are nothing like you, and you don’t understand us like we understand you. We live among many of you, but you avoid people like us. You lie about Trump and assume we must, too.

    On further reflection:

    This is the difference between the religious and the leftists. Religion sets limits and then enforces them. The congregation learns to grow up, to become responsible adults, and to make good decisions. Judgement must be good, otherwise excommunication could follow. They raise their children to be responsible adults, too.

    For leftists, government is the anchor, but it is also constantly changing the rules. Not only are new laws continuously being made, but various laws are also ignored, claiming prosecutorial discretion. These days, government has ignored enforcing serious laws, not just the silly ones that equate pi with three. The leftist “children” of government-as-parental-unit think of these relaxed laws as newfound freedoms (hedonism) but the result is bad behavior as the new normal — but only for them, because government-as-parent is punishing the people who disagree with those who enjoy the relaxed rules. Thus, people like Doug (thank goodness for him, such a good example of someone living in fantasyland) endear their new-found parental units, their best buddies (when parents are BFFs, then they aren’t properly enforcing limits). Leftists are greedy, selfish little children who throw temper tantrums and ignore or reject reality whenever it is convenient, and they raise their children to be the same.

    Government acts as best buddies when they let their friends get away with things but persecute their enemies, when they let new BFFs cross the border and then make them endearing followers as they give them free stuff and free services, when they let their current BFFs riot, loot, torch, and murder with impunity, and when they let their irresponsible daughters selfishly kill the consequences after having selfish fun for a night (as a rationalization, Obama called children a punishment).

    What are BFFs for if not to help hide the body?

    In order to keep up the Girls Gone Wild lifestyle, they are willing to do whatever it takes. The end justifies the means. They will lie, cheat, steal, and kill, even do these to elections, and they hijack the government, including the judicial system, in order to bring governmental power into play. It is why so many people are so afraid for Republican lives, if Trump wins the election. With the recent responses of government to these same actions, leftists fully expect to continue to get away with such heinous crimes. Leftists know their actions are wrong, but they are selfish people with a desire for an undeservedly high lifestyle, if even at the expense of other people. It is how children think life should be, and it is how they have lived life with their parents, who have given them everything for free all their lives.

    They are selfish three-year-olds, in it only for themselves but working in mobs. It is easier to rationalize bad behavior if a whole mob is doing it, too.

    Government does not make for a good parent, because it just does not care about you. It is also selfish, caring only for itself. Most religions make for better “parents,” because someone local does care, and he wants you to be a better person.

  • wayne

    “This Will Be The Nastiest, Dirtiest, Scariest Election In Our History” –
    Victor Davis Hanson
    Triggernometry (February, 2024)

  • D. Messier

    I don’t understand the enthusiasm for secession and the obsession with California. For one, many of the poorest states in the nation are red or lean red:

    The secession of California, New York and other richer Democratic states would not necessarily be a good thing for what was left of the country.

    There seems to be a lot of celebrating about California’s problems and population loss and so on. It’s as if you want the state to fail. The whole mentality is strange. I live in California, and I don’t sit around obsessing about how poor Mississippi is (the poorest state on the list, poverty rate 19.6%), the low student achievement in Alabama, the one-in-five children in West Virginia living under the poverty line. A lot of states have serious problems. I take no joy in any of that. It’s sad.

    This is one nation. I find it unAmerican that some people are so eager to break it apart. Or take such glee in the problems of some of the state while ignoring the deep problems in others.

  • “There seems to be a lot of celebrating about California’s problems and population loss and so on. It’s as if you want the state to fail.”

    Who does not like watching the video when the guard dog bites the burglar in his “John Kerry” as he tries to get away with his crime? There is a sense of satisfaction, no? Not you? You have no sense of Pedestrian Realm justice.

    Democrat and RINO politics of the last 50 years created D.J. Trump entering politics, and he is one of those effects of those accumulation of years of abuses, perversions and Socialist corruptions.

    Everything has a cause, and every cause has its effects over time in the cycle of things.

  • David

    I suggest that this three part essay be brought to the attention of the news networks, social media heavies, heck even try the legacy newspapers still around to see if they’d offer a fair chance to have a detailed walkthrough. I hope someone has a contact to try to see if Fox or the NYT or the like will bite.

    There’s much in this piece that warrants the attention. It’s really something to have read.

  • pzatchok

    In order to stop ALL election problems we need to start affixing our SSN and thumb print to each and every ballot.

    If we can track every single use of every single credit card used world wide in real time and flag suspicious uses we can surly track SSN used in voting.

    This will absolutely stop double voting or out of state voting. Illegals and non citizens from voting and it will stop almost all dead people from voting.

    All ballots will still be destroyed after 30 days and will never know how you voted unless they actually get their hands on the physical ballots, searched through all of them and found yours. All physical ballots could be controlled and protected by the local police until destruction. Sort of like evidence.

    Other western nations do this with out trouble so why can’t we?
    Its the only REAL way to secure our elections against any type of false voting.

  • “In order to stop ALL election problems we need to start affixing our SSN and thumb print to each and every ballot.” Really?

    “If we can track every single use of every single credit card used world wide in real time and flag suspicious uses we can surly track SSN used in voting.” 100 percent correct!

    And that is why the Democrat party machine insists on the weakest and most corruptible methods of voting. If not that then they would rarely win and election for dog catcher.

    There certainly are ways to make elections and voting secure. Possibly a credit type voting card? Only paper ballots and one day of voting? Keep it simple is always the best, and that is why the Democrat machine wants it as confusing and as complex as possible.

  • pzatchok

    And we have to come to the agreement that voting is not a right but a privilege.

    A privilege of citizenship.

    The idea that you have a right to vote because you live there is wrong and NO other nation does this. None that I know of. Just looked it up.
    Those few very few that do allow a national vote require proven residency of many years.. No major nations though.

    We need a few things nationally.
    A national language. Required.
    A nationally recognized drivers license format. With noticeable differences for non citizens.

  • wayne

    yeah, NO… let’s skip the whole let’s-make-it-even-more-Totalitarian, thing’.

  • Related:


    “This is our system; this is our process, by design. And it is essential that you properly understand it. No matter how much you personally despise any particular politician. The system is more important than any individual or political party.”

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