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The election has been stolen

The dead Constitution

Today the Republican leaders of the Pennsylvania state legislative rejected a resolution by 26 members of their caucus to open an investigation into the questions of election fraud in their state, claiming that they simply do not have time to address their resolution based on the state’s laws.

Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster County, and Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre County, said in a statement issued as the caucus broke that they agreed the state’s elections processes and procedures need a top-to-bottom review for consistency and fairness, but they said there is no time to take legislative action on this year’s results and they will not be calling the House back into session. Their joint statement read, in part:

“We are physically unable to consider any new legislation before the end of session. A simple resolution takes three legislative days for consideration and a concurrent resolution takes five legislative days to move through both chambers, which means we do not have the time needed to address any new resolutions in our current session,” which expires Monday as per the state constitution.

The Republican leaders made it clear they will address the election irregularities in their next session. Whoopie! By then it will be too late. I expect the same thing to now happen in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Republican-controlled statehouses are going to acquiesce to these results, despite amply evidence that demands a thorough review. (And I say this even though my own Republican state representative, Mark Finchem, today called for Arizona to withhold its electoral votes. He might be fighting the good fight, but he is also fighting his own party leadership.)

Let me make several predictions:

1. Unlike the cries of election fraud against Trump in 2016, the charges now carry strong merit. But because these issues were not properly investigated, half the country is going to believe, with good cause, that this election was stolen, and that no future election can be trusted. In fact, a good percentage of Democratic voters now believe that as well, based on polls.

2. The last four years has seen endless spouts of hate and resistance from the left. Their policy has been to oppose Trump on everything, no matter what. Furthermore, they have not only lied repeatedly in attacking Trump and his supporters, they have often slandered individuals as well as worked to wreck their lives. (Their evident and proven lying is one reason so many people doubt the results November 3rd.)

These same people are now going to insist we all hold hands and love each other, because their candidate is now in office.

Sorry, but the voters who now feel they were robbed are not going to go along with this, even if their own Republican weasels bow to the Democrats and partner with them. The Democrats have provided our nation with a four year lesson in how to resist a presidency, in the most vile manner possible. They don’t have the right to ask Republicans for unity now now, and on the voter level I am sure they aren’t going to get it.

3. I fully believe that these state Republican leaders are lying when they say they are going to do a full review of the election process. As we have seen for decades, they are experts at failure theater. They make big noises about standing up to their opposition, but always fold like wet rags at the slightest pressure. They will do so again.

4. The result: The likelihood of a legitimate election occurring ever again in the United States is low, if not impossible. Assuming the Democrats did steal this election, the evidence suggests they were sloppy about doing it. Not only were the manipulations of the vote totals blatantly obvious, the Democrat’s unwavering opposition to any investigation suggests they knew their malfeasance would have been quickly uncovered.

They will not be so sloppy next time.

5. Furthermore, the lack of fight by too many Republicans post-election is going to rebound against them badly. As one very conservative friend told me yesterday, “Next election I’m voting straight Democrat. What’s the point giving these [deleted] bastards my vote, since they won’t do anything for me.”

Expect this sentiment to get repeated over and over. We might very well see it reflected in the Georgia senate run-offs in early January. We will also see more questionable vote counting tactics done in those elections, since Georgia’s Republican governor and Republican legislature have seemed most eager to allow those tactics to take place, with no review.

Whether we will even have an opposition Republican Party come 2024 is highly questionable. The nation is now going down the same road traveled by Venezuela, by Russia, by California, and many local urban American cities. Once these corrupt Democrats manage to game the system to their liking, they never let go.

6. Finally, that peaceful and trustworthy elections are likely no longer possible in America means Americans no longer have any peaceful options should the ruling powers do things that the public doesn’t like. Eventually, the response will be violence, and bloodshed, and brutality.

I am not calling for it. I am simply predicting that it will happen, all because the Democrats refused to accept the legality of the 2016 election and then used any means to steal the 2020 elections, and the Republicans stood by and let them do it.

7. And just remember, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Democrats are gaining that absolute power. They’re coming for you next.

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  • wayne

    “….your Mission, should you decide to accept it, would be to un-fix the Election so that the result will honestly reflect the vote of the people…”

    Every Mission from “Mission: Impossible”

  • Mark

    For those who want additional information on this stolen election, I recommend the news aggregator website
    For Arizona specific news, just type in ‘Arizona’ in the site search bar. I agree with Bob that they are coming for you next. Here in NY in September a bill was introduced to ban all gas powered cars by 2035. It feels like the fix is in and this will happen without any real input from the citizens of New York. Also, it looks like this bill would pass since 19 declared far left or socialists just won seats in the NYS legislature and it seems there is now a Democratic Party supermajority – refer to: ‪‬

  • wayne

    on a more serious Note:
    – the current time-line…
    “By December 8, 2020—States resolve controversies. (at least six days before the meeting of the electors)
    ->States must make final decisions in any controversies over the appointment of their electors at least six days before the meeting of the electors. This is so their electoral votes will be presumed valid when presented to Congress. Decisions by States’ courts are conclusive, if decided under *laws enacted before Election Day.*
    December 14, 2020—electors vote in their States:
    ->The electors meet in their respective States and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots. The electors record their votes on six Certificates of Vote, which are paired with the six remaining Certificates of Ascertainment. The electors sign, seal, and certify six sets of electoral votes. A set of electoral votes consists of one Certificate of Ascertainment and one Certificate of Vote.
    December 23, 2020—electoral votes arrive in D.C..”

    ref– “…laws enacted before Election Day…” –only the respective State Legislature can alter election laws, they can’t delegate that duty to non-elected bureaucrat’s or functionary’s.

  • Tony

    The vast majority of the Republican leadership do not care if they ever do a investigation, they are more than happy to let Biden win, they probably conspired with the Democrats to get Trump out, because they seen him as the problem to their idea of good governance… And if you actually listen to most of them they are closet socialists themselves so they could careless what happens… ?

  • Mark Guenther

    In the recent election hearings of Pennsylvania and Arizona, we have been able to hear the views of citizens of those States and it is more important than ever to remind people that the US is still a Federal political system and we are citizens of a State first (at least in practical terms because we live there) and then a citizen of the Federal United States. Currently the States are very weak compared the national government and national institutions like mainstream media. Perhaps as State citizens we can at least make our concerns known and fire our state elected officials on a regular basis when they ignore us. It will be at least be cathartic to say ‘We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore so YOU’RE FIRED.’ On a side note I would like to hear John Batchelor to interview Bob Zimmerman in his capacity of a citizen of Arizona. Because Bob has lived through Arizona’s stolen election and has kept himself informed, that perspective has great value for the listeners of the John Batchelor Show.

  • Berenger

    I’m afraid your rights. The biggest myth is there will be no reaction from the right. This will wke the Jacksonian contingent of American politics. Walter Russell Mead described them as the silent majority and scotch-irish in the beginning but expanded to be more inclusive. Motivated mostly by Honor and a deep respect for the construction. Often ignored, but they are the real sleepy giant.

    I saw a bunch of them wargame out how the terrorists should have attacked us on 9/11. Yes some Republicans will do protests etc. My prediction based also on Hillbilly Eulogy and other works describing the economic decline of the Jacksonian regions give us a good idea of what may come.

    It takes 10% of a population to start an effective insurgency. We have 45%-51% to provide basic support to a movement. Only about 3% of that would be active insurgents. We have a population that has given up hope that the situation can be resolved through the courts and politicians. I see Northern Ireland on steroids. Waged by a ‘git er done” crowd who just want efficiency and no fooling around.

  • Kevin

    I would never vote Democrat. I will write in Donald John Trump for every elective office in the future.

  • james

    Republicans always surrender, then they collaborate….. we are in collaboration phase.
    I will never donate to a Republican candidate again…ever…
    I hate Democrats because they are evil, they murder babies…
    I hate Republicans more. They are lying back-stabbers..

  • Gail

    “Next election I’m voting straight Democrat. What’s the point giving these [deleted] [Republican] bastards my vote….”
    has rhetorical punch — but please, G-d, don’t do it! Especially not now in Georgia! The true opposition has no voice at all without a Republican majority in the Senate.

    Badger your Republican representatives incessantly, demand election fraud be exposed and prosecuted, vote in better candidates in the next Republican primary, but please don’t donate your last gallon of gas to the one-party steam roller.

  • RockwellT

    I think the issue with (R) Legislators is much simpler. Right now those officials are ‘office-elect’ official. If the election was fraudulent, that means no election. -> which means no vote tally for the down office votes as well -> which means ‘you, office-elect’ haven’t been elected to anything.
    So, since I’ve been elected, I don’t really care if, if this example, Trump is elected, because I’ve got mine.

  • We aren’t watching the end of free and fair elections. There are no future elections needed, if they succeed in destroying this one. We are watching the end of America. We are watching America die. Right before our very eyes. In the next few days. In the next couple of weeks.

    Sure, many are angered, even enraged. But thinking enough people will stand up? Enough will actually rise up?

    If we the citizens, and Trump succeed, in stopping the theft of this election? Our prayers will have been answered.

    But it is an incredibly long lonhshot. As well the hope, that enough citizens will band together. In a physical battle to restore the Republic. Should we fail to stop the theft underway.

    It’s over. Evil is here. Evil will prevail. Evil is here to stay. GHUA

  • Cotour

    A good friend who is a fairly large real estate holder sent me this, and is very concerned.

    My reply:

    I love this quote on the guys sign, “Your Profit Is Our Displacement”.

    And this vote will come into question now that we understand that the Democrats have essentially set up an election scam in the form of the voting machines and various other ways of skewing the election system we use to vote.

    Out of the mouths of babes, and a slip of the lip by a political tool:

    Who will have trust in their vote in the future? Not me.

    In the era of Trump, win or lose, all will be revealed.

  • Phill O

    IMHO, this comes down to the level of violence a party is will to go. The dems with their handling of recent riots have shown there is NOTHING they will not do to win. Are they pawns of organized crime? To they take money from the cartels who are flooding the nations with drugs? Are the republicans afraid for their families? What level of security do they get? I think the republicans will never send their dominion into the chaos the dems will take it.

    What we are seeing is not just in the USA, but it is global. All nations will be against Israel, IMHO. This is the end game. The Trudeau government has moved away from support of Israel. Trump was Israel’s last hope.

    I have always wondered how the NAZIS could take Germany to where Hitler went. We are seeing first hand, not in one nation but, as have said before, globally.

    My question is “How do good people respond?”

  • Cotour

    In America you get organized and bring it all to court. And if you have to bring it to a higher court, then you bring it to a higher court.

    And then you may have to bring it to the highest court.

    And you keep up the pressure.

    This is our system, this is our process. And there are people with their own self interest and power in mind that will attempt to thwart it all. Our system is built for warfare, and here we have it.

  • Drew458

    Agree with what you say, but it’s almost a guarantee that the Dems will win the GA runoffs. Heck, I’d be amazed if the GOP candidates got 15% of the vote … after it was counted.

  • Jeff Fauva

    “Incite civil war for a real estate mogul from NYC who cakes-on bronzer and pays his coiffure 70k” is where we are I guess.

  • Cotour

    Jeff Fauva:

    This is really not about Trump, nor about how he combs his hair, nor about if he wears bronzer, nor that he is a real estate mogul.

    Please attempt some objectivity.

  • James Street

    I’m still optimistic. These are battles, not the war. There are still many paths to a 2nd term for Trump.

    There’s an interesting pro American / anti CCP (Chinese Communist Party) news site Gnews ( that was started by Miles Guo and Steve Bannon. Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) is an exiled Chinese billionaire businessman who fled to the US in 2014 when he learned China was going to arrest him.

    The articles on the Gnews site are more propaganda than news, but it gives an interesting Chinese perspective on the CCP, China and American relationship.

    In an article he wrote yesterday Miles Guo says:

    “The U.S. presidential election just entered a dramatic stage. As expected, President Trump will lose his cases in most of the swing states’ courts and the circuit court. However, the public hearings on election fraud will prevail and win. There is even a possibility that the Supreme Court may also announce that Biden is the winner of the election, facing all the election fraud charges.

    December 7-8 will be more decisive, and the overall election result will be determined by then. With the unique help from intelligence sources (our Whistleblower Movement and the U.S. military) that the CCP is deeply involved and manipulated this election, President Trump will 100% be re-elected. But the process will be more complicated than any other U.S. presidential election in the history.””

    – Sauce:

  • ray ward

    So, do we just stand back and let the Commies steal the country?

  • Max

    This just broke a couple hours ago, dominion voting was purchased by Chinese on October 8 before the election. Other websites are reporting that dominion employees were Chinese nationals.

    Also reported this morning, that the military confiscated the dominion computers in Germany were being held by the CIA, and five died in the fire fight.

    Also reported this morning (by the health ranger, should’ve been on the Babylon bee?)That Joe Biden has been placed under house arrest and the leg injury is the hide his ankle bracelet.

  • janyuary

    Dearest compatriot Cotour … I love seeing your stuff as we are on the same page politically and morally — the difference is that you seem almost to worship Trump; you seem to attribute mystical qualities to the man, and you ignore totally how he got the nomination: he cheated, strong-armed, threatened, and lied, and “conservative” media covered for him. He got it about the same way Biden got the presidency. Rely on him at your own risk.

    I spent many long hours in 2016 researching walk-versus-talk of all of the R primary candidates. You are in the right race, Cotour, but you are backing the wrong horse. It is ridiculous to think that “mainstream” Republican, the bad guys in the Republican party, don’t like Trump, and that is wholesale poppycock.

    Mainstream RINO Republicans absolutely loathed Ted Cruz, while every single working free-enterprise agriculturalist, entrepreneur, prime producer independent minded Republican I knew, and I know a whole lot of them because I was born and raised among them, thought Ted Cruz was the obvious clear choice and they were excited at the prospect of his nomination. But of course the Republican primary had long devolved into an elitist game decided by “progressive Republicans” of the Northeast in tiny little states with less than the population of a single county in California, for example.

    ROBERT your good Republican (that used to be redundant, 35 years ago) in Arizona needs to walk away from the Republican party, as many disillusioned Democrats (I know too many personally to think they don’t exist across this great nation) need to walk away from the Democrat party. Liberty needs a political party and movement that takes offense position to separate government, the state, from all control religious, medical, and scientific. Science and medicine have their place just like the church, but it must be far away from the authority of government for it to serve liberty.

    There is ONE WAY to avert the New Age Dark Age that hovers, and that is to walk away from a very failed model, Republican and Democrat, and toward liberty and respect for self-ownership.

  • Dick Eagleson

    A shooting civil war is not inevitable, though it may well come at some point. But there is another alternative I would expect to see first. That is the birth of a new nationalist and populist political party.

    In the 1850s, the Republicans were born once it became apparent the Whigs weren’t going to stand up to the Democratic Party project of making the entire U.S. safe for slavery. The Democrats are at it again and the Republican Party, like the Whigs before them, have been found wanting. So it’s time once again for a major such alteration in the U.S. political landscape. We need, in short, a MAGA Party and we need it now. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the U.K. amply illustrates that a new political party can be run up in very short order and have outsize impact. Another precedent would be Ross Perot’s Reform Party from the early 90s.

    Attempting to reform either the Republican or Democratic parties would be a lot like that old saw about attempting to teach a pig to sing – “It won’t work and it will only annoy the pig.” The path of least resistance is to gin up an entirely new party with none of the baggage of the older parties and with a program and message that can deprive both the Republicans and Democrats of a majority of their current registered bases.

  • Jonathan Khuner

    Before deciding that there is indeed sufficient reliable evidence to lose faith in the believability of the 2020 election results, towards which thousands of normal people of all parties were working in view of each other, and which has been under intense scrutiny from all sides for months, I presume a rational citizen would wait to see the progress of suits in actual courts of law. So far the Trump campaign, who I presume are the most highly motivated to collect and present evidence, have failed. Why would I start (or continue) to believe that (excuse the ellipses) “The cries of voter fraud . . . now carry strong merit” any more than I believed those cries four years ago (which I didn’t)? Rather, I find the underlying premises of Mr. Zimmerman’s proposition to be completely unsubstantiated. This includes his blanket (also exaggerated and vitriolic) condemnation of Democratic counter-activity against the excesses of the Trump administration.

  • Cotour


    My support of Trump is based on observation and understanding his brain, his personality and his intention. After I was able to assure myself that he was not just playing I was a solid supporter, and remain so. No worship just rational understanding, and maybe an ounce of the mystical ;)

    (If you look into George Washington’s story you will find many, many coincidences that might be called mystical. The Indians spoke of Washington in similar terms. And I see Trump in much the same way. Two very different men, but both appearing to have a similar purpose and effect on the American experiment. In my opinion anyway.)

    And I have stated clearly, if and as soon as I detect that he has turned and become a status quo Washington D.C. politician I will be the first one to say so, reject him and will move on. But I have not detected that at all.

    And to your Cruz point, the Zman was all about Ted Cruz becoming president. And while I like Cruz as a Senator, he will never be president and I stated so and still believe the same. And if you want to find it in my many postings during that period of time you will find my comments that clearly said so.

    Trump is unique in American politics and history and will now play a major roll in our political future. “IT”, IMO is his destiny and he has in many ways trained for this position his entire career. The right man at the right place at the right time, much like Washington or Jefferson or any one of the other Founders. And I have been very consistent and clear on these points.

  • janyuary

    Dick Eagleson, you nailed it. The nation is wrongly described as being divided in half.
    It is divided into three: Democrats who like Democrat/liberal means today; Republicans who like Republican/conservative today, and the rest who see that both parties/movements are kabuki theater for different routes ending up in the same destination of bondage to nanny government.

    Any defense position, such as “make America great again,” is misguided, I think. It implies going back, yet we can only move forward. Also, MAGA is associated with a rotten apple, Trump, who’s turned more people away from the Republican party than bad apples McCain and Romney before him. Leave what’s behind in the dust, and focus straight ahead, pioneering 21st century liberty in self-ownership.

    Because if this Corona Craziness has proven anything, it is that government, on the counsel of medicine, proposes to relieve every individual of actual self-ownership. Citizens become so much human livestock to be tested, immunized, and deprived of any self-determined risk. It is every adult human being’s natural right to decide for himself what risks he wants to take with his own life. Liberty dies when government and science unite to decide “for the greater good” that such risk endangers others when in fact those “others” have a moral duty to protect themselves by being responsible for their own immune systems through smart eating and fitness.

    Science and medicine, thru government, overlooks the responsibility of the individual and takes it upon itself, giving government great pretense for tyranny, be it environmental (carbon taxes, Global warming, etc.) or medical.

    Offense, a movement to establish that medicine and science must join the same political classification as the church in terms of mandatory government policy, is the only position for any party and movement to pioneer 21st century liberty and self-ownership.

  • Jonathan Khuner: It is always obvious that commenters like you have not listened to any of these hearings, or carefully reviewed any of the allegations. You simply accept what you are told by the mainstream press.

    As “a rational citizen” (your words) you don’t “wait to see how court cases” get settled, not when it comes to your most sacred right in a free constitutional nation. You delve in, you find out for yourself, and you make your own decision.

    Your willingness to let others make your decisions for you explains exactly why our constitutional nation is failing.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: Thanks for your reply. Even Barr admits that there is no substance to the election fraud claims. Why carry on the fantasy that this is going to become some epic battle? The only real outcome is the Trump campaign raising millions to pay for Hyatt ballroom press conferences and embarrassing legal briefs – and pocketing the rest.

  • Cotour

    If you are going to make a statement like that about Barr you might want to provide some evidence.

    You appear to be willfully ignorant of what is going on.

    And I suppose the “Trump is only raising money” meme is very weak and proven to my satisfaction to be false and entirely unfounded.

  • Patrick Underwood

    I’m re-reading The Gulag Archipelago and it’s amazing how the Marxist playbook never changes.

    Everyone should read it.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Ha, so here I am on my iPad, having just posted. I press the address field to go somewhere else, highlighting the current Behind the Black URL. Guess how Safari wants to autocomplete my entry?

    “United States presidential election”

    Exactly as when I pull up a conservative YouTube video, I get messages beneath the video like “The Associated Press has called the election for Joe Biden. Click here for more details.”

  • janyuary

    Cotour, oddly, my lack of faith in Trump is also “is based on observation and understanding his brain, his personality and his intention” …! along with much review of his things he plainly stated on camera or on radio during the primaries, and some investigation of his business ability in context, such as other American billionaires who are comparable. Trump is way low on the list; other real estate moguls who started with less, are worth a whole lot more now than Trump, have created communities I’ve seen with my own eyes that are good all-around, and yet never painted their names on their jets, never were guests on radio shows and magazine covers, and never had 18 movie cameos to celebrate their extreme business savvy. I earned a living in media, specifically manipulative media. I recognize a creature of that medium when I see him and moreso, recognize the resulting product, or “brand.”

    Intentions .. good ones often pave the road to hell. Environmentalists all have the best of intentions, saving the planet. Mask nazis have the best of intentions, saving old people.

    Press on!

  • Cotour

    So you favor a more qualitative billionaire? One that you are more comfortable with, that meets YOUR definition of what a billionaire who becomes an empowered politician.

    Is Trump an ego maniac? Without doubt, but so what? I will go even further than just an ego maniac, he has a super ego and is a super ego maniac. Again, in the scheme of things, so what?

    Trump is unique to Trump and your comparing him to other billionaires is totally meaningless.

    Very few billionaires would be able to run for office and become politically empowered. Trump ran and won. Why would they want to?

    This may well be why Trump in deed ran for president, Obama mocks Trump at the White House correspondence dinner. But in the end if you run for president and actually do become president you are then required to rise to the occasion.

    And I have never given any weight to Trumps billionaire ranking as you do, not for one second. I did not even know that there was a ranking. All I am interested in is is he a patriot and will he do what he says he will do, confront the perversion and corruption that is Washington D.C.. And Trump above all other presidents that I am personally familiar with has indeed risen to that simple standard of mine.

    So where exactly does that leave you?

  • Cotour

    And this mans testimony may indeed indicate that there was an organized effort within the USPO to influence the election (No love lost for Trump within the USPO):

    Hauling massive amounts of completed ballots from LI to Pennsylvania just before the election? No tickets / documentation to establish where he was and when? Who is interviewing these people involved? The FBI? They tend to not look to hard into what they don’t want to find.

    Whether Trump wins or loses his purpose and the purpose of his movement here is to force the revealing of it all.

  • mrsizer

    I don’t disagree – I wish I did.

  • Max

    I spent over five hours listening to the voting anomalies that Zimmerman provided a link to in Arizona yesterday. I also listen to the four hours Rudy Giuliani’s Group in Gettysburg, and the highlights of a few election irregularities giving testimony today while babysitting my grandchildren.
    And yet, the news at the top of the hour repeats the same old, “no evidence” over and over again.
    No court haves the time on their schedule to have a hearing, let alone a ruling yet.
    State legislatures are covering their eyes and putting their fingers in their ears and repeating over and over again “the election has been certified” no problem here… Hillary said it best, “do not concede the election!” See no evil, hear no evil, and there reward will soon be realized. Hang together with the media or hang separately.

    Long article full of details on how far the conspiracy has mutated and who has been implicated (Jo Biden, Pelosi, China, George Soros, etc.)

    President Trump prepared for this situation, the deep state is calling his bluff. Authorization to arrest and confiscate property from individuals and countries involved in American election fraud.

    Another connection to Obamas administration;
    “”On October 24, 2018, Smartmatic, announced they appointed a U.S. Board of Directors to “guide the company as it offers secure technology to election jurisdictions across the country.”
    The Board Chairman would be retired US Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger, who served as Barack Obama’s Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    It just so happens that Neffenger’s Smartmatic software, used in the Dominion voting machines, made it possible for Democrat operatives to ‘flip’ 6,000 votes cast for President Trump to Joe Biden in at least one Michigan county. The software has ‘back doors’ allowing corrupt officials to rig elections.

    There is unconfirmed speculation that Trump’s legal team has received evidence that Neffenger has knowledge of the link between Joe Biden and the software for e-voting machines. “”

    “”Last week it was reported Neffenger joined Joe Biden’s transition team for national security.””

    “Neffenger is also a member and “distinguished fellow” of the Atlanta Council think-tank that recently received funding from the same Ukrainian firm that employed Hunter Biden for $183,000 a month.”

    The military is involved.

    (when I did the word search, a full page of “fact checkers” saying this was a false article came up… I’ve never seen so many fact check denials on one page before)
    Evidence of vote manipulation in a foreign country, by CIA with Chinese owned voting system. People did die during the raid, the first deaths in the “Great reset” revolution. “The Rubicon has been crossed”

    Confirmed in an interview on News Max. 3 minutes

    The dark winter/coming dark age will not happen without a fight.

  • Cotour

    Found a new News site: Populist Press:

    Look familiar?

  • Cotour: There are now about a half dozen aggregate sites copying Drudge’s format and trying to get his traffic, based on his apparent decision this year to become a lapdog for the mainstream media and the Democrats. Look at my aggregate link list in the right column and you will find a bunch. Rantingly has been the best I’ve found so far, but Populist Press is a new one to me. I will keep them in my sights. Thank you.

  • Cotour

    Your welcome, compliments of, Steve Bannon, War Room on Youtube.

    Also worth the time.

  • John

    If you can not or will not hold a legitimate election, then you should not get to send presidential electors to the college.

    The people who turn a blind eye to this will regret that.

  • I find the discussions about news aggregators, replacements for Dr*dge, personally interesting.

    I’ve never met the man, don’t know him (and think he’s kind of a creep). Let alone had a single conversation with him. Of any kind, ever.

    And yet by random synchronicity, I ended up being the defacto co-editor of the site. In 2013, and half of 2014 (no pay, no attribution, no accreditation).

    It isn’t rocket science. It is beyond simple. I would spend four hours, midnight to four a.m., here on the West Coast.

    Combing the net, for stories. Visiting all manner of sites. In all locales. While also monitoring radio, and cable. And even (atomic) print, of course.

    At four a.m., I would pass along around twenty links, to J.C.. Of which, however many would then comprise the morning edition.

    And occasionally, I would even have the lead: “Another Red Line.” That being what I was singularly most proud of. Stopping Obama, from taking us to war, in Syria. Based on a goofball Palliewood video (of a staged chem attack). And for mere political vanity, Obama’s.

    Like I said, it isn’t rocket science. It is beyond simple, really. ANYONE can do it. Anyone.

  • janyuary

    Cotour, it leaves me in exactly the same place, of knowing the difference between the real deal and a media-marketed brand Americans are desperate to believe in.

    I understand why you like Trump. I understand that you are puzzled as to why everyone doesn’t love him. I’m explaining it from my POV.

  • Cotour

    No, I am not puzzled why everyone does not “Love” Trump. I do not Love Trump, I see him primarily as being a unique political catalyst.

    I am amazed however at the pure and vicious hatred that some are obsessed with.

    Just the other day I had a conversation with a customer, a man about 45 or so and he was telling me how much he personally despised Trump, and his family members. He sees them all as just being involved in this whole political situation as being solely in their own interests and I guess its all just a big con in his mind? Very, very crazy.

    This guy went so far as to describe exactly what he wanted to physically do to them, I will not go into it. I am looking at him and thinking, “are you stupid or are you just nuts?”.

    Now I do not like for instance the likes of Obama and most all who surround him, they are all Liberal democrats at the minimum and committed philosophical Marxists at the max and these are very dangerous people to my mind. But these people love them, can see them only in positive terms. I just do not understand that. You mention the evidence without doubt of someone like Joe Biden using his son as a front man to funnel millions from the Chinese Communists into his family, and their face just goes blank and they have no response. It really is amazing to me.

    Are there people who are really that different in the world? And I guess for them, once you have chosen your tribe, that is it.

    And I could go over the issues both policy wise and personally that I do not like about Trump or anyone else in the Republican party, but never at that insane level. And that insane quality of some is what is being latched on to and leveraged by the Left in the psychological warfare that is politics. They are very good at it.

  • Cotour: I should add that I prefer aggregate sites that link to other sources. In exploring the Populist Press it appears it does not do this. Every link simply goes to another Populist Press summary of someone else’s story, with no link that I can find. This is not a good way to get one’s news. Too much in a bubble.

    A good aggregate site pulls from many sources, thus providing you a wider perspective. It also allows you to see the source material directly.

  • Questioner

    I want to alert readers to this math evidence of voting fraud (massive transfer of votes from Trump to Biden) in Arizona:

    “130% Mr Biden, -30% Mr Trump’: Data scientist presents unusual findings of vote counts in Arizona”

  • Questioner

    About the undemocratic role of oligarch Mark Zuckerberg (Big Tech) in election fraud:

    Government should limit Facebook’s power and influence.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: Appreciate the response. You may have missed this yesterday:

    I would suggest that you and a lot of folks who are on this site are willfully misled by your affinity for Donald Trump. There is zero chance he overturns the election results – all of this fraud conspiracy theory bunk is to gin-up anger and keep the grift going. Come January 20th he will be out. I will put $750 on it.

  • Cotour

    Jeff Fauva:

    I had not seen Barrs comment at that moment. “Barr says no widespread election fraud, not enough to effect the election”.

    If you read that sentence and parse it a bit you realize that Barr did not say that there was “NO” fraud in the election. I think if you are paying any attention to the recent testimony that has gone on you would reasonably conclude that there in fact was PLENTY of fraud in the election and it occurred in an organized manner in several states.

    And then we are left with the other end of that statement, “Had no effect on the election”. And that certainly remains to be seen.

    Trump may well lose the election in the end, but what will, or what should, come from that potential eventuality is what is truly needed in our country. The Democrats are without doubt immersed in the various ways to cheat in an election, its their baily wick. And if that was not so, who would ever vote for an honest Democrat left to the electorates judgement?

    Q: I am curious, why $750.00? (And I NEVER, EVER bet on politics. Do you know why? See my last paragraph.)

    Q2: Why would Trump raising money for his campaign be characterized as being “Grift”? And if some other politician is doing so that is just fine?

    Jeff: realize that when you or any other Democrat or Republican longs for the “Normal” days when politics was not as contentious”, that is like a sickness. If you do not understand that what goes on in politics, specifically in Washington D.C. is for the most part a sick, perverted, corrupt and self interested activity that threatens all our freedoms then it is you as well as them that is the problem here.

    I suppose its like a version of the Stockholm syndrome I suspect. Trump, like him or not is the most honest president possibly in history, and most do, especially other politicians have no idea what to do with that. You are your own worst enemy, as are we all.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I bet $750 because that’s what this “most honest president” paid in taxes. Betting cuts through a lot of BS – if you don’t have the courage of your convictions, than you you secretly question your convictions. In this case, I think that’s good. Cheers.

  • Cotour

    Would you bet on a horse race and you knew it was fixed, but did not know who it was fixed for?

    Do you really believe that Trump has not paid all and every tax that he was due to pay? Do you really believe that?

    Do you over pay your own taxes?

    Do you think that that Times article was an honest article? Do you think that the Times is an honest paper? Have read the Bari Weiss resignation letter? Do you watch Rachel Maddow? Or better yet, the View? Two very objective sources of the news of the day, just like the Times.

  • Questioner

    Jeff Fauva:

    You must be suffering from some sort of cognitive disorders, otherwise I cannot explain why they cannot perceive the hundreds of evidence and witnesses of massive, never before seen systematic electoral fraud. Trump has been defrauded of millions of votes by a large number of different types of election fraud. But wait, this is not primarily about Trump. This is about your country. This is about freedom or tyranny! This is the battle between Good and Evil. Evil is represented by this “elite” of oligarchs (Zuckerberg, Soros and many others) whom Trump, who stands for the American people, wants to eliminate by all means. Are you belong to the Evil too? Looks like it doesn’t it?

  • Edward

    elmo wrote: “We are watching the end of America. We are watching America die. Right before our very eyes. In the next few days. In the next couple of weeks.

    Actually, we watched America die during the Obama regime. This is just nails in the coffin.

    Obama convinced Americans that it was OK to direct us as to how to spend our own money. No wonder we are now knocking under when government tells us that we may not travel outside our homes except for necessities, tells us what to wear, and shuts down our workplaces. The America we grew up in has been gone since the 2008 election, the most important one of our nation’s history. It was not the 2020 election, as everyone said, because this one was preordained to be corrupted, as many said. We were warned that BiteMe would eventually get enough states and electors. Even Hillary Clinton told BiteMe to never concede under any circumstances, she was forewarned of the coming fraud.

    Since 2000, the Democrats have been perfecting their methods for perpetrating election fraud onto us, and now they have used their methods to meet their ends.

    Dick Eagleson wrote: “In the 1850s, the Republicans were born once it became apparent the Whigs weren’t going to stand up to the Democratic Party project of making the entire U.S. safe for slavery. The Democrats are at it again and the Republican Party, like the Whigs before them, have been found wanting. So it’s time once again for a major such alteration in the U.S. political landscape. We need, in short, a MAGA Party and we need it now.

    We already had what we wanted, but it was stolen from us through election fraud. A new party will not help at all.

    What good is another political party when elections are freely stolen? We need, in short, is good old-fashioned American elections that do not resemble the elections of banana republics. In years past, the world’s election watchers would have said that an election like this latest one was obviously fraudulent. Today, too many people think that a fraudulent election is a good price to pay to get rid of the person they don’t like. Such elections will not let anyone except the party preferred by the elite to win any election. Isn’t that what we complained about with communist nations, such as the Soviet Union?

    Election watchers from a new party would still be subject to the same problems that the Republican watchers have. What good was having these watchers in the first place if our courts and news media were only going to ignore them whenever they saw irregularities or even outright fraud?

    Jeff Fauva wrote: “Even Barr admits that there is no substance to the election fraud claims.

    That is not what he said. Interestingly, what he said was not in response to any investigation, either. The Department of (In)Justice has not investigated any allegations of fraud, and has been on the side of the Democrats since before the 2016 election. The problem of having the government (IRS, FBI, DO(I)J, and now the USPS) side with one party is that we no longer have democratic elections.

    I would suggest that you and a lot of folks who are on this site are willfully misled by your affinity for Donald Trump.

    It was made clear on this site four years ago that the people here considered Trump the lesser of two evils. As I pointed out back then, if all you vote for is evil then all you will have is evil. And look at us now, all we have is a fraudulent election, which is the hight of evil in any democracy. It is not an affinity for Donald Trump that makes this election so horrific. It is our affinity for honest, democratic elections. Even if we do get stuck with an evil Democrat-turned-RINO, such as Trump.

    Without fair elections, there is no democracy.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • Cotour

    And once again we find that the Democrats transmit what they intend, and it is the exact opposite: “Democracy through technology”.

    And, “women will benefit”.

    Oh, it certainly takes a village.

  • Cotour

    And once again, I want to point out something that should really stand out, the name of the company: DOMINION

    Webster’s: Definition: DOMINION: law : supreme authority, sovereignty, having dominion over the natural world

    I find that the company named Dominion and they are involved in the elections in many country’s even ours, the name and definition is just so appropriate and right in your face. Just like Hillary Clinton.

    The irony is so rich.

    The assumption by the likes of Hillary and company: We are all just a bunch of morons and just so much human cattle.

    You and I do not think in those terms, but they do. And because of that fact they are always one or two steps ahead and we are always playing catch up. But there are times when they become revealed and we can all clearly see what has been going on behind all our backs.

    And that is again the only way they can operate, because if a Democrat were to ever honestly share their intent no one would ever support or vote for one of them. So rich.

  • Ian C.

    Not sure where else to put it, so… Trump speech from December 2.

    This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….

  • wayne

    Ian C.,
    Good a place as any–just watched the Trump speech.

  • pzatchok

    Could the tech companies and or news organizations be prosecuted for illegal political contributions?

    What the value of a days worth of Facebook? Twitter? Google?

    Since they all edited political content far beyond the federal Standards for public airwaves. They also knowingly leaned their work towards one candidate.
    Could their work and time be counted as a political donation?

    Would a subsequent fine equaling their contributions be enough of a future deterrent?

  • Gary

    Bar would need to meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard to charge anyone with a crime regarding election fraud. It is hard to imagine that in such a short time frame that this would be possible and that the crimes sufficient to change an election. The standard in civil court is less stringent, but ultimately any high court will be reluctant to overturn the election without Trump meeting the more stringent standard.
    The Georgia Senate races are the only means to slow the left.

  • Questioner


    Isn’t it the alternative strategy of the Trump team that, based on the hearings, the governments of the swing states question the election results and then appoint the electors themselves, rather than on the basis of the dubious election results?

  • Jeff Fauva

    I dunno guys – this all sounds an awful lot like Hillary supporters shrieking about election fraud in 2016. Biden is too milquetoast a candidate to call it “Biden derangement syndrome” – TLDS is more apt.

    Folks should really step back and realize that Trump could – and may still – call this a win for gaining house seats and likely holding the senate. Expectations before the election were for a Dem sweep. If there were widespread massive fraud, it would be too clever by half to claim the presidency, yet underperform the polls for the house and senate.

  • Cotour

    “If “, there were widespread massive fraud.

    Your not paying attention.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    There are some specific safe-harbor provisions but yes, under F.E.C. regulations a case could be made for “in-kind contributions,” which are illegal when not reported.

  • wayne

    Two issues are in-play which are unfortunately co-mingled together; 1) plain old election fraud [ballot stuffing, harvesting, dead-voters, multiple voting, etc…] + bureaucratic incompetence, and 2) non-legislative changes to election laws prior to the election.
    Pennsylvania appears to be the poster boy for both.

  • Questioner

    Trump is the “Archangel Michael” who frees the world from Evil (Satanists). The man has courage and is a real fighter – hopefully nothing will happen to him. This man talks about numbers, names and facts for almost 45 minutes without any manuscript !!
    He knows what he’s talking about!

    I will hope until the day of inauguration that he will get another term.

  • Cotour


    The testimony in Georgia is becoming very interesting.

    A professor Eastman, Constitutional scholar just finished up testifying, on Thursday, 5:43 PM in a hearing in front of members of the Georgia legislature.

    He very strongly asserts that the Georgia election through the evidence presented is reasonable to judge it not to be valid and the legislature should invalidate the 2020 results.

    Some interesting video appears of suit cases full of ballots being pulled out hidden under a covered table during the Georgia “Water Main Break” event where everyone except apparently 4 people were made to leave the counting room. Then they took the suit cases out and began counting them:

    Stay tuned.

    (And of course if you are a Democrat or only watch CNN or MSNBC or the like you have no idea that any of this is going on. But thats OK, for now)

  • Edward

    Jeff Fauva,
    You wrote: “I dunno guys – this all sounds an awful lot like Hillary supporters shrieking about election fraud in 2016.

    You meant that Hillary had numerous poll watchers declaring that suspicious things happened on election night but theTrump-leaning news media would not let anyone know?

    Expectations before the election were for a Dem sweep. If there were widespread massive fraud, it would be too clever by half to claim the presidency, yet underperform the polls for the house and senate.

    Interestingly, there predictions were not for BiteMe to eek out a narrow victory in the swing states but to win by large margins. So, if the predictions were that wrong, then why could they also not be wrong about an actual Trump victory, even if just barely, like BiteMe had.

    Hillary lost because she did not campaign in the right states. BiteMe did not campaign much at all, and what little he did in October was in Pennsylvania.

  • Gary

    Democratic shock when Trump won was of their own making. They believed their own propaganda.
    This election, they didn’t take any chances. They hid their geriatric wonder boy and made sure that the election process generated the desired outcome.
    Now, they have brought about unity and a new..old world order. I can’t wait for the movie. I wonder who will play Biden? I hear Karl Marx has a previous engagement.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Folks – All these theories about fraud were raised in a different form after Hillary lost – including “hacking software used to changes votes”. If you want to go down rabbit holes of fraud theories and testimony from wackos, have at it. This all presupposes that these sources know better than republican state election boards certifying the results, a 1-40 (and counting) record in various courts of law, Bill Barr, etc..

    If you have an existing bias/belief/preferred outcome you desperately want, there are plenty of folks out there online who will feed you ‘information’ to make you feel better and/or take your money. It’s called affinity fraud. You’re soaking in it. Thanks for the replies.

  • Questioner

    Jeff Fauva:

    That is not a contradiction at all. There were probably numerous election frauds by the Democrats as early as 2016. It just wasn’t enough to keep Trump from getting elected. Unfortunately, there was not enough investigation work done at the time because Trump won. Now the Democrats have massively stepped up their election scams to prevent Trump from being re-elected in any case. And that in a very extensive, very negligent and obvious way that its disclosure could not be prevented and that it can also be reliably proven by hundreds of pieces of evidence in the most varied of ways. All denial no longer helps here. The truth is evident!

    By the way, I hope that you will overcome your mental confusion, which is quite typical for a Leftist and gain access to reality.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Questioner: Thanks for your reply. I’m not saying it’s a contradiction – it’s an mirror image. Same frothing accusations of fraud, only this time it’s coming from the right.

    If the truth is so evident, point me to any court that agrees.

  • Cotour

    You should be seeing a court somewhere in short order giving you what you need.

    Or you may well see a state legislature point you in the correct direction.

    There exists significant information, that you are apparently not aware of anyway, that will become apparent.

    I understand that many will have to be dragged there against their will, but there it will be all the same.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: Some Hillary voters are still waiting for their evidence of fraud, so it could take a while. Don’t hold your breath. Thanks for the reply.

  • Cotour

    In the real world Hillary would still be in an orange jump suit.

    Unfortunately we are are not talking about the real world here, we are talking about the political realm and that is a very different reality.

    Your a Hillary fan?

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: Perfect example. There’s a big difference between you being convinced someone will go to jail, and someone actually going to jail. Brian Kemp in GA was accused of manipulating the vote by the dems when he won in 2018. Now Trumpies are chanting ‘lock him up’ for allowing the state to flip for Biden. Hilarious.

  • Cotour

    Ist, I am not convinced that anyone in the political realm will be going to jail any time soon. If you have read much of what I write you will fully understand that I draw a difference between the Pedestrian realm of existence in which we both live, and the politically empowered realm that politically empowered politicians exist in. There is without doubt a difference.

    And if Hillary, or anyone else were to do what she and her husband have done throughout their careers and they did them while they existed in the Pedestrian realm they would without doubt still be wearing orange jump suits.

    What ever it is that Gov. Kemp did or did not do his price will be paid at the ballot box because he is an empowered politician that exists in the political realm. So that being said the Pedestrian voters can chant what ever they wish to chant, and it has little to do with anything other than galvanizing some in their political tribe.

    What must happen here for Trump and his lawyers to prevail is to confront the politically empowered politicians that exist in the political realm in Georgia and their pedestrian voters with some raw facts / evidence that they realize will cost them politically at the ballot box if they do not act. Since they like their cushy, prestigious and powerful jobs they want to be reelected and will wait to see what their constituents that empower them tell them what they will do if they do not act as they wish.

    But considering what has gone on in this election demonstrated by evidence maybe that fear is gone because elections are no longer needed because the election systems and the machines that are used have rendered voting obsolete. (I hope you get my point here).

    In real terms the people calling, “Lock her up or lock him up”, have no direct power to make that happen. So it is just an exercise in futility and a mechanism to just blow off steam and express their outrage. It sounds good in a video clip.

  • Cotour


    Georgia election worker counts her hidden suit case of ballots 3 times, and probably more. And its all on video:

    Do you think all of those ballots were for Trump? Maybe, but probably not.

    The only way to really find out what went on?

    Round up Ruby Freeman, her daughter and the others that worked counting ballots when every legal observer and security guard was sent home and have them simultaneously interviewed by law enforcement and ask them all, under threat of perjury of course, what exactly they were all doing.

    There were six people and I believe 4 tabulation machines that could count about 3000 ballots an hour. The soldiers were counting, unobserved by anyone for about two hours. So at the maximum, and they looked like they were very intent, they appear to have counted at least 3000 ballots X 2hours X 4 machines = 24000 ballots counted and entered for Trump? Maybe, but probably not.

    And of course there is one big fat meatball of a problem with what looks like a Federal crime. This woman and her daughter are and I assume some of the others involved are un Caucasian. And I will have to assume that that big fat meatball will be a mitigating factor in any of them being questioned or prosecuted. As sad as I am to make that observation.

    No one in Georgia, especially a bunch of republican senators want to be the reason that some nice un Caucasian ladies are perp walked just before a key senate run off election. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

  • Cotour

    PS: Joe Biden’s lead in Georgia? 12,670 votes.

  • Questioner


    As a foreigner, I would be interested to know how you rate the strange behavior of many GOP representatives in relation to Trump. Especially with regard to the apparent lack of support in fighting electoral fraud. He doesn’t seem to be one of them. Maybe now is the time to start a Trump Party! I also have the impression that this is not primarily a fight between republicans (= “political right”) and democrats (= “political left”), but a fight between the ruling political system (= establishment) and a revolutionary (who is not seen by many as conservative about his political orientation) who seeks to overthrow the system (the “swamp”). It is the struggle against a political system that has taken political power beyond any measure (regardless of whether its representatives are “conservative” or “progressive”) that in incredible ways restricts the personal freedom of citizens, patronizes and exploits them without limits. A system that turns to totalitarianism. This reality is now particularly clear in the artificially generated Corona crisis. It is not primarily about “left or right”. Pretty much the same situation in my country in Europe, only we are missing one trump card. The failure of the so-called “conservatives” and the existing deep division of the left (into a totalitarian part and a civil rights part) becomes particularly clear in the Corona crisis. Do you agree with my analysis?

  • Questioner

    This speaks for itself:

    “Ruby Freeman and daughter are going to jail..can you say sing bishes?”

    “RUBY FREEMAN – Election Fraud Compilation – Georgia”

    “RUBY FREEMAN “look, don’t say nothin” VOTER FRAUD IN ACTION”

  • Cotour


    I generally agree with your assessment, except you are missing one essential element, the existence of true leadership in the form of a single iconic human being.

    Trump is a true leader of men and nations, and the status quo politically empowered politicos in both parties in America do not like true leadership, it threatens them.

    If you have read some of my previous comments you will remember a term that I have coined: The Trumpublican Party, and that is what will IMO naturally happen as a result of this Trump presidency and it will be driven by Deplorables like myself and the many others in America who demand it. And whether this new political movement either takes over the Republican party or it becomes a separate party entirely I am not certain. But it is now in the DNA of those who support Trump.

    Most status quo politically empowered politicos really anywhere on the planet are lets say “Flexible” and do not want too much change thrown into their system, because with change comes the potential that they will lose their gig. And it is also human nature once you become empowered in such a manner you do not want to give up that power, that prestige, that influence and most importantly that guaranteed cash flow in the many forms that it may take. Ask Joe and Hunter Biden.

    So, yes, I generally agree with your thesis.

    Now I ask you a question: What do you think of the “Global Reset” ala the World Economic Forum:

    You living in Europe this agenda will be foisted upon you in the EU first, are you looking forward to being further owned and managed like just so much cattle?

  • Cotour

    Follow up:

    “Most status quo politically empowered politicos really anywhere on the planet are lets say “Flexible” and do not want too much change thrown into their system, because with change comes the potential that they will lose their gig. ”

    I want to further flesh out the result of this concept being politically “Flexible” and not wanting too much change. This is where stagnation and corruption are gown and they become entrenched and the status quo. And its the nature of such things. So when someone who is a true leader comes along and points out these truths those status quo politics in both parties want to hear none of it.

    And so they becomes allied in the efforts to get rid of that true leader who is more concerned about what foundation that in this instance America sits upon and is being eroded by this nature of the human condition. Read Machiavelli, read Shakespeare, read about the Roman empire, read about Nazi Germany, hell, look deeply in the mirror and recognize what exists within yourself. Read about any such power structure in history and that is exactly what you will find.

    Its the nature of the beast. And we are the beast.

    And it is the Constitution has been specifically fashioned to counter balance it all. Brilliant!

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour and Questioner: While you’re lavishing praise on The One, just know that he’s 1 – 46 in court for his election claims. The NY Jets of winners.

  • Cotour


    I suggest you watch War Room, with Steve Bannon if you want to better understand what is in fact going on within the Deplorable movement:

  • Questioner


    Clearly, the WHO is one of the most powerful NGOs that wants to enforce this quasi-communist ideology and does it with the help of willing politicians. The government programs of most governments in the EU are tailored to this. Crises (such as the Corona crisis) are artificially created in order to be able to forcefully implement this fascist program, which is met with a lot of resistance. A kind of martial law is being established. We are currently experiencing it.

    In the fight against these globalist activities, which are directed against the freedom of the peoples, a kind of cross front must be established from all people who love their freedom. Where these people originally come from ideologically does not matter at the moment.

    Otherwise, I mean, Trump should follow the advice of General Michael Flynn, who recently called on Trump to repeal the constitution and declare martial law and then order the military to re-elections. He called on Trump, who described the election as “faked”, to proclaim a “limited form of martial law” and to let the military – which is directly subordinate to him as commander in chief – carry out the vote.

    “We the People” constitutional proclamation to the president:
    “WTPC (We the People’s Congress) demands in a full-page ad in the Washington Times that the President proclaim limited martial law for new elections and to protect our vote when lawmakers, courts and Congress fail to abide by the Constitution.”

  • Cotour


    You are a one dimensional thinker.

  • Cotour

    I do not see it coming to Marshal law, but it could go there if they will not act after the fraud is clearly and unambiguously demonstrated. I believe from what I am seeing, not in the MSM though, that these various state legislatures will be dragged to do what must be done and reject their certifications and take over the assigning of electors.

    And to help support that if you were to view todays War Room if you forward to near the end, Bannon was interviewing a man and he made the point that these dates of “safe harbor” are not in the Constitution, the only date certain in the Constitution is January 20th.

    Which will give the various state legislatures who have been confronted with undeniable evidence of massive fraud and corruption related to the 2020 election the chance to right what must be for all Americans and the people of the planet be righted.

    There are some in this on going political warfare who think in limited terms that will not understand any of this, and that works for me.

  • Questioner

    Correction: I meant in my last comment above not WHO but the World Economic Forum.

    Here is a link about present developments regarding the fraud:

  • Cotour

    Where some degree of Marshal law may be necessary?

    After there is justice done and Trump retains the presidency after it is CLEARLY established that there was fraud and corruption in the election, and then the Leftist radicals in the form of ANTIFA who have become along with BLM the enforcers of fear and chaos for the democrat party become active. (You know, that civilian force that Obama spoke of forming. They will not however be as well armed as the national guard or the military)

    At that point then a president Trump will without doubt call Marshal law and Federally face off with and arrest the perpetrators and get them under lock and key. Which is what many of these radical Democrat governors should have done from day one.

    That is how this is more likely to work out IMO.

    And it will be just and not an abuse of power.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: From your posts, you are deep in the rabbit hole of election fraud, wasting your time. None of the evidence put forth so far passes the sniff test – yet you persist in trying to validate your priors. Come January 21st it will all come to nothing and you will seethe just like Hillary’s supporters four years ago. I’ll take one dimensional thinking as long as it’s reality.

  • Cotour


    You may want to get tested, you may indeed have Covid and one of the first symptoms is the loss of your sense of smell.

    And this is politics, I do not ever seethe like many do, its just business to me. Important business but business all the same.

    You stay tuned on this and we will all see how this all shakes out.

    And you be happy in your uni dimensional universe, you have many that live there with you.

  • Questioner


    And what if Trump doesn’t get justice and electors elect Biden as president-elect? Should Trump put his hands on his lap and let the wrong president come into office and the coup let happen? What is your advice?

  • Cotour

    This is all now going in the correct general direction from where I sit and I do not think that scenario need be considered.

    No empowered politico wants to face the consequences that will no doubt be meted out by the electorate with all of what is clear evidence of massive fraud and corruption in this election in now the many municipalities.

    The Constitution covers all possibilities here and it will all be worked out.

    And if Joe Biden is ultimately to become the president?

    Then HE will pay a heavy price in the face of clearly demonstrated evidence of fraud and corruption, and prices are what will be paid in politics.


    THE EYE OF THE TIGER. (And its very appropriate that the tiger is orange, no?)

    All will be revealed in the era of Trump.

  • Questioner


    I agree, the chances for Trump are better than four weeks ago. It seems the tide is turning!
    This piece says everything there is to be said about Trump’s success.

    “Steve Hilton: Trump ‘defeated a 50-year establishment consensus'”

  • Cotour


    Thats it a good piece by Hilton, Jeff might want to review it and drink in the reality that he transmits. He can not see or understand it, but he probably sees and understands something like this in the one dimensional world that he and many other people of his stripe inhabit.

    This is what passes for being informed in that selfie obsessed world.

  • Cotour

    Here is an interesting news report read on the CCP and how it is reacting to Trumps speech the other day stating, “My reelection is certain”. Forward to 3:35 and listen to the report.

    President Xi apparently is dialing back his aggressive posture as he realizes where things may go, Trump may well prevail. Very interesting in deed as it is disclosed that the Chinese have essentially bought DOMINION through the Swiss investment company, UBS.

    Very very interesting.

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