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The hateful violent Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioters

The new civility: Watch the numerous videos at this link of masked Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioters in Portland as they attack and abuse an old woman using a walker, who simply wants to protect a police precinct building from being vandalized and burnt to the ground.

Remember these facts about what you watch:

1. Democrat Jerry Nadler (D-New York) claims these hateful rioters are “a myth.” Nadler is also typical of most Democratic politicians, who have for the past four years, since Trump was elected, treated these Antifa rioters (now joined by the Marxist, white-hating BLM crowd) as the SS wing of the Democratic Party. While they will sometimes disavow their violence, they do nothing to stop it, since it instills fear and submission among their opponents.

2. Watch and listen. These rioters epitomize hate in every way, in their dress, in their behavior, in their irrational violence, in their bigotry (assuming all who disagree with them are evil). And we are somehow supposed to let them do as they wish, because of the First Amendment?

3. Speaking of the First Amendment, since when did free speech morph into allowing a mob to rampantly loot, burn, and destroy whatever they want? Since when did it include the right to attack cars and even threaten to kill people?

4. Note how our politicians, mostly Democrats but helped by numerous weasel Republicans, have now normalized the wearing of masks, based not on any science but on irrational fear. We have now all been forced to adopt the garb of these hateful thugs. It is as if some mustached national leader required us all to wear armbands carrying the symbol of his political movement, with the threat of arrest if we dare to dissent.

Other than these minor details, everything these Portland “protesters” are doing is wonderful and perfect and must be defended blindly, forever. And don’t dare say otherwise, or you will be doxed and they will come to your home to accost your family and your children.

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  • Cotour

    First, as an American citizen, give me the top 5, no, make that the top 3 issues that you see the Democrat leadership championing in your city or in the nation that supports you, your Rights and the American dream and your good life. Just three. (Don’t spend too much time on this)

    This is what I see going on in the Democrat party and those that they support and promote: Extorsion, RICO, Reparations, Threats of violence and instilling fear used as persuasive political tools, Strong arm Mafia like demands for money from business, Demands met or face repercussions, Empty the jails of dangerous individuals, No bail, Increase in gun crime, murder, Defund the police, No police, etc, etc. This is what the Democrat party now stands for, and they have gone too far. Their existential death spiral continues unabated.

    The Left think that their strategy of forcing through these methods fear is the best path to what they want, I disagree. They would have been better off just staying home because they are in the process of galvanizing the American silent majority to make big moves against them. Why? Because they are plainly Un and Anti American.

    And really their only hope lies in their being able to have arms length operatives manipulate the vote (Cheat) through the mail in voting scheme, conveniently provided by the existence of the Communist Chinese “Bat soup” flu.

    And Trump forces them all to reveal themselves.


  • janyuary

    A song playing on the radio called for people to “stop talking and start listening …”

    I reflected that I’m asked to stop talking and listen … to the same things said over and over for the past six months.

    Americans, it is time to STOP listening and to START MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. If you’re afraid of people who refuse to wear masks … mind your own business and stay home.

  • john hare

    I seem to recall that there used to be laws against inciting a riot. Probably memory deterioration as I age.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “If you’re afraid of people who refuse to wear masks … mind your own business and stay home.

    You are missing the point of these masked busybodies. They have every right to be out and about during this lockdown, shutdown, smackdown, Great Oppression, and you are trying to violate that right.

    Oh, wait. It is a lockdown, so they don’t have the right to be outside.

    Here’s the point: they have every right to not get sick while they violate the stay at home order, and you are responsible for any bad thing that happens to them. They are not responsible for their own lives, other people are. Yeah. That sounds more like the point. You must take care of them, you pay the taxes that goes to them as more in unemployment insurance than they would get by working (you work, they play), and you make sure that their own rights are not violated.

    It isn’t as though you or I have any rights, such as liberty or the pursuit of happiness, or health, for that matter. No. Rights only belong to leftists (what an ironic choice for word meanings), and other people are the ones responsible for providing those rights to them.

    There once was a time when rights were God given, belonged to us naturally, and didn’t depend upon the labor of other people to provide (the right to a jury and a lawyer are the only exceptions to this in the U.S. Constitution). Progressives have a different view of what rights are: they are given to them by government, depend upon the labor of others to fulfill, and from the progressive’s point of view belong “only to me, not to thee.”

    Progressivism: no responsibilities, no duties, no cares, just rights and other people’s money. As Yakov Smirnoff would say: “What a country!”

  • Edward

    Robert asked: “since when did free speech morph into allowing a mob to rampantly loot, burn, and destroy whatever they want?

    Well, let’s take a look:

    Article [I] (Amendment 1 – Freedom of expression and religion)
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Oh, look! Only the right of the people to assemble must be peaceable. Religion, speech, the press, and redress of grievances may be non-peaceable. How did we miss this, all these centuries?

  • Steve

    I’m simply waiting for these Leftist fools to pull this crap in the wrong neighborhood. If me or people I know are in their homes and you try to set it on fire, it is THEY who will get “lit up”. Appeasement never works and only ends in misery.

  • eddie willers

    mind your own business

    That’s been my philosophy: Mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself!

  • LocalFluff

    We have BLM violence and murders in Sweden too! All socialists in the world are directed from Washinton D.C. (or perhaps Peking). It is very apparent how totally coordinated all socialists in the world are, the slaves of their Prince. Now they all hate that, now they all burn that, now they all use that particular word and so on. The lifeless evil zombie slaves. They cannot be killed, they can only be destroyed.

    Not that we ever had any African slavery (some Russian slaves a thousand years ago, though). The leftist hate us because of our skin color. It doesn’t matter what anyone of us do or say, the racist fascists will murder. They are psychotic, this is all about mental illness. To be a leftist is to be severely mentally dysfunctional.

  • pzatchok

    Once everyone is a shade of brown who are the liberals going to blame for their ills?

    Bark skin vs light skin?

    rich vs poor?

    When will this all end?

    How can you in general hate rich people when in your very own heart you want to be one.

    And how can you hate someone for something their great grandfather might have done to your great grand parents?
    There is NOTHING I can do that would make up for something my ancestors did.
    All the forgiveness has to be on the perceived victims part not mine.
    Yes I said it. And its true.

  • wayne

    The Fabian socialists & the ‘progressives,’ learned real quick they weren’t going to easily build a marxist-utopia in the United States, ‘cuz class-warfare never took hold in our Country and it was going to be an insurmountable sell, to get ordinary folks to hate the rich, cuz’ this is where one came, to strike it rich.
    Instead of class-warfare, they chose to divide us along race.
    –>Antifa & BLM have nothing to do with race –it’s just a tool they use.
    (In the Alternate Universe– all these alleged people, would be rendered off-shore & disappeared.)

    Ref: “mind your business”

    “On April 21, 1787, the Congress of the Confederation of the United States authorized a design for an official copper penny, later referred to as the Fugio cent because of its image of the Sun and its light shining down on a sundial with the caption, “Fugio” (Latin: I flee/fly, referring to time flying by). This coin was designed by Benjamin Franklin; as a reminder to its holders, he put at its bottom the message, “Mind your business”.”
    (The reverse has the Motto “United States- We are One,” surrounded by 13 interlocking circles.)

  • Cotour


    I suppose that these young people were arrested because they were writing anti abortion language in chalk within a certain number of feet of a designated perimeter of an abortion clinic.

    But if these were BLM members, would they have been arrested so swiftly? If they set a police cruiser on fire or burnt a building down, would that have given them cover from being arrested?

    Free Speech is not speech that everyone agrees with, Free Speech is about language both written and spoken and I do not believe that speech written in chalk on a sidewalk on a public sidewalk qualifies as a violation of the law. Whether it be pro or anti abortion language.

    Just like in NYC where the mayor himself, without a permit, had BLACK LIVES MATTER written in front of the presidents own building, who he personally and politically despises. He got himself a roller and publicly participated in it himself, and then he refuses a permit to and bans pro police BLUE LIVES MATTER messages being painted on other streets in NYC.

    The Left in America have no use for the First Amendment, that is only if it serves their own political purposes. And that is where tyranny grows and where the destruction of the Constitution becomes an every day occurrence that has no meaning.

    This is in fact where America dies and the Democrats have become the enemy of the people and the Constitution.

    And there are people who think that the people of America can not see all of this and that they are going to endorse and re empower those Americans who have become radicals among us, and they are mostly Left leaning Democrats.

    In less than 90 days we will all know the answer to the question that is on everyone’s mind: Will the American people firmly tell these Liberal and now Leftist Democrat political operators “Your doing a great job, keep going”, or will they tell them “Go to hell with your un and anti American political rhetoric that in real terms threatens all our freedoms!”.

    (“We await for you to rejoin the America that works in all our interests and freedom and the Constitution as intended that ensures it all. Because right now in your desperation I no longer recognize any of you as being my fellow Americans”.)

    I say they tell them to go to hell, what about you?

  • wayne

    -thanks for bringing up the chalk thing.

    Michael Malice:
    “The Media’s ‘Facts vs Truth’ Manipulation”
    Stu Does America — February 2020

  • Cotour


    This is the exact strategy that the Democrats, lead by, Nancy Pelosi, need and are employing, “The Smear” combined with chaos. The Democrats need, use and push racism in America, they must have it, its one of their only weapons. And isn’t that sad.

    And why is that? Because they know it is very unlikely that Joe Biden or anyone else will be beating, D.J. Trump in the coming presidential election.

    And that is why they seem so irrational, desperate, crazy and essentially are pushing racism and endorsing chaos and violence in all and every thing that they do.

    But why do that? Won’t the majority people in America that vote see what they are doing and reject them? Its un American and threatens our Constitution. That is what I see, but the Democrats and those that support them in their Socialist agenda and Globalist goals have no other choice. That is how much of a political paradigm shifting persona Trump actually is. Trump supports the Constitution as intended and existentially threatens them all. And that is a good thing to my thinking.

    The Democrats because they understand that they are unlikely to be beating Trump and taking him out of the presidency need to gin up the agents of chaos in America because after they lose they need doubt in the results, I.E. “Mail in voting”, which will deliver the confusion that they desperately need to continue their assault on the presidency.

    After Trump wins or there are questions about the results do you really think that the Democrats are going to say: “OK, he won again, lets just get behind him and move positively into the future”. That will never happen. They must destroy him and the Constitution, and your country, so that they can endure. Or he and those that support the Constitution must vanquish them. And that is what must be. Vanquish them but be ready to accept them back after their defeat.

    There is a reason that I use the “Warfare” analogy when I talk about politics, especially at this level. Why is that? Because this political game that we all play is about real life and death power and a particular way of life based in a very powerful document that essentially frees America and much of the world. And that condition does not serve well those that endeavor to usurp that freedom and that document because all they really offer is modern day enslavement to a particular bankrupt political philosophy that is in real terms behind much of the pain and abuse in America and the world.

    Slavery, Democrats, KKK, Democrats, Secession, Democrats, Bull Connor, Democrat, George Wallace, Democrat, Jim Crow laws, Democrats, BLM, Democrats, ANTIFA, Democrats, 1964 Civil Right Act, Opposed by the Democrats, Integration, Opposed by the Democrats, Every major city in the United States crime ridden and in chaos and turmoil today, All “Progressive” Democrat run for decades, the list is long and its all true. Time to clean house.

    So you tell me what the Democrats are strategically up to given their current situation and their history in America. (And the Republicans have their own perversions that can be discussed, but right now we are concerned with the desperate and disturbing condition that we find the Democrat party in today. A desperate and cornered animal can and will do just about anything to survive and that is why the Democrats remain the number one enemy of the people and their freedoms in America today and they are very dangerous. Don’t take your eyes off them.)

    My new tag line that I fully endorse: BLACK LIVES MAGA, spread it around.

  • Max

    So if I understand this right, you can have unlimited protesters doing peaceable assembly with their peace bricks, peace fire bombs, spreading peace viruses … But people can’t go to church? California;

    I wonder if target enforces social distancing for pedophiles in the women’s bathrooms?

    If there are no first amendment rights, then why would they allow second amendment rights to defend yourself? Or fourth amendment rights to buy food & stuff using cash, which many places isn’t taking any more even though it says on the bill “good for all debts public and private”? I must use a credit card, a private company, with a fee attached for all transactions? What will the fee be when there is no more cash?
    How about your personal stuff or what goes into your body? Whatever happened to “my body my choice?”
    The vaccination will be distributed in October (ready or not) when they will hold you down and forcibly inject you “for the good of the masses” to protect the collective. (individual rights will not supersede the “peoples right” to be free of disease, constitutional rights are already obviously suspended) They will start with “at risk” people first. Anyone on Social Security, blacks, hispanics, Islanders or anyone with diabetes or heart disease.

    Remember how every flu season they say the virus has mutated and the shot is only effective on last year’s flu? You don’t need a crystal ball to know that this vaccination which is less than 50% effective will only be 1/2 good against COVID-19, “not” Covid 20, Sarris, Zika virus, west Nile virus, Ebola, aids… It will never end!
    Cold war, Global warming, terrorism, wasn’t effective enough to create a constant state of fear. Now, a “pandemic emergency” that will be the boot on your face keeping you scared, isolated, controlled in your own personal isolation/concentration camp.
    This common cold fake pandemic which is dangerous to the same people it has always killed throughout history, those already close to death, has been a vehicle to remove the constitution of the United States and bring it to its knees permanently. (“The new normal”) To destroy interconnecting mechanisms, (the family, religion, the very social network of society) while bringing down the police, courts, and the rule of law itself.
    What will rise in the chaos and disorder will not be pretty. A dark age of wo and despair where it’s every man for himself. Might makes right, and if you want something you take it.

    The left and the progressives will be unable to control the monster they create. They’ll be eaten by their own greed and chaos as this movement destroys itself and burns itself out. Destruction is is unsustainable, you can take all the money you’re rich neighbors have, and then you are out of money. New York is finding this out firsthand, they learned nothing from the Bolshevik Revolution, Pol Pot, or Venezuela.
    Less than 90 days until the election, no debates, no Democrat vice president on the mail in ballots. ( remember, absentee ballots are only sent to those who request and show ID…) Mail in ballots rely on an individual’s responsibility because many will be sent multiple ballots, to every address and hotel room. The voting district will be unable to verify or have the ability to distinguish the real ballots from the fake sent to every post office box and mailing address. The president said in Ohio that he’ll be gone for a while. (???) That very rich and powerful people are lined against him and us.
    Nancy Pelosi has declared that he will be out of office no matter what. Apparently the fix is in, The next coup d’état will not be the FBI, or congressional impeachment.
    Stay tuned, other nations especially China are becoming involved helping the progressives. After the anarchist done their part to weaken America, they will collect them for removal and disposal like Hitler did to the brown shirts. After all, that’s what you do with useful idiots.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “There is NOTHING I can do that would make up for something my ancestors did.

    This is the beauty of it all. The guilt is visited upon the children, the grandchildren, and the grandchildren’s great grandchildren to the 100th generation. All are decreed evil due to their ancestry. Even Obama declared, by virtue of being president, that racism is built into the genes. Thus, there is nothing anyone can do about being an evil racist, and racists must be oppressed at all costs.

    wayne noted: “Instead of class-warfare, they chose to divide us along race.

    President Johnson went a step further. He declared that he would “have those [ahem]s voting Democrat for two hundred years” by declaring war on poverty, and waging that war in such a way that he practically guarantees that certain races fall into and remain in poverty, a poverty that the Democrats would continuously promise to end, but only if they were elected into power. With the help of various civil rights leaders, many were convinced to sign up for welfare programs, and their children learned how to work that system, rather than learning to get ahead or get rich. If you want to continue getting free stuff, you have to remain poor. The intention was for the racial divide to be similar to the class divide. Thus, Envy could still be used against freedom.

  • Cotour


    Don’t quite understand the counter intuitive things that the “Progressive” authoritarian governors and mayors in America are implementing? Here we have how these fully indoctrinated and now politically empowered Marxist operators think and what their actions are all about.

    Bill DeBlasio: Drive away all of the people who work, pay taxes and pay rent in the city, destroy the value of the buildings where they live, then have the city buy the devalued buildings up at a discount to house the homeless. Or better yet confiscate them from the people who own them for taxes owed and who can no longer support them because of these Leftist agendas being implemented. All so everyone can live equally in squalor. Oh, and get rid of the police departments ability to do their jobs, De Fund the police.

    The “Progressive” agenda neither indicates progress or does it recognize anyone’s Right to private property and the good life that they are able to manifest due to their own hard work and abilities. These are degrees of Socialism and this destroys incentive.

    Pay attention America this is going on right now live and in color in ALL of the “Progressive” Democratically controlled cities of America. Where do you live? Seattle? Portland? San Francisco? New York City? They are already well on their way to oblivion. Own property in any of these cities? Too bad for you.

    This is how America dies, a thousand idealistic and naive Politically Correct Social Justice cuts kills America and its Constitution. And by extension your and your family’s dreams and good life. All in the name of “Equality”. Socialism by any other name.

    A little bit of Socialism never killed anyone, until it kills everyone.

  • Max

    Rioters in Chicago ransacked the upscale district looting high end stores. They did not even pretend to be protesting.
    Meanwhile, 20,000 fake IDs are intercepted at Chicago airport, from mostly China, but also from South Korea and England. ID’s destined to other liberal states allowing minors to vote.
    Whomever holds the cards can apply for federal assistance, by drugs and alcohol, and apply for loans in minors name and disappear.

    If enough chaos can be created around the elections to not have a clear winner in a reasonable manner time, Nancy Pelosi becomes de facto president until she declares the election results resolved… Which will probably not happen due to other issues that will arise during this time like the planned protest by the same people who did “occupy Wall Street” plans to occupy the White House in September until the elections are over.

    Meanwhile, Trump in the speech that it seems most of the media did not cover, says he will sign executive orders, due to the impasse with the Democrats, suspending the interest on college loans, reducing the amount of money people “not working” receive making states pay for 1/4 of the amount, while “suspending income taxes” from those “who are working” because the government spends far more than they receive from the public. He will possibly make it permanent depending on how the elections turn out. (The current cost of government is $4 trillion, 2 trillion lent to businesses that would’ve gone bankrupt signing their property as collateral, making the federal reserve the largest and landowner in the world)

    It’s been reported here in Utah, along with other states like Texas, that China through secondary companies are buying up large tracts of farmland using money borrowed from the federal reserve at 0% interest.
    Senate member Mike Lee is upset that a Brazilian meat company purchased a meat packing plant in Utah, laid off the employees and destroyed the equipment.

    The effort bring down the United States by domestic enemies both Democrat and Republican with the help of other countries is unprecedented, well coordinated, and is desperately planning to succeed using every method at their disposal. Be ready.

  • pzatchok

    Like I say.
    Use your SSN as your voter ID.
    No valid number, the vote is thrown out. And they can all be checked by state and nationally instantly before your even out of the voting booth. Any multiple votes are thrown out and you can go to court to prove who your are that day or the next.

    You can get a fake state ID to buy alcohol just like kids have done for a hundred years but you can NOT fake a SSN combined with instant check.

    As for these riots.
    Let them. Let them riot until the local government officials beg for help from the federal government.
    If you live in those areas vote out those who will not help you and vote in those who will. This is your problem now.

  • Max

    Wayne often post videos of Jordan Peterson. For the fans out there I thought you would like an update on his medical condition. A podcast from Russia with an interview conducted by his daughter outlineing what has happened to him and the tragedies surrounding his family.

  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    I just now received a call from a friend that lives out at the end of Long Island. Its a more affluent part of NYS, generally more white and Conservative and its the country.

    He was with his girlfriend driving not in his neighborhood but a very expensive neighborhood a little further out on the island. He is driving down a street and stops, and there is a black gentleman riding a bicycle up and stops in front of him and is approaching his car.

    And while he is watching this black gentleman approach him he also notices a tall white gentleman standing behind his car and he is videoing the scene.

    The black gentleman approaches him and begins to accuse my friend of not watching and driving unsafely, and he includes “This is the problem in this country, there is no respect for black people”. And at that point it dawned on my friend what was going on.

    Now in his younger days this forced confrontation might have ended in a very different way, but he was with his girlfriend and he is much calmer than in his younger days. So he took the high road and apologized, he didn’t not mean any disrespect to anyone, all while this scene was being video taped, and he drove away. The end, so you would think.

    Then the next day he is driving in his neighborhood and he sees a similar scene. A black woman on a hover board in the street with another tall white man near by with his phone at the ready to video the scene as people drove by.

    What it appears is going on is the likes of Black Lives Matter are attempting to cause an incident in predominantly white and affluent neighborhoods, and waiting for someone to lose their temper. All while conveniently being recorded.

    These are tactics in this political warfare we find ourselves in America today. These kinds of Marxist organizations are pushing for some level of confrontation and racial conflict. Why?

    Because it is all that they and the Democrats have. Be aware of these kinds of set ups America. What will they be willing to do next? ANYTHING, up to and including you know what. And that is because they are desperate, just like the Democrats.

  • sippin_bourbon

    There is a pinned comment on that link saying that he has since contracted C-19

  • sippin_bourbon: And your point? So he’s caught another version of the flu. The odds of it killing him are quite low, as it is with any such diseases.

    We have to stop treating this virus like it is the plague. It is nothing of the sort.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Z.

    The point is the one you missed.

    Max posted a video update of Prof Peterson.
    I simply noted that there was an more recent update to that.

    But if you wanna spar on it, the odds of it killing him are higher, as he has several pre-existing conditions, due to on going health issues. While C-19 appears to be less of an issue for your average healthy individual, it is a significant threat, just as the flu or roto-virus or pneumonia , for those that are not healthy, or are immuno-compromised.

    C-19 was mentioned in that context.
    Next time I will put a trigger warning on my post, if you like.

  • sippin_bourbon: All good points by you, well taken. I am just sick and tired of everyone looking at this disease in utter terror, at all times. That just isn’t the reality.

  • Andrew_W

    sippin_bourbon, JP was apparently on the mend two weeks ago.

  • Cotour

    This is all apart of this hateful Leftist agenda.

    Something is going to have to be done about this kind of “teaching” where a parent can not know what their child is being taught.

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