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Today’s blacklisted American: Long Beach to discriminate against any employee who refuses COVID jab

Genocide is coming to America
If they could, the Democrats would do this to anyone who opposes them.

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: The local government of Long Beach, California will on June 6, 2022 begin harsh discrimination and punishment against any city employee who refuses to get the COVID jab.

Anyone granted the personal exemption option must pay for weekly COVID-19 testing (rapid antigen/PCR), which can be done during city work hours, with the cost of the testing deducted from the employee’s paycheck, according to Ambrosini’s memo. Those receiving medical or religious exemptions will still be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing, but at city expense, according to the memo.

All unvaccinated city employees must continue to wear a mask of at least medical or surgical grade while at work under this new policy, according to memo. Employees not doing so are subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination, according to the policy.

Employees found not in compliance with the vaccination mandate will be subject to a wide range of disciplinary measures, including up to six months of suspension and then possible separation or even termination should non-compliance continue, according to the city.

The absurdity and injustice of this is even more pronounced considering the vast evidence now available to show the COVID shots don’t provide any real protection while carrying a potential health risk to those that take it. The link above, from May 11, 2022, provides links to a lot of this research. Here are just a few more examples, published in only the past few weeks:

The last article is merely a list of almost 500 research papers, all indicating serious side effects or dangerous medical consequences after taking the jab.

Not surprisingly, Americans are becoming very reluctant to get these COVID shots, either for the first time or further booster shots. Using CDC data, the author at this link found that:

70% of us are not “up to date” according to the CDC.

It looks like Americans are not so dumb after all. Despite two years of continuous propaganda, and unprecedented threats of employment and educational loss if unvaccinated, Americans are saying, “Enough.” They have stopped queueing up at vaccine clinics, many of which are now closed.

As a result, it appears that the millions of doses of these shots produced by the pharmaceutical companies are being thrown out. No one wants them.

None of these facts however matter to the government of Long Beach. These petty dictators have gotten addicted to the joy of imposing irrational orders on their citizens and employees, and intend to keep doing it no matter what. And if you dare challenge them, they intend to use their power to squash you like a bug, to treat you as a second-class citizen not worthy of equal protection before the law.

And be assured that Long Beach’s government is controlled by Democrats, without doubt. Because California’s election laws no longer list parties during elections, if you look up the party affiliation of Long Beach’s mayor and city council, it is listed as “non-partisan.” This is a lie. The mayor and at least one council member are admitted Democrats. The party affiliation of the other council members is hidden, but you can be damn sure they are almost all aligned with the Democratic Party. That corrupt and power-hungry party controls California politics almost completely, especially in the urban cities.

The “non-partisan” election law the Democrats passed in California in 2001 is now used to help that party maintain power. It rigs elections so as to make a victory by an opposing party member almost impossible. As a result, Republican representation in California has almost vanished in the past two decades. It is now a one-party state, and that party is the Democratic Party.

The consequences of this concentration of power to one party can be seen in the actions like that of Long Beach above. Power corrupts, and the absolute power Democrats have in California is corrupting them absolutely. Facts and data no longer matter to them, only their power and their ability to impose it, with glee.

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  • Cotour

    Related. Its ALL related:


    The radical Marxist, Leftist un and anti-American anti-Constitutional apple does not fall far from the tree. A direct threat to you, your family and your country. This is what your radical Democrat political party today is all about. (You vote Democrat? Time for a checkup from the neck up.)

    “Soros-funded radical San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin will face a recall election as crime spikes in the Bay Area. Cop-hating socialist Chesa Boudin won his District Attorney race in San Francisco in 2019. Chesa Boudin was brought up by terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn after his parents were sent to prison for terrorism.”

    Mother: “Kathy Boudin (May 19, 1943 – May 1, 2022) was an American leftist activist and convicted felon. She was a member of the radical left militant organization Weather Underground who was convicted of felony murder for her role in the 1981 Brink’s robbery. ”

    Father: “David Gilbert (born October 6, 1944) is an American activist who was sentenced in 1983 in Rockland County, New York to a term of 75 years-to-life on three counts of felony murder. Gilbert was a founding member of the Columbia University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society and became a member of the Weather Underground, a far-left militant organization.”

    Stay tuned to see what the people of San Francisco have to say about radical, cop hating Mr. Boudin and the job he is doing for them.×321.jpeg

  • Andi

    I was astounded to discover that in California primaries, for state constitutional offices, state legislative offices, and U.S. congressional offices, the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, face off in the general election.

    So glad I moved out of there years ago!

  • Col Beausabre

    Andi – That’s what’s diabolical about Officially, it’s “neutral”. But since the Leftists figure the top two vote getters in the primaries will be crypto-democrats – it’s “heads I win, tails you lose” for any Conservatives in the race. But “exita acta probat” or “finis mediis iustificatas” they used to say in the Roman Senate.

  • James Street

    Almost everyone I know has gotten vaxxed and none of them have had any side effects.

  • Alton

    Is it not interesting ? that the Great Lord Dr Fauci received his fourth jab on May 9, and just at the peak of immune system activity then tests Positive for COVID 19!

    But most brains in America and almost all Democrats and Progressives; are turned to the OFF position……

  • I am expecting a reduction in Long Beach (CA) government services soon.

  • Gary H

    The pro argument for the jab is no longer centered around vaccine for prevention, but has shifted to reduced risk of serious disease.

    Maybe it is time to ban the obese since, for many, obesity increases the risk of serious disease.

  • Realist

    Gonzalo Lira: “There Is No Army In The West That Will Save The Day” (12 min)

  • Cotour

    Gary H: Related:

    Here is a good example in Canada of government using “health concerns” I.E. “Guns are killing people”. BUT you legalize fentanyl / and other very dangerous drugs which in the case of Canada kills many, many, many more people! Where is the concern really? Its always about controlling power, and guns in the hands of the public is power.

    Daily Caller: “So how is Justin Trudeau responding to this? Well, days ago he announced that he is legalizing fentanyl, along with cocaine and methamphetamine in Canada’s third largest province, British Columbia. This is a province where over 165,000 people died last month from drug overdoses. By comparison, in 2020, in the entire nation of Canada, 23 people died per month in acts involving a firearm. So why, if you were concerned about public health, would you ban firearms but legalize fentanyl?” he said.

    “Fentanyl is what people are dying from, not guns. How does that make sense? Well, it only makes sense if your goal is to keep the population weak and vulnerable, even if it kills them,” (I believe that 165,000 last month is a misstatement and is probably per year)

    And what is that really all about? The government, especially a Socialist government fears the people being armed and “They” will take every opportunity to disarm them. Just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro etc, etc.

    Its all the same thing.

    And PS: Janet Yellen “Was wrong” about inflation?

    What a load of crap! They lie right to your face looking you in the eye. And they demand that you believe them.

    I knew at the time she “Gave guidance” on inflation that she was lying about the potential, and she is lying now in her Mia culpa as per her Globalist WEF masters agenda.

    Pure Strategy Over Morality in pursuit of absolute power. Nothing more and nothing less and if they have to disable, make poor or kill everyone one of their “Subjects” to accomplish that they will. Have no doubt.

    “Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring and that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective. “

  • Realist


    The Dreizin Report – Ukraine War & Aftermath: “2022-06-01 – Biden Crew Desperate to Preempt “Who Lost Ukraine?””

    “The Biden Administration has just put its foot down against providing any long-range or strategic weapons to the Ukraine. Instead, they will send more Javelins (woohoo!!!) among other gear, to include an unspecified but likely “demo” quantity of HIMARS with **short-range** rocket launchers borrowed from the M270 MLRS system—with a promise from Kiev that these weapons won’t be pointed at Russia’s borders. This obviously won’t change the course of the war, and in fact, is ridiculous until you understand that it is PURE DOMESTIC POLITICS, which I go into in this video. Enjoy!”

  • sippin_bourbon

    Cotour. For future reference only, “mea culpa”. (pronounced (MAY’-Ah Kul’-pah).
    I attended Catholic mass in the Tridentine Rite in my youth. Had to learn it.

  • Col Beausabre

    Gonzalo Lira: – A well known Ukrainian traitor who spews Putin’s lies for money, Try again, pal

  • Realist


    Alexander Mercouris: “Despite HIMARS US Arms Package Shows Declining Support for Ukraine, UK Media Admit Economic War Lost”

  • Realist

    Col Beausabre:

    Your statement directly shows that you seem to have trouble with the truth. Btw, suppressing the truth will do you no good because, like Biden, it will inevitably catch up with you. It’s just a matter of days or weeks.

    The outstanding and courageous man Gonzalo Lira, who sums up the problems of the “West”, is neither a “traitor” nor a Ukrainian. He is an American of Chilean descent who has lived in Ukraine for several years and currently resides directly in Kharkov. In April, the Ukrainian secret service SBU arrested him and interrogated him for a week. He was released after an outcry from thousands of people around the world.
    Shame on you.

    2022.05.28 A Revolution Is Coming In The West (5 min)

  • Gary Miller

    “It looks like Americans are not so dumb after all. […]They have stopped queueing up at vaccine clinics, many of which are now closed.”

    How dumb do you have to be to line up at a closed clinic anyhow? Pretty dumb, I’d imagine.

  • Cotour


    A famous young man acquires a rare case of facial paralysis, and in approximately the same time frame his beautiful young wife coincidentally develops a blood clot in her brain. Strange to say the least.

    And no one is allowed to speak of what might be the cause of this by any measure extremely rare set of events? Why is that?


    I wonder if there is anything that they can ascribe this very highly unusual coincidence to?

    Somethings are just unknowable, I guess.

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