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Vote for Trump, but even more, vote Republican across the board


I’ve said it before but I will say it again. Donald Trump is the right candidate for president, and everyone who hasn’t yet voted should vote for him tomorrow, both because he kept his promises and has actually done a decent job as president.

However, it is even more important to vote for Republicans across the board. If Trump is re-elected but the voters do not give him strong majorities in both houses of Congress, his ability to do what the voters want will be seriously circumscribed. And if the Democrats win control of both houses of Congress, expect that their first order of business will be to impeach Trump and then try to remove him from office. The goal will be to quickly nullify your vote for Trump, by the party of segregation, slavery, riots, looting, and stolen elections.

And on the local city and state level things are quite simple. If the public wishes to see the end of rioting and looting in their cities, they need to start voting out of office the corrupt Democrats who run those cities. Not all local politicians are up for re-election tomorrow, but any local Democrats in the big urban cities and states who are amply deserve to be run out of office on a rail. They have not only encouraged rioting and looting, using Antifa and BLM thugs as the storm-trooper wing of the Democratic Party, they have also moved simultaneously to shut down any police enforcement in those cities, while also demanding that their citizens be denied their second amendment right of self-defense.

It is time to clean house. Trump is hated so much by the political establishment from both parties because he is an outsider. And while many Republicans are as corrupt as the Democrats, it is the Democratic Party that epitomizes the insider corruption that is destroying our urban cities and our country. It is time to throw them out of office, at all levels, and to replace them with new faces, outsiders who are willing to represent ordinary Americans, from all races and creeds.

The Declaration of Independence
Something the Democratic Party no longer believes in.

We need to do this especially because the insiders we have been electing for so long, led by the Democratic Party, have failed at their job. Almost all urban centers in the U.S. have been ruled by Democrats for decades. And almost all have seen a rise in corruption, high debt, bad schools, drugs, crime, and poverty during those same decades. Now those same Democrats are freeing prisoners and criminals from jail, even as they place their law-abiding citizens under house arrest while bankrupting decent businesses. They do not represent the public, never have, and do not even deserve the job of dog catcher.

And most importantly, the Democratic Party has made it clear very amply in the last few years that they despise that Constitution and Bill of Rights, and have even taken actions attempting to repeal or nullify as many parts of those documents as possible, especially those parts that limit the power of politicians and protect the rights of ordinary people.

So, vote for Trump tomorrow (if you haven’t already). But vote to fire all Democrats, in every election you can find, if only to send a message to these bastards that Americans find threats, slanders, violence, and storm-trooper tactics unacceptable in a free nation.


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  • James Street

    Well said. Thanks for the reminder, Robert.

    Tomorrow is going to be a very good day. It’s going to be biblical.

  • Call Me Ishmael

    “… and then remove him from office”

    They won’t be able to do that. It takes two-thirds of the Senate to convict and remove from office, and there is no way for the Democrats to get that, short of a straight-up armed coup. (And if Trump is re-elected, I wouldn’t give much for the chances of a straight-up armed coup.)

  • Lee Stevenson

    I try and keep out of politics around here…. But as an outsider looking in, I am amazed at the rabid ferocity coming from both sides…. From the left and the right….
    I would never have thought ANYTHING could make you cuss on here Bob…
    I’m kinda in agreement that those that are labeled “the left” over there are nothing like what I consider to be left wing… But should Biden win, ( which I think is unlikely ), the world will not end, the pendulum keeps swinging.
    Similarly, I can’t listen to or read the left leaning podcasts and news outlets I enjoy in normal times… The never ending stream of Trump hate and doom mongering has gotten out of control…. If Trump gets in, the world will not end, the pendulum keeps swinging.
    What ever the results, there will have been darker times in US history, and better times also. The sky is not going to fall in.
    You live in a democracy, the people will speak, and the people who do not get the result they had hoped for have to accept that, and try harder and better next time. There will be a next time, and until then, the sky is not going to fall in.

  • Cotour


    Lochel’s bakery in Pennsylvania predicts elections using the rock solid and unassailable presidential cookie sales method of predicting presidential elections.

    And what do the cookie sales say as of 11/1/20?

    Trump 27,903

    Biden 5114

    The cookie sales indicate a 5.4 times more likelihood that there is a Trump win.

    And there you have it, you can take that to the bank. Never argue with science.

  • wayne

    ref: “You live in a democracy, the people will speak, …”

    We have a representative-republic divided up between Local, State, and Federal government. (The separate and sovereign States of the Union, created the Federal government, we don’t serve them, it’s supposed to be the other way around…)

    Ref- “the Senate” in general– see the 17th Amendment, which altered the way federal Senators were elected, and effectively breeched an important firewall against the concentration of power.
    OEM specs– the (fed) House of Reps would be directly elected by the People. (fed) Senators would be appointed by the State Legislatures. We don’t actually need the Senate if everyone is directly elected.

    Our entire governmental structure was intentionally designed to fragment and divide centers of power, Local, State, and Federal.

    (…some call this propaganda, I call it Art….)

    In Our Hands, Part 3:
    “How To Lose What We Have”

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr, Z, you need to give yourself a warning for your choice of language.
    (meant in good humor)

    “Busken Bakery’s presidential cookie poll has predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984, the company said. ”

    As of this afternoon:
    19,753 for Donald Trump.
    13,954 for Joe Biden.
    8,0379 for the smiley independent cookie.

  • Ian C.

    Live stream of Trump’s final rally of this campaign. Same place he had his last rally in 2016. Good times. Enjoy.

  • Etaoin Shrdlu

    @ Lee Stevenson,

    The problem is that the pendulum won’t be allowed to continue swinging if the Democrats win.

    If the Democrats win the presidency, they are almost certain to also retake the Senate either this year or in 2022. The Republican Senate map in 2022 puts them on the defensive in multiple “blue” states. Also, if the Democrats win the presidency, the House will stay under the control of the Democrats this year. The only way the Republicans take the House is if Trump’s victory is so overwhelming that it sweeps down-ballot Republicans in there.

    In whichever year the Democrats retake the Senate, they have already stated, very clearly, that they will eliminate the filibuster. This is a “rules change” that only requires a simple majority — and they already did it once in 2013 when they wanted to ram federal judges through the Senate. The Democrats have already suggested that they will add seats to the Supreme Court to override the now-5-4 constitutionalist majority, because they don’t want to lose the 5-4 leftist majority that they held for generations thanks to Kennedy and those before him. (Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor were both more than happy to switch sides or vote for a “six part balancing test” to make any decision one that could help the left, and Roberts now is more than happy to switch sides on any core leftist decision, as we’ve seen with “it’s a tax” Obamacare and the recent rule-of-election-law decisions for 2020.) The Democrats have also announced that they intend to make D.C. and Puerto Rico, both hard-Democrat territories, into states.

    Once the Democrats accomplish that, the United States will never again have a deadlocked government or a balanced government. The Supreme Court will simply rubber-stamp whatever the Democrats want, and the Senate and House will both be locks for the Democrats. — at least until the Democrats get us into a nuclear war and cause all the big cities to get nuked to ashes, so we got that hope goin’ for us.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone go vote like your life depends on it.

  • Jeff

    The biggest surprise for me this election season came on Halloween night. As I was handing out treats to a youngster his parents mentioned how they liked my Trump signs – in the yard and on my truck. I had seen them walking previously in the neighborhood. I wrongly assumed that at their age, they would be more likely to lean left. I asked them if they were voting. Both enthusiastically nodded and said they had already, using the early voting option. As they left, we exchanged hopes for a great victory on Tuesday.

    All around this part of NC, I have witnessed more participation and enthusiasm this election than in any of the over 30 years I’ve lived here. Records of early voting are being broken in almost every county in the state. Every time I drive the truck, I get smiles, waves, honks and big “thumbs-up” from ALL ages. I don’t believe this excitement is being captured accurately by the “the pollsters”. I tend to believe the cookie sales more… 8^)

    Polls just opened here. Good luck America!

  • Chris

    Wayne – Representative republic with noted separations of power – Bingo!

    One of my pet peeves (along with gay vs homosexual; gender vs sex ….etc) hearing “Our democracy…”

  • wayne

    Ian C.
    Good deal on the RSBN link!
    I’m on the lake Michigan shoreline myself. Had to work last night so could not attend, but downloading the video right now.
    10 rally’s in 2 days = outstanding!

    One little tidbit about Grand Rapids, — one of the first cities to fluoridate their drinking water, and generally a very ‘progressive’ place, but not in 2016 and hopefully not today!!

    Alice Cooper –

  • Cotour


    I read this article in the Atlantic, which is clearly a Left leaning publication. And what does this writer, Peter Whener focus on in contrasting the differences between a president Trump and vice president Biden.

    ITS ALL ABOUT EMOTION. Its all about emotions for the Democrats and those journalists that seek to further empower them. And that for me is the simple difference between the two political parties in America. This writer identifies no other qualities that a competent leader in the form of the president of the United States should embody, just emotion and feelings. Not one word about anything concerning the country as a whole regarding our security, our economics, our military, our law and order, and most importantly, the preserving and protecting of our Constitution and the necessary personal qualities that a true leader must embody. NOTHING.

    Joe Biden in Mr. Wheners opinion has empathy, he is emotionally qualified to be president because he has had darkness in his life. And Joe Biden apparently connects with the American people because of this. NOTHING about our country and what must be preserved, fought for and cherished, just emotions.

    And Donald Trump? He is course and hard and apparently is bereft of any of these in Mr. Wheners opinion highly desired primary qualities of leadership.

    Well, Mr. Whener, (and The Atlantic), I strongly disagree with you. While having empathy and the ability to empathize is a human quality it has little to do with filling the most powerful political office on the planet. Can a president have empathy in the execution of his responsibilities? Certainly, most all presidents have revealed their empathy at various points in their time in office, including Trump.

    However, identifying empathy as the primary quality and qualification to lead the freed world is a weak, empty and self serving metric. It means little in the grand scheme of things in the execution of national and global power nd politics and if that is the primary reason to elect a, Joe Biden, or anyone else for that matter, then that is a huge fail and threatens all our freedoms.

    This is just one more example of the death of journalism in America and the world. Attempting to hold high and primary irrelevant subjective emotional virtues because a candidate has no other identifiable qualifications that suggest that he is worthy of the office which he aspires to.

    And in that failure of todays weak, uninquisitive and partisan journalism and media in general we are all threatened, our individual freedoms and our unique and essential Constitution are in jeopardy because of it. This must change Mr. Whener.

  • wayne

    Best of You (Trump Edition)
    ->Foo Fighters Parody
    Louder With Crowder 9-15-20

  • Edward

    Etaoin Shrdlu wrote: “The problem is that the pendulum won’t be allowed to continue swinging if the Democrats win.

    This is exactly what happened in California.

    Today on my ballot there were two races in which there were only Democrats as options — no Republican. This happened because the Democrats changed the rules for primary elections from one in which the various political parties choose their candidates for the fall general election to one where only two candidates are chosen for the general election ballot. The two who get the most votes are put on the ballot. So if two Democrats run in the primary and three Republicans run, then the two Democrats are almost certain to be the only two on the general election ballot. Subtle, but powerful, and the majority Democratic Party is virtually guaranteed to run roughshod over all other political parties for decades, if not centuries.

    Add to that all the mandates and controls on our lives that our fearful leaders are imposing on us and we are no longer living in our parents’s America but in the Soviet Union. This is how our parents’s America had described that communist country — only one party on the ballot and very few freedoms. At least the Soviet citizens were not locked down in their houses or directed as to what to wear.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Well today’s the big day.

    It’s all over but the crying, as they say.

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Lee Stevenson

    Well I’m sorry, I don’t have the time to read all the posts regarding stuff I don’t even understand, I have no idea about the minutiae of you guys constitution, and certainly no time for watching video clips.
    But if you have the greatest democracy on earth, what are you all frightened about?
    The people will speak…. It’s 2020…. In the 1st of 1st world countries I’m sure there will be minute to little vote rigging, and democracy will win the day.
    Which ever way it goes….. Take it on the chin, and get on with life…. The sky will not fall in.

  • Lee Stevenson

    It all sounds from both sides like sheep bleating to this outsider…. If you have any faith in your democratic process, man up and take it on the chin…. If you have no faith in your democratic process, man up and change it! Either way, please stop shouting about all the faults and loopholes…. If it’s so bad… Do something and change it! ( You are a democratic Republic after all)… Complaining on a relatively obscure website will not change a thing.
    If you lose tonight… Either left or right, it’s because the most of the people didn’t agree with you, and it’s your job to try harder next time.
    If you win tonight, you get a mandate to continue what you are doing, and have to form a plan for the 4 years after
    That is it. No more and no less.
    Good luck USA.

  • Lee Stevenson wrote: “It all sounds from both sides like sheep bleating to this outsider . . ”

    It’s an American thing; you wouldn’t understand.

    As Montrose (I Don’t Want It; ;Montrose; 1973) had it:

    “Better sock away your bread, there’s a worse time ahead

    And I don’t want it
    Not today, no no
    I don’t need it
    So take it away, yes”

  • Edward

    Lee Stevenson,
    Thank you for thinking that ours is “the greatest democracy on earth,.” but you had it right the second time, we “are a democratic Republic after all.” We depend upon our representatives to make the changes that we want. As I stated, in California that is no longer possible, because our representatives changed the democracy.

    If we cannot complain “about all the faults and loopholes” on this site, then where do you recommend that we do so? I would recommend that you check out Project Veritas for its videos on vote rigging in 2020, but you don’t do videos.

    As to manning up, perhaps you missed the topic sentence of Robert’s post, in which he gives an answer as to how to make changes. You may not agree with his answer, but that is all part of the discussion, finding the best answer to the problem.

    Just because an outsider like you is flummoxed by the minutiae of our constitution and “greatest democracy on earth,” that is no reason for us to shut up about it. Open discussion “about all the faults and loopholes” is a major part of what makes our democracy so great. If you will not allow us to identify and communicate the problems, then how do you expect us to know that we need to fix them? How do I warn others of the trap that California fell into, and how do we keep our great democracy great? Could your country’s governance be made better if it practiced similar discussion?

    You have the democratic choice of skipping the confusing posts and concentrating on the ones that interest you and that you understand.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Edward, ( sorry for the late reply!)…. HA! Touche!, Although I would recommend the answer to “If we cannot complain “about all the faults and loopholes” on this site, then where do you recommend that we do so?” Is “somewhere it makes a difference” ;-)
    During the madness of pre-election week I have been hearing arguments from both sides that a win for blue or red will be an end to democracy as you know it.. At the time of writing it’s looking like Biden has edged it… And some of the (American) leftist sites are discussing if the military will be needed to remove trump from the Whitehouse!
    What has happened to you guys? If the left win it’s a fascist future! If the right wins it’s a dictatorial future!
    I keep getting told your not a democracy, your a democratic Republic ( I keep failing to see the essential difference ), but whatever, at this point you all have to see that somthing is broken over there, and without turning all rabid and calling each other nazi or fascist or communist ( most internet forums evolved past this name calling game around 2005 ) you need to either change, or educate your citizens to use the system you have better!
    I’m still wishing you all good luck… And still don’t believe the sky will fall in, whatever the result…. But as the beacon of democracy and freedom, your doing a pretty crappy advertising campaign right now! ( And I mean that from all directions!)

  • wayne

    The USA was designed to be a “representative republic.”
    — ‘democracy,’ is 51% of the population voting to enslave the remaining 49%.

    “Democracy: The God That Failed”
    Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    September 1997

    (so to speak…)

  • wayne

    Victor Davis Hanson
    “Trump: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy”
    John Anderson Show August 2020

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Wayne…. I’m not big on watching YouTube clips… They are generally boring and lead to falling down rabbit holes… ( Unless it’s a good guitar solo… Then I’m all in! )
    “” The USA was designed to be a “representative republic.” ”
    I’ve always heard it called a democratic Republic, used as a beacon of democracy, an example of rule by the democratic process, etc, etc, etc.
    If all of a sudden your electorial process is undemocratic, or the government you pick is not a democratic government…. Well I guess the world needs to know!!!!
    ( This is a yes or no question… Do you have a democratic system of choice of government? Yes or no? )
    I will be so happy when all your votes are counted, because perhaps yawl will stop frothing at the mouth, chill out a little, and continue with ya lives. And I will stop having to put up with a never ending news feed from a country I have visited twice, and consider nice, but a bit strange, nothing more.

  • wayne

    (What time is it where you are?)
    No time to give you the 5 cent Tour of America. Others are more eloquent and would be more complete.
    But yes, we do employ majority voting within our representative republic, but probably not to the extent you might think.
    We do not however, employ such things as national-plebiscite’s.
    Every layer of our local/state/federal government was designed to diffuse power via checks-n-balances.
    On the Federal level– The House is directly elected by the people. The Senate was originally designed to be appointed by the respective legislatures of the separate & sovereign States. (Progressive’s, claiming enhanced ‘democracy,’ ( 1912/13) pushed through an Amendment (the 17th) to directly elect Senator’s, now… nobody represents the States.)
    Not to mention the unelected Administrative State apparatus, that got it’s major start/expansion under FDR— all these ‘alphabet agencies” we have now, totally “undemocratic” and totally unaccountable to anyone.


    You might however, enjoy this—

    KASHMIR chords –
    Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge
    -clip from “It Might Get Loud”

  • wayne

    back to the matter at hand….

    “Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar”
    Petition for a writ of certiorari
    -direct hotlink to the PDF file:

    The questions presented are:
    “1. Whether the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
    majority usurped the Pennsylvania General
    Assembly’s plenary authority to “direct [the] Manner”
    for appointing electors for President and Vice
    President, U.S. Const. art. II, § 1, cl. 2, and broad
    power to prescribe “[t]he Times, Places, and Manner”
    for congressional elections, id. art. I, § 4, cl. 1.
    2. Whether the majority’s extension and
    presumption are preempted by federal statutes that
    establish a uniform nationwide federal Election Day.”

  • Cotour


    I believe that question is exactly why Alito had Pennsylvania separate the ballots that came in after the alloted voting time / day.

    But we all can reliably know that Penn did not do that. So the count is going to be stopped at the alloted voting day / time and the other votes should be deemed invalid.

    And that if successful will be the basis for revolution and chaos for the Democrats.

    Also, look into something called “Score card”, a program that I believe is used in the tabulation process, and its hackable by those that would hack such things within the government. You have heard of “Anomalies” in the counting and totals going drastically one way or the other. This program apparently shifts by 3 % or so the results to the desired party.

    I have heard Sydney Powell and other credible people speak of it. Also a program called “Hammer”, all utilized by the CIA and others.

    Lots of “Strange” mathematics and other anomalies here IMO, that all result in Trumps loss.

    And if you can not prove any of this in a court its all over but the cryin.

  • LocalFluff

    @Lee Stevenson
    “and continue with ya lives”
    How? The Chinese communist party’s dement puppet candidate forbids everyone to work or ever meet each other, forbids all kinds of machines (you know, like cars and rockets) because of the Green New Deal idiocy. There’s no life to be continued if the socialists take power, then only death is ahead.

    I think that Trump will continue to rally millions in ever growing peaceful demonstration of how his people loves him. Then the ruling of any court of governor will look pretty pale in comparison. The USA is fundamentally a revolutionary land. The American people will not accept to be CCP’s slaves and murder victims. Too many Americans love their children for that to be a possibility.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @cotour…. in the morning to you sir! Nice to meet a fellow No Agenda citizen here…
    @Wayne… David Gilmore, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, or Prince? ( Question currently being debated between myself and MiniMe… All input appreciated!)

    @the above and literally everyone else in the world… I am beginning to understand that the American democratic process is not only stranger than I understand, but is stranger than I CAN understand!
    If only you had.some form of government with an elected main body, oversight from a permanent house of elders, and ultimate oversight from a hereditary Monarchy, life would be so much easier for you!

  • LocalFluff

    @Lee Stevenson
    Suggesting monarchy in the USA is not a good idea! You are Swedish like me, aren’t you? Americans escapes Europe because they escaped kings. They don’t want them coming after them, they have fought a couple of wars against kings.

    The administration of vote reception and counting in many US states seems to be pretty badly performed. Thus unnecessary uncertainties like this what might amount to civil war, or coup d’État! Just because of sloppiness. I have been one of hundreds of thousands of vote counters in Sweden for half a dozen times. I regret that I did not translate our manual for how to do it in English and sent it to every governor. It isn’t difficult. And since they cannot be THAT stupid, it must be deliberate cheating. Having sloppy rules and checks in order to allow for cheating. Horrible! Terrible! Horrible again!

  • Cotour

    Who said life and what is worthwhile should be easy?

    Nothing worthwhile is easy.

    Its worthwhile exactly because it is difficult.

    Our system is built for political warfare, bloodless, its really the only true way. Your faux feeling of security that there be some “Elders” that you can have confidence in and that makes your life “easier” is in a word childish. Are you all not adults?

    Our main problem in America is corruption and political domination through that corruption. I.E. a Joe Biden possibly becoming the president of the United States, a responsible “Elder”. What might the Chinese say about our American freedom under such “Protection” and “security”?

    Your feeling of security is without doubt false and those that would or could sell you all out, in time will. And then where do you find yourself?

  • Cotour

    At least you will have someone to point at and blame.

    And all the while all you needed to do is look in the mirror and see who is truly to blame.

    Mirrors provide such wonderful metaphors. You might look in one once in a while.

  • Andrew_W

    @Lee Stevenson, the US is a representative democracy just as other Western countries are representative democracies. There are several opposites we can list to describe the governance of a country:
    Democracy vs dictatorship
    Republic vs monarchy
    Federal vs unitary
    Written constitution vs unwritten constitution.*

    The US is a democratic federal republic with a written constitution.

    *An unwritten constitution simply means that those principles encompassed by a constitution are incorporated into legislation and common law.

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