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Why only NOW is there mounting concern over President Biden’s mental health?

Biden as he forgets what truths we hold as self-evident in March 2020.

A Daily Mail story from last week reported on the growing concern of doctors and other health experts about the mental state of Joe Biden, the oldest American president ever.

Questions have been raised about US President Joe Biden’s cognitive wellbeing after a car crash interview over his handling of the unfolding Afghanistan crisis. America’s oldest president provided jumbled responses to questions and mixed up details about his son in an interview with ABC. The stumbles did not make the broadcasted version but were revealed when a full transcript of the interview was published overnight.

It revealed the President incorrectly stated his late son Beau Biden worked for the Navy in Afghanistan, before correcting himself that he served for the Army in Iraq. It follows a spate of gaffes and slips of the tongue since the 78-year-old ran his successful presidential campaign in 2019.

This story only highlights a growing slew of news stories and op-eds that have appeared recently during the ongoing debacle in Afghanistan, in both the right and leftwing press, that have noticed how President Biden appears repeatedly confused in interviews while showing signs that he does not quite understand what is going on around him.

Of course, for the press and the political class to recognize these facts now, after Biden has become president, is equivalent to closing the barn door after the animals have escaped. As I noted in October 2020, before the election, these cognitive issues have been obvious for the last two years, and had been getting steadily worse throughout 2020 during the election campaign. As I wrote then,

Joe Biden is exhibiting clear symptoms of failing mental health. It is increasingly obvious he really is unaware of what is going on around him, and this condition appears to be worsening at a frightening pace.

All of this was blatantly obvious in the summer of 2020. It was then that these facts should have been reported by the mainstream press and dealt with by politicians in the Democratic Party.

Instead, the press and Democratic Party politicians covered these facts up. The news organizations did so because they are no longer interested in reporting news, but instead are focused solely on being public relations agents for the Democratic Party. The Democrats did so because they are generally corrupt, power-hungry, and uninterested in doing the best for the nation.

Had these obvious these facts had been discussed and reported in detail before the election, or even better, during the primaries before the Democrats chose Biden as their candidate, we might not be in this situation today. But no, the interests of the Democratic Party trumped the interests of the nation.

How we shall survive the next three and a half years with Joe Biden as president I cannot fathom. Moreover, even if he is removed, his vice-president, Kamala Harris, is an even more troubling politician. When she was California attorney general she tried to use the power of her office to obtain the names of people donating to Republican candidates, with clear evidence the goal was to use that information to harass and threaten those conservatives. Then in 2018 she appeared on television and gleefully joked about killing Trump, Pence, and other Republican politicians.

As vice president she has been less than useless, often vanishing when most needed, and if found acting as if she is responsible for nothing and must not be questioned sharply by anyone on any issue.

Note again these were facts known prior to the 2020 campaign. That I could figure them out, then, but the mainstream press could not, speaks really badly of that press.

Even worse, it suggests how divorced from reality the so-called “intellectual” and mostly leftist leadership of our nation has truly become. Their failure to recognize Biden’s health issues, their bankrupt policy that led to the collapse in Afghanistan, their insane response, still continuing, to COVID, all indicate their general incompetence and intellectual dishonesty. Such people should be kept as far from the reins of power as possible. Instead, we as a nation have let them hold those reins, for decades, even as they have repeatedly revealed their incompetence time after time after time.

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  • Kyle

    Its an issue now, because they can no longer hide it from the uninformed masses.

  • Ray Van Dune

    That, and they figure since he could stroke out at any moment, they need to get ahead of the story to hide the fact that they are two years behind the average Trump supporter.

  • Michael Mangold

    And the Democrats would raise the specter of the 25th amendment with every mean Tweet from Trump but Slow Joe could soil himself and they’d still be gazing about like all’s well.

  • That I could figure them out, then, but the mainstream press could not, speaks really badly of that press.

    Robert, it is likely that they figured them out right along with you and I, but didn’t care … they considered Donald Trump, and people like you and I, as a greater threat to their elite status and their dream of cementing it in a social-technocratic Utopia, than a President John Gill.

    That speaks even worse of them, than being ignorant of the facts-on-the-ground. They willingly denied those facts.

    Their primal fear, is irrelevance – and the continued ascendance of the Deplorables was diminishing their relevance more and more.

  • Mark

    Bob – you mention facts that are ‘blatantly obvious’. But what if fact finding is now wholly subservient to the propaganda of a narrative? Which of the following media paradigms is closer to today’s reality?

    Civics class paradigm of national journalism in America wherein the majority of national media outlets view their role as twofold: it both informs citizens and sets up a feedback loop between the government and voters. The Fourth estate in America promotes the concepts of citizenship, constitutional rights, and a federal governing system.

    The Edward Bernays paradigm (father of American PR & Propaganda) of national journalism in America wherein the majority of national media outlets are joined at the hip with global tech and with the DC administrative state, They view their role as controlling the narrative so that the masses are propagandized and/or nudged into supporting the policies of the elite of the global American empire.
    The concepts of citizenship, constitutional rights, and a federal governing system all take a backseat to the controlled narrative.

  • wayne

    “President John Gill.” (hilarious!)

    –>Do you mean to tell me, the Fuhrer, is an alien?

    ST: Original Series
    “Patterns of Force”

    (unsurprisingly–youtube appears to have disappeared (or age-restricted) about a dozen clips from this episode….)

  • Alex Andrite

    uh … Alright, he is a dumpster.
    What / who is next ?

    Am I missing something here ?

    Or IS IT JUST ME ?

    … sorry, I have to leave now. My watch on the Wall is up next.

  • Mark

    I’ll take the next watch on the Wall after Alex.
    I can just imagine Kamala in Singapore tonight rewatching her favorite Game of Throne episodes. During Episode 3 of Season 7, when Petyr Baelish appears, Kamala cackles after she repeats his words:

     “Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend, every possible series of events is happening, all at once. Live that way, and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.”

    The 25th Amendment is so Game of Thrones!

  • wayne

    Metallica –
    “No Leaf Clover”

    “Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel,
    Was just a freight train coming your way….”

  • John

    I think the media might have woke up (a little) watching the Taliban get invigorated and rearmed on the potato’s watch. They really can’t spin or cover this up. Yes, I know the past 20 years were orange man bad’s fault.

    They may have gotten a little scared too. It’s all devotion to your pathetic ideology until you see the same islamists who killed 3,000 in one of your cities now parading around in force with your weapons.

    Suddenly some people might do something that could effect them. And they left the southern flank wide open all this time, oh no.

  • wayne

    Metallica –
    “King Nothing”

    “And it all crashes down,
    And you break your crown,
    And you point your finger, but there’s no one around.
    Just want one thing, just to play the king,
    But the castle crumbled and you’re left with just a name,
    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    Where’s your crown?”

  • Mark

    Wayne inspired me to free associate Bob’s Biden post through music lyrics:

    I hope that the Petty Tyrant King J. Robinette Biden II tonight dreams of Corn Pop singing with Jethro Tull the song “Locomotive Breath”:

    “In the shuffling madness
    Of the locomotive breath
    Runs the all-time loser
    Headlong to his death
    Oh, he feels the piston scraping
    Steam breaking on his brow
    Old Corn Pop stole the handle
    And the train it won’t stop
    Oh no way to slow down…..

    I think God he stole the handle
    And the train it won’t stop going
    No way to slow down
    No way to slow down
    No way to slow down
    No way to slow down…..”

  • wayne

    you, are a great American!

    Elvis Costello

  • Chris

    We have ALWAYS been at war with East Asia!
    Thank you Main Stream Media from reassuring me of this FACT!

    So as I noted on another post, i believe Joe Biden has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. I think this from observing his eyes. If he has trouble reading then I think its true,

  • “The government you elect, is the government you deserve.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    There are variations. There is an argument to be made that this government wasn’t fairly elected, but even if so, the statement stands. If you are going to live in a representative democracy, then represent.

    I think it’s also fair to say that the West long ago transitioned from goal-oriented to process-oriented. And then the natural entropy of the Universe becomes dominant. ‘Decadence’ is the other side of ‘Success’.

  • Mark

    Blair – here is a variation of Mr. Jefferson’s quote from a much more blunt politician:

    “The Party that steals the election, becomes the Regime that gets to rule.”

    Apocryphal quote of what Joseph Stalin told the Head of the Polish Communist Party in 1947.

  • Jeff Wright

    Someone should photoshop him in a hat with fishhooks in it-though he looks like Harvey Corman.
    This could be an opportunity. Hide space solar power in the infrastructure bill to at least help spacelaunch…and Henry Blake will sign it. So who is Radar?

  • acethepug

    The questions are being asked, I fear, either to hide WORSE items coming up, or because they are protecting some other Leftist agenda (a la Cuomo’s ouster for harassment and not for murdering the elderly).

    Basically, the fall of Kabul is too big for the media to hide, and Biden continues to demonstrate dementia that is worsening. They aren’t doing it out of concern for the country, but at the behest of some other plan, IMHO.

    Harris isn’t going to be any better. She’s not senile, but she is a cackling, imbecilic hyena — and she is as loathed as Hillary was, maybe more.

    Maybe it’s all to deflect from some definitive proof on the election theft? Or to continue to conceal the reality that 1/6 was NOT an insurrection? I don’t know, but Leftist behavior tells me they are doing this because something worse is coming, or something worse is being concealed.

  • wayne

    You the man! (so to speak)

    You’re correct in that ‘they’ are hiding something worse.
    Corporate media and the Usual-Statist-Suspects desperately want another War. (but it’s always against the wrong Enemy) If Biden doesn’t deliver, they’ll install someone who will play ball.

    Tangentially, whatever happened to Cuomo? That just disappeared down the memory hole.
    Same with the 6 trillion dollar spending (and borrowing) bill they just passed.

    “War, is the health of the State.”
    Randolph Bourne (1918)
    “In the freest of republics as well as in the most tyrannical of empires, all foreign policy, the diplomatic negotiations which produce or forestall war, are equally the private property of the Executive part of the Government, and are equally exposed to no check whatever from popular bodies, or the people voting as a mass themselves.”
    “The moment war is declared, however, the mass of the people, through some spiritual alchemy, become convinced that they have willed and executed the deed themselves. They then, with the exception of a few malcontents, proceed to allow themselves to be regimented, coerced, deranged in all the environments of their lives, and turned into a solid manufactory of destruction toward whatever other people may have, in the appointed scheme of things, come within the range of the Government’s disapprobation. The citizen throws off his contempt and indifference to Government, identifies himself with its purposes, revives all his military memories and symbols, and the State once more walks, an august presence, through the imaginations of men.”
    “The history of America as a country is quite different from that of America as a State. In one case it is the drama of the pioneering conquest of the land, of the growth of wealth and the ways in which it was used, of the enterprise of education, and the carrying out of spiritual ideals, of the struggle of economic classes. But as a State, its history is that of playing a part in the world, making war, obstructing international trade, preventing itself from being split to pieces, punishing those citizens whom society agrees are offensive, and collecting money to pay for all.”
    “Wartime brings the ideal of the State out into very clear relief, and reveals attitudes and tendencies that were hidden. In times of peace the sense of the State flags in a republic that is not militarized. For war is essentially the health of the State. The ideal of the State is that within its territory its power and influence should be universal. As the Church is the medium for the spiritual salvation of man, so the State is thought of as the medium for his political salvation. Its idealism is a rich blood flowing to all the members of the body politic. And it is precisely in war that the urgency for union seems greatest, and the necessity for universality seems most unquestioned. The State is the organization of the herd to act offensively or defensively against another herd similarly organized. The more terrifying the occasion for defense, the closer will become the organization and the more coercive the influence upon each member of the herd. War sends the current of purpose and activity flowing down to the lowest level of the herd, and to its most remote branches. All the activities of society are linked together as fast as possible to this central purpose of making a military offensive or a military defense, and the State becomes what in peacetimes it has vainly struggled to become – the inexorable arbiter and determinant of men’s business and attitudes and opinions.”

  • Gary in Transit

    Most people assume that the present US aristocratic autocrats want a health and prosperous United States and that actions that destroy individual freedom, the economy and world standing are actions of incompetent politicians and bureaucrats. This is wrong headed. These people want to destroy our system of government. They intentionally promoted senile figurehead. The question is, who is ” they”?
    I believe that one main actor is China. China has the ability to pressure Facebook and other major players to censor the news and even shape what we know about history. Just look how they suppress all critics of China.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson & Akira The Don
    Tarantulas ?️ (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    “When they call themselves the good and the just, do not forget that they would be Pharisees… if only they had – power!”

  • Ray Van Dune

    acethepug: “… Leftist behavior tells me they are doing this because something worse is coming, or something worse is being concealed.”

    I try to cast myself back to a typical day 10 or so years ago, and I don’t recall there being quite so many dire possibilities for this sense of foreboding being right on the money. There is bad stuff ahead, because so many people have done so many bad things that are going to come out. That’s why they had to get rid of Trump – a person they used to love and honor when they thought he was just like them!

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