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Another “rightwing COVID conspiracy theory” proves to be true

Today's modern witch hunt
Burning witches: The debate technique used by
those in charge during the Wuhan panic

Since the very beginning of the COVID panic in 2020 many perfectly reasonable people, both inside and outside the medical community, suggested that COVID was artifically created and that the evidence strongly suggested its source was from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Worse, the evidence suggested that this work was partly funded by the United States itself — approved by federal bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci — that funnelled government contracts to China to do dangerous infectious disease research which that hostile nation could then use against us.

Unfortunately, those individuals found themselves routinely mocked as pushing a “rightwing COVID conspiracy theory,” with many finding their careers destroyed by blacklisting. During those dark times it was forbidden to ask any questions that went against the leftist government narrative that pushed the myths that COVID was a deadly perfectly natural disease, that lockdowns, masks, and social distancing were the only ways to stop it, and that in the end only the COVID jab could cure it.

We now know without question that those accepted wisdoms, enforced by brutal intolerance, were all wrong, and that the blackballed individuals who advocated otherwise were 100% correct.

Or to put it more bluntly, the only difference between a “rightwing conspiracy theory” and the truth is a few months.

This week we got another proof of this apt saying.

Federal officials today suspended federal funding for the EcoHealth Alliance, possibly dealing a mortal blow to a U.S. research nonprofit that has been under fire since early in the COVID-19 pandemic. The group has been the focus of concerns that SARS-CoV-2 may have emerged from bat virus research funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted by EcoHealth’s collaborators in Wuhan, China.

In a letter to the New York City organization, an official for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), NIH’s parent agency, informed the group it is suspended from all federal funding programs and that the department is proposing to formally debar—or ban—the organization from receiving future funding. Grants from NIH and other U.S agencies provide the bulk of its budget, which was about $14 million in 2022.

For too many, it is too difficult to enter the Truth booth
Truth always wins out in the end, though
it is far better if it wins out in the beginning

EcoHealth Alliance is the company run by Peter Daszak, who has been at the center of this scandal from day one. Emails have shown that he and Fauci worked to squelch any effort to publicize EcoHeath and its subcontracts with the Wuhan lab, to the point of outright lying before Congress.

This suspension seems wholly deserved, not simply because Daszak and the company lied to the public about what it was doing. It appears the company was also incompetent, submitting reports late, mismanaging its grants, and doing sloppy work on dangerous drugs that should have required a much higher level of security.

The bottom line remains: Everything government officials and their boot-licking minons in the mainstream media said during the Wuhan panic was wrong. If you wanted to find out the truth, you needed to go to outsiders, many of whom were finding their lives destroyed because they refused to submit to the official narrative. To them, all that mattered was the truth.

This is a lesson I hope many naive Americans will take to heart, the next time they are told by the powers-in-charge to obey their orders, without question.

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  • F

    “This suspension seems wholly deserved, not simply because Daszak and the company lied to the public about what it was doing. It appears the company was also incompetent, submitting reports late, mismanaging its grants, and doing sloppy work on dangerous drugs that should have required a much higher level of security.”

    Too bad we are unable (“unwilling” may be a better word) to suspend the federal government for lying to the public, incompetence, late submission of work, mismanagement, and sloppy work.

  • Doug Johnson

    I’m so sick of all the zugzwang stories that turn out to be intentional government propaganda. Damn you to these supposed experts that have financial incentives for a political viewpoint. This may go down as one of the most precarious points in out history if we survive it. They do not deserve our forgiveness.

  • I still have people today that will not talk to me because I pointed out the falsehoods and lies listed regarding Covid and the shot, and because I refused to be injected.

    Fortunately, I am not personally disturbed or burdened by people not talking to me for whatever reason.

    Not everyone likes or loves me, and I do not like or love everyone.


    (“CAVEAT: Which does not mean that you are required to love anyone or tolerate their particular biases, Subjective perversions and insanities. You give respect and you also expect respect, which creates MUTUAL RESPECT. Whatever biases and perversions are bouncing around in someone’s / your brain over and above your interactions with others is their / your problem. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF.”)

    In the end the truth is a stone-cold bitch.

    There is truth, there is the truth, there is your truth and there are facts and data.

    And there is a difference that must be understood between them.

  • Max

    Déjà vu

    Trump took away their funding. Fauci give it back.

    08 May 2023
    NIH reinstates grant for controversial coronavirus research
    EcoHealth Alliance lost funding during the Trump administration, but can now proceed with its research — under extensive restrictions.

    EHA denies everything. Small list;
    “Any work financially supported by an award from a federal government agency was just that – underwritten by the federal government, and not EcoHealth Alliance”

    According to their statements, they claim to be the victims here. DARPA hands out the money and says how it is spent.
    Although we have our witch to burn, they certainly weren’t acting alone. (The administration is throwing someone under the bus so the rest of them can get away with it?) Hopefully Congress will continue to pull on thread to unravel the entire conspiracy.

  • Milt

    Once again, will any of these revelations about the COVID debacle result in any actual changes in what people believe about the nature of the society in which they live and, more specifically, in their voting behavior?

    While it may be very gratifying for those of us who have been paying attention to be proven “right” in such cases, at what point does such knowledge become real — and actionable — for average Americans? Getting back to Robert’s despair about conservatives, can anyone tell me the name of a single well known Republican who has suggested — even in the most mild and tentative fashion — that the American public has been ill served by the pharmaceutical industry in concert with a massively corrupt and complicit government? Likewise, will *anyone* on FOX — now that Tucker Carlson is no longer there — ever speak out against the same Big Pharma that sponsors so much of their programming?

    In plain English, if *anything* that we think that we know about the whole sordid COVID has any basis in reality, then it ought to have the most drastic and far reaching impacts on how we go about governing ourselves and seeking justice in the case of wrongdoing. Alas, my prediction is that should the anticipated presidential debates come off between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, NOTHING about the multiple failures, malfeasance, and outright criminality inherent in the government’s response to the COVID disaster will be mentioned, and the whole thing will be just another elephant in the room that nobody has the simple courage to acknowledge.

    In still plainer English, is what happened to the American public during the COVID panic at the hands of Big Pharma and “our” government “real,” or are we just making all of this up? And, if most of what we believe to be true is real, what kind of consequences ought then to obtain? Should anyone be held responsible? Should anyone be punished — if only at the ballot box?

    Or does no one — as seems to be the case — give a damn about what was done to us? Just a shrug of the shoulders and an “Oh, well.”

    How’s *that* for despair?

  • DJ

    Milt, “Can anyone tell me the name of a single well known Republican who has suggested — even in the most mild and tentative fashion — that the American public has been ill served by the pharmaceutical industry in concert with a massively corrupt and complicit government?” Rand Paul comes to mind. He is a Libertarian, but he has met the intent of your question, in my opinion.

  • TallDave

    they killed seven million people and counting

    suspending their funding is like locking the barn door after the barn was hit with a nuke

  • Don C.


    You are an eternal optimist. “… a lesson I hope many naive Americans will take to heart, the next time they are told…”

    They did take it to heart; then less than 17 seconds later, forgot the whole thing. But they will remember to vote for the big “D” on their ballots.

  • BLSinSC

    PRESIDENT TRUMP and CONGRESS should set up a SPECIAL COUNSEL to DOCUMENT the entire POGROM of the LEFT and their INSANE pursuit of their “democracy”! We KNOW that when the DEMOcrats say “democracy” they actually mean “DEMOcrat RULE FOREVER”! They are so driven for POWER that killing MILLIONS is just a “feature”! I would BET that there were discussions among officials in NY, MICH, ILL, and probably a few other blue states about sending the FAUCI FLU into the nursing homes to “cull the crowd”! I’d bet they had CHARTS showing the SAVINGS from reducing future Health and SS payments! Like Rush used to say “Don’t doubt me”! Fauci and his ilk should be charged with creating a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and a few counts of PERJURY! Hopefully a few lawyers not totally in bed with the DEMOcrats (and if there’s MONEY to be had even THAT wouldn’t stand in their way) will file some CLASS ACTIONS against Fauci and his ilk for the wrongful DEATHS and others who are permanently disabled! Public HANGINGS should be a WEEKLY event for the scum!

  • Don C.

    Forgot to put this in before-

    Quote from Don Willett, former Texas Supreme Court Judge, now on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit:

    “Facts are hostile witnesses.”

  • Alton

    Adolf Killed Six Million Jews…..
    2005, the Only surviving copy of the Red ❌ Cross files covering the Concentration Camps was found hiding in. Swiss Bank 🏦 Vault, forgotten.
    Five C5-A flights later it arrived at the National Archives Suitland Maryland Annex.
    After years of study we now know that a total of 18,400,000 humans by Name were murdered in the Camps.
    So Far Dr Fauci ‘s total from his funding of a virus is at 7,000,000 and growing.

  • It might be interesting for Trump to make a statement:

    Any official who lied or miss led, the American public and lied under oath to Congress will be vigorously investigated by my new Attorney General and if evidence found supporting an indictment and prosecution that is exactly what will happen!

    There will be consequences for bad actors in government.

    Now I believe that would go a long way to winning the election IMO.

    People in the Pedestrian realm DO NOT LIKE BEING OVERTLY LIED TO.

    And if you can establish that as a fact, and it has now apparently been established, they will want to see it to its ultimate conclusion.

    Who would not like to see Dr. F behind bars? Fauci abused his power and was apparently working against the interests of the American people.

    Only because he belongs there, not that he might go there as a political consequence.

    There is a line when the “Noble Lie” becomes a crime.

    This is what America and the world actually need right about now.

  • Milt

    DJ, your are correct about Senator Paul, who at the moment seems to be almost a lone voice crying out in the Washington wilderness. Thank you for reminding me of his principled stand on this.

    For a much more “animated” discussion of the lovely people behind the COVID-19 debacle — and what they have in mind for their second act — see Jim Kunstler’s latest blog, “An Urgent Matter” at his website

    Because word of their proposed Pandemic Treaty on International Health Regulations has “gotten out,” the Biden Administration and its supporters in Congress may be thwarted in their desire to make it the law of the land, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Ironically, the public discussion of this latest bit of authoritarian overreach might well lead to a broader examination of the whole COVID subterfuge and the role of sundry players in our government in promoting / enabling it. (Will the “One Health” treaty, do you think, be talked about in the upcoming presidential debates?)

  • To my above point:

    “Then as the hearing continued, Anna Paulina warned crooked Attorney General Merrick Garland that he is not above the law and that his imminent arrest may be coming.”

    These actions must be founded strongly in rational legal logic and evidence of abuse of power and lying under oath to Congress and NOT any political motivations.

  • Jason

    Fauci and Daszak should be jailed and bankrupted. Their negligence and recklessness unleashed the pandemic. After they are held accountable, we should sic the plaintiff’s bar on the CCP for covering up the beginning of the pandemic and hiding its origins. These actions absolutely contributed to the spread and inability to contain and counter Covid. They directly or indirectly own every Chinese organization, including the “businesses” operating here. They are all liable. DOJ should seize all US based CCP linked assets, and hold them in trust to pay out a giant class action lawsuit.

    If Trump loses in November, red state AGs should file charges against Daszak and Fauci ASAP.

    Enough theatre. We demand justice

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