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Cornell confirms its plan to punish students for disrupting Coulter speech

The modern dark age: Only days after a speech by Ann Coulter on November 9, 2022 at Cornell University was disrupted by protesters, the president of Cornell University, Martha Pollack, apparently confirmed the university’s stated public intention to punish the students involved.

Pollack confirmed during a Nov. 15 assembly meeting that the students, who were warned and escorted from the event for preventing Coulter from speaking, would be referred to the Office of Student Conduct” who would then assign “punishments.”

“I will just be honest, I think this was a really stupid move,” Pollack said of the protest in an audio recording obtained by The Cornell Review. “Ann Coulter’s basically irrelevant at this point… and this is exactly what she wanted.”

If you click on the link to the audio recording and go to 18:22, you can hear the question and Pollack’s answer. It is very clear that both she and the questioner want to support free speech and wish to prevent future such disruptions from silencing speakers at Cornell. As Pollack states:

I am disgusted by the behavior of these students. … The students were warned, [the police] escorted the students out, they collected ids when they could. The students will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. They will decide what the punishments are.

At the same time, Pollack remains unsure how to handle such heckling and disruptions in the future.

I don’t have a good answer to the question of what will defer this in the future, but I will tell you quite honestly it’s something we discussed in my cabinet yesterday. It’s something I think we need to continue to discuss in committee. I think it will take community pressure. I think its gonna take a real lot of talking about why we have to have free speech.

Despite this laudable statement, the greater public must continue to question how serious Cornell will be about this issue. Will it truly punish these students for their actions? Though Cornell’s student code of conduct (pdf) clearly forbids such behavior, and allows for serious punishment (including expulsion) if found guilty, the procedures (pdf) for judging these cases and imposing sanctions are remarkably vague, despite pages of detailed instructions. In the end the decision is solely up to those in charge, and they can decide anything.

These students should be expelled, especially because they had been specifically warned not to disrupt the speech and then went ahead with a very organized effort to silence it. Past history however suggests that — once the controversy has died down — the college will let these leftist protesters off with a mere slap on the wrist.

The goal now should be to not let the controversy die down. These students behaved in an uncivilized manner, and should be punished for it. Above all, Cornell must be forced to uphold the standards it claims to believe in.

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  • David M. Cook

    The only proper punishment is to expel these students. Period. The message should be crystal clear: if you misbehave like this, you don‘t get to play in our sandbox anymore. Other students, thinking about doing this, will reconsider when they see what will happen to them. Don‘t let the “inmates” run the asylum.

  • Seabiscuit

    In the late sixties at a private university students organized a protest in the commons area. The president arrived with a bullhorn and announced any student still there in X? minutes would be expelled. There were no more protests. I chose to go there rather than WSU where students in one protest broke $100,000 in windows. I received an excellent education.

  • Dave Walden

    When “visionary,” vicious, or vacuous human beings attempt to protest/influence Mother Nature, they almost always assure they behave “respectfully.” They grudgingly understand, in the spirit of that old commercial arguing for butter vs margarine, “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” They fully understand that not only may it not be nice, but it may also be entirely irrational to consider it, and DEADLY to try!

    On the other hand, potential consequences when choosing how one shall deal with the “man-made” are not so remorselessly unforgiving. Unless or until potential consequences return to being “rational,” reasonable, and dependable – i.e., as appropriately certain as are Mother Nature’s, there will be large numbers of “visionary,” vicious, and vacuous individuals who will flaunt their disrespect for others.

  • BLSinSC

    They should go to youtube and look up the meeting that Governor Reagan had with the idiots at Berkley and use HIS assessment as guidance! ANYONE who PLANNED or PARTICIPATED should be expelled for the current school year – NO REFUNDS!!!

    Those expelled should be allowed to RE-apply next year and be informed that they are under “DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION”!

    When the PARENTS realize their idiot kids have just cost them a TON of money maybe – MAYBE – some of THEM will decide Tech School and learning to “coal” might be a better use of their funds!

  • Reading P.G. Wodehouse, it appeared to be a staple of English University life that breaking the rules would get you “sent down” [ temporarily expelled] in a trice. I think American Universities would do well to consider that as an excellent option. Expelled for a semester? You’re academic life isn’t ruined BUT you’ll have to explain it down the road; possibly embarrassing but not fatal to your future career.


    “Ann Coulter’s basically irrelevant at this point… and this is exactly what she wanted.”

    And this —fill in the blank— reads minds or is he Ann’s confidante ?

  • KeithK

    “The students will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. They will decide what the punishments are.” Knowing Cornell, the folks who run that office are probably plenty sympathetic to the protestors and may let them off with a slap on the wrist. A better action by Pollack would be to direct the OSC to impose a minimum punishment (suspension?). But regardless of her words here, her previous actions give no reason to believe that she’s anything other than another progressive fool.

  • Cotour



    1. Canada: College of Psychologists of Ontario: One of the now fully blossoming due to the Globalist / Socialist / Communist / “Progressive” / “Politically correct” professional organizations within Canada have ordered outspoken and renowned, rational psychologist Jordan Petersen to be “Reprogrammed” and be “Reeducated”.

    Why? Because he dared to think and share his opinions on social media. Jordan Petersen said something that his licensing organization in Canada does not approve of and need him and his brain reprogrammed and reeducated. Let that sink in for a minute or two and understand the implications.

    This is the natural trajectory of such “Progressive” kinds of philosophical social / cultural thought processes. The Nazi’s thought and acted in similar ways if you have forgotten, same thing different name. If you are a more Liberal or even “Progressive” person I know you do not think that these kinds of things are related and real and they are things of the past, but you are incorrect. This is exactly where such things MUST go in order to ensure that human beings “Think Correctly”, as per the powers that be insist upon. Now what does that sound like to you?

    “Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has launched a legal challenge against the College of Psychologists of Ontario after he said the governing body threatened to pull his practicing license if he doesn’t complete social media re-education for comments he made on Twitter and the Joe Rogan podcast.”

  • Cotour



    America: The Joker Shocks Fans By Becoming Pregnant

    And then we have the Joker, an American comic book cultural icon. I did not know all this time the Joker was a trans man, did you?

    Now as per this comic book panel the logic would follow that the Joker was born a woman and transformed and identifies as a man and presents as a man and he is asking his partner who is apparently a woman who uses an OBGYN “Do we have a good OBGYN?”.

    I read that as everyone concerned is confused as to the pregnancy and the implications have not yet fully registered. Now unless their relationship is based in a very open and all-inclusive kind of relationship, I would think that in the real world the next words out of the Jokers partners mouth would be:


    And to be clear, I respect and promote to all others the mutual respect of the differences that the many colors and flavors that people come in, most all anyway. Whether it be their sexual orientation, their political orientation or their religious orientation. You do not have to love them, but you must respect them and their choices as individuals to some great degree, as they must respect you and your choices.

    And that mutual respect thought process and goal is what is missing in most all “progressive” political discussions and policies. Mutual respect is what must be taught to restructure culture into a more inclusive model. The goal of destroying what is in order to rebuild it anew in a model that is known to promote oppression, compliance and mandated behavior is un and anti-freedom and anti-self-determination. It is a very big all invasive government control model.

    And I say “most all” because there are rational and reasonable lines of perverse, destructive, violent or blood sacrifice practices that some individuals seem to embrace that are cloaked within their personal, political or religious beliefs where I draw a bright line. And I draw that bright line without any apology.

    When a version of reality is presented to young people, even in a comic book panel context, that is just not biologically possible as it specifically relates to sex, sexual identity and procreation, where exactly are we going? Even though it is a comic book panel and most anything is possible in such worlds. The agenda and intent are clear to me.

    Intellectualized reality can only result in confusion, disaster and destruction, especially when presented to children in the context of attempting to culturally reprogram how they see the world they live in. That is not progress.

  • Jeff Wright

    Is that bony thing and Bill Maher an item?

    Should be that linebacker Sarah Huckabee Sanders going to these colleges….no really….she’s a lovely lady…I’ve seen her in all the films by John Waters.

    –Carson voice off.

  • pzatchok

    I like them bony girls.

    But really I want to wait and see what punishment these kids end up getting. Anything short of suspended for the quarter means nothing.

  • Cotour



    Does freedom mean that you must adhere to my religious beliefs, and you must make me FEEL like I belong and are valued? That is MY job as a teacher or a professor? Or I can be fired from my job for making you FEEL uncomfortable?


    Hamline University adjunct professor fired after showing painting of the Prophet Muhammad | Daily Mail Online

    ‘As a Muslim and a black person, I don’t feel like I belong, and I don’t think I’ll ever belong in a community where they don’t value me as a member, and they don’t show the same respect that I show them,’ Wedatalla said ”

    And so why do you not find a school, a community or a country for that matter where you do feel that you belong, are respected and are valued? Your happiness and feelings and what offends you are my problems?

    I could see your point if I went out of my way to exclude or discriminate against you or penalize you in some manner because of your religion or sex or sexual orientation or your political affiliation. But because you are in some way offended as directed by your religion and have a feeling about something that is being discussed in the context of an adult class within a university?

    You are an adult, correct?

    And now that you are a viral social media subject and are showing just how much you are loving the Western world that you are a part of and are now seeing your 15 minutes of fame and because of your being “offended” and caused a professor to be fired, now you are good? That solves your feelings issue?

    (SCREW YOUR FEELINGS. This is the problem with the now insane “woke”, “progressive”, politically correctness and bowing in fear to those on the radical Left)

    How do we fight political warfare that the Constitution structures and injustice in the name of true and actual freedom? I support this professor, who is probably being persecuted by one of her own, in any legal action she wishes to take regarding her being unjustly fired from her job for this woman’s feelings. Sounds like $1 or $2 million dollars to me.


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