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Today’s blacklisted American: Student mob shuts down Ann Coulter speech at Cornell

The modern dark age: Despite Cornell University’s refusal to agree to their demands and cancel the lecture, a mob of students prevented her from speaking last night, forcing her in the end to cancel her lecture because she could not get a word out without being interrupted.

What appears to have happened, the Review added, is that protesters “seemed to be employing a chain tactic, beginning just as soon as the last heckler was removed, so as to continuously speak over Coulter.”

As The College Fix previously reported, Cornell University had denied a student petition to disinvite Coulter.

And at the beginning of Coulter’s talk Wednesday evening, the dean of students warned the audience that disruptors would be removed and referred to the Office of Student Conduct, the Review reported.

If you want to get a flavor of these goons, watch the videos at the link above. These are brainless thugs, who know nothing about Coulter other than the two-dimensional slanders they’ve been fed by the left. Moreover, they make it clear that they firmly believe that their violence (screaming and yelling and interrupting others) is speech — and must be allowed –but Coulter’s lecture, which never happened, is violence and must be silenced by any means necessary. Since their mob action appeared well planned, I would not be surprised if these goons also fantasized in their planning sessions about how wonderful it would be if Coulter was killed somehow. That would definitely silence her.

If these goons are not stopped soon, however, that fantasy will become reality. That Coulter’s blacklisting occurred on November 9th, the anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany, is most significant. The tactics of the Nazis in 1938 are no different than the tactics now being used by these leftist brownshirts. In Germany, no one stopped the Nazis, and genocide soon followed.

Will someone stop today’s leftist goons? This remains unclear. Cornell authorities made it clear that any disruptors would be liable for punishment, and had each removed as soon as they began heckling. Whether the college actually sanctions them appropriately, including expulsion, remains unclear. The history of the past half century is that leftwing protests are never punished.

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  • MSYoung

    This precisely why my Alma Mater, Class of ’68, will never receive a penny from me, not that they care what alumni think.

  • dwshelf

    One can write a strong reaction without invoking Nazis. Instant end-of-communication.

  • Michael G Jarman

    Actually, I agree with this one. Ann Coulter is the Evan McMullin of Bill Kristols.

  • Rob Hedman

    Class of ’85. MEng ’86. I used to give money to the Cornell Marching Band when they called each year. No more.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    How many honest men would it take to shut down the soy-boy?
    Not many.
    And before the hackademics act with bias, remind them of the punishment for “disparate impact.”

  • Robert Arvanitis: No need to triple post. Just be patient for a short while. Your comment will appear.

  • Charles Ormsby

    Cornell Class of ’68 (Engineering Physics). When you have no arguments you scream and call names. You do anything to silence those with whom you disagree. The left is intellectually bankrupt. The left is kept alive by our government run K-12 system and the teacher’s unions. It is time to get the government out of the business of provisioning education. Collect taxes and give parents vouchers with o9nly a bare minimum of regulation … the parents will provide the needed “regulation” one student at a time. I would say I’m going to withhold contributions to Cornell but that has been my policy for a long time. I was threatened by a socialist English teacher Fall’64 when I wore a Goldwater button to class. But I would consider making contributions … all Cornell needs to do is invite Ann back and announce that any disrupters will be immediately expelled.

  • Star Bird

    Young Bolshiks at work just like they always do its them who should be Blacklisted and defunded

  • John

    The students are likely unaware that they are doing the bidding of communists.

    Have the communists made an intelligent reply?

    Count votes until you get the result you want.

  • Cotour


    “A Twitter manager threw up in a trash can after new CEO Elon Musk directed him to fire hundreds of employees as part of the company’s decision to slash its workforce in half, according to a new report.”

    As evidenced just a few days ago and the results of the midterm elections in America the people needed to take care of business exactly like Elon Musk had to take care of business and do some firing, and IMO they fell well short of doing so.

    In the real world the things that need to be objectively identified and accomplished in order to move positively into the future and literally survive MUST be accomplished. And when you choose to ignore certain IMO existential realities as we have IMO in politics and how our country is run and the direction we move into the future in, then you are fooling yourself in the short term. And reality plays the long game.

    Elon Musk? He plays the long game, and he is willing to put his substantial wealth, in the case of Twitter $44 billion dollars on the line. He takes care of business. There is no room for self-indulgence and feelings, not if you want to survive in the real world.

    And who is exactly just like that? Yes, Trump.

    Trump, love him, like him or loath him Trump takes care of business. And I will leave that sitting right there like a big meatball as we all are witnessed to Trump attempting to politically reposition himself in his ham handed Trumpian way after what can be considered a substantial political failure that he needed to be a massive win. Be humble. (nah)

    You want to survive and prosper? Never look to party machine politicians and machine political parties on either side of the political equation for you will only find parasitic financial enslavement, stagnation and your and your family’s freedom stolen and destruction.

    True leadership, and humanity desperately needs true leadership, sometimes requires black and white rationale and actions. And at some point, you must choose true leadership, or you and your country will be no more. Sometimes you gotta make them vomit in order to survive.

    Two when it’s all boiled down likeminded peas in two different pods, but peas in pods they are all the same. You don’t like them? They don’t care, and neither do I. They take care of business.

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