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Dominion CEO responds to Antrim audit in hearing

All trust is lost: John Poulos, the CEO of Dominion, the company that provided the software and tabulators used to count ballots in numerous states and which have been accused of being unreliable and subject to vote tampering, responded to those charges in a legislative hearing in Michigan.

Poulos told legislators in Michigan via video link on Dec. 15 that his company’s machines and software were not involved in any “switched or deleted votes.” He said that because of a rule change, the machine programming needed to be updated in October. But Antrim County officials failed to update all 18 tabulators, meaning some had new programming while some still had the old programming.

Officials then forgot to conduct the logic and accuracy tests on the programming, he said. A third error took place when a contracting firm in October programmed the tabulators in a way that allowed memory cards with both the old and new programming to count votes. “If all of the tabulators had been updated as per procedure, there wouldn’t have been any error in the unofficial reporting,” he said.

Poulos also said any discrepancies with the counts from its machines can be investigated by referencing paper ballots and insisted that all audits and recounts of Dominion technology used in the 2020 election have “validated the accuracy and reliability” of the election results. “No one has produced credible evidence of vote fraud or vote switching on Dominion systems because these things have not occurred,” he insisted.

In the normal civilized America that once existed, I would be more prone to believe him. Considering the four years of outright lying that Democratic Party officials and their supporters have subjected us to, from a Russian collusion hoax to a fake Ukrainian impeachment of Trump to endless lies relating to COVID-19 lock downs to lying about the actual spying on Trump by the Obama administration to lying to the FISA court to obtain fake warrants to lying about Brett Kavanaugh and others, it is unreasonable for anyone to trust this man’s word. It is worthless.

And my opinion in this is not alone. Consider this response to his testimony by one Michigan Republican leader:

Linda Lee Tarver, president of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan and former election integrity liaison in the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office, said Thursday that Dominion chief John Poulos’s recent testimony left more questions unanswered than it clarified.

Tarver, who testified at a Michigan election integrity hearing on Dec. 2, said Poulos’s Dec. 15 testimony to lawmakers boiled down to reiterating that “human error” was to blame for an initial Election Day vote discrepancy in Michigan’s Antrim County, where Dominion products were used.

She said some of the questions that Poulos did not address include whether poll workers received proper training on the Dominion system, concerns about whether vote tabulators could use a USB stick to add votes to a candidate, and how prone Dominion systems are to hacking. Tarver also said chain-of-custody questions remained unanswered, and raised concerns about the ability of Dominion machines to connect to the Internet. Poulos confirmed that a small percentage of Dominion machines have Internet connectivity.

The only way to satisfy Republicans that the vote was honest is to allow a full and careful audit by their elected officials, to prove no fraud took place. Of course Democrats should be allowed to participate and question everything, but under no circumstances can they be allowed to dictate any terms on such an audit.

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  • Ray Van Dune

    There are a whole series of other solutions that have been historically quite effective, all ending with “… and let God sort them out.”

  • janyuary

    Ray Van Dune, I agree. Government is a force and it is now imposing itself as a dangerous force. Force must be met with force.

    Sadly, tragically, it is past the ballot box, we are there … now, but it was inevitable even by 2012. Elections have long been stolen, especially in cities and the west, it’s nice that folks are finally catching on. Now if they would consider as well that it means the folks who live in those areas had ZIP in the way of representation, and to remember that folks may greatly misjudge the make-up of a region based on its fraud election results. They may be very different people than expected.

    Being civil is difficult when media foments a divide on false but willingly believed stereotypes and pretenses. These media, mass media, are freely chosen by consumers in a free market, however that market is too thwarted by government meddling on too many fronts, to reflect true market demand.

    Government is like fire, Washington warned, and we all know what happens when people lose control of fire: destruction results. We had better get this fire under control.

  • David M. Cook

    Where‘s the fire department? John Roberts wouldn‘t take the case: “*blank* the Gore decision! There weren‘t riots in the streets then!”. When the fire department won‘t put your house out, you need to do it yourself. John Roberts is a coward, plain & simple. He‘s not going to do the right thing because he‘s afraid. That makes him a coward!

  • Cotour

    “There’s Going to Be Evidence that Comes Forward in Next Few Days what Will Drastically Change the Playing Field” — Security Expert Behind Antrim County Audit Says Something Big Is Coming.

    By January 6th there needs to be / should be enough evidence complied that clearly demonstrates that there was organized and massive fraud that took place in the 2020 presidential election that the Congress and the Senate can not un see and they will have to make a decision.

    The easy way would be to look away and in the interests of keeping some degree of short term peace to allow the fraud and corruption to prevail. And from what I can gather there was a massive amount of fraud and corruption in the many municipalities and states that were pivotal in the race and determined the outcome.

    Without doubt, 100%. Both the voting tabulation systems used, connected to the internet and used to “adjudicate” the results, and those partisan actors in those many localities who were able do what any “Good Soldier” would do to ensure their side wins.

    The preferred long term, preserve and respect what must be respected and preserved, the Constitution Of The United States Of America, which is the hard way and the only way, would be for several Congress men and women to in unison object to the electoral college results which are plainly now established to be tainted and in need of reconciling when the president of the Senate, the vice president asks the question: “Are there any objections?”. And then several other Senators rise in unison and support the Congress persons objections.

    And that is the ONLY way, the only viable path.

    No court will allow any evidence to be heard and revealed in a legal context in a court setting, even the Supreme Court refuses to hear it. No states legislature is willing to do the the same, reveal the truth through evidence in court to the public because they have been cowed by the threat of retaliation from the terrorist enforcement arm of the Democrat party, ANTIFA and BLM. And that is a sad fact.

    The Democrat party has invested heavily and clearly demonstrated their resolve this summer in allowing this domestic element of fear, burning, looting and chaos in America in the many cities that they control. And this must NOT be allowed to stand. And so the fate of the entire country, our Constitution and our future either free or a life of fear and subservience to powers with a resolve now greater than ours hangs in the balance. Think I am being dramatic? You know better than that.

    If you are an American and you have read this message you need to help make the choice, what will you do? What will you choose?

  • Questioner

    Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against (corrupt) Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties

    “Lin Wood tweeting that he has placed documentation he has of his claims concerning failed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts into the hands of several quote “third parties” for protection.”

  • Cotour


    What are we all going to witness on January the 6th, 2021, the day that the states electoral votes are presented to the president of the Senate, vice president, Mike Pence?

    The birth of the TRUMPUBLICAN party, and the death of the RINO, limp wristed, Left leaning component of the Republican party. This is where the future of the party will be born by all of those who will stand and refuse to accept the election fraud and corruption that is plain to see.

    Any non RINO Republican, Libertarian or even mildly Conservative member of either the Congress or the Senate who will answer, “I OBJECT!”, when vice president, Pence asks the question: Are there any here who object to these electoral votes and the result of the election?

    At that moment when those who see themselves as the future of the Trumpublican party and possible future presidential candidates and leaders of the free world will rise and object in the strongest of terms, that is the moment of birth of this essential political party. And their place at the head of the leadership of the new party will be cemented.

    That is the future of the Trumpublican party in America.

    It will be set off by, Congressman Mo Brooks. And then should be followed and seconded up on by Congressman, Matt Gaetz, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marko Rubio, and newly minted Senator, Tommy Tubberman, and hopefully many more. And this will be much to the consternation of Mitch McConnel.

    Then the fun begins where all of the evidence that has been developed must be presented and hashed out in both political bodies. This should all ultimately go by design under such circumstances to a vote by the states as per the Constitution, overriding the fraudulent and spoiled electoral vote. One vote to each state.

    That is what should happen anyway. That is if president Trump does not make a big move this next week in dealing with what is plain to anyone who has been paying attention and not receiving their information from the MSM and Social media manipulators who are actively attempting to censor and control the American people and what hey are ALLOWED to see, say and know.

    Trump must go they say, and that is precisely why he must stay. Why is that?

    Because all the Left does is to the benefit of the Sorosian / Globalist agenda and the Communist Chinese. They are un and now anti American.

    Stay tuned.

  • Questioner


    I still hope for the option of Trump using an emergency law scenario (threat by foreign powers) to force re-elections by the military in the states in question, before your scenario becomes a reality. He should do it. Law and history – even if not yet recognized by corrupt judges – are on his side.

  • George

    Turns out that Donald Trump couldn’t be controlled by the Washington Insiders, so he had to go. At whatever the cost. He wasn’t one of them, so he’s got to go.
    Counting hasn’t changed since primates began tool use. No rules updates have ever changed this. It’s the one thing a computer does. Period. And somehow we’ve got to blame the people turning the machines on for why a computer didn’t.
    It’s the staple of the political playbook: it’s better to vilify the questioners than prove them wrong, especially if the questioners are correct.

  • Cotour

    I would go for that scenario.

    I would be hopeful that the members of Congress and the Senate would recognize their oaths and their fiduciary responsibilities to their constituents and the Constitution and do what must be done. Either way, give me one or the other, this must be reconciled. And fear and intimidation are to be faced and dealt with, and not bent to.

    And to allow this fraud, corruption and spoiling of the vote to just be allowed means the death of our country and our surrender to those who have more resolve to win they we.

    And that is just not an option. One way or another.

  • Cotour

    And coincidently, just as predicted:

    Matt Gaetz, who IMO is clearly positioning himself for much bigger things in politics in the future will be one of those who will lead the Trumpublican party to victory.

    The taking care of business must be done.

  • Gary

    The best we can hope for is investigations uncovering some election fraud, but this will be dragged out and will result in polititions talking reform, but doing little to address reform in 2022.

    Biden will be the next president. Nobody will overturn the results.

    While we focus on the impossible, the left is working towards a Democratic US Senate. They are many steps ahead of us. They are looking forward while we look back.

    The 2020 election needs to be investigated on a state by state basis, but right now, the Georgia runoff is the only thing that matters.

    Short of poor health, Biden will be the next president and if he is unable to be sworn in, it will be Harris/Pelosi.

  • Cotour

    Harris / Pelosi, now there would be one interesting combination heading our government.

    The material for analysis and commentary would be endless.

  • Cotour

    “DePerno told us that the report shows “internet and adjudication files were wiped clean on Nov. 4th,” adding “They destroyed election results!—They destroyed election results in a violation of state law.” He told us, “They were required to keep these records for two years after the election, and they deleted them!”

    Evidence like that in a court of law is evidence of guilt.

    The machines were apparently designed so that the number of ballots that needed personal “Interpretation” or adjudication / the error rate was set at 68%, and the allowable federal allowance is…………………… 1 in 250,000, or .0008. You know, count the votes, Stalin style.

    The Congress and the Senate have a core responsibility to the Constitution and the country here and come hell or high water, threats or fear must reconcile this.

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