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From masks to the origins of COVID, Anthony Fauci is a liar and a fraud

Fauci: Washington's top liar
Anthony Fauci: Washington’s liar-in-chief

In the past few days a slew of 2020 emails by Dr. Anthony Fauci have revealed his dishonest, incompetent, corrupt, and political agenda during the entire COVID-19 epidemic.

The emails have revealed he lied about his connections with the Chinese Wuhan lab. They reveal that he knew all along that the virus was almost certainly leaked from that lab. They also reveal that he immediately worked to prevent these facts from being revealed publicly, lying if necessary to do it and successfully forcing publications to withdraw news stories based on his lies.

Of all these revelations, however, the one email that best illustrates Fauci’s dishonesty and venality was the one in February 2020 — before the epidemic had taken hold and before any shutdowns had been imposed — where he bluntly admitted what has been known for more than a century, that the general widespread use of masks by people who are not sick is pointless and will accomplish nothing.

In his words:

Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you. I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a vey low risk location. Your instincts are correct, money is best spent on medical countermeasures such as diagnostics and vaccines. [emphasis mine]

Less than two months later, Fauci had completely changed his tune, claiming that Americans needed to wear masks all the time. At the time he claimed this was based on new research that suggested you could get COVID simply by speaking to another person, but that research was unbelievable and untrustworthy from the beginning, and was very quickly found to be false. Yet, Fauci continued to demand mask use by everyone for the next year, even calling for people to wear two masks in January 2021.

Yet he knew all along that this was garbage advice, that the science, as I and many others have repeatedly reported, shows that indiscriminate unsanitary use of masks is not only useless, it likely increases the chances you will get sick.

Fauci is corrupt, dishonest, a liar, and the worst sort of Washington bureaucrat. He should be fired immediately, and possibly brought up on criminal charges of perjury for the number of times he testified falsely to Congress on all these issues.

Worse, he well symbolizes much of the entire Washington establishment, a group of people more interested in power and skimming cash from the taxpayer than doing the right thing for the nation.

And finally, to everyone else who genuflected to the saintly words of Fauci, it is time to accept reality and take off the damn mask! He never believed in it, and only demanded it because he thought Americans were fools who could be easily manipulated. By still wearing it now you are only proving that his low opinion of you is completely right.

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  • Gary in Transit

    In deep blue States and when working for a large multi-state corporation, many face losing their jobs if they toss their masks. Unemployment is a rather harsh reward for being right.

    In more permissive environments, Mask signs get posted and nobody complains when the mask comes off. I live in the first paragraph state and and am moving to the second paragraph state. Blue state suppression of the individual and is going to get worse and not better….Move

  • Cotour

    “This “Revelation” is why the administration was forced to change their Covid origin opinion 180 degrees in the last couple of days. And funny enough, the Biden administration has now been forced to fully align with you know who?”

    “The tip of the iceberg.”

    And Fuaci is not a dunce. Fauci is an empowered government agency head who is essentially playing both sides. And he is essentially empowering the Communist Chinese government with his equivocations (lies).

    Fauci has the S.O.M. authority to publicly lie or shape the truth under certain national emergency conditions. But when he lies to cover his buttocks and he and his partners who may well have both developed and mistakenly (?) released the virus into the environment.

    And his partners (The Communist Chinese) after realizing the virus was loose made sure the rest of the world received it.

    That is one dark blurred rabbit hole.


  • Gary in Transit

    Do you remember the fake news claiming that Putin had something on Trump and that Trump was a puppet leader working for Russian interests?

    I would never suggest that daddy and son Biden were tied to Chinese interest, where the Chinese could shape the outcome of any investigation into the origins of Covid 19. No..never suggest that.

    Also, I would never suggest that the US government funded gain of function Covid research in China. Nobody would ever cover up such financing.

    With media and high tech collusion, these investigations will never be transparent, nor will they reach a firm conclusion.

  • pzatchok

    I am sort of lucky in that I never have to buy any of that safety gear like masks and sanitizers.
    my company found a mask machine in China when this all started there and they now make enough masks to give them out free to all of our world wide employees.
    Our lab makes all our sanitizers but one.

  • Glad to see the ‘dunce cap’ lives.

  • James Street

    Fauci is the essence of the swamp. From WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton Email Archive:

    From: Quam, Lois E 
    Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2011 02:14 PM 
    To: Abedin, Huma; Mills, Cheryl D 
    Subject: Tony Fauci

    I thought you and the Secretary would enjoy knowing the Tony Fauci was just named by Government Executive magazine to be one of the top 20 federal government employees of all time.

  • Pyrthroes

    Besides the “what else is new?” proof that Slow Joe and Cameltoe, the Punjab Pearl (think that desolate province’s capital, Lahore), what with anti-Semitic and CRT blood-libels, Fauci, the Pentagon’s 75-year overdue UFO Report [spare us], grunt-stuff US. media is quite obviously preparing a new offensive… against what?

    Given these popcult yokels’ habitual obsessions, we’d say that 5 – 8 States’ pending re-assessment of 2020’s Big Steal, which disenfranchised a landslide 25 – 30+ million Trump voters nationwide, is beginning to blip Rats’ coprophagic radar. Bypassing the Roberts Court’s greasy-thumbed Seven Dwarves (Alito and Thomas excepted), these closet degenerates’ Grand Theft coup d’oeuvre (“artful subversion” over time) begins to look a wee-bit shaky. Come 4-Qtr-2021, we’ll see.

  • Clair Kiernan

    Don’t forget, the NIH published a paper in 2005 showing that HCQ was effective in vitro against SARS-COVID-1. Given that HCQ has been widely used for decades with its risks well documented there was no reason NOT to give it to suspected COVID patients. But because no months-long double-blind studies were conducted, can we ever know how many lives were sacrificed for leftist control of the government?

  • wayne

    Whatever happened to Fauci’s partner-in-crime, ->The Scarf?

  • Cotour

    One more Crazy Media Observation Day:

    What is in some of the media today? “Dr. Fauci Lied!”

    Based on a release of Dr. Fauci’s over 3000 FOIAed emails, apparently he in his capacity as an empowered government agency head lied and manipulated the media for good or bad (?). From the potential efficacy of hydroxychloroquine to gain of function and the Covid virus possibly being an engineered pathogen by the Communist Chinese Wuhan lab.

    I think that is at least worth a mention to the public in the news. Dr. Fauci was not giving the most honest answers either in the media to inform the public, or when he was before Congress. And as you may know, I give someone in that position the ability to massage the truth under certain S.O.M. emergency conditions in order to accomplish what could be classified as existential purposes. But there are limits.

    And lets look at how the three main New York papers report what is arguably at the minimum a relevant news story.

    The New York Post: Top of the web page: “Worse Than We Thought: GOP Pols rip Fauci after truth comes out.”

    The New York Daily News: : NOTHING. No mention of the Fauci email story.

    The New York Times: NOTHING. No mention of the Fauci emails.

    The Fauci story IMO is worth at least a mention, or is it just me? The media in all of its forms has chosen their side, and you the majority of Americans are not on it.

    Journalism died long, long ago and is now but a political weapon of manipulation.

  • Cal in Wyo..

    “With media and high tech collusion, these investigations will never be transparent, nor will they reach a firm conclusion.” I think I saw a quote from The Big Guy, that he gave the CIA or the intelligence groups as a whole, a 90-day mission to check out the “leak” conjecture.

    My wager would be that there WILL be a conclusion: “We thoroughly investigated and there was, indeed, NO leak.” …… case closed …. … CONSENSOUS is here, once again …. only nefarious ne’er-do-wells (deplorables, supremacist rabbles, racists…. ) refuse to SHUT UP.

  • Max

    Fauci has been the subject of Tucker Carlson two days running now.
    Rand Paul who put the screws to Fauci and congressional hearing caught him in numerous lies. A Rand Paul interview discussing Fauci.

    A piece of information that links Fauci to China, Bill Gates and the money, that nobody has explored yet, revealed by polly a year ago.

    I bet none of you knew that about Fauci’s wife…

  • Des Murphy

    But he hasn’t completely changed his tune. As the first line of the quote says
    “Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection”
    Nowhere in the linked fox news article does he say that wearing a mask will protect an uninfected person if they come in contact with an infected person not wearing a mask. A large percentage of cases are asymptomatic. If everyone is wearing a mask then asymptomatic infected people will be wearing a mask and they will infect fewer people.

  • wayne

    thanks for the info on fauci’s wife.

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