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Jan 6th tapes prove Biden prosecutors knowingly falsified the charges that caused Matthew Perna to kill himself

Matthew Perna, dead because he expressed his opinion
Matthew Perna, essentially murdered by the Biden Justice Department

They’re coming for you next: Thirty-seven-year-old Matthew Perna came to Washington DC on January 6, 2021 to peacefully protest Joe Biden’s election. During those protests, Perna admitted he entered the Capitol through a door that had been opened by others (possibly government security police themselves). While inside he said he had walked through the building for a few minutes, didn’t touch or damage anything, and simply stayed within the normal walking path for visitors as he took pictures.

For this “criminal activity,” Biden prosecutors at the Department of Justice had charged him with multiple crimes, including a felony for committing terrorism that could have resulted in a twenty-year prison sentence. While Perna was willing to accept a trespassing misdemeanor — he recognized he had entered a closed facility without clear authority — the felony for terrorism crushed him. He knew the January 6th trials were imposing the harshest penalties. He knew the prosecutors and judges were not taking reasonable plea deals. And he knew that even if he agreed to a deal, the best he could expect would still be many months or even years in prison.

This unjust fate was something he could not face. On February 25, 2022 he killed himself.

Biden prosecutors immediately thereafter dropped the trumped-up charges against him, admitting that the felony charge itself would likely have been dropped during trial.

In other words, the government not only rubbed salt in the wounds of his family, it admitted openly that its charges against Perna were a sham to begin with.

We now have visual proof that Perna was innocent, and that proof was in the hands of federal prosecutors from day one.

Matthew Perna, with others walking peaceably in the Capitol, with security guards watching
Perna wears the red sweatshirt. Note the
guard calmly walking beside him.

The first batch of January 6th surveillance tapes — released as promised by House Speaker Mike Johnson — prove that Perna’s description of events was correct. As shown in the screen capture to the right, he can be seen in the red sweatshirt walking slowly and calmly through the halls of Congress, with security guards standing calmly nearby. No violence. No damage. No real trespass.

And without doubt, no terrorism of any kind.

These tapes must of been available and reviewed by the Biden Justice Department. Instead of dropping charges, it hid this exculpatory evidence and instead acted like Nazi SS officers, persecuting Perna simply because he had been there, peacefully exercising his First Amendment rights to publicly oppose the election of Joe Biden.

In fact, that the Biden administration denied Perna access to this exculpatory evidence is illegal on its face. His family (as well as every other January 6th protester who has been persecuted by the Biden administration) has a strong case to sue for big damages.

Multiple legal victories like this won’t give Matthew Perna his life back, but at a minimum such lawsuits might just rein in the abuse of power that now runs rampant in the federal government, led by Joe Biden, the corrupt officials in Justice and the FBI.

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  • Ray Van Dune

    If Joe Biden had the integrity God gave a rat, he would resign in shame.

  • Col Beausabre


    1) Biden has no shame

    2) You demean rats

  • Ferris

    This is an absolute tragedy, made all the more saddening by the high likelihood that no one will now do anything substantive about it.

    The withholding of the exculpatory evidence is a crime, and all those who took part in it or allowed it should be prosecuted.

  • Cotour



    Read and share with a confused friend on social media………

  • Kevin R.

    The swamp thinks nothing of playing politics with our lives.

    I hate to say it but at this point about the only way to deal with the swamp would be with a Sulla.

  • Cotour

    All of the people in the Washington D.C. gulag are essentially political prisoners. Some deserve to be there, and some, probably most, do not. But that would have to be determined on a case by case basis.

    And the only way their fates change is with a change of political power in D.C., and then most of them will be pardoned and released.

    And I believe that it is now becoming clearer with every day that Jan. 6th was a planned riot and planned invasion of the Capital building, and it as back doored S.O.M. style by the Democrat leadership, I.E. Nancy Pelosi.

    The lady plays to win, and in the short term she has. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) had her own daughter recording the entire event! Why?

    In the long term it will all be revealed.

    This operation was designed, from the FBI dressed as MAGA fanatics, to BLM participants, to ANTIFA participants to the likes of Ray Epps, to the refusal to provide proper show of force to tag the MAGA crowd as being dangerous and they are being used as political symbols to support and buttress the Democrat party.

    Its ALL about the politics.

    And those who are now under lock and key are unfortunately collateral damage.

  • pzatchok

    Who ordered the police to do nothing to stop them? And why?

    Did they find the prosecute the ones who actually did the damage to the building?
    Or will we never know?

  • David Eastman

    I was discussing the discrepancy between how these cases are being handled and any of the other riots/protests that one might hold up as a contrast, and their response was that “but these people protested in the halls of congress!” as if that made it worse than destroying the downtown area of a city. The founding principals of our nation would have it the other way, protest at the capitol is sacred, destroying the livelihood of the common citizen is the higher crime.

    And of course walking peaceably through areas that are normally open to the public by law, had no signs posted that they weren’t open, and the officers on site made no attempt to discourage your presence or make you aware that you were trespassing… how can that be a crime?

  • Neil Naberhaus

    Monetary lawsuits will mean nothing to the thugs in government. Not their money. Not their skin!

  • Gary H

    Texas is investigating Media Matters. A bit of push back.

  • David Eastman … I couldn’t agree more about the discrepancy, and what our founding citizens would think of it. They worship the form, without regard to the substance it represents.

  • Jester and David: The double standard is of course horrible and corrupt and an abuse of power. What I think is worse is the prosecution of individuals even when there is clear evidence that the indictments are wrong, and then the hiding of that evidence during trial.

    I need to find out the names of the Justice Department attorneys who did this.

  • A little research has turned up the court documents for Perna’s case, found here.

    The statement of offense [pdf] was signed by Matthew Graves, U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, and Nihar Mohanty, assistant U.S. attorney. Graves bio is here. Mohanty’s cannot be found.

    Also, since the charges against Perna were filed by a grand jury, these U.S. prosecutors must have certainly withheld this video evidence from that grand jury, or else the charges would not have been brought.

  • Ordinary American

    Heartbreaking and enraging at same time.

  • Pragmatic46

    Nothing is going to rein them in. Republicans would have to grow a spine instead of helping them for ANY kind of reconciliation to happen over the two tiered justice system these as*holes have created. And that will never happen because republicans are just democrats with nicer suits.

    Our country is over.

  • Just Some Guy

    Name the attorneys on his charging documents.

    DOJ attorneys don’t usually spend their entire careers in the government. At some point, they will join a law firm, and we, their clients can choose whether to hire that firm based on their track records of hiring unethical prosecutors and willingness to take immediate corrective action when clients bring concerns to their attention. The market for legal services is just that, a free market, and we don’t have to hire them.

  • wayne

    While we’re at it–

    What is the Name of the person who murdered Ashli Babbitt?

  • Cotour


    I think his name is Bird, and he was valiantly defending those law makers that were being threatened by Ashly Babbitt. Didn’t Babbitt have two 9mm’s?

    IMO the entire event was a setup, an operation, and it was very successful, great harm was done to the Republican party and candidate who lost. And that was the goal of the operation.

    The Strategy was to dirty up the opposition under cover of a demonstration that was turned into a riot and tagged by the opposition and their media hand maidens as sedition, revolution, “a threat to Democracy”.

    You have to give the devil her due (Pelosi), she is a worthy opponent who plays two and three moves ahead. Hat tip.

    BUT, in time the truth will to some great degree be revealed, and that is what the Constitution structures. But the perception, the imagery, the damage has been done in the minds of many in the public.

    And that in the end, truth or no truth is the goal. Politics is a very rough game because it is about real power, really the ultimate power and who gets to control it.

  • Wendybar

    No. Ashly Babbitt was unarmed, and a black man shot and murdered her in cold blood without warning.

  • Just Some Guy: I named some names in an earlier comment. In looking at the indictment [pdf], it is difficult to identify the U.S. attorney who signed it. No name is printed (I wonder why). I can make out “Michael R.” but the last name could be anything. “Sueririn”?

    I suspect this is hard to identify for exactly the reasons you cite.

  • elHombre

    The Biden DOJ, the FBI and the DC federal bench are populated with anticonstitutional scofflaws. Lord Acton warned us of the consequences of “absolute power.” Evidently, Democrat ignoramuses, including those on the Jan. 6th Committee missed the message or don’t care.

  • Cotour


    Its not that they missed the point, or don’t care. The point and the caring they understand very well. They care very much to maintain their power and have their perspective prevail forever, and that’s the point.

    It is the nature of the beast once you have been politically empowered, controlling “IT” and a potential abuser of power is what you are transformed into.

    The only real and rational long-term attempt at counterbalancing this nature of man, this nature of the beast to abuse power? The American Constitution.

  • ALL entities that are sued and have to pay money form their harassment should lose THREE times that amount in their next budget. AND the individuals involved in those actions should be fired for cause.

  • BlueRidge4Ever

    If the Republicans ever get a trifecta, i.e. control of Congress and the WH, the first thing they should do is restructure (at the very least) the jurisdiction of the District Court for the District of Columbia and the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The only jurisdiction these scum should have is personally cleaning up the Anacostia River and it’s related benjo ditches.

  • David M. Cook

    We must identify those people who participated in these convictions! Post their names, photos and home addresses on the Internet. Let everyone know who they are & exactly what they did. Shed some light on them so they can‘t hide from the public.

  • You know what really showed the set-up from the very beginning? That less than one week later, “someone” was promoting an event supposed to be at ALL 50 State capitols where people were supposed to “peacefully arrive fully armed” to protest. That got laughed out of existence by everyone as such an obvious trap. We now see it was probably designed as a mop-up operation to get the stragglers from J6.

  • wayne

    To paraphrase Ethan Hunt, “There were two teams at the Capitol…”

  • Jeff Wright

    And the stabbing of officer cherubim has the left dancing

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